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President Xi tells President Putin: “Change that hasn’t happened in 100 years is coming and we are driving this change together.” Are they planning the end of US dominance?.

UK will send depleted Uranium munitions to Ukraine. They cause cancer and birth defects. It’s like NATO dropping dirty bombs on Russia, a mass poisoning. Putin says it’s the beginning of using “weapons with a nuclear component” and Russia will have to respond. Nuclear war soon ☢️.

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Trump, DeSantis, the GOP, and the Fox News Russian propaganda machine are all siding with an indicted war criminal guilty of brutal attacks on innocent men, women and children. Putin wants to annihilate democracy by any means necessary, and MAGA leadership is happy to help..

❗️ Putin: Rusia condona más de millones de dólares de deuda a países africanos Puntos clave del discurso de Vladímir Putin en la cumbre Rusia-África 2023 en Moscú: ▪️Africa se convertirá en uno de los líderes del nuevo orden mundial multipolar; ▪️Rusia seguirá dando….

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Unlike President Biden, no one in the modern GOP has the courage to stand up to Putin. Not Trump, not DeSantis, no one..

Just days ago, Putin and Xi released a joint statement which said: All nuclear-weapon states should refrain from deploying nuclear weapons abroad and withdraw nuclear weapons deployed abroad. Putin then did the opposite yesterday. Not very respectful to his good friend Xi!.

Xi Jinping se reúne con Vladimir Putin: China ofrece un plan de paz, Rusia está abierta a negociar. Mientras tanto EEUU aprueba nuevos envíos de armamento a Ucrania por 327 millones, la UE por 2000 millones y Reino Unido el envío de municiones con uranio. ¿Quién quiere guerra?.

Despedida histórica entre Vladimir Putin y Xi Jinping. Xi: Ahora hay cambios que no han ocurrido en 100 años. Y juntos estamos moviendo estos cambios. Putin: Estoy de acuerdo. Xi: Por favor, cuídate, querido amigo. Putin: ¡Que tengas un buen viaje! Ya han ganado. Y lo saben..

This week saw the failure of Russia’s President Putin to openly elicit military assistance from China for his special military operation. It could be a strategic turning point of the war, particularly as #Ukraine launches its offensives. 1/25.

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Ask yourself, how many American teenagers has Putin killed in the last 5 years? How many teenagers have the CCP and the cartels killed via fentanyl smuggling? Now guess which one our leaders are obsessed with..

Como le duele a los #POBRESISTAS a sueldo de Maduro que la @CourPenaleInt (CPI) ordene la captura de Putin. Saben que su patrón es el próximo..

Vladimir Putin denuncia la eterna hipocresía de Occidente: dicen que necesitan el grano de Ucrania para enviarlo a África, pero se quedan la gran mayoría. Si finalmente no se alcanza un acuerdo en materia de exportación de grano, Rusia lo suministrará a África de forma gratuita..

Netanyahu is a dangerous criminal whose agents were involved in collusion with the 2016 Trump campaign. He’s a far-right authoritarian who doesn’t believe in freedom, equal justice, or even basic decency. He belongs in the same grouping as Trump and Putin..

With all the - quite justified - horror at Putin’s war crimes, please remember that Braverman’s hateful migration bill would allow the detention and deportation of children with no right of appeal or even access to the courts..

ÚLTIMA HORA | Expresidente Duque pide que a la CPI actuar contra Nicolás Maduro con la misma celeridad que con Putin.

The Hill
The Hill

JUST IN: Erdoğan calls for immediate end to war in Ukraine during call with Putin.

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The Democrats are trying to jail President Donald Trump for putting America first. But indictment or no indictment, all Trump does is win. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping pledge to build a new world order. Watch Weekly Briefing with….

The wonderful Putin plan: of 🇷🇺 from Europe final suicide of the 🇷🇺 world in 🇺🇦 & destruction of 🇷🇺 army isolation And, finally, the arrest warrant for (Putin) as a personal reward. Strongly. Everything will be worse for🇷🇺....


Former President Dmitry Medvedev told Russian media that the ICC, which countries including Russia, China and the United States do not recognise, was a “legal nonentity” that had never done anything significant..

Putin visits Mariupol, speaks with residents and visits a family at their invitation. Zel hides in his bunker..

Do you see how efficiently MAGA uses the US standing up to Putin as a wedge to campaign against Biden? Do you see how closely aligned trump and Putin’s interests are? And how they have been since putin illegally helped trump take power in 2016?.

ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin, alleging war crimes in Ukraine | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News.

🇬🇧İngiltere ▪️Emekli Korgeneral / David Leakey ; “ Putin’in Ukrayna karşısında ki zafer bir nevi Batı’nın teslim olması olun Çin’in Tayvan hamlesi daha çetin ve zor zamanlar bizi bekliyor olucak “.

@whataboutthism @tobichrislorenz Zumindest nicht nach ruzzischer Art: Land ausquetschen, Profit in Schweiz etc. sichern, nach mir die Sintflut. Die Geschichte wird zeigen, wie der liebe Präsident Putin ( Alice Schwarzer) sich skrupellos bedient hat..

Fox News
Fox News

Uyghur group calls on ICC to arrest Chinese president Xi Jinping after Putin warrant.

Xi to visit Moscow for Putin meeting cementing relations with Russia Published : 17-3-2023.

Putin in Crimea to mark nine years since annexation – a day after war crimes arrest warrant.

@tassagency_en Putin. The leader of Rapists. Is this Pure Sick Criminal Normal People?? 😂 😂.

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Skłócenie w elitach ukraińskich czasem przybiera dramatyczne rozmiary, i co ukrywać - na to liczył Putin (i na szczęście się przeliczył). Rosjanie od czasu Majdanu też starają się poprzez swoje struktury wywiadowcze te rozgrywki stymulować 11/18.

@GeoffYoung4KY President Putin is considered a war criminal for moving civilians and children away from a warzone for a better future, while Ukraine uses civilians as human shields, schools as a hideout for military personnel and killing POWs. Ok gotcha! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Good luck with arresting Santa!🎅🏼.

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