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Twitter trends in Canada now - Siem Zerezghi, Lonely, Stop Supporting Chicken Abuse, Favre, Melania, Official Video, Lindsey, Happs, Stephen Harper.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Halloween 2683996
2.Trump 2059578
3.Président 1623714
4.Happy Halloween 1233650
5.i never 844303
6.Donald Trump 531381
7.Minnesota 424592
8.Trick or Treat 346397
9.ME TOO 313044
10.Jesus 307584
11.renjun 252732
12.#TheMandalorian 209353
13.Official Video 206512
14.Mino 204935
15.iPhone 170749
16.lucas 170344
17.Nadine 144833
18.Korea 141049
19.jaehyun 140875
20.Nigerian 133132
21.doyoung 127583
22.Babies 105199
23.Fired 102040
24.#CBIUpdateOnSSRCase 96344
25.Disney 94274
26.Bitcoin 89832
27.Keith 85660
28.Modi 84723
29.Melania 81578
30.Favre 79393
31.petition 78938
32.HANBIN 78610
33.Great Reset 76500
34.His House 67372
36.Lonely 63917
37.Gulf 62267
38.Bernie 60798
39.Journal 59415
40.The Mandalorian 58321
41.yeri 52075
42.Virgo 50152
43.Cheers 49377
44.YUNHO 49316
45.planes 48383 stress 48204
47.Snapchat 47408
48.kenma 47051
49.MUST WATCH 44818
50.Philippines 43760
51.Immigrants 41963
52.Roman 41772
53.Vancouver 41196
54.hoshi 40516
55.TGCF 40394 40248
57.Lindsey 38652
58.Trudeau 37937
59.Suburban 37705
60.#SmackDown 34424
61.Star Wars 34112
62.Governors 33628
63.Nicklaus 33028
64.Boba 32933
65.#GFRIENDCON2020 32932
66.Bobby Orr 32550
67.Farage 31658
68.Bangladesh 31610
69.Kimi 31296
70.Jack Nicklaus 31096
71.HYDE 30947
72.Warsaw 30278
73.Warren 30247
74.Kirstie 30008
75.Globe 29798
76.jihyo 29719
77.Amber 27656
78.ISIS 27017
79.Aurora 26741
80.Murphy 26643
81.Madame Tussauds 26224
82.Bianca 25902
83.Sasha 25681
84.#TheHouseArrestOfUsEp02 25324
85.Little Hope 25157
86.Tinder 25045
87.taeil 23590
88.Samhain 22214
89.Drip 21804
90.Alberta 20670
91.chaeyoung 20589
92.#Worlds2020 20179
93.#ImolaGP 20052
94.Hocus Pocus 19527
95.McRib 18996
96.Stones 18824
97.woody 18512
98.Ariel 17405
99.Elsa 15344
100.Baron 14542
101.Maggie 14362
102.Only in America 13630
103.heejin 13630
104.Carrie 13305
105.sanha 12954
106.Overwatch 12602
107.#BoycottHomeDepot 12285
108.Merry Christmas 11635
109.Comey 11557
110.Hannibal 11358
111.Lmfaooooo 11130
112.#SaturdayMorning 10816
113.EUNHA 10816
114.Chillin 10086
115.The Crow 10066
116.Sunmi 10065
117.The OHL <10k
118.Gretzky <10k
119.North Van <10k
120.Hallmark <10k
121.#NYRPHulaween <10k
122.Boba Fett <10k
124.bill maher <10k
125.Manitoba <10k
126.Steinbach <10k
127.Timothy Olyphant <10k
128.Don Cherry <10k
129.Yawn <10k
130.Lady G <10k
131.Anakin <10k
132.warren kinsella <10k
133.Skippy <10k
134.Jason X <10k
135.Gamergate <10k
136.Tibet <10k
137.Maple Ridge <10k
138.Wyoming <10k
139.Siem Zerezghi <10k
140.SCTV <10k
141.Romania <10k
142.Siem <10k
143.Le Journal de Québec <10k
144.Holidate <10k
145.#TheDevilAtMyDoor <10k
146.Tremors <10k
147.Parry Sound <10k
148.Tim Curry <10k
149.Pierce <10k
150.Kinsella <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

City of Toronto
City of Toronto ()

