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A Queen in every sense of the word!Happy Birthday B* 👸🏽🖤 Lots of love & blessings on your special day! @bonang_m 🥳🥂💖🥰.

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Queen B abriu o coração e contou todo aquele pagode que a gente já sabe e Joapinga mostrou que dá boca dele também sai belas palavras além de bafo de cana. Deu aquela xingada no Armando mas também falou belas palavras de otimismo e fez carinho no rosto dela. HEY, NÃO ABUSA?!?!😤.

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@ARIZONADELIGHT Well not sure about the b word but queen youve got nailed🌷👅.

@adrianmontiel_ I do this but save it. When I see it later while I’m calm & collected I realize what a drama queen I am lol.


Someone said Mary j Blige didnt deserve to be awarded queen of Hip Hop and R&B.

Trimmer blades are in the house! -.

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@ritsuka__b 리츠카 씨. 당신은 태양같은 사람. 밝고 아름다운 화사한 꽃이네요..

@belindapop Solo que tú no te convertiste en una Little J sino en toda una Queen B. 💖.

@distortedolskin WE. STAN. A COLORFUL QUEEN. ur so radiant and bright and shiny and AWESOME!! i feel like u have such positive energy ur probably A. a party animal B. a good listener C. a vivid, energetic soul pls continue being U.

Alarm Highrise (commercial Downtown) [Toronto] University Avenue b/w Queen St West / Armoury Street Dispatched: 26/06/19 @ 00:41 EDT [Stn: 332] Aerial-315 DistChief-33 High-Rise-332 Pumper-315 Pumper-332 General Area:.

#NowPlaying Medicine by Queen Naija on #UrbanRadio Hip Hop and R&B.

“Next generation leader — TIME Supreme pop diva — HDD Queen of pop/R&B” — Apple Music Living legend — MTV Princess of pop — Billboard Arguably the biggest pop star on the planet — Consequence Of Sound New kind of pop star — Rolling Stone #HappyBirthdayAriana.

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@LSkook97 @JL_Crazy_B น้องตกแอดเกาได้นี่ Queen👑 มากเลย😂 จะได้เห็นน้องในสื่อเกาเยอะขึ้นซะที.

when I say queen of rap? you say NICKI MINAJ, not CARDI B.

Pues, me despidieron más veces de las que me gustaría admitir 😅. Genial hilo interactivo sobre ser la asistente de Queen B y sobrevivir en el intento..

i miss vampire stuff ... i want 2 b vampire ... queen of night ... i want to sexy blood drinkr ... my middle school goth faze is rearing its head ....

@thedailybeast Not so simple! “Family brings in 400 million a year in private revenue that under the “sovereign act 2011” the government keeps £360 million of.” “Family brings in £ b per year in tourism.” “The Queen takes 15% of the crown estates › economy ›.

Mary J moved with caution this time 🤣😂 #MaryJBlige was and still is the Queen of R&B soul.

idk what i’m wearing go pride 😔😔😔 am i gonna b a queen or king ?? 🤡😩😩💙👎👎👎💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥.

Dearest @IAMANITABAKER I just saw this video of the Queen Gladys and thought of you, I have no doubts you both ladies are my favorite R&B singers of all time. Love you deeply both of you!!! Besos y abrazos desde Monterrey 🇲🇽.

M: 로지, 무지개 옷 입는 사람 어떻게 생각해? R: 구려. M: 무지개 옷 입는 브라이언은 어떻게 생각해? R:❣️💕❤️💖💘💞💗💝구려♥️💝💘💘❤️💞❣️❣️ B: ....

wbk he treats her like a queen but also wow artem must be really putting on a performance in the b*droom for my sis to be acting like this in the streets.

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@bhopteacher Our district recently had @TheJillJackson train our admins. She has great resources available..

Happyyyyyyy Queen B!!!!!💄✨ @bonang_m Keep living your best life and accomplishing all those big dreams. To wealth, health and happiness 🍾🥂👑.

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A Queen in every sense of the word!Happy Birthday B* 👸🏽🖤 Lots of love & blessings on your special day! @bonang_m 🥳🥂💖🥰.

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