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Sasha fans really love to emulate their hero—now they’re all crying too. #TheManCameAround.

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Sasha fans really love to emulate their hero—now they’re all crying too. #TheManCameAround.

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THEY SNAPPED! As we all knew they would. Sasha came back to give us more classics like that. We love to see it! I loved MY main event! 💖.

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I get the feeling everyone liked Becky/Sasha way more than I did. Out of 10 I’d give it a 7. The finish to the match was creative but it definitely felt like they were holding back to me which is scary given that it was still pretty good. Sasha looked great as far as in ring tho.

@alItooweIls DO NOT get me started on Sasha 🖐🏼 TWO wins and they were SHARED..

@JDfromNY206 you gotta check out sasha banks that shit brought a tear to my eye.

I wish the match was a little longer. Sasha throwing in that casual dig I LOVE IT.

Filme de suspense com o Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat). Acho que vai ser difícil olhar para ele e não querer.

i love sasha so much and some people on this app don’t realize what they do to people who devote their lives for us. sasha was broken. i know that she’s not the only wrestler who’s felt this way. this applies to all wrestling fans. you’re allowed to have fun. but there are.

@FoxyThots I believe she has a 365 luv. Respect Sasha, regardless of your thoughts on her. Mercedes is a human too.

those of y’all who bullied sasha and was on her neck about the paige incident for months literally MONTHS!!! ain’t shit fr.

The fact that she didn’t even want to be at Wrestlemania is crazy, y’all really bullied Sasha into almost quitting. I hate you bitches so much..

Y’all hoes really came for Sasha over that Paige situation like it was really intentional! Fuck y’all for real! Don’t ever come for my bitch Sasha! Period!.

Sasha internalizes everything and doesn’t show shit. The comments were so nasty for months after and she still gets it and she never once shut down her IG comments and you know she reads them. #WWEChronicle.

Mandy quickly gets to her feet and sets Sasha up for the Bed of Roses. As she starts lifting her, Sasha struggles mid-air and is able to break free and land on her feet. Sasha backs Mandy into the corner with a flurry of elbow strikes to the face! @An_styled @AlexaBIess.

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The only time Sasha has talked about the Paige stuff right? It must have wrecked her and she never told anyone. The guilt. Little things add up over time. #WWEChronicle.

@Sasha_C_FF14 다정한 눈빛으로 에이든을 바라보다가도 10초 남으면 칼같이 뒤돌고 교점각 재는 키리....

You just can see how hard it was for Sasha to walk away from wrestling #WWEChronicle 😭.

when the Sasha chronicle reveals Charlotte and Sasha became best friends during her 4 month break 🥺.

@gabri72ferr Também tem isso, em talento individual Flamengo sobrou! Mas o Sasha não podia errar um passe daquele, apesar do mérito do ER. Gabigol acertou um belo chute tbm, mas o Everson não precisava estar tão adiantado!.

Não sei oq me deixou mais Puta nesse jogo .a arbitragem .a narração desprezando o Santos a cada segundo .O sasha .O Jorge .O everson TOMA NO CU.

Ta ai o erro que eu comentava. Sasha teve uma participação no gol do Fla..

@Imshaybtw_ @jasmineshunae Girl I don’t Know I mean It’s so Much pressure on me too ! Like I had Only 4 people agreed with me being pregnant and them was some girls at Susla , But Far as a Doctor , Nah ! & I hate it , Because my husband have me smoking black and miles and I’m scared for my baby.

Responde aqui rapidinho, é pro meu TCC. 😅 No duelo de artilheiros, quem vai guardar hoje no Maraca? Gabigol - RT Sasha - Curtir 📷 BP Filmes #PremierePlay #NossoFutebol.

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BREAKING: Sasha Djordjevic steps down from Serbian national team #FIBAWC | Eurohoops.

Really emotional and grateful visiting my high school—Uni High! Love you!!! 💖.

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