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Twitter trends in Canada now - Flames, Québec, Montreal, Curry, Sarah, jaehyun, #TheBachelor, Jagmeet, Jake Allen.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Trump 3294615
2.COVID-19 920378
3.GOT7 889447
4.China 534230
5.namjoon 516017
6.jungkook 471556
7.Vlive 337787
8.Sehun 296805
9.Team India 237810
10.Green 229748
11.eric 186345
12.jaehyun 170362
13.#XIAOZHAN_DOUYIN2021 149754
14.Nigeria 146063
15.Gill 133558
16.seokjin 127340
17.Warriors 117073
18.Gabba 116550
19.Sarah 111517
20.Pant 105233
21.#ONEUS_DEVIL_NoDiggity 102594
22.Lakers 98957
23.Classic 95560
24.Victoria 94677
25.joon 80951
26.#TheBachelor 76933
27.singh 76159
28.Tory 72615
29.Curry 72152
30.Lebron 67635
31.#TeamIndia 64554
32.Adelaide 62337
33.Wyoming 60529
34.Steph 58482
35.Paine 56931
36.Obamas 55721
37.#WWERaw 52126
38.Siraj 52013
39.Mac Miller 49784
40.#INDvAUS 47978
41.#InaugurationDay 47282
42.Bucks 44951
43.Katie 44737
44.Garth Brooks 42524
45.Irving 42227
46.Rahane 41175
47.Diana 40880
48.Mets 40708
49.#AUSvsIND 38820
50.Nurse 38041
51.Luka 37607
52.Sundar 35679
53.JUNGKOOKS 35487
54.Ontario 35022
55.Aussies 31914
56.#tuesdaymotivations 31628
57.Tim Paine 27847
58.Trudeau 27839
59.Giannis 26857
60.Hannity 25501
61.Jets 24411
62.#honktwtselfieday 23539
63.chungha 23514
64.Bron 22581
65.#BorderGavaskarTrophy 20426
66.Shore 20325
67.Flames 20171
68.CBC News 19926
69.Lampard 19688
70.Pujara 19623
71.Sandy 19360
72.Bill Barr 18796
73.Conservative Party 18591
74.Stanley 17759
75.#Cricket 17739
76.Thakur 16127
77.Montreal 15850
78.Sloan 15772
79.Canadians 15600
80.Dolly 14580
81.Oubre 14573
82.Raptors 14469
83.The CPC 14005
84.Québec 13477
85.#tuesdayvibe 12818
86.#IndiavsAustralia 12260
87.Steph Curry 11949
88.Draymond 11510
89.Lilly 11237
90.Dane 10687
91.Michelin 10612
92.Yellen 10549
93.Raphaël André <10k
94.Holl <10k
95.Kyle Connor <10k
96.#GoHabsGo <10k
97.Vanguard <10k
98.Koskinen <10k
99.Fromm <10k
100.Dannery Pop-Up Sofa Bed <10k
101.Middleton <10k
102.Joe Exotic <10k
103.Scheifele <10k
104.Klefbom <10k
105.Petry <10k
106.Amérique <10k
107.Habs <10k
108.Doncic <10k
109.St. Catharines <10k
110.#ShotgunJake <10k
111.Oilers <10k
112.Jack Armstrong <10k
113.Laurentides <10k
114.Jake Evans <10k
115.#VANvsCGY <10k
116.North Bay <10k
117.Pierre Houde <10k
118.Dundas <10k
119.noah beck <10k
120.Tavares <10k
121.Angela Merkel <10k
122.#DubNation <10k
123.Jared Porter <10k
124.pettersson <10k
125.Draisaitl <10k
126.#NationalPopcornDay <10k
127.Muzzin <10k
128.Mr. Singh <10k
129.Kassian <10k
130.Mavs <10k
131.Sutter <10k
132.nuge <10k
133.Romanov <10k
134.#CofRed <10k
135.arruda <10k
136.Gallagher <10k
137.Couche-Tard <10k
138.mitch marner <10k
139.Chatwood <10k
140.Benning <10k
141.McDavid <10k
142.freddie <10k
143.Tippett <10k
144.#polqc <10k
145.#IndianCricketTeam <10k
146.Matt Thomas <10k
147.Halifax <10k
148.Roussel <10k
149.Chiasson <10k
150.Wiggins <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Jagmeet Singh
Jagmeet Singh ()

