Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: October 17th, 2021 04:45 AM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.jungkook 996K+ tweets
2.Minecraft 925K+ tweets
3.Adele 413K+ tweets
4.Allay 327K+ tweets
5.Nintendo 271K+ tweets
6.Animal Crossing 251K+ tweets
7.Copper Golem 195K+ tweets
8.Glare 181K+ tweets
9.ACNH 171K+ tweets
10.Batman 136K+ tweets
11.Sir David Amess 135K+ tweets
12.Mendy 128K+ tweets
13.#RestoreTheSnyderVerse 107K+ tweets
14.#WorldFoodDay 106K+ tweets
15.#DCFanDome 99K+ tweets
16.Manchin 97K+ tweets
17.Astros 97K+ tweets
18.Chelsea 96K+ tweets
19.Ronaldo 88K+ tweets
20.Matic 87K+ tweets
21.The Rock 81K+ tweets
22.Holocaust 79K+ tweets
23.#TheBatman 74K+ tweets
24.Liverpool 72K+ tweets
25.Mane 67K+ tweets
26.Bobby 63K+ tweets
27.Leicester 61K+ tweets
28.#BlackAdam 58K+ tweets
29.tommy 58K+ tweets
30.#MUFC 52K+ tweets
31.The Batman 52K+ tweets
32.Correa 52K+ tweets
33.#BRECHE 50K+ tweets
34.Premier League 50K+ tweets
35.#YouNetflix 48K+ tweets
36.Greenwood 47K+ tweets
37.#WATLIV 47K+ tweets
38.Watford 46K+ tweets
39.FROGGY CHAIR 45K+ tweets
40.#LEIMUN 45K+ tweets
41.Halloween Kills 44K+ tweets
42.Iowa 43K+ tweets
43.Robert Pattinson 43K+ tweets
44.Brentford 42K+ tweets
45.KARL 39K+ tweets
46.#TheFlash 39K+ tweets
47.Manchester United 37K+ tweets
48.Mason 37K+ tweets
49.U of T 36K+ tweets
50.Mo Salah 35K+ tweets
51.#YOUSEASON3 35K+ tweets
52.Joseph 35K+ tweets
53.#OleOut 35K+ tweets
54.Man U 34K+ tweets
55.Mac Miller 34K+ tweets
56.Epstein 31K+ tweets
57.Wolves 30K+ tweets
58.Queens 28K+ tweets
59.Lazio 27K+ tweets
60.Michael Caine 26K+ tweets
61.Joe Rogan 25K+ tweets
62.Man United 25K+ tweets
63.québec 25K+ tweets
64.Good Saturday 25K+ tweets
65.Altuve 25K+ tweets
66.#SaturdayThoughts 24K+ tweets
67.Jensen 24K+ tweets
68.#MinecraftLive 24K+ tweets
69.Stromae 24K+ tweets
70.Vardy 23K+ tweets
71.#screenshotsaturday 21K+ tweets
72.Leeds 21K+ tweets
73.Pogba 19K+ tweets
74.Lukaku 18K+ tweets
75.Rashford 17K+ tweets
76.Hazard 16K+ tweets
77.Buffalo 16K+ tweets
78.Nolan 16K+ tweets
79.#SaturdayMorning 16K+ tweets
80.#GothamKnights 15K+ tweets
81.Flyers 15K+ tweets
82.Game Day 15K+ tweets
83.Agnes 15K+ tweets
84.Chilwell 14K+ tweets
85.Roberts 13K+ tweets
86.Sancho 13K+ tweets
87.Werner 12K+ tweets
88.Danielson 12K+ tweets
89.Firmino 12K+ tweets
90.Tielemans 12K+ tweets
91.#ALCS 11K+ tweets
92.Trent 11K+ tweets
93.Jota 11K+ tweets
94.Maguire 10K+ tweets
95.#Caturday 10K+ tweets
96.Gotham Knights 10K+ tweets
97.#UFCVegas40 <10K tweets
98.Larkin <10K tweets
99.Thugger <10K tweets
100.#SaturdayVibes <10K tweets
101.Sabres <10K tweets
102.Iheanacho <10K tweets
103.#YouS3 <10K tweets
104.corey hirsch <10K tweets
105.#CFMTL <10K tweets
106.Canes <10K tweets
107.Battle of Alberta <10K tweets
108.Hanson <10K tweets
109.#Flames1stGoal <10K tweets
110.De Gea <10K tweets
111.Verify Ontario <10K tweets
112.#HNIC <10K tweets
113.Sarr <10K tweets
114.Zamboni <10K tweets
115.Drogba <10K tweets
116.Kovacic <10K tweets
117.Centre Bell <10K tweets
118.#OLPAGM <10K tweets
119.Bailly <10K tweets
120.Paquette <10K tweets
121.#YNWA <10K tweets
122.Anthony Taylor <10K tweets
123.#NHLBruins <10K tweets
124.Holl <10K tweets
125.Ranieri <10K tweets
126.Alex Bishop <10K tweets
127.Brett <10K tweets
128.Danny Rose <10K tweets
129.Coyotes <10K tweets
130.Sean Chu <10K tweets
131.David Ayres <10K tweets
132.#Leonhart <10K tweets
133.Giroux <10K tweets
134.Gurdeep <10K tweets
135.Wolastoqiyik <10K tweets
136.Lindelof <10K tweets
137.#CHHatTrick <10K tweets
138.#Redblacks <10K tweets
139.Carter Hart <10K tweets
140.La Beauce <10K tweets
141.Dubas <10K tweets
142.Leafs <10K tweets
143.#RNation <10K tweets
144.Milner <10K tweets
145.Moncton <10K tweets
146.#MUNLEI <10K tweets
147.Matt Reeves <10K tweets
148.Doug Flutie <10K tweets
149.#IMFC <10K tweets
150.Jack Hughes <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

THE PATIENCE. 😱 What an @EASPORTSNHL OT winner from Jack Hughes! #NHLFaceOff

You are a true imbecile. Did you miss @DaveChappelle’s last story in his latest show? Did you miss his jokes about space Jews (I’m Jewish with tons of family in Israel)? Stop being such a whiny faux-victim. You could not have survived 5 minutes of my childhood in Lebanon.

Just FILTHY 😤 With his second goal of the night, Jack Hughes pots the @SUBWAYCanada OT winner for the @NJDevils. #NHLonSN

Wrestling fans are getting CM Punk x Matt Sydal and Becky Lynch x Sasha Banks at the exact same time, live, on a random Friday night. Competition is good! It’s healthy! Raises everyone’s game. Enjoy, fans. Been 20+ years since this was a thing.


🚨 17 SECONDS INTO THE GAME 🚨 Dougie Hamilton gets his first with the @NJDevils! #NHLFaceOff

Oh my Claude 🤯 The Flyers captain buries a beauty to tie it and send it to overtime. #NHLonSN | #NHLFaceOff

Welcome to the @NHL, Vasily Podkolzin. 🚨 #NHLonSN | #NHLFaceOff


The Leafs have signed University of Toronto goalie Alex Bishop to a one-day amateur tryout ahead of their game against the Senators.

Alex Bishop - Twitter trends in Canada now

A number of media outlets claimed a young teen had died of COVID-19. When the legacy media started pushing their fake news, the teen’s family revealed that he had actually passed away because of brain cancer. I discuss on The Candice Malcolm Show.

Elias Pettersson on Podkolzin: He’s been working so hard. He’s a great guy to have on the team. Always comes with a smile to practice. #Canucks @Sportsnet650



Some slick moves from Jack Hughes 🤩 #NHLonSN | #NHLFaceOff