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I need something fancy AF for Wrestlemania. Any ideas? You know i love a loud jacket.

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Becky Lynch slammed the McMahons on Twitter #WWEChamber.

May i just say that I don’t think I know @MsCharlotteWWE will be the greatest female wrestler to main event wrestlemania.

@Kofi4worldchamp @VinceMcMahon Hopefully, they will do it at Wrestlemania. That would be a better moment for Kofi, who truly deserves it..

god dammit if Kofi Kingston gets a title match at wrestlemania I might have to buy the damn thing.

That Ronnie, Charlotte, Becky seg was fucking stupid. By the time #WrestleMania comes around, I’m not going to care. #WWEChamber.

#WWE legend Christian backs British Bulldog for the Hall of Fame: ‘I am huge fan’.

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@MrBrandonStroud So Kofi wins the strap at WrestleMania which leads to Big E finally turning monster heel for a run of his own, right?.

“I was gonna main event WrestleMania and make history because I’m a history maker. So yes, I’m salty,” - @LanaWWE.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: mira aquí la cartelera oficial del evento previo a WrestleMania | FOTOS vía @elcomercio_peru.

If Kofi wins the title tonight, I would love to see him vs Daniel at Wrestlemania!.

As much as I want to see it happen now, save it for @WrestleMania and give @TrueKofi a well deserved moment. #WWEChamber.

Kofi as the acceptable face of consumerism battling socialist bully Daniel Bryan is what Wrestlemania dreams are made out of..

Last time Daniel Bryan was Champion In the chamber he made a Contender out of Santino and then lost in 18 secs at #Wrestlemania let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. #WWEChamber.

Her mind is on @WrestleMania. Plain and simple. #WWEChamber @MsCharlotteWWE.

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Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille should get a title shot at FastLane or WrestleMania. The IIconics performed really great. And the Riot Squad is more exciting with just those two, Mella and Naomi should be desperate, they def could go for a belt..

@TheDannyWatts I think it has more to do with 35 year olds tuning in for WrestleMania and having some guys they recognize #wwechamber.

SDL ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH for a shot at the Universal Championship @ WrestleMania!! WHO SHOULD PROGRESS!!!!.

@MOMiSHStyle @iamJustinRitch Wrestlemania 35!!! All they have to do is have a match at Fastlane the winner faces Rousey the loser faces Asuka..

Becky Lynch slammed the McMahons on Twitter #WWEChamber.

Becky Lynch slammed the McMahons on Twitter #WWEChamber.

@RPMinuteman314 No titles are changing this close to wrestlemania so hang out for a bit then get a good nights sleep.

can we talk about how the wrestlemania sign is uneven? its straight on one side but not on the other.

Oh, and why waste the clear heat Nia Jax (and Tamina by proxy) have by just having them eliminated before the final two (and not even winning the thing). Far more interest in them winning to boos, and then Bayley/Sasha challenging for the titles at #Wrestlemania #WWEChamber.

bicho, se o Kofi ganhar hoje vai ser a primeira vez que vou chorar com a WWE desde a Wrestlemania 30.

I need something fancy AF for Wrestlemania. Any ideas? You know i love a loud jacket.

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