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Sara Bella: See more photos of Thomas Partey’s alleged Moroccan girlfriend.

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Lack of science equipments in SHSs: This issue is widespread in our Senior High Schools. - Peter Anti Partey [Executive Director, Institute for Education Studies - IFEST] #JoySMS.

@clivepafc We should of thrown kitchen sink at him. Twice the player of any of our Mf bar Partey. There isn’t a Mf who is out there and gettable who is this good that you could pay less and we desperately needed him. I’m very angry at the lack of ambition in January when it came to our Mf..

Partey went to Arsenal to win the Champions League with Arsenal.💔.

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@ChukyUnfazed @nonewthing Once Ø gets cut out the game, our attack doesn’t exist. Especially when Emile starts. They can’t stand pressure We Need more physicality and technicality in that attack and it’s obvious don’t need to sign any youngster. We should be signing more Partey-experience level players.

Dress up partey 🤣❤️❤️ My girl’s are lit #Dressed.

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Wasn’t even watching like that and I knew it. Missed Partey..

@TheAB_28 We will be stronger next so clear we need a strong top 9 partey.

@kersey16 Exactly our starting 10 are a great bunch of players, but back ups desperately needed, we get one injury and it seems to through us I think Elneny has done brilliantly since stepping in for Partey!.

@AFCJACK___ @GPv3000 you man are so ungrateful he’s one of your best players, it’s not his fault you can’t sustain attacks and give it to him quickly btl because Partey is injured?.

@bunmzi Arteta will probably give them advice on who they should hire seen as he’s a club legend and all. We are full of average players nearly everyone he signed is shit. Other than Gabriel and Partey everyone else is dog shit..

Lost Partey and we aren’t able to make CL again. Almost as if we need a midfielder at his level or better. I was told a certain midfielder was carrying Partey this season….

@_Footballfc_ @JohyanCruyff Because there is no Thomas partey. Partey was the bedrock to see odegaad form.

Thomas Partey right now: “ow what have I done? CK said ” agor) nkoaaa 😂.

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@DavidJxsej15 Thomas Partey faz muita falta neste time e hoje tava perdidinho em campo o time.

@BrazilianGunn É o mínimo. Dois meias centrais prontos para serem titular. O Partey é bom, mas não dá pra contar somente com ele. Não termos opção para meio campo foi de cair o cú da bunda..

NEWCASTLE VS ARSENAL (2:0) Bruno Guimaraes Second Goal against Arsenal. ... via @YouTube partey.


@cmbfooty My issue is, we need so desperately to upgrade LCM, LW and CF. That can be done with UEL funds but the issue lies in the fact that we needed UCL funds to upgrade depth at DM and AM. One injury to Partey, we’re lost. Odegaard competes with nobody.

@brockogami Bro u could have 10 Kantes out there if you’re playing as many games as some of these guys have played you’d be burnt out an the is without Partey we struggle to keep possession so a lot of these games they’re having to press hard to get the ball back it catches up to u.

@RicardoMoniz7 Partey is a very good player but he seems to be made of glass. Availability is the best way to help your team.

Aubameyang laughing at Arsenal right now 😂😂‘’ U miss the top 4 again’’ Arteta || Odegaard || Partey || #Mbappe.

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Bissouma, Coardy should have been bought instead of Partey and White @Arsenal . Don’t want to see Cedric, Holding, Tavares, Pepe at Arsenal ever again.

@tickets2arsenal Basically run out of legs. Losing partey was a big blow. Recruitment crucial this crucifying a young team can damage them. Your always going to get inconsistencies with a young squad.

@arslxnmc Saliba coming back next season will be big for us, just need to secure a decent striker along with a partner for Partey and someone to replace him when injured as well as cover in both fullback positions and we should be alright. Much easier said than done though..

@lingerslev Ja, der er meget som skal blive bedre. Det har ramt os hårdt efter Partey blev skadet. Med ham tror jeg det havde gået anderledes. Men tænker mest at angrebet skal forbedres..

If Arsenal don’t buy another midfielder like Partey who can dictate the game this will always happen.

Thomas Partey going to miss another champions league became he move go arsenal.

@arseblog We were outmuscled and ran out of steam. Neither Elneny and Xhaka can play through an hard press. Partey injury killed our season. We lack physicality in the middle of the park..

Arteta and Edu got blood on their hands fr. theres no way u can see him and think 4 available midfielders of injury prone Partey, Elneny, Xhaka and Odegaard are enough to clinch CL football..

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