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Joel Embiid on if he’s going to be able to get along with Westbrook for one night as an all-star teammate.

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George ve Westbrook’tan Jazz potasına 88 sayı.

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🤔 Secondo overtime? 😟 Westbrook in panchina con 6 falli? 🔥 Paul George decide di vincerla così #SkyNBA.

@JustinFitz24 They made a panic move after Harden flopped in the Finals. Guy was 23 years old and still finding his role in a league that had yet to fully embrace the analytics. Should have kept that squad together no matter what. KD doesn’t leave Westbrook and Harden..

@Mgm_Ky @_justINit KD wasn’t carrying Westbrook either fym😂 kd get called weak cuz he went to the team he was 3-1 on not cuz he can’t ball lmao you Soulja hating!!!.

🇺🇸 Paul George and Russell Westbrook are definitely the best duo in the #NBA right now behind Curry and Durant. #ThunderUp keep getting better behind their stars 🇮🇹 George e Westbrook sono inferiori solo a Curry-Durant IMHO. E Okc continua a volare.

Russell Westbrook and Paul George are the first set of teammates to post 40-5-5 in the same game since 1983! 🤩.

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@NBATV If y’all saying they won because Westbrook was out u dumb. Without Russ they would’ve loss by 30. Russ scored 43 so shut up..


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@MG34_ Oh I know I bet his numbers would dip especially with the player Westbrook split the assist trophy with, it’s such a crazy league that’s nuts.

The Westbrook Slander has to end. He’s seamlessly BREAKING RECORDS EVERY NIGHT..

Tonight, Russell Westbrook had 20 shot attempts on 19 minutes played. And yeah he was the only player to have more attempts than minutes tonight 🤦‍♂️😂.

@BenGolliver @DragonflyJonez just like the playoffs, Harden’s team won and George and Westbrook lost. only things missing were Donovan Mitchell and Toby Flenderson.

Westbrook’s insistence on bricking three after three after three in the All Star Game is a reminder why Kevin Durant plays for the Warriors..

@Ike58Reese He and Westbrook are two of the most unlikeable superstars that I can remember.

@rormiester I see your point, some people got snubbed but Lebron, Harden, Kyrie, Simmons, Kawhi, Lillard, Embiid, Curry, Kemba, Westbrook, Griffin, Beal and other guys all scored less than Khris.

Westbrook going 1-8 from 3 with a -19. So inspiring to see him treat the All-Star game just like any other game!.

Nah Westbrook was good in the 3rd Lowry was trash and Curry was disgusting.

Kyrie Irving points ✅✅ Russell Westbrook points ✅✅ A nice way to end a fun and profitable #NBAAllStar weekend 💰.

Russell Westbrook passed Magic Johnson, John Havlichek, Isiah Thomas, and Carmelo Anthony into a tie for 12th all-time in All-Star Game points. #NBAAllStar #TeamGiannis.

@ShannonSharpe @KDTrey5 LeBron should win executive of the year for that Westbrook/Simmons trade. Won them the game..

They should of kept Westbrook I’m not saying they should of kept Steph out maybe keep embiid out he wasnt on shit.

He ties Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook for the most (2) within the last decade. Heh..

fucking Westbrook shot the ball wayyyyy too much .... Kyrie>Westbrook 😭😂.

With the assistance of Russell Westbrook, Hamidou Diallo hammers home the lefty windmill for a 48! 💥 #ATTSlamDunk #StateFarmSaturday @NBAonTNT.

Joel Embiid on if he’s going to be able to get along with Westbrook for one night as an all-star teammate.

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