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Chelsea and Brighton have been preparing contracts in the night in order to get Marc Cucurella deal signed on Friday. Medical was perfect and Thomas Tuchel is now waiting for him. 🔵📑 #CFC Fee confirmed as advanced earlier: £55m guaranteed plus £7m in add-ons to Brighton..

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Tuchel on Cucurella: “Paperwork is in process. I can just say that Marc is a terrific player as he can play in many different positions”. 🔵⌛️ #CFC On Colwill to Brighton: “If there is the chance for him to have a good loan and develop and improve, we are open to solutions”..

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Thomas Tuchel: Both goals should not stand. Only one team deserved to win, that was us. Since when can we pull hair in a football match?.


Thomas Tuchel masterclass in that first half. Only negative from that half is Chelsea are not more than 1-0 up.

This is how Tuchel envisages football without a big number nine. Absolute what he wants with intense pressing being led by three nimble forwards. #CFC #CHETOT.

Tuchel on more signings after the Everton game: “Yeah, if we can add, we add. Maybe not necessarily a midfielder as a first option but we’re open for everything. I think we can use new energy, new legs and fresh input to bring us to a new level” (Sky) #CFC.

🗣️ We have to get better Despite the 3-points at Goodison Park, Thomas Tuchel wants more from his Chelsea players 👇.

What Richarlison did to get Thomas Tuchel sent off after Antonio Conte handshake vs Chelsea #CFC 😡.

Thomas Tuchel is facing a lengthy ban after his call for referee Anthony Taylor not to referee any more #Chelsea games. (@MirrorFootball).

¡Cuidado con Tuchel! El entrenador del Chelsea minimizó su pelea con Antonio Conte y dijo que fue parte del calor del juego. ¿Qué tal?.

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Tuchel prędzej się położy na torach w Berlinie, niż wprowadzi Broje za Havertza..

Thomas Tuchel confirms Marcos Alonso’s plan to leave Chelsea..

Kubo, Musiala, Koulibaly y Sesko protagonistas de la tarde de momento en cuánto al tema goleador. El baño del Tuchel a Conte es de órdago, aunq Sessegnon perdonó una ocasión cantada. El Bayern a lo suyo y el Cádiz combativo en Mirandilla vs la Real de Kubo. Sesko a lo suyo 📡📞.

Thomas Tuchel confirms Chelsea working on more signings: If we can add, we will add. Maybe not necessarily midfielders as a first option but we are open to everything. We hope to use new energy & fresh input to take us to a new level. #CFC.


It’s hilarious to me how nobody gave a damn when Arteta didn’t have his players. But now it’s “ETH doesn’t have his players” and “Tuchel doesn’t have his players” and “Conte doesn’t have his players”. Assna tax is insane..

🚨🥇NEW: Thomas Tuchel’s post match Chelsea vs #thfc comments about referee Anthony Taylor are being investigated by the FA. [@SamiMokbel81_DM].

¿Sancionados? Conte y Tuchel serían castigados tras encararse violentamente en el partido de #Chelsea vs #Totenham.

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Yeah Tuchel this double pivot has been outstanding mate, good on you for keeping them on..

This match looks like a match we will end up drawing because I don’t understand Tuchel and his changes..

Thomas Tuchel really annoys me with his selections. Why the hell is James playing LWB when you have Marc Cucurela on the bench?.

Thomas Tuchel confirms that Chelsea aren’t working to sign a midfielder right now. ‘We will see who lied’ 🤗.

¡QUÉ GOLAZO! 🚀Así le pegó Kalidou Koulibaly (31|🇸🇳) para que el Chelsea abra la cuenta ante Tottenham. ⭐️El senegales llegó como reemplazante de Rüdiger y lo está haciendo muy bien con Tuchel..

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@TNTSportsBR Se ele desse uma rasteira no tuchel lamento mais conte ia sai de albulancia kkkk.

Setup from Tuchel y’day was unreal, great combo’s throughout the game + Havertz & Mount in their best positions 👌.

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@GriezMat10 @Cristiano Exactly. Tuchel tried to teach Mbappé the same things but he got sacked the very next season..

@Loguito6 Sa se voit il a regarder le match d’hier il a fait le même geste que Tuchel 😂🤣.

El DT del Chelsea Thomas tuchel A ofrecido entre €25m o €30m Por aubameyan 🤯😲✍️.

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Fossi stato Conte ieri gli avrei dato una testata a Tuchel se la sarebbe proprio meritata ……..👍.

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Buntut Ribut di Derby London, FA Hukum Antonio Conte dan Thomas Tuchel #TempoBola.

Darwin Nunez trying to take over the Vawulence trend from Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, it’s funny..

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