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I’m really disappointed to have to post this Video but I was wrong to Defend Kyle Field, he has made out he’s really close to this little poorly girl Lottie when that’s not the case, I’ve spoke to her father who’s a really strong man and I’m gonna help them as much as I can 🙏🏻.

It’s fab to just sit in different parts of Lottie and take in the view. I don’t sit up this end very often but think I just might. I’d encourage every allotment owner to plant flowers all over, it makes such a difference both for you , the vase, and the pollinators 🐝 #allotment.

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Lottie has made delivering angst so incredibly efficient with pager codes I can make everyone sad with intervals of just 3 digits.

Me da risa porque lottie y yo tenemos la misma edad y mientras ella disfruta ya con familia confirmada y el billete que tiene, yo le lloro al hermano mientras lo veo en lives todos.

estoy tranquila así de la nada y de repente me acuerdo q LOTTIE PUEDE TENER EL BEBÉ EN CUALQUIER MOMENTO entonces voy, me fijo sus redes para ver si nació, me doy cuenta q no pasa nada todavía y sigo como si nada a este paso el crío va a salir egresado de secundaria.

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i just woke up Lottie how could you do this to me.

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Things got pretty steamy between them! @lottiemoss #onlyfans.

@faeeebaeee LOTTIE WHY ARE YOU LIKE. DRAWING DIRECTLY FROM MY FUCKING LIFE EXPERIENCES RIGHT NOW. i feel targeted and attacked. (im stede in case it was fucking OBVIOUS).

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I’m labeled the racist because I don’t want these A*holes coming up to my private vehicle and performing “a service” I didn’t ask for..

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Lottie is definitely a little witch too— born on a sabbat? Lughnasadh? The halfway between the summer solstice & autumn equinox? ✨.

I love this, thank you so much to Sol and Lottie!!! 😭 🌹.

me es tan raro el distanciamiento de lottie y gemma, para mi se pelearon ahre ella veía mil cosas.

Lottie’s got a gaggle of gays speaking in pager code in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty two.

#별이_유성우가_되어_내리고 Pagie lottie Whichard 비하인드 이것저것.

I love spoiling fans with exclusive content on SoSpoilt! Check out my new post:.

@blu3dan13l i love how everyone in your replies to this is obviously already traumatised by lottie and coladas!stede LMFAO.

@faeeebaeee The table :(( STEDE WAS WITH ED 9 TO 5 OH MY GOD WAS THAT ON PURPOSE LOTTIE Mary stirring her coffee for the vibes is a whole ass mood What did Mary page 👀 HE WASNT SORRY FOR “FALLING ASLEEP NEXT TO HIS BEST FRIEND RATHER THAN HIS WIFE” I HAD TO TAKE A LAP AFTER THAT.

This is Lottie. She is a Retriever from Douglas County Canine Rescue. Adopt me:.

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@86thFloor Some howl & sophie (@cos_lottie ) and Gabi all taken by xpressivephoto.

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Ok my take… thx Gem for giving us that list of movies AGAIN… Maybe this signals H&L 🧡huddled with Lottie and fam awaiting the new arrival… on their own little Eroda like crescent shaped island (croissant) of family and love. Damn.😭.

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@faeeebaeee “A release, a broken dam overflowing” LOTTIE I CANT TAKE THIS (please tell me that my being late at least means someone has made this into the proper smut scene we’re being teased with).

lottie plena podendo parir a qualquer instante e indo comemorar o aniversário.

My love and thoughts are with @Gemma02492839 lotties mam and ther person I am I will send over money to lottie please send your link my friend As everyone knows my dad has got terminal cancer and dad is my life thanks to @afowler06 for sending a bottle of cbd mate ❤.

hace 2 años está embarazada lottie por dios entre a su ig porq hice cuentas y seee ya tuvo que parir NO nada ahí sigue.


@Lottie_Poppie As my Dad would say to me when I lamented having no mail ad a kid, “you should write yourself more.” 😂.

今宵は ロッティエペ💥🔫なのですฅ^ ̳> ·̫ < ̳^ฅニャー‼️ 参加型なのです💓💞 ロッティと一緒に遊ぼうにゃ🐱❣️ チェックわんฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ྀིฅワン💛.

Mumma Mo Has Finally Had Her Baby! Meet Lottie Bear! 💚 via @YouTube.

@Kagsy25 The journey back to the self. I love it sweet friend. I was up early for my practice this morning. Only way to get the day started. Happy Monday! 😊 🧘‍♀️🕉.

@AntWritesStuff @Lottie_Poppie hmmmm seems to be an epidemic of that.

@AntWritesStuff Butter definitely should be in the fridge. Eggs don’t need to be. Prove me wrong 🤨.

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