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Class act. A special moment between the Gaffer and Mourinho post-match 👏

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Ciper ()

@FutbolBible class from mourinho. as for chris wilder he deserves manager of the season

Osasu Nogheghase 🇫🇮
Osasu Nogheghase 🇫🇮 ()

@SensibleUtd @D_WarEagle No top team will appoint Mourinho as their manager. Maybe after Spurs he will move to national team management. Mourinho is a stubborn

サッカーニュースQoly(コリー) ()


Pancho ()

Che hace rato que no veo la tabla de posiciones parcial desde que asumió Mourinho. Antes la veía mas seguido (?.

Pitso Mosimane
Pitso Mosimane ()

Mourinho,one the greatest managers! Won all the cups in Football. Big Respect 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

GucciPogba ()

The media will hide this even though mourinho is one of the most classy guys around

Andy Kane
Andy Kane ()

@HayleyMcQueen what was you tucking into you belt? 😂 Your mic was still on during the Jose Mourinho talk. #flippingheck

What The Sport
What The Sport ()

#Fan_Voice #Newsnow1 Woeful Tottenham Prove José Mourinho Is Wrong to Rubbish Talk of Wholesale Changes

Mzee Edd 🇰🇪
Mzee Edd 🇰🇪 ()

I was sooo against having Mourinho as Arsenal manager. I would have legit never felt a single feeling for the club again

Sheffield United
Sheffield United ()

Class act. A special moment between the Gaffer and Mourinho post-match 👏

Jay Lokegaonkar
Jay Lokegaonkar ()

@heinzwazza Some fans and Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho got him on the verge of quitting this club. Ole stopped him.

Simon Lester
Simon Lester ()

@gooner_justin I guess we’ll never know Justin but Mourinho has excelled at clubs where he has been given huge budgets, that wouldn’t have happened at Arsenal and it also won’t happen at Spurs. I think his best days are behind him and I’m happy we went for MA. 👍

Skydes ()

@SuperSportTV Jose I prefer not to speak Mourinho. But seriously, that VAR call on Moura was bogus

@easysoccernews ()

Furious Tottenham boss Mourinho warned by fourth official after ranting over shocking VAR decision in Sheff Utd tie

Saint Alan
Saint Alan ()

@MikeLUHGv7 Remind me how what Mourinho did turned out? Not every person complains about their problems. Some people just get on with their life

Paul Slowey
Paul Slowey ()

@MiguelDelaney But you have been constantly on about how great Levy is and he went and hired Mourinho. This decision will send Tottenham back to where they were in the 90s and before. Mid table team and feeder club for top 4. Not so great now.

Spurking ()

@SpursMan2010 @SpursOfficial By Christmas well already be out of Europa league contention let alone champions league #Mourinhoout #mourinho_out

Paul ()

@_TC1980 @Gingeryid81 Fucking Mourinho off makes liking your football team again a lot easier. He’s not a guy who makes a bad situation better as he moans about everything.

Manutdred ()

@harrypinero No no mourinho is that guy. The guy that comes in and turns mans team into Wimbledon vinnie Jones impersonators

Ayodele Major
Ayodele Major ()

@MiguelDelaney I sincerely doubt it if Mourinho will ever get a big club to manage again after being sacked by Tottenham. I think the game has left him. His skills are not obsolete

Jibril Salifu
Jibril Salifu ()

Jose Mourinho seems to be the only manager in the world who is not allowed, cannot and must not lose matches. As soon as he does, you hear He is finished. He is done.

Hotspur Talk Brasil
Hotspur Talk Brasil ()

E o pior é que não dá nem pra imaginar que esse time é treinando por José Mourinho, por que a defesa, tão elogiada nos times do português, não é minimamente confiável, não mostra nem indícios de padrão. #PremierLeagueNaESPN

Bea ()

Mourinho: a culpa foi do uniforme, foi da grama que não tava boa o suficiente, foi o motorista do ônibus, foi os deuses do futebol que estão contra nós! EU?CULPADO? NUNCA. Eu sou a salvação desse time! Pode arrebatar.

Ojora Babatunde
Ojora Babatunde ()

@Xeun041 @Molatsportgist Tottenham isn’t a club for Mourinho. Pep on the other end, carefully selects clubs with high potentials to win trophies. Forget that stats. ()

@TelegraphDucker Jose Mourinho. Only manager in world football who is expected to perform miracles when taking over a team that was in 14th and falling

Mike ()

@tomwfootball Jose Mourinho is in neither picture, superior football players are in one and not the other.

Latest at the Lane
Latest at the Lane ()

@JonoTHFC1882 Not disappointed with the result, disappointed with Mourinho and i fucking hate Levy. We will never get anywhere that him running the club

João Limberger
João Limberger ()

Quem acompanhou a era Mourinho no United sabe que ele não sabe mais montar um time, nem a defesa

Josh Houghton
Josh Houghton ()

@MiguelDelaney Levy been obsessed with getting a big name manager for a while to put Spurs ‘on the map’. Ignored the fact Mourinho’s strategies are very tired now. Irony is Pochettino put them ‘on the map’ more by taking them to a champions league final 😬

Sky Sports Premier League
Sky Sports Premier League ()

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says he would not swap Giovani Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes after Spurs missed out on the Portuguese midfielder last summer.

☚ gabi brandt #DomingoDetremuraSDV ☛
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