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@JaneOkpousung @BigMan_Xander My dear, e tire me I have never 😓😓.

@BigMan_Xander 8032923448 Opay Perkins obinna Anya I pray God make you to see me today More cash in your wallet boss.

@BigMan_Xander 1493162734 Access bank Have been following you since but I never be lucky may be because am slow🙏🙏🙏.

@BigMan_Xander Will u pick me? If yes, lemme drop my aza (opay…08038612843…Henry).

@charm4z @ihgdabc Set up photos by a photo PR company … H friend Xander there supporting him and well H wearing a fruity jacket Niall had suggested and liked - it’s all a set up.

Xander Foto,Xander Foto by bigger than when harry met louis 💚💙,bigger than when harry met louis 💚💙 on twitter tweets Xander Foto

@BigMan_Xander 0479896482 GTB i don’t mind 5k it will go a long way for the weekend.

@BigMan_Xander Have not been credited b4 But i also need money to pay for our rent pls help me pls.

@BigMan_Xander 3148937658 Sampson William first bank please bless me today ma 🙏🙏 @BigMan_Xander.

@BigMan_Xander Just help me this time, have never being Lucky before, and am an loyal and active follower @BigMan_Xander.

@BigMan_Xander Make una help me tag ayra star and donjazzy abeg ♥.

@BigMan_Xander Pls sir Help me too sir Our house rent is due sir All i need to pay is 35k sir out of 70k for our apartment sir pls help me September we move out sir 😭😭🤲🤲🙏 Pls guys i need your help to py up pls Am the first born thing are not going on well.

@BigMan_Xander 7066970944 Opay paycome. OYESINA SODIQ ADEMOLA This my first time follow ur tweet.

@BigMan_Xander 2140772078 UBA Johnson Gabriel You’ve never credit me me just this once amount will do boss abeg🙏🏻.

@BigMan_Xander If you want to give ...give joor which one be data or money ☠🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

@BigMan_Xander Please bless me today ma 🙏🙏🙏🙏 3148937658 Sampson William first bank @BigMan_Xander.

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