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📆 En el Día del Director Técnico, saludamos a todos los formadores, conductores y estrategas que trabajan cada día en River para hacerlo el Club Más Grande 🔝📜.

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El River de Gallardo en Copa Argentina jugó 27 partidos. Ganó 21, empató 5 Solo perdió 1 partido (vs Central 2015) Increíble registro..

교류회 신청함...일단 회지 미지참으로 하고 혹시 내게 되면 교류회 끝난 후에 유료로 판매할게용....

All plastic in this video came from a single river - the Rio Ozama - which will have an Interceptor installed in a few months from now. Hope this will soon be history!.

¡Córdoba se tiñó de rojo y blanco! ⚪❤️⚪ Los hinchas de River y una increíble fiesta para recibir al equipo. ¡Mirá! 👇🏼.

Traffic disturbance and road blockage reported from Lucky Chowrangi Hub River road due to the protest of JUI (F), while traffic going from Karachi City to Hub is diverted from Musharraf Cut to Northern Bypass continue..

NAP & NEXT BEST 🐴 🔶NAP 📍Clonmel 🏇🏻 Shattered Love 5/6 🔸NB 📍Clonmel 🏇🏻 Runasimi River 7/2 ♾ DOUBLE PAYS 7/1 👊🏻🖤.

reparem nesse minuto 2 e 11 uma coisa interessante a bola espirra la pra extrema esquerda tem um dobra de marcacao em casco por sinal por sinal muito bem compacta aii o detalhe na pequena area tem 2 zagueiros e 2 atacantes somente do river plate estao.

#MarceloGallardo El entrenador ganó 51 de las 62 series mano a mano que disputó con River. Repasá todos los datos:.

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Israel turn Gaza strip a river of if you dare raise voice you are prayers🙏🙏 for🇯🇴#GazaUnderAttack.

@the_river_jp ゲームのアンチャーテッド好きなので映画版も楽しみで仕方ないです!ゲームのサリーはもう少し老けてるような… トム・ホランドとマーク・ウォルヴァーグこの二人凄い好きなので楽しみですけど!😃💕.

『週刊 AMIDA』価格:770円 《AMIDAの関連記事満載》 イチオシ企画:嘘を見破れ…嘘発見器による強制捜査 マル秘情報:妄想疑惑発覚!? 袋とじ:初々しい入学式の写真 付録:小学校時代の作文 ご予約は お早めに... #shindanmaker.

BBC News - Reality Check: Are millions of trees being planted? ;Farmers in Somerset claim a lack of river dredging has worsened the impact of the flooding in the area..

Two men nabbed after breaking into tourists’ vehicles in Storms River #ArriveAlive #Crime @SAPoliceService.

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@djhthomason @justinmadders Possibly the only river in the country which you HAVE to pay to cross to get to work. Unless you have your own canoe!.


River y Estudiantes (BsAs) buscan llegar a la final de la Copa Argentina.

@WeegeeWuvver @KagaKusanagi I wish we had that in pokemon games had a contest river and contest battles that something different from gym like contest #bringbackpokemoncontest.

Leaders demand arrest of Fadi legislator over the incitement remarks following the Tana river border conflict. #DevelopingNews @LydiahOkeyo @KUTVKenya.

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@BlogdoJuca @BlogdoJuca tivemos muitos lances polêmicos, o Flamengo muito pilhado, Gerson batendo o jogo todo, Rafinha presão direto no árbitro, na final contra o River será diferente, o árbitro expulsa mesmo..

@AfonsocarlosR Agora um time que não ganhou nada ainda, se perder pro River e ainda acontecer um catástrofe no brasileiro (o que acho difícil mas não impossível) do que vai adiantar tudo que o time fez até agora?.

Little miss adventurous, thrill seeker & a daring person. This is who I I also went over the Capilano Suspension bridge 230 ft above the river in 2006..

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En el Día del Director Técnico, no queríamos deja pasar este sentido saludo para quienes nos hicieron aún más grandes de lo que somos. ¡Salud, y dale #River!.

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1. The hijacking of democracy by despots masquerading as democrats is worrisome. I never believe my eyes each time I read that Agba Jalingo is facing trial for conspiracy, terrorism, treasonable felony and attempt to topple the Cross River State government. #FreeAgbaJalingo.

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📆 En el Día del Director Técnico, saludamos a todos los formadores, conductores y estrategas que trabajan cada día en River para hacerlo el Club Más Grande 🔝📜.

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