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Philly is in on Noah Syndergaard along with the Jays. Thor is right up Dave Dombrowski’s alley. @jaysonst mentioned Phils interest.

#SFGiants looking for big talent back for Carlos Rodon, the last remaining certain top of the rotation starter on the market (Thor at his best does too).

THOR: LOVE & THUNDER bombing its way to becoming the highest-grossing Thor movie, I see..

¡Hablemos de Stable Diffusion! ¿Os gusta DALL·E 2? ¿Os gusta Midjourney? Pues ojito a este nuevo competidor que promete ser igual o más interesante! Aprovechando que me han dado acceso, os cuento más de este impresionante modelo👇 INPUT: Elon Musk as Thor in the Marvel movie.

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Thor: Love and Thunder had a more accurate #Gorr in this unused design from concept art..

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I probably like Thor a little more than most. I think he still has some juice in him for a playoff push..

THOR!!!! Welcome to the @Phillies, @NoahSyndergaard!!!! #RingTheBell.

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I decided to make a tier list about all the Xbox studios and my excitement level for their upcoming games. What would you change? #Xbox.

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回らない当たらない続かないの三拍子が 揃ってしまったのでアリアおしまい… ごめんなさい… 次はリゼロに行きます….

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To add, it’s not necessarily poor just because of the moves we made. They were fine, and fix every hole we had. You can argue that White is essentially younger Thor. The issue is that the Yankees and Astros got MUCH better, and it will be a monumental challenge to beat them..

@JoshADaniels38 @BravesMILB Trading Anderson for Thor is absolutely NOT happening. One is 24 and controllable for another 4 years, one is almost 30 coming off major surgeries and a free agent at the end of the year.

Honestly wouldn’t be mad since that means we’d still likely be in on Thor.

@ComicBook This is the 2nd best Thor movie, slightly ahead of 1. The second one is the worst..

@reputationboy Je ferai pareil avec thor love and thunder, juste pour les reflexions de Korg et son dieu Nananinananère 🤣.

いま自作pcが熱い!!!ってタイトル見て冷却ちゃんとしないと壊れるよって思った 流行ってるホ!の意味だった.

@Kaitlyn40750517 I say we just say Wallahi and trade every prospect for Ohtani Thor lopez alcantera.

Been a while since I did anything Marvel. @A1exTh30ne, I am currently working on an open and when I best gimme some THUNDER :) #thor.

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@ScottyMitchTSN W. Gave up nothing for a guy that is younger and more talent right now than Thor.

respectfully, this meme is overblown. wentz in his prime handed us homefield advantage on the way to our first super bowl after an MVP season. simmons was a consistent all star/DPOY candidate before he exposed himself as a baby. moniak just landed us thor. not a total loss.

No Way Home Multiverse of Madness Shang Chi Eternals Thor Love and Thunder Black Widow.

@Noahsyndergaard Thor! I’m gonna miss watching you pitch for the halos. Thanks for taking on flyer on us, even though it didn’t work out in the end. And best of luck in Philly!!.

@AngelsWin B+ as we got young C, another prospect, cleared salary but i dont see Moniak as much improvement. Maybe get Thor back in offseason.

Me invitaron al cine mañana a ver Thor, y claramente sigo sin saber nada de Marvel. Lo máximo que sé de todas esas pelis es que a Peter Parker lo mordió una araña. Si me contextualizan para la peli de mañana así entiendo algo, les agradezco..

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@LAAngelsUK Thor was great. He brought that “dog” in the clubhouse. I hope he comes back..

Can’t even tell you the name of the villian in the second Thor movie and now he getting a fifth one like???.

I called my brother around 5:45 to talk to him about Mike and a new doctor he has to go to Monday. Then I said so glad we got rid of 37 and Familia. He said yea but what are they doing about pitching, they only have 12 minutes left. We were cracking up when they got Thor.

@chaditosama Overall I liked it and the father/daughter aspect had me crying I understand the movie is supposed to be lighthearted as a break from Multiverse of Madness but I wanted more seriousness to Thor. It makes sense bc of what he is going through tho so I still liked it.

@Thor_0916 かえたろうさん、おはようございます。 ひまわりいいですね。.

WandaVision = W tFatWS = N to a W Loki = W Black Widow = N What If? = N Shang Chi = W Eternals = L to a N Hawkeye = W Spider-Man = W Moon Knight = W Dr Strange = W Ms Marvel = N to a W Thor = W Purely based off enjoyment.

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