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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 12:43 PM IST

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If Loki is bi and Sylvie is bi, isn’t their relationship (as much as a kiss can be a r’ship), still considered queer? #Loki

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@SylvieMayumi Sylvieさん、ありがとう 今、38℃まで下がったわ💦 頭冷やしながら仕事してます(^o^)

@cursedhexes this one makes sylvie giggle because it happens to be a ticklish spot for her. but beside that it’s quite nice and she loves every second of it. her hands run up and down wanda’s back. “ do you know how happy you make me? “

@Dans_Mes_Reves Merci beaucoup ma chère Êve Gros bisous 🥂☀️😎🎶🔥😘

@Kairi_Tamamooo あぶね慣れない編成で死にかけた。 デスヒールが入らなくてワロタ。 少し更新。

Sylvie Foto,Sylvie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

@MCU_Direct Lmao my brother and I also have different backgrounds and would never make the same decisions but us kissing would still be incest and fcking gross Sylvie kissing Loki is like Comic!Loki kissing mcu!Loki which would be weird as hell too


@GalexiKat @JohnnicaZakeyta A bunch of mental gymnastics there ngl. This just doesn’t make any sense, considering 1. The TVA exists outside of time, 2. Wanda didn’t open the multiverse, it was Loki/Sylvie

@sylvie_101 It’s pretty clear @lisarinna is the battering ram to get someone off the show

@PLUTOMURPHY i can assure you genderfluid people were the last thing on my mind while watching loki and sylvie fall in love. if representation is the problem, why hate the ship over it?

I wanna draw Sylvie again so bad but I REALLY need to finish these commissions 🥺🥺🥺

@PytorRomanovich ≫ room. Ilia will help you. . . . Midgard isn’t safe. You need to do this. I need to go with Sylvie. Now go. Go before they see us down here!❞

¡Cinéfilos estoy feliz de compartirles la entrevista con @iamkateherron directora de #LOKI! 🔥🤩 Hablamos del villano, expectativas y cómo abordaron la relación de Sylvie y Loki. ¡Espero la disfruten!

Sylvie Foto,Sylvie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

ICYMI I spoke to #Loki director @iamkateherron about tweaks made to the finale, the Loki & Sylvie relationship, Sif’s appearance, Easter eggs, #AlligatorLoki love, and more

@Sylviefitz63 @TheofficialDund Thanks so much Sylvie, hope your day is going well so far xx

eu entendo o loki ter se apaixonado pela sylvie, ela é lindona

@MrEricMartin @NCLEXprof Shame we didn’t get lucky enough to get a Loki that wasn’t an incompetent, constantly humiliated and bullied dumbass in the series while Sylvie had all the agency. I mean, her plan, her mission, her cracking the multiverse, her story. Loki may as well have not been there.

# En ce moment sur Palace Radio : Astrolove club Je ne veux pas rentrer chez moi seule (feat. Sylvie Plunket) / Ecouter Palace Radio (Paris): {.Artist}} Je ne veux pas rentrer chez moi seule (feat. Sylvie Plunket)

@assucemo @badhomens o cara em meio episódio já aceitou ali que a sylvie era o amor da vida dele forçaram um humor tosco. tinha várias e várias formas de demostrar a aceitação dele mas decidiram criar um paspalho

coming to the terms of who you are Para mi, Sylvie es la exteriorización de ese subtexto de comprensión de si mismo, lo de ellos no es romántico (si se deciden a hacer más explicito ese elemento, tienen primero que definir a Sylvie como personaje)

|| Propongo a Disney que valore realmente el cambiar el nombre de la serie Loki a Sylvie

@didiwasvante @badhomens terceiro que todos os pontos pelos quais ele mudou foi ver que não tinha como voltar pra linha do tempo a qual ele pertencia e ao decorrer da série a única coisa pelo qual ele poderia se apegar e almejar era tanto a sylvie quantos os objetivos dela e 3 EP mostrou isso a ligação

@olixxx26 dokładnie XD jakby rozumiem że zobaczył swój los i w jaki sposób umrze ale zrobienie z niego ciepłej kluchy i cały serial opierający się na wątku Lokiego z Sylvie jednocześnie ignorując w większości TVA, błagam XDDDD

@Kairi_Tamamooo 1分12秒でした。 ブレイキングタイム現在1位ですか😆笑

Sylvie Foto,Sylvie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

@EJLawson3 Sylvie followed him smiling her hands still in her pockets. “I just came here for a holiday on my own.” She suddenly tuck a hair behind her ear. “How about you? What’s a handiness gentleman like you doing here?”

@MAGICMOBIUS i’m not a big sylvie fan but i am pissed they did it to her. how did they reduce both her and loki to love interests? it’s such bs.

la vdd a mi me da igual pero lo q en vdd me enoja es que se notaba q a loki de vdd le gustaba y se preocupaba por ella y aún así sylvie agarró y mató a kang porq aiii es q desde chiquita etcetc pero flaca no sabés lo q acabás d hacer

@BiondiSylvie @ZemmourEric 💡bon sang mais c’est bien sûr! Je ne vois pas d’autre explication. Merci Sylvie, je crois que l’enquête est bouclée.

mari abaikan loki dan sylvie, karena di sini tone-nya cakep banget, bisa jadiin refensi color palette 👌

Sylvie Foto,Sylvie Tendências Do Twitter - Top Tweets

spoilers for Loki, please avoid reading if you haven’t watched //// the personality and this character doesn’t annoy me, but the entire girl boss *gasp she’s a woman* angle feels very offensive because sylvie is supposed to be a genderfluid character, what happened to that?

LOKI is the exceedingly rare MCU story to feature a romance that informs character and drives the plot. there should be more of those!!

If Loki is bi and Sylvie is bi, isn’t their relationship (as much as a kiss can be a r’ship), still considered queer? #Loki

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