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As Trump attacked our democracy, some perspective on Mike Pence: For 4 yrs as VP, he was silent. In the 2 mos after the election, he was silent. On Jan 6th, he did the right thing. Since Jan 6th, he’s been silent. During these hearings, he’s been silent. Don’t give him a medal..

Lanmou pa ta sipoze janm yon senp deklarasyon Santimanw yo ak aksyon w yo dwe pwouve sa❤ MIKE LA DOMINANTE .

Mike Foto,Mike Foto by Mizik lakay 👌,Mizik lakay 👌 on twitter tweets Mike Foto

約2時間クオリティ(இдஇ`。) ずっとこの曲で作りたかった!! こんなんで申し訳ないけど、 元気出して!まちゃん☺️ 四六時中まちゃんに夢中✨ @mike_magu.

@roseqvts I’m hoping they’ll do another book like the Will Byers: Secret Files but it’s just “unsent letters” from Mike or something..

Mike Foto,Mike Foto by Kendra (ST4 Spoilers) 14 days till Will has powers,Kendra (ST4 Spoilers) 14 days till Will has powers on twitter tweets Mike Foto

@mike_inago Probably couldn’t get a 10 day old bag of toenails back for that package..

@MIKE1964619 MIKEさん おはようモーニング🎵 マウントとられちゃったぁ😆 自分はブランデーベースリキュールというよくわからん酒で漬けました❗.

Mike Foto,Mike Foto by まこちん🤥(フォルテ0.9g買えた🎵),まこちん🤥(フォルテ0.9g買えた🎵) on twitter tweets Mike Foto

perhaps most damning for Trump was a sequence of clips in which the committee established that Trump himself had dictated a statement designed to apply ultimate pressure to Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election on Jan. 6..

Mike Foto,Mike Foto by 𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜 🇺🇦🌻🇺🇸 Slava Ukraine!,𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜 🇺🇦🌻🇺🇸 Slava Ukraine! on twitter tweets Mike Foto

VÍDEO: Desmadre y excesos en las fiestas postselectividad en Poble No (Barcelona) Enviado desde @updayESP.

you make this shit up because YOU have to convince yourself that you are okay. this is to make YOU feel smarter, and give the illusion that you are more in control by virtue of some hidden knowledge you’re not it’s just another act of empty, lonely masturbation, mike as always.

@Mike_Pence you think?? remember, you turned your back on Trump at the Thanks Mike.


something i can’t get over is mike outfit when he comes to cali. like he’s ready for a full lake and river day and they took to roller rink where was in casual wear.

@VerumInvenire @libsoftiktok Apparently it takes a Pedo to know a Pedo..

Mike Foto,Mike Foto by Mike Gorman,Mike Gorman on twitter tweets Mike Foto

Mike consegue ser um babaca em vários momentos né incrível.

@CivilRights @TheJusticeDept Trump’s the leader of domestic terrorist groups who tried to murder Mike Pence. Trump encouraged them to murder the Vice President. You’re allowing an indicted Steve Bannon to incite more violence. They’re installing criminals on a state & federal level. WHEN ARE THE ARRESTS?.

Don’t forget to listen to Mike and Barry wax philosophical about why Best selling album lists mean less than zero in the age of streaming music. Remember: we have a lot of episodes and ultimately your happiness depends on listening to all of them!.

Trump Denies Calling Mike Pence A ‘Wimp’ For Not Rejecting Votes. Why is Trump still not in jail?.

Mike Tyson is Right Behind You via @YouTube #lol #thechamp if I didn’t say anything stupid I’d wanna buy him a drink.

Ivanka Trump recalls father’s final Jan 6 call with Mike Pence: ‘You are a wimp’ via @YahooNews.

@luisnassif O único problema dos militares com o chefe de quadrilha, é que ele está escancarando a completa ineficiência e corrupção completa das Fofas Amadas..

More time has passed since Mike Posner released I Took A Pill in Ibiza than Cooler Than Me to Pill In Ibiza..

@ndrew_lawrence What is Mike Pence hiding? Perhaps there is more to the story than we know…but maybe the Jan 6 Committee knows. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🙂.

@Lokigirl_ Es Mike Flanagan, a él le gusta que sientas la pérdida total de calidez humana para sumergirte en un vacío de desesperación 😭😭😭.

@SimonWDC @madrid_mike And yet in an actual election, the only thing that counts, the Republican won..

@elyesnvra @OmniElias777 moi et elias on rouler en trot a lyon a 2h du mat avc la musique quand mike et onze danse ensemble fin saison 2 gros banger.

Mike McGlone Says $20,000 Is The New $5,000 For Bitcoin, But Is He Right?.

Eu digo que n vou hj na mamãe e Ela começa a mandar um monte de foto do Mike pra me fazer chantagem emocional dizendo que ele tá me esperando, n aguento e acabo indo.

Principles to create the most positive #workenvironment possible. #appreciation.

drarry/draco, quem defende personagem que não teve UM acerto, hate nos meus favs, hate massivo nos meus mileven ou no mike(não me importo se vc não shippa ou não gosta dele), acordar cedo.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee is now among a growing number of people saying elected Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler should resign. #FOX13.

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