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🚨 NEW: Joel Matip is set to partner Virgil van Dijk in Saturday’s Premier League opener against Fulham at Craven Cottage. #lfc [james pearce - the athletic].

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Ian Doyle
Ian Doyle

#LFC v Fulham: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson; Salah, Firmino, Diaz..

A postura do Liverpool está irreconhecível, só não tomamos gol AINDA pois existe Van Dijk e Matip. [0-0] | #FULLIV #PL.

Acho difícil culpar o van Dijk, realmente parece que ele não encostou no cara, mas o Matip errou um passe que não pode errar e gerou um contra ataque desnecessário pros cara.

This Matip performance is hugely going under the radar but honestly the whole team was just ass.

Los primeros minutos de Fulham están siendo impresionantes. Liverpool parece perdido en la cancha. Matip está en un cumpleaños, entre.


More I see it the clearer the dive. Still poor from Matip and too clumsy from Virgil but you can’t give penalty for clumsy when there isn’t the contact..

The only time Van Dijk went close to Mitrovic today, he got dribbled past and he conceded a penalty. Whole game he was running away and pushing Matip to go mark him as usual..

Love that high camera view of Mitrovic’s movements from the halfway line up to scoring. Keeps out of sight out of mind from Matip nicely and then targets Alexander-Arnold..

@amonizfootball Typical Mitro goal too. Purposefully attacking the far post instead of playing around with Van Dijk and Matip. Love to see it..

@06Shalom @afc_r1ch Great ball by Tete on a counter - mitrovic peels to the back post after Matip just doesn’t watch him and then Mitro dunks on Trent.

Mitrovic picked on Trent Arnold for that goal. Knew there was no chance trying to get in between VVD or Matip. Great cross by Reid..

@McvittyTim Han hatar inte häller Matip… 2 solklara frisparkar på 2 exakt likadana situationer när Fulham ska starta anfall.


That Liverpool defence will be exposed this season 😹😹 the only good defender there na Matip, but let me not talk yet 🥵🥵🥵💀💀💀.

@TheVeganBoss Not a pen. Camera angle from behind shows daylight between vvd foot and strikers leg. Poor call. But we put ourselves under pressure. Matip giving it away where he does, and vvd poor in defending 1v1.

Going from watching Ferrari to Roberto Firmino and Joel Matip playing football.

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@Murphthered1 Of course he’s worth it. I get the frustration. Needs the type of S&C program that got Matip on the pitch consistently..

Henderson had a terrible game today. So did Matip, so did Trent, so did Bobby, Alison wasn’t his usual self & Robertson wasn’t great too. But these “fans” just constantly slate (and even send abusive tweets to them) our own players. It’s just tiresome. We didn’t even lose 🤦‍♂️.

Player ratings: #FULLIV Ali: 6 TAA: 5 VVD: 6 Matip:6 Robbo:7 Fab: 5 Hendo: 5 Thiago: 6 Salah: 8 ⚽️🅰️ Firmino: 5 Diaz: 7 Subs: Elliott: 6 Nunez: 8⚽️🅰️ MOM Milner: 7 Carvalho: 6 Thoughts on these ratings ?🤔🫣.

@mowliano @Nasridane Liverpool fans don’t know ball, they rate players like Henderson Keita Matip and Robertson - all pashun merchants.

@SiqueiraIslan @BundesInsider Pelo amor de deus matip da o bote ali pra mim fazendo o favor pra quando sobrar eu dar um bico pra lateral e ser chamado de melhor zagueiro do mundo 😭😭😭.

@GeffYRN Hehee kwanza huskii niko na Matip na Virgil kwa squad bana siieeet nachizi hapa sahi.

@LFC How to score get the long cross over Matip and VVD then you score. Boss opponents have used this tactics against us for long. Time to learn a lesson and do something about.

@SelecaoTalk Pep signed Håland, Dias, Walker and Ferran. Klopp signed/promoted, Trent, Firmino, Thiago, Keita, Elliott, Jones, Diaz and Matip. All technical players. Again, it’s a flimsy argument.


Sorry Liverpool fans, this is probably my fault: I chose Matip and van Dijk in my fantasy football team. #BBCFootball.

Sloppy defenses finally get punished, fully deserved goal. Poor defending Matip, Robbo, TAA.

@C0bham Yep 1-0 mitrovic. I am acc in shock. Thiago wasting possesion, matip poor dribbling out the back, both outside backs giving the ball away willy nilly and the positioning of the midfield is embarrasing. I swear to you i thought i was watching lamprds chelsea..

32 minutos tardó Mitrović en darse cuenta de que la zona débil del LPool en el área se encontraba a la espalda del lateral opuesto y no en el punto de penalti. Es mucho más fácil ganarle el duelo aéreo a Arnold que a Matip o Virgil..

@TWregistalfc How is matip the problem henderson is literally marking Fulhams midfield.

@TeoCoquet Parece error defensivo del Liverpool igual, raro que quede Arnold defendiendo a Mitrovich, deberían haber estado Matip o Van Dijk..

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