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#SDLive who needs a Belt when you have Mandy Rose in Your life. Otis and Mandy Rock!!!

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Missy Horror ()

Not even 5 minutes in and their mentioning Becky Lynch’s pregnancy 🤰🏼 cringe. Jokes are jokes but come on #SDLive

Leland Begay ()

Who will it be turning Bayley? Or Sasha! Who wants the legacy? Who will turn onto Who? WWE SmackDown! #SDLive

Craig Ellis ()

When is the last time wwe went a full episode of raw and smackdown without someone winning by a fucking roll up #SDLive #wweraw

Fernando Chavez ()

Why is rene young doing as a interviewer again on smackdown?? Is she just filling in???#SDLive

Bliss knight ()

@IAmManuC I hope lexi still tag team champion and drafted to the raw because SDLIVE not give her a good role like monday night raw lexi every week in raw had a great matches when she was on raw

Damo Lenehan ()

@WWEonFOX So u have @WWECesaro actually on SDLive but u get a Raw superstar to be in the tournament? How shit house is that

Joe Fielding ()

#SDLive who needs a Belt when you have Mandy Rose in Your life. Otis and Mandy Rock!!!

A-dog ()

Damn @otiswwe and @BraunStrowman are one killer team for sure they need to team up more 🙂 #SDLive


Bruh, we all gonna act like Michael Cole wasnt a Mizsexual back in the day? It woulda been cooler if he was always a Mizsexual #SDLive

The Forever Lost ()

I loved that Sonya almost got Dolph to crack like 3 had to keep squeezing his eyes and looking up to stop from laughing #SDLive

Isacc 🐢 ()

That double caterpillar got my dead 😂😂💀💀 @otiswwe @BraunStrowman #SmackDown #SDLive

Straight Outta [email protected]€#$ To Give ()

@NaomiWWE Time to snap on em, Queen. Show these overrated blondes who REALLY runs SDLive.

Dominic Zuehl ()

#SDLive They talk about how it was so shocking that @otiswwe won but I think everyone forgot about this

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☚ Celso Lafer #bemamigos ☛
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