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Lukaku out here scoring as many goals as AC Milan this season ⚡️.

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@AgustinSileo @Velez Son mete pua declaraciones completas pongan. En un mercado donde nadie lleva nada de jerarquia en Velez pedimos a lo que piden me quedo con lo que tengo 3 palos por el borracho del morro quieren poner?....

#CoppaItalia Napoli 2 Perugia 0 Two penalties by Insigne. Lazio 4 Cremonese 0 Gil, Parolo,Immobile (penalty)& Quissanga score to take Rome side through. Inter Milan 4 Cagliari 1 Lukaku (2),Valero, Ranocchia. Napoli/Inter& Lazio join Torino in quarter-finals..

@stevieB110 @Neckoil_FI Yeah I’d agree tbf, but I think it’s generally accepted that he is world class and is head and shoulders above anything United currently have, so I don’t think there’s too much danger of him being a flop personally. Suppose you’d have said that about Di Maria/Sanchez/Lukaku tho🤷🏽‍♂️.

@destinyddavid @CynicalLive 😁😁 We would of all been that his first touch he did 20 goals or so for the past 4 seasons. Look forward and leave Lukaku alone.😉.

Moi je si gagné 1000 francs je récrée un compte Unibet et je mise tout sur un but de Lukaku.

Adecuada cama para que caiga Lukaku, la novia de Lukaku y el enorme pene de Lukaku.

@ordnasselA___90 @tancredipalmeri Mah, forte ma forse lo si sta pompando un pochino troppo. Lukaku come acquisto è già di gran lunga superiore.

@DwyerLynch @WhyAlwaysLukaku howson is a fuckin clueless dummy trevor sed lukaku was the new ronaldo sed northwick jackson crosses better than beckham there all fuckin clueless statman dave another one.

@b_brett31 We’ve had world class Maria, falcao, sanchez, lukaku & others but where did it get us personally only want players that wanna play for the badge & not the money.

@SiriusXMFC there seems to be a common fate for Man U’s recent “big” players. Sanchez, Pogba, Lukaku. Could we see a down hill trend for Rashford with the club?.

@MiVisda @NonConoscoVG Stiamo per fallire, Marotta è un infiltrato e Lukaku è grasso.

@iqbaliano1 @ManUtd_HQ Jose had one season of in form Lukaku, a much better Lingard, Pogba at his best for a decent stretch. But he played counter Utd Football. And 2 other previous unsuccessful managers meant we needed to go back to the drawing board. And thats whats.

@il_Sole_Nero @MomblanOfficial Madonna ma che degrado è quello che hai come x lukaku quindi???.

El delantero del Inter mostró su nueva vivienda en las redes sociales y su dormitorio se volvió viral..

La cama de lukaku tiene los mismos metros cuadrados que mi casa.

Romelu Lukaku for Inter across all competitions so far this season: ⬢ 25 games ⬢ 18 goals ⬢ 4 assists AC Milan across all competitions this season: 18 goals. 😳.

Lukaku Foto

Lukaku out here scoring as many goals as AC Milan this season ⚡️.

Lukaku Foto
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