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Last week, Anton Mzimba, a ranger in South Africa, was killed..

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Almost a triple medal haul in the triple jump…So inspiring for our youngsters to see the ‘leaps’ being made in athletics. When I was in school we rarely had hopes of seeing Indians outperform in athletics. Milkha Singh was the lone ranger….


In this documentary, Rappler tells the story of Masungi Georeserve founder Ben Dumaliang, his daughter Billie, and Kukhan Maas, a park ranger who almost lost his life guarding the conservation area..

Dark Elven Forest Ranger in her cow costume - Last Origin. Certainly seems to fit the bill cow and fat yes, most importantly. Very Fat- *shøt* --------------- Daily Pic sketch/s from P*treon - April2022.

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Spiderlily (they/she) is a Horizon Walker ranger, now with a few levels as a rogue, played by @hollowcompass_ ..

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ya know making a group of like Sentai/power ranger villains who are like the CLASSIC ideal of them has shown me this shit inherently is kind of horny.

Hello mes amours comment allez vous ?! Je voulais savoir à quoi ressemblais votre coin kpop ?! Voici le miens ! 🥰 je déteste comment c’est ranger mais j’ai plus de place et j’ai encore pas mal d’album qui arrive.

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@XPKitten Yeah, like the original Green Ranger he started out fighting the other Rangers but turned good later. The Power Rangers YouTube channel has the whole season if you ever want to check it out.

nada poderia ter estragado mais o meu dia doq a furia fez hoje. nanica e canalha. impossível esquecer ainda estou remoendo. ranger cade o goot? ainda tá com ele no bolso?.

I have evolved from ranger panties, silkies, and hoochie shorts. We are in a new erra, with pockets! Non Binney Cargo Slut..

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60 MORE SECURITY PATROL VEHICLES FOR THE FEDERAL CAPITAL! #PositiveFactsNG To fortify the security cordon of the Federal Capital Territory, do you know that the Buhari administration has just recently approved the procurement of 60 Ford Ranger patrol vehicles for the territory?.

@fishbowl_ranger Esos xolos tienen toda la pinta de que van a ser el caballo negro del torneo..

😍 Ranger wants to say hello and maybe get a snoot boop too! #Greyhounds #Ranger.

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🎟🏕⚡️ - Live Right Now with Pink Power Ranger #cosplay!.

@rangerlol1 @CrazyDiamonddx me dá um aperto no coração ver jogadores do porte do ranger estarem próximos de se aposentar.😭😭😭.

@nikitheshrimper @CJPhillips1982 Oh! That’s alright then,…. Even Ranger lasted a couple of minutes longer!!.

@aLOSmeme Mano eu confio muito no terron eu acho q ano q vem nois vai ter um time foda pra mim RANGER e wos tem q continuar e super Cleber tem q subir.

@Singleterry @TomCottonAR You can tell from his general build he was never an Army Ranger..

@mangtmaur @Charlelixirs Nan nan c’est un gain de temps de fou quand c’est rangé comme ça (mais oui évidemment on fait ça pour ranger nos courses mdrrr).

@Ioschristian EU particularmente só mudaria o mid e o adc e a staff, vejo um potencial enorme no Tay, e o Wos estando em sinergia com os demais é um cara que pode ser essencial no time. O time ideal pra mim seria: Top- Tay Jg- Ranger Mid- Hauz ou Avenger Adc- NinjaKiwi ou Matsukaze Sup- Wos.

@riyevlol Comecei a assistir o cblol naquela line épica da kabum, vocês me marcaram, de lá pra cá sempre torci por você e pelo ranger, muito feliz por estarem juntos na mesma org mais uma vez. Ano que vem é nosso, vamo que vamo, sempre vou torcer por vocês <3!.

@Liviarsoaress levar diff do ranger até é entendível mas do tay é foda dhklsadhkdsah.

El Venezolano Ranger Suarez tiene la unica esperanza de Venezuela de ganar guante de oro este año. #mlb.

@sandwichsurplus Damnit, you’re not wrong. It does have a specific kind of definition to it. Ok, amendment, Shadow Ranger, yes, unmorphed Doggie, no..

@SurreyRoadCops We had a Ranger Rover theft near to our work. Looking at the security cameras we could see they’d got in started it then found the factory or dealer tracker and threw it away. So I guess doesn’t always work if the maker doesn’t hide it well..

Quiet Riot joins Queensryche, Stryper, Extreme, Night Ranger, Firehouse for a massive music festival, Aug 19-21, in Gatlinburg, TN will Fucking kick Ass 🎸🎸🎸.

@KiibouRanger It does, it gives the episode -- and arguably the whole season -- an extra sense of emotional weight and drama. Plus making Karone the new Pink Ranger made for a beautiful wrap-up to her own redemption arc that she went through during In Space..

@smugwave I just write the first letter of my name and one of the signs from Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs. I made this signature when I was 12. but having your name or just ur initials is the standard, people usually dont think much.

@RWNJ_ @TomCottonAR Didn’t have time to read it, he was busy sewing Ranger tabs on his suits..

@FranziaMom Saw them a few weeks ago with Alexalone, Stranger Ranger, and Horse Jumper of Love. Banger of a set. They put all of their gear in front of the stage and played in the crowd, insane stuff..

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