President-Elect Biden has been clear on his KXL position from the start Justin Trudeau knew this, did nothing and let Albertans down Cdns deserve more than pretty words from him They deserve a plan that will fight climate change and help energy workers get good jobs that last

Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

Masked police in Montreal chasing down a Jew who was caught praying despite the lockdown. If you know the victim, have him go to and we’ll give him a lawyer for free.

TSN ()

This gospel rendition of O Canada with Martina Ortiz Luis will give you goosebumps. 😳🇨🇦

Parker Mackay
Parker Mackay ()

Pretty incredible how our community went from total joy after the Six Invitational info dropped to universal misery after news leaked about Tempra dropping their entire roster.

David Akin 🇨🇦
David Akin 🇨🇦 ()

There was a time when O’Toole was not “outraged” about something @DerekSloanCPC did. In fact, O’Toole in July boasted he was the only #CPC (Ontario) MP to keep Sloan in caucus. (From FB’s ad library — July 26)

The CPC,Twitter trends in Canada now
ET Canada
ET Canada ()

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have reportedly split after almost a year together

Sportsnet ()

Wow. 🇨🇦 This rendition of O Canada with @itzmartinaol is amazing. #NHLonSN

Lance Hornby
Lance Hornby ()

Marner on what Neil Pionk did to him on the empty net goal and what Mark Scheifele chirped at him: Who cares, we won the game.

Canada ()

DYK that Winnie-the-Pooh, the “hunny” loving character created by A. A. Milne, was named after a real-life 🇨🇦 bear? Winnipeg (Winnie for short) lived in the London Zoo and was brought there by Canadian soldier and veterinarian Harry Colebourn. #WinnieThePoohDay

#WinnieThePoohDay,Twitter trends in Canada now
Isaac ()

אז אלה שמתבכיינים כל יום על חוסר משילות מבקשים אישור של נכד של איזה רב כדי לקבוע מדיניות סגרים? טוב.

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Thatcher Demko was the first goalie off the ice at morning skate in Calgary, per @Fan960Wills #Canucks

PressProgress ()

UPDATE: We’ve added additional info showing neo-Nazi Paul Fromm solicited donations for Sloan’s leadership campaign. His website praised Sloan as “the only immigration reformer running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.” #cdnpoli

Fromm,Twitter trends in Canada now
Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

“I was just disappointed in myself. Letting the team down. Taking another stupid penalty. They scored another goal.” - Elias Pettersson on the shot of him in the penalty box #Canucks

The Post Millennial
The Post Millennial ()

Homeless man dies in Montreal in front of homeless shelter closed due to COVID

Juno ()

Was expecting clap bomb bazongas from the point from Lehtonen tonight but instead I’m witnessing a really calm and effective defensive display from the guy

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

Connor Hellebuyck was solid all night which earns him the @HerculesTires Performer of the Game!

Hellebuyck,Twitter trends in Canada now
Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

“We’re going to come out at home with a lot of energy and a lot of passion.” - Thatcher Demko #Canucks

Yahoo Sports Canada
Yahoo Sports Canada ()

Another day, another double-double for Chris Boucher 🇨🇦

Chris Boucher,Twitter trends in Canada now
Narcity Canada
Narcity Canada ()

Jagmeet Singh Just Shared The Most Uplifting Message In Tribute To Martin Luther King #Canada #News

Sheila Gunn Reid
Sheila Gunn Reid ()

Wolverine prez, Matt Hipwell affidavit: The 40% sales reduction. 6 of Wolverine product lines are prohibited. $100s of thousands of dead inventory. Huge loss of sales of accessories. Liberals responded NBD, cuz Wolverine could replace these sales With what? Who TF knows?