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I cannot put my love for Mitch Marner into words honestly. #LeafsForever.

Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner need to sign some more sticks for refs and send some refs personal videos for their kids in order for the leafs to win a playoff round.

o harry chamando o mitch de dilf eita como é uma piranha esse homem.

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Indeed we did! Was fab to cycle with my fellow councillor @MiliKPatel 💪🏽🎉😀 and have her little one onboard the cargo bike. We will champion the rights of Brent residents to walk, cycle, or wheel in safety on our roads..

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@mitch_fretton Can someone tell me what the fuss is about Gvardiol? I doubt most of our fan base has watched him all season or know who he even is to comment. I honestly never seen him play.

@papa_gardner11 @danistheboss313 “per 36” lol, such a hypothetical. if y’all wanted someone more nba ready you probably should’ve gone mark williams or something. someone’s gonna throw a considerable bag at mitch rob in FA.

@JonesForAR You are as likely to become governor as Mitch McConnell is to lose his seat..

@Mitch_Seattle @ScottSoden Jesse Winker is now the unofficial favorite player of Mitch Unfiltered. Haymaker JP is a close 2nd!.

@sheaSwatson Please pray that my son Mitch will come to accept Jesus as his Savior 🙏🏻.

@BNNBreaking @RudyGiuliani Upon hearing about this incident, Mitch McConnell immediately called for Congressional funding for extra security for Giuliani and threatened to filibuster the Senate until the bill was passed..

@safespaceslol Mitch blocked Obama from appointment of two justices on the Supreme Court.

@brettmaverick63 @ParraEelsFacts Superior defenders? Ask yourself why qld missed 58 tackles and why it could’ve meant they were slowing the ruck as a result.

How dare the neighbors stand outside with their kids and force me to put on pants to get my Door Dash order.

no cause the hamburg show was everything 1. the my body my choice poster 2. him helping a fan come out 3. calling mitch a DILF 4. and the GENDER REVEAL?!?!??.

@mmpadellan Republicans have become so hateful that they now hate themselves. This isn’t going to end well for them. Hell, even Mitch McConnell knows they royally screwed up last week..


@thehill @LeaderMcConnell Mitch trying to scrounge votes as the party of sedition fails to respond to 21st century America..

@deucecabussy Also Mitch McConnell has made it clear that if Republicans win back the government, there will be a federal abortion ban.

@Polar_PT I just got 3rd at a monthly and made the same that he did for 5th at a major.

Motherfucking mitch mcconnell is another one whose health i most certainly am not rooting for..

@is_that_a_read Or Mitch McConnell could have done his job as outlined in the constitution that he swore an oath to uphold..

Moscow Mitch is one sneak SOB. Just look at that disgusting grin. As Senate-confirmed justices end Roe, how will voters react?.

@adamgurri @ASRust It does and doesn’t. What Mitch did was inconceivable up until the moment he did it. It simply never would have happened before. So it does matter who controls the Senate much more post-Garland. But someone has to make the nomination in the first place..

If Rs get control of the senate, moscow mitch will nuke filibuster in every instance where he needs it. EVERY TIME! He won’t hesitate. DON’t forget he denied Garland a vote because it was in an election year but brought the handmaid up for a vote. Days before 2020 election..

@LeaderMcConnell Thanks Mitch. Wait until Loving gets reversed with the same flawed argument. Tell Elaine yet?.

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Klaus Schwab and George Soros and Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama and Woodrow Wilson and FDR and-Evil Soulless Godless Anti- humanity.

hes channeling all the bde (big dilf energy) from mitch #real.

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@ThePubliusUSA Mitch McConnell is salivating at the idea of getting rid of what he calls the entitlement programs..

The goal is, get #MoscowMitch OUT OF POWER - VOTE. Sen. Mitch McConnell is illuminating the legal conservative route for Republicans.

@_jada_mitch_ Right! I guess she had the moment she tried to she see everyone else is still cool with Drew 😂😂😂 #fakefriend.

@Teri_Kanefield How bout Pelosi stops talking about how we need a strong Republican Party then? Or Biden about what a great guy Mitch McConnell is on the inside? Who is not taking it to Republicans exactly?.

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