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On this date in 2005: Gas was 2 dollars a gallon The iPhone didn’t exist MySpace was the most popular social media platform in the world Steph Curry was in high school Mbappé was 6 years old Charli D’amelio was 1 Also this show premiered….

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¿Q presentación os ha gustado más? Rt- Mbappé ❤️- Lewandowski.

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🚨 Kylian Mbappé forfait contre Clermont. Il est blessé aux adducteurs, nouveau point dans 72h. 🇫🇷❌.

🚨🚨Galtier annonce que Kylian Mbappé reviendra la semaine prochaine contre Montpellier . Via canal +.

From what I’ve seen in pre season n today, Leo and Ney are much more comfortable playing this way than only making use of Mbappé’s runs and finishing. Unlike last season, the presence of Vitinha and Galtier’s 3 atb system complements their playstyle. Let’s see how Mbappe fits in.

While the trio sometimes work in ligue 1 games , they seem very out of touch against Big teams in the CL. Mbappé’s runs in behind playstyle is opposite to the gradual build up playstyle of Messi and Neymar. When all 3 play together, u can see them forced to pick out Mbappé’s runs.

No denying that Mbappe is paris’ most valuable player. But I think he makes the MNM trio infeasible due to his directness. He has an incredible duo individually with both Leo and Ney due to their playmaking. You see him play better as a duo with either one of them than as a trio.

Mbappe kazması oynamayınca Neymar & Messi rakip takımla dans ediyor..


Se fosse o mbappe no lugar de Neymar, duvido que ele iria passar pro messi.

O que tá passando na cabeça do mimadinho do Mbappé vendo o Messi e Neymar jogando pra caralho,ele queria os dois fora e ganhou os dois jogando mundo..

@rafy64500 @Loguito6 Avk un coach pouilleux ou le plan de jeux était de donner la balle à mbappe pour avoir un fait de jeu c normal que sa correspond pas aux jeux similaires à Gaultier aujourd’hui 🤦🏽‍♂️.

Madrid svp faites un virement pour Mbappé on veut pas voir Jonathan Biabiany sur la meme pelouse que Léo.

@mundodabola Mbappé e Neymar Neymar e Messi Mbappé e Messi o trio até agora não funcionou, já as duplas funcionam que é uma beleza.

@alex_leks2 @MessiLeoBrasil pprt…mbappe nao faz a menor falta nesse elenco… só precisa dos 2 la na frente..

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