#CityofTO proclaims John Candy Day on October 31 in Toronto. News release:

John Candy,Twitter trends in Canada now
Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon
Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon ()

This is Canadian Cross-Culturalism. Enjoy the fusion of Ottawa Valley style of Celtic Step dancing by Evelyn Rae Mage from Cambridge, Ontario and Punjabi Bhangra dancing by Gurdeep Pandher from the Yukon! Fiddle-player: Kristi Coleman Dorland

TSN ()

Bobby Orr endorses Donald Trump in Presidential election. MORE:

Bobby Orr,Twitter trends in Canada now
Michelle Rempel Garner
Michelle Rempel Garner ()

To all the witches out there, keep rocking it. #samhain #halloween

Sportsnet ()

The Ontario Hockey League will not have bodychecking this coming season.

CBC News
CBC News ()

To bend the epidemic curve and reduce transmission to lower levels … we must really reduce our number of contacts as much as possible, said Dr. Theresa Tam.

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

Comment se fait-il qu’on laisse ce vil personnage qui a plusieurs fois prêché l’élimination totale des non-musulmans propager sa haine au Canada? Le gouvernement attend-il que des innocents se fassent décapiter par des terroristes islamistes comme en France avant d’intervenir?

juno (lil bit spooked😅)
Juno (lil bit spooked😅) ()

Kyle Dubas Kyle Dubas on Monday-Thursday Fridays

Kyle Dubas,Twitter trends in Canada now
Journal de Montréal
Journal de Montréal ()

«On doit demander la démission de Justin Trudeau», dit le politologue Loïc Tassé (via @QubRadio). #JDM

Matt Morris🇨🇦
Matt Morris🇨🇦 ()

Bobby Orr is one of very few NHLers or celebrities that I would like to meet. He is a true Canadian hero! Only reason he is US-based, is because of Canada’s catastrophic GOVT policies & crippling taxes. BOBBY ORR FOR PM! DON CHERRY FOR GG! THEO FLEURY FOR PUBLIC SAFETY!

CTV News Winnipeg
CTV News Winnipeg ()

BREAKING: Winnipeg Metro Region moving to code red restrictions due to rise in COVID-19 cases

Code Red,Twitter trends in Canada now
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Hamilton Tiger-Cats ()

Wherever I go, he goes. 👤| @Simoni_Lawrence #Ticats | #TheMandolorian

#TheMandolorian,Twitter trends in Canada now
John Moore
John Moore ()

Former @SMUMensHockey coach Trevor Stienburg joins @NHLSeattle_ to scout Atlantic bubble. 2nd inter/ guest on CFBC. #QMJHL

QMJHL,Twitter trends in Canada now
Food Day Canada
Food Day Canada ()

Tonight they will light up ⁦@NiagaraFalls⁩ red and white in honour of our founder Anita Stewart. Shining a light on Canadian cuisine was her joy and passion.❤️ #Canadaisfood

Anita Stewart,Twitter trends in Canada now
juno (lil bit spooked😅)
Juno (lil bit spooked😅) ()

Kyle Dubas traded Hutchinson to get Calle Rosen back into the organization (after trading him there) then signed Hutchinson again

Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn ()

The end result of tonight’s #LFA94 main event, where Lupita Godinez won the strawweight title from Vanessa Demopoulos. Good grief.

#LFA94,Twitter trends in Canada now
Manitoba Government
Manitoba Government ()

Effective Monday, November 2, 2020, the Winnipeg Metro Region will move to the Critical level 🛑 on the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System and will include the following changes. Learn more at #MBPRS

Winnipeg Metro Region,Twitter trends in Canada now
CapFriendly ()

Joey Anderson #Leafs $750,000 AAV Breakdown: 2020-21: $700,000 / $175,000 2021-22: $750,000 / $100,000 ($250,000 guaranteed) 2022-23: $800,000 Anderson will be an RFA with Arbitration rights when his new deal expires in 2023.

Joey Anderson,Twitter trends in Canada now
Madsnotmikkelson ()

Rising Hydro rates, many teachers on the brink of a nervous breakdown, and more people needlessly dying from a preventable pandemic so your rich donors can keep their doors open. Thanks Doug!

Sportsnet ()

Michael Hutchinson returns to the Maple Leafs on a two-year, two-way contract worth $ million. #NHLFreeAgency