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Paul George has the best comeback from one of the worst injuries I ever seen in the NBA!.

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A calm colorway for a crazy performance. Paul George put up 45 points in this PG3..

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De esto se habla en Argentina: 1) Natacha Jaitt 2) Paul George 3) #HoyJuegaRacing.

En la polarizada lucha entre Giannis Antetokounmpo y James Harden por el MVP, una alternativa: Paul George..

Not sure why people think MVP is a 2 man race, I’ve been saying Paul George for MVP..

That’s fine. Paul George is the better player right now..

Adam çoğunun yapamadığını yapıyor Hücreden telefonla direniyor resmen ... Paul George.

Compare paul George to any single player in the NBA and there will be an area of their game they are not great at but he does it exceedingly well in. There’s not another player that can say that.

Great to see Paul George ballin’ out after that gruesome leg injury couple years back.

Paul george Crazy high arcing floater to seal the deal and don struggles in ot.

@DScottAlexander Can you believe Utah can win a game where Russ and Paul George are shooting so well and have combined for 79 points thus far?!?.

Did they really just say that Paul George is the best defender that OKC has??? Wut..

@Sarge_73Z28 Nah it will be 8. They wrongly gave him one that Paul George passed.

@OKCThunder_BR Pq colocou o paul George só na última bola pra marcar ele Mas antes tarde do que nunca.

@BULLETlN How can Paul George be the mvp if he continues to be outplayed by a teammate.

@sams_picks @SharksNSports The way Westbrook has adapted has game to make sure Paul George has the freedom to excel has been awesome to watch - can’t wait for the playoffs..

@NBA @ESPNNBA Take a look at the 4th qtr OKC buckets that westbrook ‘assisted’ on. None of them are assists. In fact one was a pass from Paul George to Ferguson and they gave WB the assist. 🤣🤣.

Paul George had the quote of the night when mentioning James Harden. #NBAAllStar.

So it was Paul George who was crying to ESPN about James Harden? 🤔🤔. Interesting the OKC/Rockets games have a new twist. Well PG baby mama is a stripper and Harden loves strippers. So he sees Harden as a threat? 🤔.

Paul George was having some fun tonight. On giving James Harden the step-back 3: “What move did I use?” “Yeah, I gave him his s***.” “I’ve got that in my package too, so there ain’t no travels over here.”.

@realDonaldTrump 1)George Papadopoulos 2)Paul Manafort 3)Rick Gates 4)Michael Flynn 5)13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies 6)Richard Pinedo 7)Alex van der Zwaan 8)Konstantin Kilimnik 9)12 Russian GRU officers 10)Michael Cohen 11)Roger Stone 34 INDIVIDUALS & 3 COMPANIES!!.

2020 dream team Steph LeBron Harden Durant AD Kyrie Lillard Kahwi Bradley Beal Klay KAT Paul George 😵😵 Yes, these are obviously the 12 best American players. Only others in consideration (if healthy) should be Dipo, Boogie, Wall, maybe Blake?.

Let’s not forget Paul George had a ill 360 baseline dunk before Steph and Giannis murdered the highlights #NBAAllstar.

Paul George and Russell Westbrook respectively had the worst and second worst plus minus of any players in the all star game. #NBAALLStarGame.

everyone always talking about how good the thunder are on Russ was -19 and Paul George was -22, while — drum roll — Khris Middleton was +3 tonight.

Paul George has the best comeback from one of the worst injuries I ever seen in the NBA!.

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