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Halftime on @NBATV! #WeTheNorth 46 #ClipperNation 51 Lou Williams: 14 PTS Montrezl Harrell: 8 PTS, 5 REB Chris Boucher: 8 PTS, 3-3 FGM.

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[📺 RÉSUMÉ VIDÉO] 🏀 #NBA 💪 Les Clippers montrent les muscles face aux Raptors (98-88) 💥 Kawhi Leonard plante 12 pts face à son ancienne équipe 👉 Lou Williams meilleur marqueur avec 21 pts #NBAextra.

Lou Williams on what worked for the #Clippers tonight: On the glass, I thought we did a great job boxing out, and not allowing them to get too many second chance opportunities. #ClipperNation.

@VitaminLBJ Add to it - 9 TOs. Someone said on NBA Twitter, better playmaker than LeBron. Clippers won because of Lou Williams, who also btw hit clutch shot against Blazers. Kawhi getting carried by Montrez and Lou Williams 🤷‍♂️.

Player of the night: Lou Williams 21 PTS 4 REBS 4 ASTS FG% Yet every year they think someone else is winning 6moty lol..

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66-38 rebounding adv. for LA Off. Rebounds: 20-5 Clips Toronto outscored 25-10 in q4 Clippers win 98-88 Leonard 2/11 fg. 12p, 11r, 9a Lou Williams: 21p Siakam: 16p, 10r, 6a.

Clippers win because of Harrell hustle and Lou Williams, kept them in game throughout ! Kawhi - 12 pts, 11 reb, 9 asst TO - 9 🤷‍♂️ 3PA - 0/4 FG - 2/11 () 🤷‍♂️ PT- 34 mins Everybody can have bad games, but keep same standard while criticizing individual performance 😤🤷‍♂️.

Los Clippers superan el durísimo test de Toronto: 21 puntos para Lou Williams, 12 puntos, 11 rebotes, 9 asistencias para un Kawhi Leonard que rozó su primer triple-doble NBA..

Clippers defeat the Raptors, 98-88, to improve to 7-3. Kawhi Leonard finished with 12 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists, 3 steals and 9 turnovers. Lou Williams led all scorers with 21 points. The Clippers outrebounded the Raptors 66-38 (!). Next up: at Houston on Wednesday..

The fact that the Rockets had to give up Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Patrick Beverley, AND a 1st round pick tells you how good 2017-18 Chris Paul was..

@sabreenajm 2/11 FG , but yeah . The only reason clippers might get a W is because of Harrell and Lou Williams.

Lou Williams been the most consistent clipper all year but nobody wants to say anything 🤷‍♂️.

Louis just said he’ll pick Danny Green over Lou My head hurts.

@NBA @NBATV Lou Williams is better than literally any other shooting guard you can think of.

2Q takes from #Raptors vs #Clippers: 1. Not Norm Powell’s finest Q. 2. Lou Williams is still sick. (14 pts) 3. Patrick Beverly is a pain in the ass (8 rebounds). 4. Kawhi who? (0/5) 5. Beware Kawhi..

The Los Angeles Clippers, who came into tonight having ranked 5th in mid-range attempt frequency this season (according to Cleaning The Glass), have attempted just TWO true mid-range shots tonight. Both by Lou Williams. Both were made..

FIM DO 2ºQ A defesa do Raptors esta muito boa mas, pouco a pouco estamos quebrando ela. Terminamos o primeiro tempo liderando por 5pts, Lou Williams esta liderando a pontuação do Clippers com 14pts, seguido de Harrell com 8pts Clippers: 51 Raptors: 46.

#ClipperNation cerró el primer tiempo en ventaja sobre #WeTheNorth por 51 a 46. Lou Williams 14 pts Montrezl Harrell 8 pts y 5 reb Patrick Beverley 6 pts y 8 reb.

Halftime on @NBATV! #WeTheNorth 46 #ClipperNation 51 Lou Williams: 14 PTS Montrezl Harrell: 8 PTS, 5 REB Chris Boucher: 8 PTS, 3-3 FGM.

Lou williams Foto

Clippers only managed to score 15 in 1Q, but add on 36 in 2Q to pull ahead at halftime, 51-46. Lou Williams leads the team with 14 points and Patrick Beverley has a team-high 8 rebounds..

Clippers 40 X 42 Raptors O time continua no mesmo ritmo mas não consegue tomar a liderança, o momento ofensivo agora é do Lou Williams que consegue cavar várias faltas.

La notion de joueur de banc est un peu tronquée avec Lou Williams et Harrell ils ne démarrent pas le match mais derrière il entrent après 5 minutes et ont un temps de jeu de titulaires. Du coup normal ils tournent à 20 points quasiment chacun..

All this Lou Williams grifting makes me miss Kyle Lowry grifting. Get well soon, king.

is there a reason marc gasol hates lou williams so much he keeps blocking his shots after a whistle.


I watch a lot of Lou Williams. I try to just mimic what he does. @Devonte4Graham on having that sixth man role off the bench. #AllFly | #CHAatPHI | @hornets.

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