Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.#ButterVideoTeaser 865710
2.COVID-19 722273
3.Apple 417468
4.GFRIEND 399753
5.taemin 372529
6.Coronavirus 303625
7.namjoon 265737
8.Jhope 192677
9.Benzema 192329
10.Bangtan 185725
11.HOSEOK 148658
12.hobi 136797
13.JIHYO 127470
14.felix 123499
15.#OurSong 106208
16.Eula 103701
17.#MUFC 100493
18.Thomas 94288
19.Cavani 90392
20.taeyong 85246
21.McCarthy 74801
22.Ranboo 74366
23.Leicester 69987
24.Constitution 64641
25.Deschamps 63274
26.Kwame 63242
27.#Eurovision 57891
28.Kwame Brown 52889
29.niki 51561
30.Tamil 51431
31.Positivity 51331
32.Perez 50704
33.TYLER 49830
34.The Guardian 45116
35.TUBBO 44971
36.Prince Harry 44151
37.Werner 43387
38.#tuesdaymotivations 43188
39.Fury 39672
40.#MUNFUL 37950
41.Ukraine 37819
42.Airbnb 35316
43.Booked 33910
44.#CHELEI 33884
45.Kante 32171
46.Brighton 31557
47.Rudiger 29371
48.Line 5 28797
49.Benghazi 26402
50.Summit 26126
51.Kevin McCarthy 25835
52.Shrek 25121
53.Porsche 23479
54.Pierre 22905
55.Olympics 20047
56.JUNGKOOKS 19929
57.Good Tuesday 19681
58.Giroud 19476
60.Pong 19057
61.Burna 19013
62.Karachi 18636
63.Quebec 17966
64.Daniela 17663
65.Québec 17081
66.Charles Grodin 16596
67.#tuesdayvibe 15270
68.Hornets 14599
69.Joe Rogan 14486
70.The IEA 14390
71.Canadians 14287
72.Days Gone 14183
73.Hamilton 14136
74.Fulham 13841
75.MacBook 13392
76.Katie Porter 13180
77.Old Trafford 13164
78.Montréal 13050
79.Janet 12941
80.Lori 12755
81.#FFXIVAlienwareSweepstakes 12708
82.Mike Dean 12209
83.Kagame 11972
84.Naomi Campbell 11557
85.Haitian 11427
86.CBC News 11343
87.#Haitianflagday 11016
88.Le 28 10638
89.Julien 10084
90.Landeskog <10k
91.Lindelof <10k
92.Connie <10k
93.Horvat <10k
94.Elton John <10k
95.Bergevin <10k
96.#InternationalMuseumDay <10k
97.Charles McVety <10k
98.Soundgarden <10k
99.Clifford <10k
100.Medicago <10k
101.Merrill <10k
102.Kassian <10k
103.Legault <10k
104.Midnight Run <10k
105.#ontariovaccine <10k
106.#YIAYclass <10k
107.Centre Bell <10k
108.Sedins <10k
110.#GoogleIO <10k
111.#CanadianInnovationWeek <10k
112.Red Wings <10k
113.iMac <10k
114.Taco Tuesday <10k
115.Laurentides <10k
116.GEORGE LORE <10k
117.Grubauer <10k
118.Bryce Hall <10k
119.Vaughan <10k
120.Linden <10k
121.Saguenay <10k
122.Isayama <10k
123.#abstorm <10k
124.Hamonic <10k
125.Weston <10k
126.#flames1stgoal <10k
127.Prince Albert <10k
128.Beethoven <10k
129.Patrick Roy <10k
130.#deconfinement <10k
131.Bill C10 <10k
132.jordan binnington <10k
133.Guy Lafleur <10k
134.Lockwood <10k
135.Plan Sud <10k
136.Eric Trump <10k
137.MacKinnon <10k
138.Ducharme <10k
139.OHIP <10k
140.Hinshaw <10k
141.TD Bank <10k
142.Chantal <10k
143.Pulisic <10k
144.Canada Road Safety Week <10k
145.Evan Hansen <10k
146.Marco Polo <10k
147.#ForestofReading <10k
148.Phase 2 <10k
149.GTA 5 <10k
150.Bloc <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

The Canadian Academy
The Canadian Academy ()

The winner of Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series is Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A @SchittCreek Farewell. Congratulations! @CBC #CdnScreenAwards

#CdnScreenAwards,Twitter trends in Canada now
𝘽𝙧𝙮𝙖𝙣 𝙋𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙪𝙢𝙚
𝘽𝙧𝙮𝙖𝙣 𝙋𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙪𝙢𝙚 ()

