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This is the flagrant foul that led to Steve Kerr spiking his clipboard and getting tossed..

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Steve Kerr não concorda com falta de Draymond Green, reclama com árbitro e sai carregado por Durant em derrota dos Warriors 👉 #NBAnaESPN.

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I still love Steve Kerr unconditionally. #HappyValentinesDay, boss. 🏀.

@DubNationFr Les joueurs jil ont honte on dirait que leur père c’est steve Kerr comme quand c’est ton père dans Les tribunes qui crie sur l’arbitre.

Trail Blazers 129, Warriors 107: Steve Kerr gets tossed and slams a clipboard -Did Draymond get a reputation call for his Flagrant 1? -What got Klay so mad? -Warriors were shorthanded before the All-Star break.

Quel comédien Steve Kerr. Des grandes tirades dignes des plus grandes pièces de théâtres. Allez dégage.

Steve Kerr ejected from Golden State Warriors game after tirade.

Steve Kerr got ejected for furiously defending Draymond Green after a flagrant foul call..

I love Steve Kerr. He’s so good because he CARES so much about his players he’ll do anything for them. If that means pushing the envelope then so be it, he has their backs and that is worth it’s weight in gold..

@jaredcarrasco I really do love Steve Kerr tho. He’s a cool coach and a stand-up guy..

Steve Kerr Snapped After A Questionable Flagrant Call On Draymond Green.

Steve Kerr really on some shit, like let me take only player who can shoot 3’s so @BigDaddyThien bitch ass can cheat.

After throwing a tantrum and getting out coached in the 4th quarter ... political activist Steve Kerr is tweeting about taking your right to bear arms because all gun owners are mass murderers.

Steve Kerr Mr Front Rummer with the best players like his mentor Phil Jackson had a hissy fit calling white bullshit.

Steve Kerr one of the best coaches I’ve seen of all time he don’t hold back no feelings.

Steve Kerr irate after flagrant foul, ejected late in loss to Trail Blazers – Yahoo Sports.

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Steve Kerr just mad cuz now he gotta act like a coach 😂.

Lmfao Steve Kerr 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao Steve Kerr 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao Steve Kerr 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao Steve Kerr 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmfao Steve Kerr 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

These refs ruined the [email protected] and the game of Basketball. Steve Kerr couldn’t hold it anymore. Blazers fans thinking they won the NBA Finals. That’s why the NBA has its own medicine 4 years ago. This game is all technical now..

@SportsCenter *jokic has an amazing game and hits game winner, shows why he’s an mvp candidate* SC: lol steve kerr mad.

What the hell goes through Steve Kerr’s head? I’m convinced he’s been winging it these past couple of years..

In that final 4 - Blazers outscore Warriors 19-4 - Green Flagrant & Technical Foul - Steve Kerr ejected - Blazers get 8 pts w/ one possession - Curry & Durant Scoreless (Both scoreless in entire 4th Quarter) - Blazers seal 1st win when trail after 3 Qs #RipCity.

Hard foul? Definitely. Flagrant foul? Heck no! Now I don’t like Draymond or the Warriors at all but that’s ridiculous. Steve Kerr had every right to be that mad.

: Steve Kerr goes irate at the referees.

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Great advertisement for whoever made the clipboard that Steve Kerr spikes here. Absorbed the contact and didn’t break. Durability confirmed..

This is the flagrant foul that led to Steve Kerr spiking his clipboard and getting tossed..

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