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The Dow plunged yesterday, big time. Wow, I guess #Trump really is running this country exactly the way he ran his businesses!.

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@onceinablueyoon Imagine a mini namjoon running around though 😭 im crying, they will be so cute.

@bokosuba ...yeah. I don’t like the ways she’s looking at me from atop the stairs. Neither do I like the fact that she isn’t running away..

Sian has the best moves haha will come in handy when our bands up and running 😉 #carsharewatchalong.

@stevef1044 Shouldn’t they be getting fined for they’re own fans running on the pitch & injuring their own keeper? It’s only fair 🤷🏼‍♀️.

هذه التغريده من الاستاذ سعيد الكلباني.. يؤيد هذه المرشحة للبيت الأبيض وانا اضم صوتي لصوته.. المرشحه القادمه 2020 للرئاسه الامريكيه من أصول هنديه 👆 *American Hindu lady Tulsi in running for US presidency 2020*.

i find myself running on autopilot at times and living in my mind without realization of what’s going on in the real world.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never went to any university but when they come to Kenya, you will see professors running to just shake their hands and ask for some little help from them - Uhuru tells parents to allow their children to pursue their passion in life.

The Dow plunged yesterday, big time. Wow, I guess #Trump really is running this country exactly the way he ran his businesses!.

As many single women there are in the world, I stay running into ppl in relationships or married.

@TomJChicago I read this thread last night and woke up this morning with fear running through my veins bc we have a prez who is incapable of complex or rational thought as CIC while NK is firing missiles and RU is doing god knows what and all he does is swoon when they call him..

@LyfeUrbanzulu @boxingscene of course not! AJ got knocked out thats why he is running away from if he beat andy he would never go to SHITTY ARABIA.

@rosesinrehab Bitch you waited a whole day to tweet back you’re the weakest bitch and your mother should’ve swallowed you, you couldn’t square up to save your life so quit running your mouth online go pick up your crack pipe and bother someone else you greasy miserable troll.

@CelticNation67 Hello my ( Jesus, the son of God here )..I pray for your team, but unfortunately, the apostles running your club , 2 faced,greedy fat 🙏🍀.

Getting pampered after a long day of running da streets n dodging the opps >>>.

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I was running errands and saw that someone was in a wheelchair, which is fine but the brand of the wheelchair karma. Personally I feel like their are better names.

@SW_Help just wondering if the direct trains from *Warminster to *London Waterloo on Sunday the 18th will be running as normal? Cheers..

@antistasia12 Anti quickly gets out of the shower and slips on his jeans before running to the door and answering it..

@KellyOB I’ve been running my site for 12 years. I stopped hoping things “would eventually happen” 2 or 3 years ago. It was too exhausting and too disappointing..

@bobpockrass Why would @mattdracing leave a team that he is running 23rd in point with for a team struggling to make top 30?.

¿Buscas plan para el finde? Reebok Classic Nylon Zapatilla de Running Hombre por 41,83 - EUR 89,95€.

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My private story on snapchat is a pure running commentry of me and Morgan being locked in my bedroom for the past 40 minutes cause we didn’t wanna let my nippy wee cousins in😂😂😂.

In 1988, George McGovern opened the Stratford Inn in Connecticut. The experience changed the way he viewed market regulation..

Before you send street kids back, find out why they ran away in the first place. Some are running away from forced marriages and violence. Let’s protect these children, not send them back to the lions mouth..

This is not surprising. The homophobia runs deep in the Cuomo family. When #FredoCuomo’s father was running against Ed Koch for mayor he plastered the city with flyers saying “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo.”.

BTS’s Vacation Just Started But “Rapper V” Is Already Running Wild.

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