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More Ukrainian gains northeast of Kharkiv. The Russian border is close. I think Russians have decided to give up on this area west of the Siverskiy Donets River. Not enough manpower, I suppose..

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⚡️Railway traffic resumes on rebuilt Irpin bridge. The bridge was rebuilt over the course of one month after Irpin was liberated. It was destroyed in March when Russian forces tried to cross the Irpin River in the direction of Kyiv, during the battle of Kyiv..

Russia has destroyed a church in Sviatohirsk Cave Monastery in Donetsk Oblast. The first mention of this monastery dates back to 1526. When I was a child, my family used to came to this place. The monastery dominates landscape with winding river, chalky mountains, pine forest..

Bolivian river dolphins were photographed with an anaconda in their mouths in August 2021. The aroused males could have been having a sexual romp with each other before the snake became entangled..

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Ugandan politician @HEBobiwine told me that hotels are ordered not to give him a room by Museveni’s regime when he is traveling around the country It happened again this week, he had to go and freshen up at a river because a hotel room he had paid for was withdrawn by the regime.

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Majidur Rehman pretended to be a Hindu man, Pintu Sarkar, to seduce a Hindu girl, Jaba Roy. They had an affair, she became pregnant and wanted a marriage. Rehman r@ped and murdered her and threw her body in the river. Just another beautiful ‘inter-faith’ love story!.

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The whole Severodonetsk area will be cut off in the coming days because AFU destroyed their own bridges and RF is moving along the I will show a map later..

The Pine of Success and Oumayagashi on the Asakusa River, from One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1856-1859 #ukiyoe.

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I didn’t realise that once-good @MakeArchitects’ upsettingly crap, unwaveringly offensive SouthBank “Slab” has been approved. This dross, foisted upon us by greedy developers, is what happens when mantra-chanting Central Gov idiots erode Planning authority.

Que entre Zavala o joan Cruz, Costa me tiene chata desde el partido con River #VamosColoColo.

미래의 경제 주체 아니냐고 노키즈존 사장들은 남은 수명이 20년 내외냐고.

@river_korea21 시밬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 지독한 침묵.

Left fortnite Duo組んで初日ですが解散します! @River_o777 貴重な体験をありがとうございました!.

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#UnDiaComoHoy 1999. Media vuelta de Martín y gol Gran triunfo ante River por 2 a 1 con un jugador menos durante gran parte del partido más las lesiones del Pato y Chicho. Paso fundamental hacia el bicampeonato de la mano de Carlos Bianchi..

Can’t wait until the Yankees play Toms River a few weeks from now. Heard that kid Todd Frazier is a beast..

Sections of building number 654; river cruiser for Teamco, at the main construction hall at VAHALI ZASAVICA 🇷🇸.

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River empató en Brasil y practicamente abrochó su pase a octavos de la Libertadores a través de @Info San Pedro.

Saw her in dream last night. Eyes were red and lighted though. Waiting with a lantern in her hand on the other side of a jungle river….

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@CLAUDIOT41 Fortaleza 1 x 1 River, nada q ver con el equipo de la semana pasada. El rival también da otra motivación profe y en el caso de Alianza, la gente levanta también al equipo. A puertas cerradas, nos meten como partido de tenis. Saludos..

@gotthegistofit Craven Cottage @FulhamFC is a nice one, down on the river. Nice walk through the park on the way to the ground & they do a great chicken balti pie! 🥧 Also thought Lille stadium was a cool one when I went for the Euros ⬇️😀 Handy the Eurostar goes there too 🚆👍.

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Ya estamos listos para la #GW268 de #Sorare Le he dado muchas vueltas por las rotaciones de River y al final saco unas combinaciones muy random, a ver cómo salen 😂 🤝 Hedges, Salvio e Izquierdoz se han incorporado a la plantilla en las últimas horas..

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ツーベースかと思ったらホントめちゃくちゃ伸びたわ。 やっぱこの3番やべぇ.

Fortaleza exibe mosaicos contra racismo em jogo com River no Castelão.

La jodita esta del VAR y river tiene el tema ese que complica en este caso a Platense con el promedio por ejemplo. Se esta desnaturalizando no solo un partido..

Un partido que no se jugaba por nada, domingo 21 horas y Monumental lleno. Solamente en River..

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Imaginate ir a la cancha a ver a tu equipo, meter un gol de mitad de cancha y retirarte con ovación de “gordoo, gordooo” de la gente. Todo eso pasó hoy en la cancha de River. Nunca más se lo olvida 🥰🥰..

✅ CUARTOS DE FINAL CONFIRMADOS Racing Club 🆚 Aldosivi Boca Juniors 🆚 Defensa Estudiantes 🆚 AAAJ River Plate 🆚 Tigre #CopaDeLaLiga 🇦🇷.

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Volviendo al Fútbol. Voy a decir un pensamiento mío ante la gran posibilidad de una final superclásica. Primero, para mí ninguno de los 2 llega por lo tanto no va a haber. Ahora, en caso de que haya una final entre Boca y River. Para mí la ganaría Boca por penales. 0-0 y penales.

This is my I spent my Just look at its crystal clear water. It is the mother of many more ancient Rivers directly or indirectly as it flows ahead. Both sides of it are dotted with so many archaeological sites and remains..

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Very interesting trail camera footage of a Mallard with River Lampreys - and a Cormorant and a Heron trying to steal its prey. The Mallard had two different lampreys. Current footage from the Lower River Shannon SAC..

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