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I wish a cable network would air the James Baldwin v William Buckley debates in their entirety. Can someone please make this happen

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Dobre kino w TV
Dobre kino w TV ()

Żołnierz rusza na ratunek swoim towarzyszom. Klasyk kina akcji ery #VHS. Chuck Norris jako pułkownik Braddock, ideowy kuzyn Johna Rambo, w akcji wyzwalania swych towarzyszy z wietnamskiej niewoli: Zaginiony w akcji / Missing in Action (1984) - PN 22:05 TV 4 📺

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ノリス・パッカード ()

@maemukini99 @leningradcowboi アニメ版より原作の瞳の方が車田正美と判断しやすい。 しかし車田正美はグダグタで終わらせる天才😅

x-Veronica 🌶 🐑
X-Veronica 🌶 🐑 ()

Thanks also to everyone who mansplained to me that Shea Weber needs less ice time, not more. HE’S A MONSTER. Weber played Norris trophy hockey on a broken foot & also came back two days after Kypreos said his career was over. Congratulations for regurgitating Weber narratives.

John Roy
John Roy ()

I will never admit how many years it took me to question the explanation, given to me in kindergarten, that Bruce Lee died because Chuck Norris kicked him off the top of a building.

Cade Baker
Cade Baker ()

The absolute best coaches and group of dudes I’ve ever been around. Glad to call Norris my home!

Jesper Stromback
Jesper Stromback ()

Krönikan är inspirerad av boken Cultural Backlash. Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism, skriven av statsvetarna Pippa Norris och Ronald Inglehart.

BBN ()

Norris gets down to its final out in the top of 7th but finds a way to score and that begins putting an end to a dramatic upset bid by Ashland, which falls just short. The Titans go on to win 12-4 in 9 exhilarating innings. The behemoth that is Norris baseball was nearly brought

ノリス・パッカード ()

@utagawa14 それ、勝手に全て食われてる😅 連れ去り思考って大体はその様な思考なんだと思う、家もゴミ箱から見えたレシートの内容 (特製ケーキ×1で3,000円) 別に誰の誕生日でもないんだけど

Mid Ohio Pumas
Mid Ohio Pumas ()

Another program sweep weekend! Bearcat Classic: 17u Norris Gold North Champs 17u Gilliland Gold South Champs 17u Sliemers Silver Runner up 16u Sheldon Silver Champs 14u Russell Gold Champs Indy invitational: 17u Justice Runner Up 13u Pearson Champs Proud of all our guys!

Norris Girls Basketball
Norris Girls Basketball ()

Congrats @Norris_Baseball on your State Championship!!! We are proud of you. #NorrisTitans

Sylvia M #BlackLivesMatter
Sylvia M #BlackLivesMatter ()

@PseudoRolf Und Chuck Norris hätte die Session mit 10-0 gewonnen - mit oder ohne Schnörres! #147sf

Mushu ()

Potter what are you d- Mrs Norris? You’ murdered my cat No n- I’ll kill ya, ILL KILL YA ()

MERCEDES ESTÁ... 🏎 🔥 Así quedo el campeonato de pilotos tras 4 carreras: 1⃣Lewis Hamilton (88 pts.) 🇬🇧 2⃣Valtteri Bottas (58 pts.) 🇫🇮 3⃣Max Verstappen (52 pts.) 🇳🇱 4⃣Lando Norris (36pts.) 🇬🇧 5⃣Charles Leclerc (33 pts.) 🇲🇨 7⃣Sergio Pérez (22 pts.) 🇲🇽 #BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

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Kvasa ()

@coprophiIiac he missed out on the instant testosterone boost of Chuck Norris memes during their prime

Michele Norris
Michele Norris ()

@Sifill_LDF Communal watching. Annotated on social media. Required viewing for young people. I’ve always wanted to track down those college students in the audience who were clearly mesmerized and terrified and perhaps enlightened. Let’s do this

Michele Norris
Michele Norris ()

I wish a cable network would air the James Baldwin v William Buckley debates in their entirety. Can someone please make this happen

Rafałhirsch ()

Uważam, że Lando Norris powinien mieć z tyłu samochodu reklamę firmy Zalando. #ElevenF1

Diego Mejia
Diego Mejia ()

Norris el lider del tren de 8 vagones detrá 7 porque Albon se va al box y monta medios usados, además de cumplir su penalidad. #BritishGP 🇬🇧 #F1

Evan Woodbery
Evan Woodbery ()

Starters for tomorrow: RHP Rony Garcia, LHP Daniel Norris. No Casey Mize. Or Michael Fulmer. ()

Norris says he stopped overdriving to secure a top five slot in qualifying #BritishGP #F1

Tigers PR
Tigers PR ()

Tigers probable pitchers for tomorrow’s DH: Game 1 - RHP Rony García Game 2 - LHP Daniel Norris

Autosport ()

Lando Norris says stopping over-driving on his final laps in qualifying at Silverstone helped him finish fifth:

Fernando Tornello
Fernando Tornello ()

#F1 #BritishGP Lewis Hamilton los ‘atendió’ en casa y no les dejó ni el postre. Venía mal hasta que en Q3 los demolió otra vez. Bottas quedó a , Verstappen a 1s y Leclerc a , con Norris y Sainz 5* y 7* con McLaren. Racing Point extrañó a Perez, Russell penalizado 5 puestos.

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Ocon Deprê ✌️😗🇫🇷
Ocon Deprê ✌️😗🇫🇷 ()

Ricciardo e Ocon, Norris e Sainz parecem ser as duplas de médio pelotão mais constantes, que ambos andam na mesma balada.

N.B ()

Real talk with my homie and Drinking partner vs Norris via @YouTube

ɐllǝɹ ()

@FakeNimrod Io invece, al posto di fare una squadra sensata dal punto di vista strategico, ho fatto la squadra mettendo i miei piloti preferiti (stesso errore che faccio ogni anno perché sono scema). Poi mi sono resa conto che con Leclerc, Kimi, Ocon e Norris non sarei andata tanto lontano.

BadPreacher🖕🏼🇨🇦➡️🇬🇧🇪🇺 ()

So tough down south we have Chuck Norris running thru our trees. It was in this place where he tried a push-up & pushed the Earth down.

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mgorosh wearing a should too
Mgorosh wearing a should too ()

Hey I’ve run a baseball team that lost 114 games last it’s Norris or it’s not somebody jumping out of a fucking you’re a real team

Loughborough Dynamo
Loughborough Dynamo ()

46’| Quorn 0-0 Dynamo We are back underway and The Moes have made two half-time substitutions. ⬅️ Rob Norris ⬅️ Charlie Young ➡️ Dom Allen ➡️ Josh Riley

Pipo Drogavich de F2
Pipo Drogavich de F2 ()

Fim do Q3 1-Hamilton🇬🇧 2-Bottas🇫🇮 3-Verstappen🇳🇱 4-Leclerc🇲🇨 5-Norris🇬🇧 6-Stroll🇨🇦 7-Sainz🇪🇸 8-Ricciardo🇦🇺 9-Ocon🇫🇷 10-Vettel🇩🇪

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