Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: February 9th, 2023 01:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Biden 1M+
2.Lebron 533K+
3.Syria 455K+
4.Switch 437K+
5.Nintendo 424K+
6.State of the Union 411K+
7.Lakers 381K+
8.SOTU 311K+
9.Elon 258K+
10.Twitter Blue 219K+
11.The NBA 210K+
12.Disney 208K+
13.Musk 194K+
14.Hogwarts Legacy 189K+
15.Nord Stream 150K+
16.baekhyun 148K+
17.Kareem 127K+
18.Leeds 125K+
19.Suns 122K+
20.Westbrook 116K+
21.#TurkeySyriaEarthquake 115K+
22.#MUFC 111K+
23.Seymour Hersh 109K+
24.Zelda 106K+
25.Durant 98K+
26.Jazz 92K+
27.Nets 90K+
28.Kyrie 87K+
29.Harry Potter 77K+
30.#NintendoDirect 76K+
31.#MUNLEE 69K+
32.Russ 64K+
33.Warriors 64K+
34.Tears of the Kingdom 64K+
35.Twitter DMs 53K+
36.Utah 53K+
37.Brooklyn 50K+
38.Bing 49K+
39.Beasley 47K+
40.Vanderbilt 45K+
41.Conley 44K+
42.Layton 44K+
43.Rashford 43K+
44.Timberwolves 41K+
45.Sancho 40K+
46.Mikal Bridges 40K+
47.My DMs 37K+
48.Garnacho 37K+
49.Frozen 3 36K+
50.Digital ID 35K+
51.Mavs 34K+
52.Metroid Prime 31K+
53.Knicks 30K+
54.Toy Story 5 30K+
55.Cam Johnson 27K+
56.Professor Layton 27K+
57.Kirby 27K+
58.#INDvsAUS 25K+
59.Clippers 23K+
60.Josh Hart 23K+
61.Zootopia 2 22K+
62.Jae Crowder 21K+
63.#AEWDynamite 20K+
64.Blake 19K+
65.Ghost Trick 19K+
66.#TwitterDown 19K+
67.Spurs 19K+
68.TJ Warren 17K+
69.Rangers 16K+
70.Booker 16K+
71.Ayton 15K+
72.Harden 15K+
73.#HogwartLegacy 15K+
74.Luigi 14K+
75.Ben Simmons 14K+
76.Raptors 13K+
77.Camilla 13K+
78.BOTW 12K+
79.TotK 12K+
80.splatoon dlc 11K+
81.Pikmin 4 11K+
82.Chris Paul 10K+
83.Fantasy Life 10K+
84.Sixers 10K+
85.Gameboy 10K+
86.Woody 10K+
87.Poeltl <10K
88.Joe Tsai <10K
89.Janine <10K
90.Thad <10K
91.#TheFlash <10K
92.Yak and Skills <10K
93.Schenn <10K
94.Tocchet <10K
95.#TFCLive <10K
96.Sean Marks <10K
97.#NBATradeDeadline <10K
98.Etrian Odyssey <10K
99.Luke Schenn <10K
100.GameCube <10K
101.Raptor <10K
102.Shulk <10K
103.Jakob <10K
104.Chychrun <10K
105.Baten Kaitos <10K
106.#AbbottElementary <10K
107.Poole <10K
108.Laval <10K
109.Golden Sun <10K
110.Arash <10K
111.Masai <10K
112.Rex Murphy <10K
113.Khem <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

This is the new Swastika…call them OUT…when you see it. This is Global Nazism and they’re not hiding it…

Twitter trends in Canada today - Global by Liz Churchill

Sea of Stars launches on August 29th! Demo available now on Switch: And a big THANK YOU to our friends at @NintendoAmerica for inviting us to participate in a Direct, our team will cherish this memory forever! (RTs appreciated <3)

Tonight the #CNTower will dim for five minutes at the top of each hour in honour of the victims of the Laval bus crash and their families

Twitter trends in Canada today - Laval by CN Tower / Tour CN

Turkey states they don’t want to join the Nazis at NATO. Then they have a massive Earthquake…HAARP…“I say to the American Ambassador from here…I know which Journalists you wrote to…get your dirty hands off Turkey…”

Liberal minister breached Charter by blocking Rebel News chief on Twitter: legal challenge

DERNIÈRE HEURE: un autobus de la STL a foncé dans une garderie à Laval. Le bilan provisoire fait état de 5 enfants gravement blessés dont trois qui seraient en arrêt cardio-respiratoire. #rcmtl

Happy valentines 💘 so happy I got to do this for miss Jeorgia / Terri Jo / Amethyst / _psyiconic_

Twitter trends in Canada today - Terri by Eve 6000 🦋

DERNIÈRE HEURE: le conducteur du bus serait en état d’arrestation  Nos sources nous affirment que les policiers de Laval croient qu’il aurait foncé délibérément dans la garderie. #rcmtl

The #OHL has announced that, due to renovations and the long-term closure of FirstOntario Centre, the @BulldogsOHL franchise will be temporarily relocated to Brantford to begin the 2023-24 season.

Holland seems to be tying himself in knots in order to keep Janmark. Just waive Shore and Janmark and keep JP around for the Chychrun deal.

This is the most sublime, delicious takedown of the CBC I’ve ever read. Everybody needs to read this👇🏿

Shulk showing up for 2 seconds screaming TELL ME WHY is the most Shulk thing ever, god.

Le Service de police de Laval confirme que deux jeunes enfants sont morts dans le drame survenu ce matin dans une garderie de Sainte-Rose

@TRyanGregory Pfizer, Pfizer, Moderna, Moderna, Novavax. So far no COVID and I’ve been exposed a couple of times with a family member (using a corsi-rosenthal box) but otherwise I mask in crowded indoor settings with a kn95.

Comment un club avec budget illimité comme le PSG peut réussir à s’affaiblir d’année en année.