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Playoff atmosphere at @CitiField and Thor rose to the occasion..

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@RilJackson Você vai ver que dá um prisma nas coisas. Por exemplo depois de terminar a poderosa thor da pra vc ler Vote Loki.

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Friends: What do you want for your birthday? Me: A collaboration between @OlanRogers and @ZacharyLevi. 😂.

Même si, des personnes n aime pas le nouveau look de thor moi je le trouve vraiment badass . 😀💕.

actually like the pls stop acting like their good directors and gods. they ruined steve’s and thor’s character arc. killed nat and tony off for shock value. unfollow me if you want idc but i hate the russos..

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@arcadiaego @TaikaWaititi especially when the thor mythos has so many other, better characters to either explore or introduce.

13 1-Thor the dark world 2- Thor Ragnarok 3- Far from home 4- Homecoming 5- Ant-man and the wasp 6- Guardians of the galaxy 1 7- Doctor Strange 8- Captain Marvel 9- Captain America; civil war 10- The Averages 11- Age of ultron 12- Infinity war 13- Endgame.

Playoff atmosphere at @CitiField and Thor rose to the occasion..

Happy Birthday, Chris Hemsworth! From Thor to Bad Times at the El Royale, Which of His Roles Is Your Favorite?.

Thor is my BF. (Since @bradtaylorbooks plotted and implemented the demise of my main man). #LadyD.

@kleopatraeda @eylulyamaner1 ya oyun oynuyoduk aq thor size trajedi yapıyor ama biz tanrılarda bıçaklamak siz insanlarfaki çimdiklemek gibi bir şey.

@TahoeMommy311 What??? Is she crazy??? She was with not thor for 10 years!!!! She has no chance with Thor. He is married with 3 children. Lol.

Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth , our Thor Odinson God of Thunder ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️for 8 whole years he’s been one of my favorite Avengers next to Iron Man And Cap , just amazing how he’s gonna get his 4th film in a couple years.

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@Thor0327 耐久はステとアビのおかげなので...ドア飛び褒められたのめっちゃうれぴい!( ◜௰◝ )( ◜௰◝ )( ◜௰◝ )( ◜௰◝ ).

God of Thunder Son of Odin Strongest Avenger Happy birthday Thor #Thor.

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@muro_chi むろさん、ありがとうございます〜 暫くはdiscordで通話に入って絵を描いてるかもです.

me: liam hemsworth and miley cyrus are getting divorced mom: who is liam hemsworth? me: you know thor? it’s his brother mom: I didn’t know thors brother was married I thought he was the bad guy and isn’t he dead.

@iGotRats How about a video of Thor munching on some Welsh Cake :).

Wishing @chrishemsworth a Very Happy Birthday . #Thor #HappyBirthdayChrisHemsworth.

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@Thor__Infinity 사실 들어만 봤지, 본 적 없거든요. 잘생긴 악마... 악마는 다 잘생기고 예쁘다고 들었어요..


@JehovahShammah8 So all gods are real then? Zeus, Thor, Quetzalcoatl, Ra and the rest??.

Sun 3pm/6pm bst 07413995765 thor our imperial shouts and respects firedancer.

thor is 1500 years old and hes had the worst things that could ever happen to him in 6 years.

New Thor for my office — thanks, @collectsideshow!! ⚡️😍⚡️.

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