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Motivation OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still screaming crying all of it.

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@PokemonGoApp Can we increase the shiny rates on everything? Playing every day buying incubators an literally getting nothing for months tend to kill the motivation to play.

Motivation by Normani is amazing and deserves to do great. #Motivation @Normani everyone go buy it steam it request it and lets get normani a top 10 hit.

the fact that Motivation is already THIS high on iTunes despite being so early in the US and several stations will play it every hour today plus it will have immediate her bag is secured.


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Motivation is #1 on the Apple Music ‘Today’s Hits’ playlist. And #2 on ‘The A-List: Pop’.

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The amount of times I’ve watched the #Motivation music video is more time than I’ve ever spent on studying lmao.

Stream Motivation or you’ll have none to continue for years to come. ✌🏽 #Normani #Motivation @Normani.

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Motivation OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still screaming crying all of it.

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[email protected] was ALWAYS destined to be on TV ❤️✨ watch the internet-breaking visuals for her brand new bop #Motivation right now!! ▶︎.

@Normani please follow everyone who retweets this 🥰 we love you!! #motivation ✨.

I would always rather be happy than dignified. . #inspiration #motivation.

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Had a coworker say that I wasn’t qualified to do an assignment today. Thank you for the motivation brother I needed that 🙏🏽 #gohardorgohome.

@davidfrum Probably turn it into a wasteland for OIL! Money is the only motivation he has..

my european followers tweeting about motivation and singing along, bye twitter until 12 pm est 😢🥺.

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motivation for this weekend #champs @ UCLA Pauley Pavilion.

this SLAPS. we have no choice but to stan @Normani #Motivation.

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Imma need this day to hurry the fuck up so that I can get high and listen to this SONGGG #Motivation.

Please everyone dont loose motivation because of the new system just got to grind even harder to place well your all nuts so just dont give up.

@theamycoop I have a road bike but usually I cycle on the pavement, so when I see cyclist on the road, it give me a kind of motivation.

If I ever lose motivation, someone please remind me that I can only fund my fan girl life if I have a successful career that pays me well 🤡.

11:11 wish did not come true so give me strength and motivation and health, better health, mental and physically. Good night!.

normani didn’t have to go off this hard on motivation, but she absolutely did 👩🏻‍🦲.


Control Less, Trust More. We cannot control external events but we can control our decisions and reactions. --> by @gusrazzetti #motivation #trust.

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Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder..

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