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We are getting… • Obi-Wan Kenobi • Stranger Things 4 • Ms. Marvel • The Boys Season 3 • Jurassic World Dominion • Thor Love and Thunder All within the next couple of weeks. It’s a good time to be alive.🤌🍿.

who better to get us ready for ST4 than the cast of Stranger Things?.

this time next week, you *better be* watching Stranger Things 4.


THIS WEEK WE’RE BEING BLESSED!🍿 Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Top Gun Maverick Obi-Wan Kenobi Stranger Things.

“Waaaaaaa ça date Stranger Things je me souviens de rien” On a pris notre temps pour vous faire la meilleure S4 possible, du coup voici un joli récap de la S3 !.

o tom holland foi no mesmo cabeleireiro que o povo de stranger things.


#StrangerThings4 Vol. 1 - episodes 1-7 #StrangerThings4 Vol. 2 - episodes 8-9 Vol. 2 episodes are the length of feature films.

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fim dos tempos um episodio da nova temporada de stranger things vai ter 2h30 de duraçao o que eh isso um filme? nem game of thrones foi tão cruel.

Is Stranger Things having 9 hour and half episodes a thing where by having a small episode count, they can skimp out on paying actors and crew?.

Stranger Things season 4 is formulaic but sensational – review.

guys so i wont spoil anything but I went to the stranger things experience and there was so much elmax omfg.

sadie sink watching fans make non vegan stranger things pizza.

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since y’all wanna be assholes to paul rudd ELEVEN DIES IN STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4.

stranger things hasn’t been actually good for 2 seasons so they’re pushing it with these movie length episodes.

Qui pour plan on se regarde toutes les saisons de stranger things avant la saison 4 ?.

My Stranger Things opinion is that they need to rediscover the grimmer downbeat tone which made the first season Actually Very Good but I suspect what in fact they’ll do is double down on the self-conscious wackiness which made seasons 2-3 Rather Less Good..

Los protagonistas están más separados que nunca, ya sea en la distancia o por la influencia de la presión social. Descubren que cada uno quiere emprender un camino distinto y la cohesión del grupo se ve amenazada. @moviementarios, escribe @Furanu..

poco pronta alla s4 di stranger things per favore io ufficialmente deceduta dopo questa stagione me lo sento.

A todas estas por fin el viernes sale la 4T de Stranger Things, aunque odio que la dividan en 2 partes.

I decided to just rewatch season 3 I’ve rewatched season 1 & 2 idk how many times I already have only 6 more episodes left :) (stranger things).

sugary ketchup groupchat talking abt stranger things but i don’t like stranger things so i’m silent 😫.

the cast of stranger things and their outfits at the premiere from earlier ??? omg they really did that.

todo começo de ano meu cllr lota de foto de stranger things, ta virando tradição ja #StrangerThings4.

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anyone picking stranger things over dark should not have access to netflix👍.

O que eu disse sobre os episódios de Stranger Things terem mais de 2 horas de duração lá em fevereiro? Favela venceu. Pelo menos uma coisa a gente acerta..

Eu tô assistindo Stranger things pela enésima vez, isso quer dizer que minha obsessão com HarrinGrove vai voltar.

i feel like i know everything and nothing about stranger things 4 rn like i see all these spoilers but the words aren’t connecting in my head.

The creators of stranger things are the only people who care this much about stranger things.

We are one week away from Stranger Things 4 volume 1. The long wait is nearly over.

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