Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: June 30th, 2022 12:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Trump 1M+
2.NATO 577K+
3.Cassidy Hutchinson 366K+
4.Secret Service 247K+
5.WILD 195K+
6.Maxwell 171K+
7.R Kelly 149K+
8.R. Kelly 142K+
9.Murray 107K+
10.Ghislaine Maxwell 106K+
11.Spurs 89K+
12.Victor 78K+
13.Baymax 78K+
14.Sunbreak 71K+
15.Danica 63K+
16.Rage 57K+
17.Atlanta 56K+
18.Dejounte 56K+
19.Hawks 55K+
20.Diana 54K+
21.Omar 52K+
22.Kings 46K+
23.#MsMarvel 41K+
24.Trae 40K+
25.Ekin 38K+
26.Ottawa 36K+
27.Sens 35K+
28.#AEWDynamite 33K+
29.Harden 27K+
30.Shouting 26K+
31.Sammy 25K+
32.Claudio 25K+
33.Canada Day 24K+
34.Elmo 22K+
35.Minnesota 17K+
36.Holland 17K+
37.Buck 16K+
38.Santana 15K+
39.Fiala 14K+
40.Wright 14K+
41.#RHOBH 13K+
42.#BloodAndGuts 13K+
43.Tamara Lich 11K+
44.Killing in the Name 11K+
45.Miles Bridges 11K+
46.Rogers 10K+
47.Vlad 10K+
48.Memorial Cup <10K
49.DeBrincat <10K
50.#Jays <10K
51.Daily Quordle 156 <10K
52.Sea Dogs <10K
53.ODSP <10K
54.Jericho <10K
55.#CanadaDay2022 <10K
56.Springer <10K
57.order of canada <10K
58.Air Canada <10K
59.#AEWBloodAndGuts <10K
60.Ottawa Police <10K
61.Verdugo <10K
62.Gardiner MacDougall <10K
63.Phelps <10K
64.East Van <10K
65.MPPs <10K
66.#IMFC <10K
67.Tapia <10K
68.CRTC <10K
69.Thanks Trudeau <10K
70.#bcwinechat <10K
71.Saint John <10K
72.Kamara <10K
73.#twitchstreaming <10K
74.Manoah <10K
75.Romo <10K
76.alek manoah <10K
77.Pivetta <10K
78.George Springer <10K
79.Biggio <10K
80.Hastings <10K
81.Red Sox <10K
82.Dorion <10K
83.Value Village <10K
84.William Dufour <10K
85.#shakepaid <10K
86.#MemorialCup <10K
87.Teachable <10K
88.waterman <10K
89.Vladdy <10K
90.#CFMTL <10K
92.RATM <10K
93.July and August <10K
94.Wordle 375 X <10K
95.#mnwild <10K
96.#NextLevel <10K
97.Slaf <10K
98.Butts <10K
99.Bulldogs <10K
100.#TFCLive <10K
101.Saanich <10K
102.Nylander <10K
103.Toye <10K
104.Jordan Peterson <10K
105.Coupe Memorial <10K
106.Faber <10K
107.Romano <10K
108.Breza <10K
109.Ayton <10K
110.Rage Against the Machine <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

A soft-rock station in Vancouver has been playing Killing In the Name Of by Rage Against the Machine for hours on a loop. Whenever someone calls in for a request, they deny it and replay the Rage song again.

omg the hosts have changed over. Someone called in asking for Slayer. the host: Slayer? I hardly know her! then Killing In the Name started again


Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez completed his final cancer treatment on Tuesday and is hoping to rejoin the booth sometime after the all-star break.

Please be advised, a number of fine amounts have been increased so as to ensure a safe and respectful Canada Day. #OttCity #OttNews

Twitter trends in Canada today - Canada Day by Ottawa By-law

On July 1st we will be celebrating Canada Day, the Canadian flag and Canada, no matter how much some people find it offensive.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Canada Day by Canada Proud

I have just tested positive for COVID-19. I am feeling fine. I am grateful that my vaccinations are up to date, including my 4th shot. I will now isolate. Teachable moment, make sure your vaccinations are up to date - protect yourself, others and our healthcare system.

Hello from LeBreton Flats Park, Ottawa! 🍁 Come and watch me performing Punjabi Bhangra on this stage on Canada Day (noon and evening). 🍁 You can also join my 45-minute Bhangra workshop on July 1st at 4 PM at Place des Festivals Zibi in Gatineau. 🍁 #CanadaDay2022 #CanadaDay

Twitter trends in Canada today - #CanadaDay2022 by Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon

Perhaps @ratm will donate the royalties from this marathon to the people who lost their jobs


Nick Pivetta hit Alejandro Kirk on an inside pitch and Vladdy was not happy about it 😳


The Saint John Sea Dogs are your 2022 Memorial Cup Champions after beating the Hamilton Bulldogs, 6-3! 🏆

Twitter trends in Canada today - Memorial Cup by TSN

The Saint John Sea Dogs win the 2022 Memorial Cup, defeating the Hamilton Bulldogs, 6-3.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Bulldogs by Sportsnet

Our sincerest congratulations to Elder Dr. Reg Crowshoe and Elder Rose Crowshoe for being appointed to the Order of Canada.

Twitter trends in Canada today - order of canada by United Way of Calgary and Area

A brace from Mason Toye was enough for @cfmontreal to take all 3️⃣ points in Seattle, despite going behind early on the road. 👏

Twitter trends in Canada today - Toye by Major League Soccer

It all comes down to the @BulldogsOHL take on the @SJSeaDogs in the Memorial Cup final 🏆 Catch the action LIVE on TSN1/3 or stream on the TSN website/the TSN app at 6pm ET/3pm PT. MORE:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Memorial Cup by TSN

A quick attack, and a great finish from Mason Toye to equalize for #CFMTL.