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🔴⚪️ Arsenal have won 13 of their previous 14 #PL meetings with Newcastle #ARSNEW

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The 1975 TH ()

I​ Like​ America​ &​ America​ Like​ Me​ at​ Newcastle 🇬🇧

Tilly ()

@ForzaYids after this happened most likely coz the one w rose looks like newcastle station and if he squared up to a fan he’s an embarrassment and i don’t want that near my club

99.9 Jamz ()

Arsenal show, finally, in thumping Newcastle that Arteta’s ideas are taking root

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2GB 873 ()

UPDATE | Storm warnings have eased. Thunderstorms have now moved further north, towards the Central Coast and Newcastle.

The Kenyan Digest ()

The Standard - Kenya: Record Sh9 billion signing Pepe, Lacazette shine as Arsenal demolish Newcastle 4-0 | The Standard -

Lee ()

@worflags - Some will brush it under the carpet by saying it was Arsenal - This was the real Newcastle - Next few games will be crucial

Adrian Fabregas ()

Ayer conocí a unos tipos que me dijeron ser aficionados del Arsenal, comentaron que el día de hoy se juntarían en casa de otro amigo a ver el partido vs Newcastle y amablemente me invitaron a ir, sin pensarlo dos veces acepte y fui a ver el partido con

Flag On The Play ()

@MugsNfl - had some work related bits to take care of - mourned over the nfl - took dog for a quick walk - watched arsenal v Newcastle - mourned over the nfl - watched the first half of the xfl - mourned over the nfl on a new level - currently watching big trouble in little China

Twelly ()

Still buzzing now, haven’t even spoke defensively. Newcastle didn’t offer too much BUT when they did threaten, we didn’t look in danger really at all. Never left Leno stranded either. 2 clean sheets in a row! Things are looking up! #COYG #AFC 🔴⚪️

Lloyd K ()

Do arsenal fans know they only beat Newcastle?? And it’s their 7th win out of 26????

ParLay PaPi ()

Shalke pk -115 PUSH .3 Totenheim O -139 w/ Newcastle + -143(+192)✖️ Marsielle O 2 -122✔️

Lee Davison ()

@antanddec hi both I would really like to ask you about a request for a very very poorly girl from Newcastle. No publicity or anything but a video message could make a little girls dreams.

Munir ()

@Rdte09 @XhakabilityV2 You know your team is shite when you lose to Newcastle 😉

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Collins Mutunkei ()

@ankapiani Well done for the three points against Champions awaiting,Newcastle United.


Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle | Saka Will Be On The Same Level As Trent Alexander-Arnold! #AFC #AFTV

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Twickets Music ()

1 ticket to James Blunt at Utilita Arena - Newcastle upon Tyne, 17 Feb, face value (plus fees). Buy & sell with protection:

Jordan ()

@jhftbl Newcastle opposite the O2 academy, it opens now and then but it’s usually closed

Scott W.Ankers ()

Newcastle are the shittest football team I have ever seen, I can’t believe I have ever supported them. I am from this day forth, a YID #COYS 💙💙💙💙 in some we TRUST

Andy P ()

@john_neptune Agreed on Top: saw them live at Newcastle Poly probably late ‘90. Can’t remember much beyond they were great. Emotion Lotion a lost gem.

Chris ()

Over Newcastle?! This fucking club never ceases to amaze moving like they just played Barca 😂🤧

Kinimagato Jiim ()

Ledakan Arsenal di Babak Kedua Hancurkan Newcastle Sempat kesulitan, Arsenal akh

Twickets Music ()

1 ticket to Sam Fender at O2 Academy Newcastle - Newcastle upon Tyne, 17 Feb, face value (plus fees). All major debit / credit cards supported:

Bur Nm Ye Yes ()

Gotta love only following Newcastle on Facebook and just seeing the half time and full time score graphics.

Dimimu ()

@Ovita_je @tobiadeyemi_219 United are underperforming 😂 it’s not Newcastle’s brilliance that has them behind us lmao. But I see your point.

May ()

Lads looked fit, Dubai winter break done them well!,,, blew Newcastle out in the 2nd there

A un Toque ()

Gran partido Ozil y de Nicolas Pépé para la victoria del Arsenal 4-0 sobre el Newcastle que se fue a defender y terminó perdiendo. Aubameyang también fue importante. El equipo de Arteta llega a 34 puntos. Mejorando, poco a poco.

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#TendenciaTelevision ()

Por Ultimo Tendencia De Ahora >> Argentina << 16) Newcastle 17) #JubiladosEnCronica 18) WE ARE BULLETROOF #Tendencias2020

Jongkuch ☁️ ()

@BeWarmers Disgusting scenes at Emirates Stadium as stewards force Newcastle fans to stay and watch the game 🤷🏿‍♂️🤣

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KubuyaDavid ()

Beating Newcastle with a Clean Sheet not for everyone lmao 😭😂😂

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Premier League ()

🔴⚪️ Arsenal have won 13 of their previous 14 #PL meetings with Newcastle #ARSNEW

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☚ fanta uva Bruno Henrique ☛
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