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You missed the point. Trump refused to turn over his taxes and took it all the way to SCOTUS to get the ruling. They ruled he HAD to turn them over. Prior to that, there was no legal ruling on the matter. Now this precedent can be applied to anyone and everyone. Enjoy the show:).

Sam Harris, who previously admitted he supported the suppression of reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop immediately prior to the election, has now claimed that the New York Post’s reporting on the story was accurate only “by accident.”.

APPLICATION FOR DIGITAL ECONOMY EMPLOYABILITY PROGRAMME Eligibility Criteria: •Beginner in the Digital Economy with NO prior IT skills •Have an interest in IT skill development •Available for training in your State of Residence..

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More than 1 in 5 Black Tennesseans could not vote this election due to a prior felony convictions. The TN legislature is mostly white men. The TN police force is mostly white men. The TN judicial system is mostly white men. It’s Jim Crow This needs to be a bigger story..

Has the Nickelodeon Movies branding lost its meaning? Prior to last year, it was only applied to films released in theaters. They are now using it on what are essentially TV movies - or worse, slapped it on a theatrical right before its release, despite having no involvement..

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Just 3 wks before our President & Secretary walk from LRFC to ORFC prior to their league clash on 17Dec. All proceeds will go to a defibrillator, not just for the club, but the residents in our area too. Please visit , or theres collection boxes on the bar.

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Isso é o Prior? Os brasileiros ainda vão levar um cacete nessa copa kkk.

Shade Protocol published a blog, Stablecoin Summit Protocol Highlight - Comdex & CMST, to give the community a prior knowledge of @ComdexOfficial before the summit. A list of protocols and speakers that will be featured in the Cosmos Stablecoin Summit is below: 1/.

2/10) Observations of Cycle 1 Buying around 1 year prior to the halvening event (marked with orange vertical dashed line) provided max opportunity (Green vertical dashed line) is when the first halvening occurred & price went parabolic. It took 52 weeks from halvening 1 to ATH.

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Feminism keeps women in the playing field to be passed around and exposed. Prior to Feminism (satanic )Women were Protected and Provided for by Christian Father then Christian Husband. That’s Christian living. Covered..

@BIGROSEGOLD Actually ima dm you cause Im not trynna make it seem i’m coming for you lol just wanna spread knowledge I had no clue of prior.

@martinplaut 🤢🤢how disgusting, the same offer was givin to tplf before the war. To do political dialogue to go to constitution for contested areas between amara and tigray. After 100s of thousand died he ended up going to the same deal prior to war. How are Tigrians not questions him if not.

@RealJamesWoods Sad that so many folks know exactly how deep the corruption is, but nothing ever gets done. I’m thinking it’s time for Veterans step up and rip the reigns away…prior to us going off the cliff. That Time for being PC needs to come to an end! #america #AmericaHasAProblem.

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Simon Cane-Hardy as Head of Senior School at Gordonstoun, from Sept ‘23 Currently Deputy Head at Prior Park College in Bath Simon was formerly Head of Boarding at Pangbourne College; 1/2.

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@ElisaComenta_ A gente jurando que os brasileiros ia ser presos, os brasileiro, de quebra o pior tá lá vulgo prior KSKSKKSKSKSKSKSKSKS.

Pq o prior é assim cara kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Já vi torcidas maiores, que caíram do cavalo com esse lance de chutar aliados Anotem.

May the freedom of speech Twitter is noted for restore what was wrongfully suspended prior to new ownership 🙏.

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@Ha_Matar Yes and maybe explain what that Israeli was doing prior to this edited video?.

Os stores do Prior surram todos os outros de blogueirinhos que estão lá só por close. Acompanham pq esse menino sabe viver de verdade!.

@uberflair410 If you put it all together, it is quite an amazing stat. We had 6 feet of snow two days prior to the first game. They had to fly to Detroit without any practice time to play the Browns and they won. They flew home for Monday and Tuesday and flew back on Wednesday. Bills R tough!.

@DebraJo01953185 @elonmusk Trump and Republicans are experts on culture wars. For example, Prior to the midterms, they scared people with inflation, crime, immigration, etc. Soon after they took control of the house, they have not proposed any plans to fix anything . Instead, they went after Hunter Biden..

@Truegreen7 The designs of the Pokemon themselves and how they stack up to prior generations.

@juneslater17 @tonx10 He had been getting groomed weeks prior to going into the pretend jungle. The other people were chosen so as not to give him a hard time..

@KerryKennedyRFK When undertaking some research prior to making an award may have been useful.

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@SenWhitehouse Have you disclosed your $tsla investment, made just prior to your windfall tax proposal?.

@EclecticRadical Hey now not believing that there was a love fest between the prior occupants of this land and the europeans who came to take their land and kill them is unmurican.

@CarollChagaas @luu_tuitta Desculpa lindona, eu fico na votação qd início até encerrar. Não torço para Deolane e mesmo assim ajudei ela..

@UNWatch knocking on his shopfront and used various psychological and physical intimidation methods to force him open his shop. Having lost his brother 2 months prior to this incident and during the popular revolution against the Islamic Republic in Iran, Majidreza then allegedly.

@SK__Tennis He has to reduce his schedule. He has to play only one or two preps prior to a GS..

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