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1) Everyone who has ever watched SEINFELD needs to watch this. 2) The creative process never ceases to fascinate me.

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I will personally curbstomp mike bloomberg ()

me and my dad watched 2 episodes of seinfeld and it turned into a 12:30am shouting match over having the end of ur sheets tucked or untucked (POLL BELOW)

Kazuhiko Igarashi ()

蚊から発見された新ウイルス、ヤダヤダウイルスと命名されたそうです。このYada Yada、使い方からすると、日本のおばさんたちが使うヤダヤダ、に由来するのではないでしょうか。 Yada yada … scientists name new virus after <em>Seinfeld</em> catch phrase

Cru Jones ()

@unfunzine Seinfeld kinda annoying but I’m def George. You definitely Newman but irl we boyfriends not beefing

Cru Jones ()

Damn is Elaine from Seinfeld forever typecasted as the asshole “lemme speak to the manager” ass bitch. She sucks in everything she’s in. She practically ruined a Will Ferrell movie. Downhill kinda sucked. This is a movie review. (Don’t bother seeing this. Go see Sonic instead)

Gio ()

I still can’t believe I had a quick conversation with Jerry Seinfeld and didn’t recognize the man until after

Aunt Cunt ()

@JohnNicenonya I’ve never seen Seinfeld before but in the last week I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE. I just not long started watching curb your enthusiasm so I’d maybe actually like Seinfeld but I’m not always good with american humour

Pointman Ashina, Way of Tomoe ()

I remember really hating the ending of Seinfeld back in the day but in all honesty, all of them going to jail makes more and more sense the older I get, lol.

Flyest highest coolest smoothest, in the room ()

Seinfeld: s3e17 Elaine is crazy as hell. Ol girl with George should’ve done her job better. Jerry just rolls with life. And Kramer was lucky asf. 🔥

Mangy Jay ()

@agraybee I want the person behind this account to sit down and reflect upon what Jerry Seinfeld would think of their tweets.

Phillip Leeds ()

@MColvinMcKenzie One of the few funny episodes of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner having dinner together.

Katie ahn ()

I want to quit work and school and boogie to sacha and dj seinfeld and adopt a cat then splurge on clothes and love on Luna then sleep forever

The Age ()

A longtime Seinfeld fan claims actor Jason Alexander called her a sad, pathetic woman during a recent Q&A session celebrating the 30th anniversary of the American sitcom.

[How is this site still free?] ()

@Actually_Tina To further this point: Just see teens reacting to Seinfeld.

Sowmz🌈 ()

Cannot stop thinking about how on The Daily Show they ran a bit about how Trump really just wants to be a beloved stand-up comic bc every time you hear him speak at a public event this is EXACTLY the vibe. He wants to be Seinfeld so bad

Bea ()

ai prime por que foi tirar seinfeld e daí que eu não tava assistindo eu queria ter opção

Kathy 🐝 ()

TV shows that will KNOCK YOU OUT Full house Friends Seinfeld Thx for coming to my TED talk

Jessica Hunter ()

@mooncult this tweet makes me think of Seinfeld, but with Epstein and Maxwell as Seinfeld/Elaine respectively

Marissa Bailey ()

Chopper over Lincoln Park. Circling. No spotlight. Going on 15 minutes now. Anyone else hear it? Just had to turn up the volume on Seinfeld.

Uneasy Civilian ()

@heckyessica @caroljsroth Lizzie & Bernie sit around complaining about too many brands of dog food. It’s like two people reading rejected Seinfeld material.

Babak ()

جری ساینفلد گفته بود که Seinfeld راجع به آدم‌ها و روابطی‌ه که نباید باهم باشند و ادامه پیدا کنند و هجو ماجرا همین‌جاست. خبر نداشت که هجو اصلی اونجایی‌ه که مردم تحصیل‌کرده و نسبتن باهوش(!!!) یه کشور هشتاد میلیونی ساینفلد و سیت‌کام‌های مشابه‌ش رو الگوی زندگی و روابط‌شون کرده‌ند! 😂

P Swanton ()

#Phish live from Mexico *and* the Marisa Tomei episode of #Seinfeld? We are just unimaginably blessed.

Marian!! ()

@NetflixLAT Que vuelva how I met your mother!!! Y me sumo a q suban supernatural y agreguen seinfeld!! Uuh y Psych!! Ah y ya podrían subir la última temporada de dicho.

Mary ()

[email protected] is watching the episode of Voyager with George off of Seinfeld and I’m going to have to leave the room because I can’t stop laughing at all the ridiculous aliens and THE WHALE ON THE STARBOARD BOW. This is quite a contrast to the episode of #Picard that we just finished.

Francisco 🍥 ()

@NetflixLAT X Files. Seinfeld. Millennium (la serie, no las películas). La última temporada de The 100.

Neku, Host of the Nightmare 🇩🇰 🌽💀 ()

*seinfeld voice* what’s the deal w Rick and morty? What’s the deal w pickle rick?

YorTorres ()

@cubs1876 @NetflixLAT Seinfeld ya está para Netflix desde el año que Sumaría un par de series Lazos Familiares, Ned & Stacy, Mad About You, Cheers, Fraser, 3rd Rock from the

Jason Kapusta ()

@soberboots I’m pretty sure Seinfeld said it best we he said that wearing sweatpants is a sign you’ve given up on life. Stick to the dri-fits.

Ignatius Farray ()

Me he puesto en el móvil, como tono de llamada entrante, la sintonía de SEINFELD. Y ahora juego a que cada llamada que me llegue, sea la que sea, tengo que tomármela como si fuera la trama de una sitcom.

Full Dissident ()

One of the great sitcom traditions- emphasized most prominently by Seinfeld- is walking into the apartment without knocking. Was Good Times the first to introduce it? If not, certainly one of them. You just didn’t enter Archie Bunker’s house without using the

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ()

1) Everyone who has ever watched SEINFELD needs to watch this. 2) The creative process never ceases to fascinate me.

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