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Hey @ hear you like comedies with built-in fan bases that do even better on YOUR network than at their previous #saveODAAT.

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🎙️ LVELC (18/02/2019) Manu Ramos A Pie De Calle. España En Horas Bajas. ¿Cuándo Convocará Votaciones Pedro Sánchez? 🗣️ M1L Comisión de la ONU #HuescaAlavés #SaveODAAT Claudia Ortíz.

앗시 너무 좋아 사랑해 8262번 저장했어 #SaveOdaat.

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@jetaimex2_68 따흐흑... #saveODAAT 이고요... 저는 브루클린99, 팍앤레, 미란다, 써티락, 프렌즈 이런 거 자주 봐요.

#SaveODAAT Because it is absolutely funny. I feel like I am watching my life; single Latina mom, 2 kids, nurse, a student and with goofy Canadian boyfriend. My father was in the military so there are stories we can relate to. I love that they bring daily life issues to light..

@OneDayAtATime taught me so many valuable lesson, I still can’t process the fact why @netflix would cancel this amazing show 😫💔🇨🇺#SaveODAAT.

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@NetflixBrasil vou chorar, odaat é uma das melhores séries da vida. #SaveODAAT.

the only thing i have to say is : the oNLY thing thats called is netflix #SaveODAAT.

Netflix: Renew One Day At A Time for season 4! - ¡Firma la petición! vía @change_es #saveODAAT #SaveOneDayAtATime.

@netflix To do list: Cancel Netflix subscription now. Who is with me? #SaveODAAT..

Unacceptable. I’m not happy with Netflix right now. I was looking forward to the next season and now what?? No more ODAAT? 😠😡 #SaveODAAT.

Jane the Virgin is ending this year. #ODAAT is cancelled. Where am I going to get my Latinx fix??! #SaveODAAT.

@nbc you are literally home to two of my fav shows pls rehome my third I will love u forever #SaveODAAT.

So 13 reasons why will probably go on for a few more seasons whilst being insensitive about tough topics but Netflix’s best show that handles hard topics with such care and respect gets camcelled. You fucking suck @netflix #SAVEODAAT.

me: :( @OneDayAtATime: * 🇨🇺 * 💃 * 👩‍❤️‍👩. * .🏅 * . 🌈* . * . . 😭* . 👩‍❤️‍👩 👸 * .📚 * .. ☕ *. *. * 🙏 . * * 🍽 . *. 💪 * . 👔 . 🍳 * . * . 🚴 me: :) #saveODAAT.

퀴어로 태어나서 한국 가정에서 절대로 할 생각 없는 커밍아웃을 원데이 앳어타임을 통해 위안을 얻고 용기를 얻었음. 퀴어문제뿐만이 아니라 이민자,페미니즘,중독,우울증,불안증에 대해 이야기 라는 원데이앳어타임에 대해 소중함을 느낀다고 넷플 놈들아 #SaveODAAT @netflix.

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 8 And with that I end my rant commenting that netflix’s apology better mean a new awesome bloody show that tackles all the stuff ODAAT or that it gives it the amazing closure it bloody deserves. - thank you Gloria for the amazing show.

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 7 feminism and even climate change. The lost of ODAAT shows the lack of interest and push to get these social issues heard and onto a major platform, and it really shows netflix’s lack of commitment to these issues..

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 6 The lost of this show isn’t just a loss to the latinx community - it’s a lost to the minority community of the world. It’s a lost to all that we do to try and educate the masses, about racism, about minorities, about mental health, feminism.

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 5 We got it in a bloody amazing show that is One Day at A Time - a show that not only oozes representation, but educates us on social awareness topics, we fail in supporting it..

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 4 we need something in mainstream media that talked about this. To educate the masses through simplicity, through little anecdotes, through little ’ve always said as a society that we needed representation - and we got it..

@everythingloria @netflix #SaveODAAT 3: I want to say that especially in the wake of the tragedies that happened this week, and the climate change strike that happened previously this week, that we need something in mainstream media that talked about this..

We are going to save this show no matter what 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #saveODAAT.

@seewhatsnext @netflix So yes to Cocaine Island, but no to One Day At A Time? Sure, that makes sense. #SaveODAAT.

Good morning networks. I’ve met with you in the past & you’ve said “If only we had @OneDayAtATime” Good we can be yours! We can easily do a reset so that those not familiar with the show will get all the info they need. Call Sony. The fight continues. #saveodaat 👍🏽.

Hey @ hear you like comedies with built-in fan bases that do even better on YOUR network than at their previous #saveODAAT.

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