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Stat of the day: Since 1940, NFL teams scoring 37+ points at home with 0 turnovers were 386-0. The Steelers lost doing that today.

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Ryan brothers leave Steelers with immediate effect:.

Ryan brothers leave Steelers with immediate effect: Foto

Tony Dungy: The defensive side of the ball - missed tackle after missed tackle, blown coverages, guys running wide open, no discipline on defense. Mike Tomlin needs to get that fixed. #Steelers.

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@Steel_Curtain4 Someone posted a photo of Brady yesterday going off on the sideline saying how it’s “passion” & “leadership” but when AB did it they said he’s a diva? I rather see AB fired up like that & go out there on the field on a mission. Hoping this team has a huge MNF game. #Steelers.

Bro fitzmagic gonna beat the steelers and going for 450 yards and 5 touchdowns. IM CALLING IT RN.

The Steelers did NOT lose because of Le’Veon Bell. The Steelers did not lose because of Antonio Brown being upset on the sideline. The Steelers have drama just like other teams in the NFL but it’s cooler to attach an ongoing story line to it. #Steelers.

Dear sports media, The #Steelers lost because our defense played pathetic yesterday. The Steelers lost csuse year 4 of the Keith Butler era shows he struggled with the same things that bothered him in year 1. They lost because the coaches didnt coach. They expected Ben to win it.

@steelers Mr. Rooney,Tomlin will not lead us to a Superbowl, our GM has no clue on drafting talent that can tackle & play in nfl(dupree,burns) there is no discipline amongst the players ala whiner Antonio Brown. U are losing control of your Football team & fans(empty seats).

@Steelers_1991 It will feel like you have never been away once you have been there for a couple of hours..

I don’t know who was worse Steelers defence against Chiefs or Giants o-line against Cowboys💃🏽.

Ben will have around 30 TD passes and around 15 INT when the season is over. Brown is a diva but so is every elite WR. Steelers still win a bad division..

The Steelers are my Club! They are in my blood. Watched my first game in 1992 when I was 7 years old. I have watched through the good times and the bad. The club off Ice is the best its ever been! But my opinions are not valid? I know we will get better! But at what cost??.

@iDrinkYouDrive_ I’m dying a little inside cause I have $300 on the line that the Steelers would have a better record than the kill me now 😂😂.

@ivorypistol22 @steelers Im watching season 2 of #LastChanceU, and their defense reminds me of this steelers team, there offense makes them still win.

Stat of the day: Since 1940, NFL teams scoring 37+ points at home with 0 turnovers were 386-0. The Steelers lost doing that today..

In the Chiefs-Steelers game today, Ben Roethlisberger (51,852) passed John Elway for 7th on the NFL’s all-time passing yardage list and Patrick Mahomes set a record for the most TD passes (10) in the first two games of a season. Peyton Manning was the last QB to have 9, in 2013..

@Nicky_Newt22 @ericvdunn True, he would have wish you would have bet on the Steelers..

Sometimes I wish I didn’t even like football because watching the Steelers lose sucks..

Don’t forget, Steelers faced 6 backup QBs last yr on way to 13-3 record. Helped hide some defensive woes. Furthermore, 13 of their last 19 games have come down to final possession. Isn’t there enough talent here to avoid having nearly 70% of your games come down to the wire?.

The #Steelers never got the ball back in the 42-37 loss, writes @tribjoerutter #KCvsPIT.

Patriots and Steelers losing today makes the loss on Thursday a little bit more forgettable..

And another. This is why people hate the Steelers. They lost and an ESPN account tweets twice about them instead of the team that, you know, won..

FINAL: Chiefs 42, Steelers 37. The Chiefs are 2-0 with 2 road victories. Patrick Mahomes threw 6 touchdowns. The Chiefs have finally won at Heinz Field..

The #Steelers should get their own Bud Light you only get to open it after the defense gets a stop.

Patrick Mahomes against the Steelers 23/28 326 passing yards 6 passing TDs passer rating.

#Steelers vs. #Chiefs Final Score: Patrick Mahomes shreds Pittsburgh defense for 42-37 victory.

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