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Carl Henegan, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, has described the off-label use of puberty blockers on under-18s as an ‘unregulated live experiment on children’. 10/11

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Meghna ()

All the best! Not many say No to Oxford🙏 Srinagar woman selected to study master’s at Oxford University, makes Kashmir proud

Drew Schoessler
Drew Schoessler ()

6’0 175 1230 SAT GPA FB - 84-85; Top 87; 2122 RPM CB - 69 CH - 73 SL - 76 Oxford Area High School Oxford, PA @FlatgroundApp #FGHS2021 Major: Bio/Exercise Sci

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown ()

This is interesting. My brother sent me this article as well. My nephew uses this medicine for his asthma. May be nothing to it but the Oxford University trials are certainly promising.


Tengo 17 años, se habla guaraní francés, italiano mezclado con indu que usaba bilardo en 87 con una pisca de aleman de Boateng en el betis y tambien intente llevar alcohol a cataratas. Becado en oxford en la seccion de limpieza de aulas y voy a estudiar asesorador de polirubros

Premier League PY🇵🇾
Premier League PY🇵🇾 ()

#LeagueOne: !Historico, Wycombe de Adebayo Akinfewa derroto 2-1 a Oxford en La Final de los Play-offs y ascendio al #Championship, por PRIMERA VEZ en su historia!. Gracias futbol❤

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HarkaitzCorr88 ()

@Urtzi_Martinez Seguro? Lo tienes todo hermano, estas en la cruz roja, seguro que eres 100tifiko, streammer de confianza, Youtuber, graduado en Oxford y soltero para todas las mamasitas jajajabaja

Maszlee Malik
Maszlee Malik ()

Menerima khabar gembira kejayaan anak Simpang Renggam, Dr Masliza Mahmod iaitu wanita Malaysia yang pertama dilantik sebagai Prof Madya bagi Perubatan Kardiovaskular Universiti Oxford.

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China Xinhua News
China Xinhua News ()

Headlines watch, July 7: The Telegraph We may be seeing a dormant virus that has been activated by environmental conditions: Oxford expert #Coronavirus may be transmitted through the sewage system or shared toilet facilities

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Daemoen ()

Tahun ini cuaca agak aneh. Ada pakar epidemiologist Oxford bilang sebenarnya coronavirus dah ada dimana2, tinggal tunggu trigger, terjadi di tahun ini. Juga wabah belalang melanda Afrika, Pakistan, India. India juga mengalami banjir hebat.

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Leo Nerv
Leo Nerv ()

@yo_arg @OhMargo5 Con tu altura podés usar los 2, oxford no va si sos peque. Chupín para cualquier altura

Yo 🇦🇷 Cocó
Yo 🇦🇷 Cocó ()

@LeoNerv @OhMargo5 Entonces que es mejor Oxford o chupín? Ya tengo un consejo de alguien que 2° opinión? Tené en cuenta que mido descalza

⚜️ Kristine Froeba 📚
⚜️ Kristine Froeba 📚 ()

@jroy218 @TheBearJieux However, Loyola is hybrid, but mostly online and ready to go online with little notice. Oxford has scheduled its classes on campus, but Cambridge is 100% online into 2021. Cambridge and Loyola make good decisions. Tulane and Oxford did not.

Melanie Addington (She/Her)
Melanie Addington (She/Her) ()

@talberttoole Acknowledgement to Chickasaw lands here in Oxford as White people tell Black people how to think. Sigh.

くるぅ(少しでも元気なりたい) ()


Novel Coronavirus - Covid19
Novel Coronavirus - Covid19 ()

It is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of #COVID19 | Clinical Infectious Diseases | Oxford Academic -

Jay White
Jay White ()

Sickens me knowing one of either Oxford or Wycombe will be in the championship next season when we’re doing fuck all down in league two🤢🤢

pilar navarrete
Pilar navarrete ()

Vacuna de la Universidad de Oxford da esperanzadora señal | Digital Trends Español

Choral Institute-CIO
Choral Institute-CIO ()

Come join us for this year’s Virtual Choral Institute at oxford! More details to follow! @WCCNJ @Williamsonvoice

Erivelto Netto
Erivelto Netto ()

@PatySoelo Façamos o seguinte. Eleitores do Bolsonaro ficam com a vacina de Oxford, e os canhotos ficam com a vacina Dória/Chines

Unofficial Vale
Unofficial Vale ()

Guess you have to be of a certain age to know this guy, but he is happy about Oxford. Not our year to do this, but next year we will be able to be there and not watch it on tv.

Última Divisão
Última Divisão ()

Provavelmente o Oxford vai enfrentar o Wycombe na decisão da vaga. Mas a outra semifinal tá rolando ainda. Wycombe venceu o primeiro jogo por 4 a 1, mas tá perdendo agora por 1 a 0, pro Fleetwood

Jim McFaul MSM
Jim McFaul MSM ()

@leewilliewills Thought Oxford should’ve been down to 9 men, 2 horrible challenges in extra time deserved red cards not yellow.

matt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Matt 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

Hit the post twice. Should’ve had 3/4 pens in the first leg. Oxford should’ve had 2 red cards tonight. Absolute fucking daylight robbery.

J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling ()

Carl Henegan, professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford University, has described the off-label use of puberty blockers on under-18s as an ‘unregulated live experiment on children’. 10/11

Cryptogunslinger ()

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is it important that you are a #cryptoscammer 👂👂👂 Works at Studied at University of Oxford 😆😆😆 Nasir Mahamad Go ahead tell us about how you grew up to be a #cryptoscammer 😆😆😆

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Bukan Pengangguran
Bukan Pengangguran ()

@____anjajaja Maudy ayunda pacaran ngomonginnya sejarah oxford. Pacarnya be like : Mau dibecandain juga gak ada celah buat becanda nya kalo ngomongin sejarah :(

Kung Flu
Kung Flu ()

@kaarnama13 Meanwhile liberandus opening oxford to confirm meaning of sensitivity 😂

Dr. David Samadi
Dr. David Samadi ()

This is a very interesting read about how most people will not need a COVID vaccine. It’s commenting on an Oxford study. Take a read and see for yourself.

Diario La República #YoMeQuedoEnCasa
Diario La República #YoMeQuedoEnCasa ()

Vacuna de Oxford logra correcta respuesta inmune durante su última fase de prueba

ABC.es ()

🔴#URGENTE La vacuna de la Universidad de Oxford podría inmunizar durante varios años

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