Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: August 13th, 2022 04:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Trump 3M+
2.Nuclear 1M+
3.The Thing 646K+
4.The Game 618K+
5.Espionage 577K+
6.Salman Rushdie 374K+
7.Garland 373K+
8.Top Secret 294K+
9.Fox News 137K+
10.Breitbart 114K+
11.Jared 111K+
12.Saudis 104K+
13.Anne Heche 98K+
14.Félix 78K+
15.Tatis 72K+
16.Fatwa 67K+
17.First Game 65K+
18.Teddy Ray 64K+
19.Le 12 58K+
20.#InternationalYouthDay 56K+
21.Jets 55K+
22.Tucker 53K+
23.Bolton 52K+
24.#SmackDown 51K+
25.Haikyuu 46K+
26.Best Game 43K+
27.Maid 41K+
28.49ers 40K+
29.Hinata 38K+
30.Roberto 38K+
31.Another World 36K+
32.The Satanic Verses 31K+
33.Last Game 28K+
34.Devi 27K+
35.Tower of Fantasy 24K+
36.Cult of the Lamb 22K+
37.Joan of Arc 22K+
38.Tulsi 21K+
39.Zach Wilson 19K+
40.Kendrick 16K+
41.Sonny 16K+
42.Doug Ford 15K+
43.Emergencies Act 14K+
44.Tommy Lee 12K+ b <10K
46.Daily Quordle 201 <10K
47.Daily Quordle 200 <10K
48.Holy Christ <10K
49.Wordle 420 X <10K
50.Atkins <10K
51.#TeamBee <10K
52.#EHCon2022 <10K
53.Intergenerational Solidarity <10K
54.Christy Clark <10K
55.Worst Game <10K
56.Ruud <10K
57.Swerve <10K
58.#Caturday <10K
59.Hit Row <10K
60.#freecodefridaycontest <10K
61.Berrios <10K
62.Sonny Kiss <10K
63.#abstorm <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Social media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont.

Four years ago today, Wayne Rooney provided this incredible assist for the stoppage time game winner. 🤯

We go live to the interim Ontario Liberal leader John Fraser stoically staring unblinking into a camera as he chews a mouthful of wasps as a single bead of sweat runs down his forehead.

CBC News
CBC News

Former British Columbia Premier Christy Clark endorsed Jean Charest on Wednesday to be the next leader of the federal Conservatives, at a time when she says the party is racing to the extremes.

Thank you Dr. Caulfield. Embarrassing that the self evident needs to be stated over & over again. I can deal with dough heads posting on Twitter. But when people holding and seeking public office stoop and bow to them, we know democracy needs boosters.


You just have that feeling this one will go down to the #CFL things, you know? #CFLGameday

Twitter trends in Canada today - #CFLGameday by CFL

Canada developing digital ID; Feminism vs. Reality; Four jabs in a year for Freeland @TheVoiceAlexa and @Kay_Whoa are LIVE for Rebel News Daily (weekdays at 12 ET / 10 MT).

-> Calls #FreedomConvoy supporters brain-challenged fascists -> Openly supports a politician who illegally invoked the Emergencies Act and the granddaughter of a Nazi collaborator 😒

Twitter trends in Canada today - Emergencies Act by Lunar Archivist

Severe thunderstorms are possible over southern and west-central AB today and tonight with gusty winds and hail being the main threats. Stay up to date on our alerts by downloading our WeatherCan App or by visiting our website: #ABStorm

Twitter trends in Canada today - #abstorm by ECCC Weather Alberta

Excitement in Indigenous communities as salmon get past Fraser slide zone


Yer a wizard, 🧙‍♂️ #CFLGameday | @TorontoArgos

The negotiated agreement between the truckers and City was signed on the Saturday. Logistics mtg was held @ city hall Sunday afternoon. Trucks started moving Monday morning. They were successful. But then Trudeau invoked Emergencies Act. I was there and did the negotiations.


🇨🇦 Felix Auger-Aliassime punched his ticket to the @OBNmontreal quarter-finals while Bianca Andreescu bowed out of @NBOtoronto following a three-set battle. Check out some of the top moments from Day 4 of #NBO22 ⤵️

Fans ❤️ Beatriz Haddad Maia and Beatriz ❤️’s the fans What a night for the Brazilian star 🇧🇷 #NBO22

Raise his name to the rafters. We will soon forget who won the hockey games during your tenure as an Oiler but you will never be forgotten. #LetterstotheEditor