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Updated: September 18th, 2021 08:42 AM IST

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SENTINELS STRAT BOOK VS. F4Q 1. Knife fight mid 2. Triple ferrari OP-peek 3. Odin buy every gun round go brrrrrrr

Sentinels Twitter

@ItsMattam @Sentinels Ses juste pas le jour de senti pis aussi sont venue trop confiant sa a jouer sa aussi


Aaaaaaaaaaaah sentinels lost man I’m not disappointed I’m just sad. But I think if they go home early then they can practice early 🤨

con las derrotas de Sentinels en esta Masters (y las que tuvo en NA), podemos decir que ahorita no hay ningún equipo superior a otro y que cualquiera de los Tier 1 le puede ganar a otro?

sentinels obviously saving strats for why would they show strats so early on in this masters which is just a qualifier for champions? prepare urselves for december

parehas kayong maganda yung performance ;-; nt sentinels, lets go 100t!!!!!!!!!!!

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@KRUesports @Sentinels Claramente son artilugios de Sentinels para no enfrentarse con Kru!

@hallVFX @JaycuffAU Well, if envy plays as well as they did against sentinels today, it’s going to be a really close match

@TenZOfficial @Sentinels Sentinels lost to sentinels today. U have tried raze on icebox and split and u know for u and the team teyna>raze but u still picked raze. So u kinda outplayed yourself.

Sentinels負けたんか 眠たすぎて4試合目だけ見なかったけどEnvy強いな 今日からは試合数少ないから全部見よう。0時からやけど...

@Surefour @Sentinels Master is just to have a spot of champions we know they will bounce back. Bit master was fun to watch

VALORANT: Team Envy corta prematuramente la era de Sentinels en el Masters de Berlín

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@arnau_cc Veo que estamos en las mismas, aunque yo estoy yendo a por fans de sentinels ajsjjsjsjs

@Dexter000111 @Sentinels gambit aint winning this shit with how they performing sadly look at g2 lol

@sinatraa I’m a fan of u bur some u been dropped why do U still rep sentinels? Can’t u go solo and look for a team?

God damn everyone shitting on Sentinels for losing when they’re expected to win - I wonder what that feels


@6Sukii @Sentinels He should have been playing against evny prob would have won and match mvp

VCT全部見たかったけど、異常に眠たかったから途中で寝たら1番応援してたsentinelsが負けてて悲しい( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄꒳ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ ) ベスト8敗退かぁ( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄꒳ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )

寝落ちしてしまった。envyがsentinelsに2-0で勝ったんだ!前回圧倒的な優勝だったのに、、、 #VCT


@Gingeer15 @KhariDoodles I said one of the only I also know that friend,crawler,the sentinels and hell even alfis also have mouths Interesting thing to note is that the characters with proper mouths are seemingly usually insolence members Also interesting

I bought a @Sentinels jersey and they started losing. Everyone, this is on me. I cursed the team.

@Arcok1ng Yo quería que G2 o Sentinels quede campeon, pero ahora con sentinels eliminado solo me queda G2 :(

@dapr @Sentinels Donde esta el libro maraca qliao Ctmr payaso hdp anda a reirte a otra parte kloo malo

I predicted a Vision Strikers/Sentinels grand finals and both teams get eliminated in the quarterfinals.

@k4iful @Sentinels sad but sometimes losses are good let’s just hope they bounce back stronger :(

nddmi sentinels, liquid nda lolos, fnatic nda lolos, apami mo didukung? paper rex? f0rsaken solo. sa tandai mmg envy sama g2 anjg krg dua

@yayFPS @Sentinels when the door of the underworld was opened for this devil to come out, great match and well deserved GG!

SENTINELS STRAT BOOK VS. F4Q 1. Knife fight mid 2. Triple ferrari OP-peek 3. Odin buy every gun round go brrrrrrr

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