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@twisteddoodles Mine had different haircuts when small. Someone told me once I’ll never have to remind them they are twins so I tried to dress them differently, but also did the assigned color thing-that way people never had to ask..

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@corbynnow @caps_jo What did Trump never makes deals unless they personally help him,.

you guys always make fun of those stans that say something indirect that’s not at all indirect and then go “how did they even find me” when they get attacked, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. I should learn that y’all never learn..

Everything is always your fault but they never wanna acknowledge wtf they Give em a life lesson! PLEASE.

who is lucky, and did daft punk ever find them? they never really reveal how it ends.


@Brantastics I was fine with Delta for years until a recent experience to Ireland where they rebooked a canceled flight. They rebooked us in separate aisles, downgraded us from economy plus to basic, and we never saw a dime. I submitted the feedback & am SkyMiles, so yea..

@BroccoliTofuFTW @greggrunberg Good news! I forwarded your tweet to the NFL and just because you don’t like it, they’ve decided to disband! Never mind the millions of dollars in revenue lost the millions of people who will no longer have a job! Screw the millions of fans who actually love the sport!.

@Tee_That_is_Me But the Gremmy guy they’re talking about is the one kenpachi used his Shikai on they made it seem like we’ve never heard of him.

@clay_tax This is a textbook example of someone who was barely a friend taking advantage of that relationship and assuming you’ll just “do them a solid” and do an insane amount of work for pocket change. Doesn’t help they never understand how much work goes into ANYTHING creative.

@TMFtx @MarkPMills Electricity prices are up over 50% in Germany (despite being nowhere near 100% renewable) and Denmark’s have doubled. Switching to renewables has never “kept prices low.”.

@GeraldoRivera Sorry Geraldo. And don’t say he was “baited” An in-control person would never have behaved that way-He’s famous, should anticipate, and just walk away-I didn’t see McConnell, Cruz or Sarah Huckabee respond like maniacs when they were accosted with far worse.

I figured out dril’s name years before the Homestuck thing … & never said a word … then when it happened … I was mad … a horde of internet journalists frenzy feeding on this info, spoonfed to them … info that was always there … if they’d just looked harder … like me ….

Well attended oh, but you see thousands upon thousands of people attending, Elizabeth Warren lied to Harvard about her being a native American puma Camellia Harris Lloyd said she never rode a bus with white people but yet they got pictures of her riding a bus with white people.

This will naturally make it harder for the enemy to compel you and if they try you will feel that fire rage inside of you and you will DESTROY the enemy with your very being because once you embody your Higher Self, you will NEVER want to lose that again..

Like shit never be that serious let these bitches beef wit they selfs fr.

@pinnUPsantana That’s not fair they’ve never put me to sleep, they make me lay there w that thing propping my mouth open and make me watch them murder my mouth 🥺.

Hi @VodafoneIN well this is to inform you that since past 1 month ago I requesting to block my vodafonw no permanently but customer care files the request and assures me about this issue but they never executive. Literally @VodafoneIN you disappointed me lot. Loosing trust on you.

@twisteddoodles Mine had different haircuts when small. Someone told me once I’ll never have to remind them they are twins so I tried to dress them differently, but also did the assigned color thing-that way people never had to ask..

ive been wishing for this forever but they probably will Never.

@WorllBoss_ Lmao but you would never know because they’d be wearing pants over it. It would just look like the shirts tucked in 😂.

“What you’re doing is never understood. Especially if you’re doing things they never would.”.

@judyms12 @_SJPeace_ His death was far more brutal. He was beaten, mutilated and thrown in the river. If I remember correctly, they also tied him with a heavy object so his body would sink. The story is sick. One of the first heartless stories I heard about racism and will never forget it.

Hep B serology. Such a popular exam anyone got a way they mastered it? Can never get it in my head. #FOAMed #MedEd.

@imsoloveLee Felony charges. People are almost never as slick as they think they are..

tip for all the new young adults, the IRS never will call you, if they do its a scam. gang gang fuck dem.

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