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To the robot who turned 90 days into 15 years of exploration: You were, and are, the Opportunity of a lifetime. Rest well, rover. Your mission is complete. (2004-2019) #ThanksOppy.

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@KTSMtv Veronica & Beto will be happy. We’re building processing centers to keep illegal ‘families’ together and make their stop here quick and hospitable. Meanwhile, the El Paso homeless, specifically women is at all time high:.


@DaInternetMoron Who could forget when he refused to perform the miracle of the three loaves and five fish but instead used the opportunity prove a point about the evils of socialism.

A few lines from a verse I may never get the opportunity to record. “Sticking to rhymes is just a way to compete. It’s how you get technicians to sit forward in their seat. Freeform is a true poetry because it’s a personal treat. It’s not there for others to.

I know there are plenty of memes going around about the rover Opportunity, but man it honestly makes me sad.

I relate to Alec in that I also say that Magnus Bane is beautiful at every given opportunity.

Lauren is a brave woman, incredible, intelligent, determined and loving. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have her as an idol and to feel proud of the wonderful woman that she is!! Thank you for being an example in my life ♥️ @LaurenJauregui #ValentinesForLauren.

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$💗365 - Teaching 5-31 - #moneyGRACE365 Q. Does the $💗365 help me to manifest money? A. You are always being presented with opportunity to create that which makes you money. Pay attention to what excites you in money and grace.” -- The MoneyGRACE Founders.

Happy Valentine’s Day @WellsFargo with out you I wouldn’t be nothing. I’m grateful for the opportunity’s you gave me. It’s been a lovely 2 years📈.

hahah im glad yall enjoyed this but the curiosity actually sang to itself, not the opportunity but we still miss our boy ps i dont have anything to promote but go watch buzzfeed unsolved.

El legado de Opportunity, el explorador más incansable sobre la superficie de otros mundos Por @GonzaloSyldavia.

Dizi karakteri Memati için yapılmıştı, Mars Opportunity için de gıyabi cenaze namazı düzenlenir mi?.

my beautiful baby pronounced it’s 15 year mission coming to an end today😭here’s to my dad for making the cameras on this puppy and giving us pictures of a foreign land humans will soon call home❤️ here’s to Opportunity, 2004-2019 #ThanksOppy.

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The thought of the opportunity rover being left all alone on Mars now that the mission is over is actually making me a lil sad.

Spacecraft Travel From All Over Galaxy To Honor End Of Opportunity Rover’s Life.

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To the robot who turned 90 days into 15 years of exploration: You were, and are, the Opportunity of a lifetime. Rest well, rover. Your mission is complete. (2004-2019) #ThanksOppy.

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@lmazow_y Opportunity bunca yıl görevinin bilmem kaç katı fazlasını yerine gtirmiş vefalı bir caaanım uzay aracı iken ben adını yazmaya üşenirsem ayıp olmaz mı :))).

Yes, thank you! I was a little too willing to risk coming off of yesterday’s profit. I took a news trade and GU RBO that I probably shouldn’t have attempted, considering the GU lately and my awful news trading history. 🤣 Glad I was given the opportunity to earn a little back..

@AEWrestling @MGMGrand WTF. That entire setup was lame as fuck. I never even had an opportunity to buy..

Congratulations to Binya! Great new opportunity but we will miss his brilliant and insightful writing on economics on the front page. Make sure to pre-order his book, “The Economist’s Hour,” due out in September..

Ideally with all of this censorship drama, we use this publicity to state our case about the shady exchange (25%) but more of the time should be telling new people about the great things at #Digibyte(75%) of the time. Let’s remember that this is an opportunity to show our wares!.

@InkstoneNews @EAZEFLESL Why don’t we offer a 10-year work #visa to all international students who receive a graduate degree from a US university? These students bring ambition, curiosity, and specialized training to our nation. A wiser administration & Congress would seize this opportunity. #immigration.

May I use this opportunity to renew my profound gratitude, firstly to my party, the PDP, and then to General Abdulsalami Abubakar and members of the Peace Committee for their tireless enthusiasm, dedication, and passion towards ensuring the success of this Peace Accord Process!.

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Unlike this President, Rep. @IlhanMN demonstrated a capacity to acknowledge pain & apologize, use the opportunity to learn abt history of antisemitism,+grow from it while clarifying her stance. I’m also inspired by Jewish leadership who brought her in, not push her out, to heal..

Democrats’ hatred of President @realDonaldTrump resulted in them missing a great opportunity to provide more border security and a better life for DACA/TPS recipients. Sad and stupid..

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