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Updated: August 8th, 2022 01:41 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Gaza 758K+
2.Israel 572K+
3.Insulin 541K+
4.Manchester United 314K+
5.Brighton 303K+
6.Haaland 217K+
7.Palestinian 185K+
8.Ten Hag 177K+
9.CPAC 144K+
10.Palestine 141K+
11.McTominay 112K+
12.Sandman 93K+
13.Maguire 92K+
14.#Evo2022 89K+
15.Rashford 88K+
16.Sanchez 83K+
17.Predator 70K+
18.Hatsune Miku 53K+
19.Castro 51K+
20.Prey 50K+
21.Gaga 44K+
22.#sundayvibes 39K+
23.The Sandman 37K+
24.Twins 31K+
25.McFred 31K+
26.Jasmine 31K+
27.Juri 30K+
28.Strive 28K+
29.Dalot 27K+
30.DeGrom 27K+
31.Roger Waters 24K+
32.FaZe 24K+
33.Kobe 23K+
34.Paolo 22K+
35.Kimberly 21K+
36.Turner 21K+
37.Dejounte Murray 18K+
38.Dejounte 17K+
39.Tekken 8 17K+
40.Guilty Gear 15K+
41.Harden 15K+
42.Idom 14K+
43.Daigo 14K+
44.Bridget 13K+
45.Bilal 12K+
46.Romano 10K+
47.#90DayFiance <10K
48.Jibri <10K
49.Daily Quordle 195 <10K
50.Mike Fisher <10K
51.Harada <10K
52.#Kultureland <10K
53.Nunavut <10K
54.Scottie <10K
55.Jhene <10K
56.Gausman <10K
57.Athabasca <10K
58.Marlo <10K
59.Chris Jones <10K
60.Conrad Black <10K
61.Popcaan <10K
62.Anne Heche <10K
63.SPVM <10K
64.Tokido <10K
65.Pete Rose <10K
66.neve campbell <10K
67.Harvick <10K
68.Fierté Montréal <10K
69.Comanche <10K
70.Malcolm Gladwell <10K
71.Thais <10K
72.Comprised <10K
73.Baldelli <10K
74.#KingstonFest <10K
75.Leffen <10K
76.#CHROMATICABallToronto <10K
77.Rourke <10K
78.mayza <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


Sid the Kid turns 3️⃣5️⃣ today! 🎂🐧 What is your favourite Sidney Crosby memory? 🤔

Michael- I think I am going to have to tell them tonight. Turner- That you are not (targeting Monte)? Michael- That I am heavily leaning towards not doing it. See if they get desperate and will say stuff tomorrow #BB24


GOAL 🇨🇦🇨🇦 Jonathan David applies his Ice-man cool to score AGAIN and give #LOSC a 3-0 lead over Auxerre! 🥶 #Ligue1 | 🔴

First Neve Campbell, now Skeet Ulrich. Both SCREAM stars postponed their appearances at New Jersey’s Monster-Mania Con (Aug. 12-14) due to filming. (Let’s hope SCREAM 6 is on their schedule somewhere). They were recently replaced by David Arquette & Marley Shelton. 👏🏼🔪

Twitter trends in Canada today - Neve Campbell by Tristan

🎥 Slow Motion Replay Let’s talk about @nathan_rourke’s accuracy & @RealBBurnham perfectly placed toes 🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵 #RoarLikeNeverBefore


Damn, I’m seeing reports that Fyre Fest is literally happening in TO right now. #jerkfest #KingstonFest

Multiple people are in hospital with serious injuries, including an armed suspect who was shot by #VPD officers in the 900 block of Granville Street late last evening. More information will be released when it is available. There is no risk to public safety at this time.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Granville by Vancouver Police

477 yards + 5 TD: 😮‍💨 Nathan Rourke and the @BCLions were simply on another level Saturday night. #CFL

Ce matin nous avons publié un texte imprécis. Pour clarifier, la décision d’annuler le Défilé a été prise par Fierté Montréal. La raison est bien celle communiquée : un manque du personnel pour assurer la sécurité le long du parcours. @SPVM n’était pas impliquée dans la décision.

Evergreen question: Someone explain what Lourdes Gurriel Jr. was doing on the basepaths?

As per @FriedgeHNIC, Mason Appleton #NHLJets 3 year / $6,500,000 contract $2,166,667 AAV The deal buys Winnipeg 1 RFA Arb year and 2 UFA years. Appleton had an arbitration hearing scheduled for Aug 11.

Alright CFL fans, if you had to decide right now who would win MOP? Zach Collaros or Nathan Rourke?? 🏈

Jonathan David is special! What a game my goodness!! How much more likely is a transfer after one game like that? #CanMNT


I think that we had a great week of practice, the guys worked really hard and we had a really good game plan. Nathan Rourke credits the entire squad for massive win 💪🏾 🎥 POST-Game presented by @theprovince #RoarLikeNeverBefore


Jets, Appleton avoid arbitration with three-year deal. MORE:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Mason Appleton by TSN