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BREAKING: European Parliament approves massively the candidate status of Ukraine and Moldova as member of the European Union !.

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Lynch has been so effective because he has drawn attention to the cynicism and knee-jerk hostility of politicians and TV journalists. @zoe_grunewald on how Mick Lynch won the media war..

@jan_knes Haben halt zu viele CDU und immer noch zu wenige Grün gewählt. Wer glaubt, Grüne könnten alles verhindern, was die Union sich so an reaktionärem Mist ausdenkt, ist naiv oder frustrierter Juso. Oder beides..

#Reserva | #Boca cayó ante Unión, en Santa Fe, por 2 a 1, y sumó su segunda derrota consecutiva en el torneo. El gol del equipo de Ibarra lo convirtió Gonzalo Morales. 📸 @bocajrsoficial.

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@mircea_einstein @sumlenny Only Moldova was in the Soviet Union from this list. Sure, other countries from this list were under SU control, but it was still not exactly the same.

I’ve never been in a Union. I have always had good relationships with my bosses, if I felt I deserved a pay rise, I would go and chat things through with them . Sometimes yes, sometimes not at the moment, times are hard for us too. Swings and roundabouts..

@johnmcdonnellMP @RMTunion Real scabs are holding the hardworking taxpayers from doing their job often at much lower pay than proposed strikers. LABOUR VOTERS REMEMBER THIS. Sniveling McDonnell sucking up up to union movement on nearly as much protected pay as well..

@steviebhoy2412 @SamGard04696566 What would you say way the positive about staying in the Union?.

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The night *artificial covid protocols* beat the Union or they’re going to make this a close game by the keeper though there..

Zerve(🤡,🌎) @Captain_C2 That sounds about right tbh. 7 years ago when I went from a non-union to union company my wage went from $15 to $25 overnight and after 3 years I was making $30 with journeymen being at $35 and foreman around $40-45..

@UkrainianEnergy Tokayev was not democratically elected, but he is still sensitive to political pressure. Kazakhs watch Putin’s attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union with concern..

@nbcbayarea We should instead celebrate the date when slaves were TRUELY freed in this country: When the 13th amendment was ratified AND state laws were overturned in all Union states..

Qué pena no poder celebrar el día del padre como corresponde por culpa de hermanos que son desubicados y andan en el vicio!!! Estoy muy triste con impotencia por qué esos malos ratos dañan las relaciones y la unión de familia que ahora está roto!!!.

@JIRO_guraburu タグ検索から失礼します。漆黒のポメラニアン副団長の飛燕と申します。 総合2000、全日30億目標、フリーランでやっています。 リンクに詳細がありますのでご検討いただけますと幸いです、よろしくお願い致します ●┐.

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@AndyInLondon1 Thought you knew the difference between Russia and the soviot union? 😂😂😂..

@RpsAgainstTrump @ML3democrats If Texas claims Joe Biden is their illegitimate presidential daddy, does that make them the bastard state of the union? 🤔.

@THMCHNC Bueno curas y santos, no religiosos sí, tipo templarios y así pero tenían casi siempre unión con parte política no solo religiosa, de los que eran guerreros tambié.


@TorresGotay Los populares deben apoyar cualquier estatus que garantice la unión permanente con y eso es la estadidad y el ELA. La ‘soberanía’ es independencia. Ver caso Islas Marshalls..

Ce soir le peuple de gauche s’est levé. Il a voulu envoyer un signal clair, les reformes injustes de Macron c’est non. L’union de la gauche et des écologistes a permis de peser, pour faire entendre la voix de ceux qui veulent plus de justice sociale et climatique..

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@E_Dupin On va très vite voir ce que donne cette union sans Mélenchon. Le résultat valide la stratégie maintenant faut faire un vrai programme commun et le candidat commun s’imposera naturellement 😁.

Do you know the story of #Juneteenth? On June 19,1865, Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, with the news that more than 250,000 enslaved Black people in the state were free by executive decree. Join in the celebration with @NMAAHC:.

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Today we celebrate #Juneteenth in honor of the freedom of enslaved Black Americans. On this day in 1865, Union troops in Texas announced this freedom by executive decree and the end of the Civil War. Read more about Juneteenth from @EiteljorgMuseum here:.

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Unas doscientas personas, amantes de la montaña, se han desplazado, hoy 19 de junio, al valle de Canal Roya, situado en la frontera con Francia, para conocer in situ el impacto que ocasionaría el llamado proyecto de Unión de las Estaciones de Esquí de Astún y Formigal. #defensa.

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@J_Bardella Combien y aurait-il eu de sièges en plus pour les patriotes avec une union des droites ? Du gâchis qd même. Félicitations cependant..

L’union des droites est la solution ! Les gens a minima cortiqués l’ont prônée … ce soir le goût amère de la bêtise coule au fond de toutes nos gorges serrées ! Défaite de Macron mais comment ne pas avoir entendu que l’opposition se fait entre les patriotes et les autres 🤔🙄🇫🇷.

@thehill Like from other states? Does DeSantis is taking Florida out of the Union. Just say it as it is so we all can leave..

@VickyDavilaH al final hay realidades que un periodista éticamente debe aceptar. Gustavo Petro representa el cambio, la Unión y la paz..

खुद 40 साल की जॉब कर के युवाओं को 4 साल की ठेकेदारी प्रथा में रख के घमंड भरे स्वर में मत आओ नही आना तो ये कैसी अपमानजनक भाषा है।। वोट की चोट जब युवा देंगे सरकार बदल के रख देंगे.

@ZemmourEric Malheureusement hélas dans les moments difficiles une union aurait été favorable. La France ma France mon pays est en naufrage 😢💔🇨🇵.

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