Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: December 2nd, 2021 02:45 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Spotify 3M+
2.#SpotifyWrapped 1M+
3.jungkook 1M+
4.namjoon 448K+
5.seokjin 445K+
6.Apple Music 336K+
7.Supreme Court 302K+
8.hobi 292K+
9.Hoseok 218K+
10.Wade 214K+
11.HALSEY 176K+
12.Jhope 175K+
13.SCOTUS 169K+
14.Senate 154K+
15.#WorldAIDSDay 144K+
16.The Boys 124K+
17.Stone Ocean 110K+
18.Everton 108K+
19.Drake 102K+
20.#minecraftmanhunt 100K+
22.JOON 72K+
23.Endwalker 55K+
24.Chris Cuomo 51K+
25.Avalanche 48K+
26.#AEWDynamite 45K+
27.#FFXIV 44K+
28.Saul 40K+
29.Cubs 38K+
30.Tems 34K+
31.Burna 33K+
32.Colorado 31K+
33.Bucks 30K+
34.Peng Shuai 27K+
35.Mete 27K+
36.Senators 26K+
37.Garland 25K+
38.Big Wiz 24K+
39.Giannis 18K+
40.Lamelo 16K+
41.#Sweepstakes 15K+
42.Stroman 15K+
43.Willy 15K+
44.Andrade 14K+
45.Hornets 12K+
46.#Survivor 11K+
47.Joey Anderson <10K
48.Engvall <10K
49.DJ Smith <10K
50.Shadowbringers <10K
51.#GoAvsGo <10K
52.Bill C-4 <10K
53.JT Miller <10K
54.Tavares <10K
55.Yamamoto <10K
56.kaiden guhle <10K
57.Johansson <10K
58.#RHOC <10K
59.#COLvsTOR <10K
60.Hyman <10K
61.Chiasson <10K
62.Nuge <10K
63.Claire Blais <10K
64.Gaudette <10K
65.#LetsGoPens <10K
66.Kadri <10K
67.Kuemper <10K
68.Matthews <10K
69.Koskinen <10K
70.Last Zelda <10K
71.Justin Holl <10K
72.#PrimeVideoUglySweater <10K
73.The Avs <10K
74.Xander <10K
75.Crosby <10K
76.Kris Russell <10K
77.Best Zelda <10K
78.Liana <10K
79.Brilliant Diamond <10K
80.holl <10K
81.House of Commons <10K
82.Bouchard <10K
83.1st Zelda <10K
84.EBUG <10K
85.Melnyk <10K
86.#artadventcalendar <10K
87.Jett Alexander <10K
88.Jack Campbell <10K
89.Yamo <10K
90.mikko <10K
91.MacKinnon <10K
92.#tmltalk <10K
93.#LGRW <10K
94.Spezza <10K
95.Worst Zelda <10K
96.#LeafsForever <10K
97.#LetsGoOilers <10K
98.Luke Schenn <10K
99.#GoSensGo <10K
100.Marner <10K
101.Jarry <10K
102.MLBPA <10K
103.Nylander <10K
104.McDavid <10K
105.Matty <10K
106.Michael Bunting <10K
107.Dermott <10K
108.#NightmareAlley <10K
109.Sportsnet <10K
110.DeShawn <10K
111.The Sens <10K
112.Wizkid <10K
113.Benson <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

March 19 is looking very good at the moment for the UFC’s return to London, sources say. Expect Muhammad Mokhaev to make his debut on that card. I’d also expect to see Paddy, Aspinall, Molly, maybe Till, hopefully AAA on it, too. You can really do a sick 🇬🇧 vs the world card.

Happy December, it is an exciting new month! If you were visiting other emotions, come back to your home of happiness! From my cabin in the wilderness of the Yukon, I am sending joy, hope and positivity across Canada and beyond. YouTube:


It’s gone. 😳 After raising more than $134K for #Movember, Auston Matthews follows through on promise and ditches the ‘Stache. (📸: @AM34)

Matthews - Twitter trends in Canada now

The House of Commons has unanimously adopted a motion by Conservative MP Rob Moore to pass C-4, the government’s bill to ban conversion therapy in Canada, through all stages without amendment. #cdnpoli

✨Contest Alert✨ We’re giving away ugly sweaters and holiday-themed boxes inspired by Prime Video shows! Enter to win by following us & replying below with your fave Prime Video Original show and #PrimeVideoUglySweater #Sweepstakes. Contest closes Dec 6. Rules & regs below.

On the road to Edmonton and Red 🍁 3️⃣5️⃣ players are Alberta-bound for 🇨🇦’s National Junior Team selection camp, beginning Dec. 9 in Calgary. ROSTER ➡️ #WorldJuniors | #OurGameIsBack

.@HockeyCanada released the #WorldJuniors Selection Camp Roster. 🇨🇦 Thoughts on the list? 🤔

#WorldJuniors - Twitter trends in Canada now

Conservative ask the House of Commons for unanimous consent to pass C-4 , conversion therapy bill, through all stages. And it passes.

Props to the 3 #Oilers D who took the majority of the minutes and took some pressure off the young D. Russell 26:53 Barrie 26:28 Bouchard 21:45

Room Rater in Memoriam. Marie-Claire Blais has died. She was 82.

Marie-Claire Blais - Twitter trends in Canada now

Nice acknowledgment by the #Oilers of Kris Russell’s unique achievement. He is the #NHL all time blocked shot leader. That’s a rare record Gretzky did not hold. Lol.


Next period, bump Yamo to the top line alongside Hyman and McDavid and play Puljujarvi beside Nuge and Draisaitl imo. I want to see how those combos would do