Why is Canada’s Prime Minister pretending his boring old HP laptopis a trendy MacBook in official @liberal_party photos? The Apple logo sticker isn’t even on straight, and you can see the laptop’s HP logo underneath #cdnpoli

MacBook,Twitter trends in Canada now
Gad Saad
Gad Saad ()

This feels very warm, tolerant, multicultural, and Canadian. Jews who feel unsafe by this procession of love are bigots. @JustinTrudeau, as a Lebanese Jew, I thank you for triggering a warm nostalgia of my childhood. Diversity is indeed our strength!

CBC News
CBC News ()

The federal government has announced a $200-million investment to help a Mississauga, company build a plant that can churn out millions of mRNA vaccines. @JPTasker

Toronto Marlies
Toronto Marlies ()

MARLIES WIN!! Toronto wins fourth straight, shutting out Laval. #MarliesLive | @OntarioLottery

Marlies,Twitter trends in Canada now
Room Rater
Room Rater ()

Room Rater In Memoriam. Architect Helmut Jahn has died. He was 81 years old.

Helmut,Twitter trends in Canada now
The Canadian Academy
The Canadian Academy ()

The winner for Best Host, Talk Show or Entertainment News is @jannarden for “Jann Arden One Night Only.” Congratulations! @BellMediaPR #CdnScreenAwards

#CdnScreenAwards,Twitter trends in Canada now
Rhys Jessop
Rhys Jessop ()

Still wild to me that the Avs added Brandon Saad and Devon Toews in the offseason for Nikita Zadorov and two seconds. Talk about fleecings

NHL ()

✔️ 601 Goals ✔️ 1,398 Points ✔️ Five #StanleyCup Championships Happy Birthday, Jari Kurri. 🎉

The Canadian Academy
The Canadian Academy ()

Congratulations to the team of Being Black in Toronto, winners of Best Direction, Documentary Series. @BBIC_ENAC @CBC_Publicity #CdnScreenAwards

#CdnScreenAwards,Twitter trends in Canada now
The Canadian Academy
The Canadian Academy ()

The winner of Best Variety or Entertainment Special is “Aisha Brown: The First Black Woman Ever.” Congratulations! @Aieeesha @Crave_PR #CdnScreenAwards

#CdnScreenAwards,Twitter trends in Canada now
x - Alex
X - Alex ()

Really liked Coyle tonight, along with DeBrusk too. Having a (seemingly) rejuvenated JD next to Coyle seemed to help both of them, and I really hope they keep that whole line together for Game 3. Encouraging stuff

NHL ()

Playoff Bergy has been activated. #StanleyCup 🇺🇸: @NHLonNBCSports 🇨🇦: @Sportsnet

x - Jo 🌐
X - Jo 🌐 ()

I cannot believe some Habs fans will be rooting for Toronto during this series. Bergevin could trade away our entire roster for 4 lines of Dwight Kings and I would still cheer for them. Because they are MY team. #GoHabsGo

CTV National News
CTV National News ()

BREAKING: The Public Health Agency of Canada has named Krista Brodie as the new vice-president of vaccine logistics and operations, replacing Dany Fortin.

Tracey Ramsey
Tracey Ramsey ()

🚨 🚨 LTC DAY OF ACTION🚨🚨 Powerful & important virtual event. Packing galleries at Queen’s Park Doug Ford wants to hide- we won’t let him 4000 Ontarians died We will never forget Join at 10:30am #FordFailedSeniors

#FordFailedSeniors,Twitter trends in Canada now
Brian ()

Weird, unhinged Habs fans assured me that Sabourin was sent down to personally murder Carey Price.

Sportsnet ()

Nathan MacKinnon scored the tie-breaking goal and wrapped it up with an empty-netter, Gabriel Landeskog led the way with a Gordie Howe hat trick, and the Avalanche beat the Blues on Monday night to take Game 1 of their first-round series.

Rob Cannone
Rob Cannone ()

Powerful reframing of mistakes by @ddmeyer - When students offer us their ideas, Do we react to this with gratitude & a spirit of construction - what can we do with this gift that the student has offered us? #OAME2021 #AOEM2021 @TEAMS_OAME

#OAME2021,Twitter trends in Canada now
TSN ()

Habs to scratch Caufield, Kotkaniemi and Romanov in Game 1. MORE:

Romanov,Twitter trends in Canada now