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We tried to warn them: Remote school is leaving children sad and angry - The Washington Post

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Stephen C. Rose steverose@gmail.com MAXIM--UMMM
Stephen C. Rose steverose@gmail.com MAXIM--UMMM ()

Ivanka Trump was deposed Tuesday in connection with the Washington, attorney general’s lawsuit alleging the misuse of inaugural funds. KATIE COURIC

Today In History
Today In History ()

December 3 - 1776: American Revolution - General George Washington reported to Congress from New Jersey that much of the Continental Army had crossed the Delaware River to Pennsylvania. history

ETIDAL | English
ETIDAL | English ()

The Counselor for Public Affairs at @USAinKSA: we are happy to learn about #Etidal capabilities which we heard about in Washington. Combating extremism requires collaboration and effort.

KFDI News ()

WB Kellogg at Washington. Traffic down to 1 lane. #KFDItraffic #ICTtraffic

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JP Finlay
JP Finlay ()

Ron Rivera says Brandon Scherff has “done a great job” this season, but what happens in 2021 with a reduced salary cap?

Infos Trump 🇫🇷🇺🇸 #MakeFranceGreatAgain
Infos Trump 🇫🇷🇺🇸 #MakeFranceGreatAgain ()

Près de bulletins de vote remplis ont disparu et autres ont été antidatés pendant la présidentielle aux États-Unis, relate le Washington Examiner, se référant aux données de l’ONG américaine Thomas More Society.

Carol Praying For America 🙏🏻
Carol Praying For America 🙏🏻 ()

Whistleblowers: Postal Service labeled Trump mail ‘Undeliverable,’ 388,000 ballots backdated, ‘disappear’

Rainer Shea ☭
Rainer Shea ☭ ()

”All that the imperialists can do is spin increasingly outrageous stories of supposed human rights abuses in Xinjiang, hoping this will make up for Washington’s failure of an attempt to destabilize the region.”-from my latest article

Borderline Creations✨🌿
Borderline Creations✨🌿 ()

Everyone on EDM Twitter legit lives in California, Colorado, Texas, or Washington. But when I lived in WA I lived from everyone so it didn’t matter 🥺 I just want friends lol

Conor Noone
Conor Noone ()

@LyleSwithenbank Im intrigued with Westbrook in Washington. I reckon if he commits to running down hill, the space created by elite shooters in Bertans and Beal is going to benefit him huge. Beal’s usage takes a hit but he’s can still be effective off ball. More so than Harden IMO

Brenden Schaeffer
Brenden Schaeffer ()

@JoeLaland The moment I saw on twitter mpj decommitted out of washington probably matches or exceeds this in terms of excitement but that was a momentary mirage haha

Lotus Juice #BlackLivesMatter
Lotus Juice #BlackLivesMatter ()

I’m worried about Hachimura tho can Washington come up with a good chemistry with Russ?

Joe Boyle
Joe Boyle ()

@MLuna11 @ColinCowherd Yeah I can respect that angle too. I was just trying to think of who else was in Washington and Beal was only one I could think of off top haha

JPC Wilson
JPC Wilson ()

Y que inicio de nuestro sistema!! Texans -3 ✅ Texans ML ✅ Over ✅ Washington + ✅ Washington ML ✅ Over ✅ 6-0 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🐃🐃

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Alexander ()

Remote school is leaving children sad and angry - The Washington Post via @nuzzel thanks @ehaspel

𝓞𝔀𝓮𝓷 (4-7)
𝓞𝔀𝓮𝓷 (4-7) ()

@Rodgersgoat_ @ByronPringleSZN So your saying size makes DK better? In that logic, Josh a Doctson is better than Terry too? Right? Terry is a huge playmaker. You just told me right there you don’t watch Washington games.

Mista Cheek Clappa‼️💪🏾
Mista Cheek Clappa‼️💪🏾 ()

Dallas finally faced a somewhat healthy Washington team for the first time in their lives and got fucking WAXED

Andy. Burrows
Andy. Burrows ()

I’m going to go chill with @team980 . Washington twitter been on fire tonight . Hope you all had a great thanksgiving. Much love everyone !

Heymunth ()

i’m a cowboys fan and the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants can have the division

Steve ()

Remember when Washington beat the hell out of Dallas on Thanksgiving in 2012 and we all thought that this was the turning point? The misery and embarrassment were over? We were wrong but damn, I hope this is the one. I hope we can look back on this one.

Salvatore Stefanile
Salvatore Stefanile ()

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Alex Smith is the starter at QB for Washington and they are now in first place in the NFC East.

@telediario ()

🏈 El Washington Football Team no tuvo piedad con Dallas en juego de Thanksgiving y lo borró del campo con marcador de 41-16. Ahora son líderes de la NFC East.

New York Post Sports
New York Post Sports ()

Washington Football Team embarrasses Cowboys to make NFC East case

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Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham ()

We tried to warn them: Remote school is leaving children sad and angry - The Washington Post

Eric Burkholder
Eric Burkholder ()

We need to make sure the Washington Football Team has a new name that starts with the letters T and F because WTF is appropriate


#2ndHalf Pick $5,000 Cowboys vs Washington (Free) Updated @

Kary Correa
Kary Correa ()

Los #Cowboys honran a su coach Markus Paul, quien falleció ayer. #DallasCowboys: 2-4 en sus últimos 6 partidos en Thanksgiving. Las 2 victorias fueron ante Washington.

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Jack Miller
Jack Miller ()

The process behind Antonio Gibson was always his massive rushing workload and high TD expectation on this electric Washington offense.

SD Cincy NP
SD Cincy NP ()

“To those worried we will never rid ourselves of Trump, watch as he shrinks before our very eyes in a Washington minute from leader of the free world to a broken-down real estate developer up to his ears in debt,”

Blogging The Boys
Blogging The Boys ()

Anthony Brown is OUT for the Cowboys. So are Bradlee Anae and Reggie Robinson 😔

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