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Witness @BeckyLynchWWE historic journey to main-eventing #WrestleMania on WWE 24, streaming tonight after #MITB..

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Equal or exceeding Wrestlemania is such annoying corporate speak in reference to pro wrestling. We use it all the time in new product design & development & it makes sense there. It sounds so lame when talking about wrestling. #RAW #WWE.

And I know I didn’t live tweet Wrestlemania, but shout out to Yolanda Adams for getting the WWE bag to sing..

I think I can say that my #RAW tweets tonight have been equivalent to or exceeded #WrestleMania.

Sorry, they’re saying it will be “equivalent to or exceed wrestlemania” 🙄.

“Super ShowDown will be the equivalent to or better than WrestleMania”. #RAW.

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I hate that @wwe panders to the Saudis. “Equivalent or better than Wrestlemania?” Please. It’s a glorified house showna prince throws his blood money at and WWE gobbles up..

“Live at Super Showdown, which will be the equivalent to, or exceed, Wrestlemania” Really rolls off the tongue 🙄🚮.

which will be equivalent to or exceed wrestlemania is fucking hysterical, this company is a parody of itself.

I wonder how much the Saudi government is paying the WWE to say that this show will be better or exceed Wrestlemania. #RAW.

Them saying Saudi Arabia will live up to or exceed if it was Mania 34, but Mania 35 was a feel good fest you guys need to get another tag line..

That gotta stop saying that show will be as good or better the WrestleMania #RAW.

drink every time you hear “equivalent to or exceed wrestlemania” over the next few weeks.

You know they had to put Supershowdown will be as good as or exceed WrestleMania in the commercial because WWE sold out for that Saudi $$$..

@WWE made a deal with the devil doing the Saudi shows. Having to say it will exceed #Wrestlemania can’t be fun for @VinceMcMahon.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have 1 (one) win since they won them at WrestleMania, two nights after WrestleMania, against local competitors..

Kairi Sane pins Brock Lesnar for it on top of the pirate ship at WrestleMania 36 in the middle of the main event.

no puedo esperar por esos desastres de luchas en WrestleMania donde 80 weones estan haciendo puras weas en el ring y haciendose un monton de pins, vamos FUUUUUUCK #RawCL.

Already looking forward to WrestleMania 36 to be exactly like WrestleMania 18, and like 20 title 24/7 title changes happening at the same night. #RAW.

#RAW WWE Supershowdown will be as good as, or exceed, Wrestlemania.

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Now @WWE is saying SSD is as good as Wrestlemania. What a bunch of asshats #wweraw.

“Will be as good as, it will exceed Wrestlemania” sounds like a line a used car salesman tells you right before he sells you a lemon. #RAW.

Its kind of hilarious the guy saying “live from jedah will be as good as or exceed wrestlemania” because he sounds like a hostage.

@AnxietyTM Like you waiting 7 hours while your girlfriend main events WrestleMania. I screamed, thank you Paul for the laugh..

Get a glimpse at @BeckyLynchWWE’s #MMA training session before she headlined #WrestleMania. Watch WWE 24, anytime on demand on @WWENetwork..

Witness @BeckyLynchWWE historic journey to main-eventing #WrestleMania on WWE 24, streaming tonight after #MITB..

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