Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 22nd, 2021 09:59 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Black 803K+ tweets
2.jungkook 781K+ tweets
3.Amazon 774K+ tweets
4.Japan 764K+ tweets
5.President 742K+ tweets
6.Google 716K+ tweets
7.Spotify 706K+ tweets
8.iPhone 423K+ tweets
9.Apple 422K+ tweets
10.Megan 318K+ tweets
11.Green 291K+ tweets
12.Earth 285K+ tweets
13.Australia 233K+ tweets
14.iOS 15 228K+ tweets
15.Melbourne 226K+ tweets
16.Switch 194K+ tweets
17.Afghanistan 182K+ tweets
18.David 179K+ tweets
19.Fair 168K+ tweets
20.Eric 155K+ tweets
21.Kokomi 148K+ tweets
22.Lots 145K+ tweets
23.Disney 144K+ tweets
24.Mike 142K+ tweets
25.Canelo 141K+ tweets
26.Victoria 136K+ tweets
27.Israel 134K+ tweets
28.Premier 133K+ tweets
29.Brian 126K+ tweets
30.taylor 126K+ tweets
31.Europe 125K+ tweets
32.Autumn 123K+ tweets
33.London 122K+ tweets
34.Florida 120K+ tweets
35.Amen 120K+ tweets
36.iPad 119K+ tweets
37.Halloween 117K+ tweets
38.Drake 112K+ tweets
39.Nintendo 109K+ tweets
40.Republican 105K+ tweets
41.Mario 103K+ tweets
42.B.C. 102K+ tweets
43.Excellent 96K+ tweets
44.Singh 90K+ tweets
45.Evergrande 87K+ tweets
46.Prime Minister 86K+ tweets
47.Trudeau 74K+ tweets
48.Kelly 70K+ tweets
49.Christian 69K+ tweets
50.Smash 65K+ tweets
51.Xbox 61K+ tweets
52.Stunning 59K+ tweets
53.Charlie 56K+ tweets
54.#TikTok 53K+ tweets
55.Tommy 50K+ tweets
56.mRNA 45K+ tweets
57.#Elxn44 42K+ tweets
58.taylor swift 42K+ tweets
59.Tyler 42K+ tweets
60.Justin Trudeau 39K+ tweets
61.#twitch 37K+ tweets
62.Willie Garson 33K+ tweets
63.Ford 33K+ tweets
64.#WWENXT 33K+ tweets
65.#COVID 27K+ tweets
66.Rosie 26K+ tweets
67.#wednesdaythought 26K+ tweets
68.Dang 26K+ tweets
69.#NintendoDirect 25K+ tweets
70.Yankees 24K+ tweets
71.Hamilton 23K+ tweets
72.#BachelorInParadise 23K+ tweets
73.The PPC 22K+ tweets
74.Happy Fall 22K+ tweets
75.Kenny 21K+ tweets
76.Keith 21K+ tweets
77.Holland 20K+ tweets
78.McDonald 17K+ tweets
79.#WritingCommunity 16K+ tweets
80.Rays 15K+ tweets
81.#StarWarsVisions 15K+ tweets
82.harper 14K+ tweets
83.Ottawa 13K+ tweets
84.Jays 12K+ tweets
85.#mentalhealth 12K+ tweets
86.shandro 11K+ tweets
87.Vancouver 11K+ tweets
88.#ClimateCrisis 10K+ tweets
89.#RESIGNKENNY <10K tweets
90.FPTP <10K tweets
91.Ontarians <10K tweets
92.#WeAreBlueJays <10K tweets
93.Nova Scotia <10K tweets
94.Halifax <10K tweets
95.Jim Hughson <10K tweets
96.Jason Kenney <10K tweets
97.#VaccinePassport <10K tweets
98.#Fall2021 <10K tweets
99.Montreal <10K tweets
100.Great Big Sea <10K tweets
101.#Alberta <10K tweets
102.#assnat <10K tweets
103.#sunrise <10K tweets
104.Winnipeg <10K tweets
105.April Wine <10K tweets
106.Bernier <10K tweets
107.#NationalTreeDay <10K tweets
108.#Toronto <10K tweets
109.pmjt <10K tweets
110.Our Lady Peace <10K tweets
111.#ElectionCanada <10K tweets
112.North America <10K tweets
113.Manoah <10K tweets
114.Leafs <10K tweets
115.#AutumnEquinox <10K tweets
116.Tim Hortons <10K tweets
117.Blue Rodeo <10K tweets
118.Edmonton <10K tweets
119.#polqc <10K tweets
120.Duncan Keith <10K tweets
121.#GetVaccinated <10K tweets
122.Joe West <10K tweets
123.#bcpoli <10K tweets
124.#FirstDayofFall <10K tweets
125.#fallequinox <10K tweets
126.Saint John <10K tweets
127.romano <10K tweets
128.Legault <10K tweets
129.RCMP <10K tweets
130.Manitoba <10K tweets
131.Hughes <10K tweets
132.New Brunswick <10K tweets
133.Kiermaier <10K tweets
134.Saskatchewan <10K tweets
135.Canucks <10K tweets
136.2022 Memorial Cup <10K tweets
137.#Oilers <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

3 nations. 2 leagues. 1 trophy. @LeaguesCup is expanding in 2023 to include every club from MLS and LIGA MX.

Liga MX - Twitter trends in Canada now

As everyone has been saying, the problem this whole time during this pandemic in Alberta has been that Jason Copping and Tyler Shandro needed to swap ministries. #ableg

some miscellaneous DELTARUNE chapter 2 sketches // light spoilers of my favourite joke, so skip the text if you want to be delighted in-game // ♥

SPOILERS - Twitter trends in Canada now

I just wanna be the first to say that while @shandro is absolutely horrific at his job, @jkenney is even worse at his. And then there are the 58 cowards behind them who did nothing for weeks as our healthcare system collapsed. #ableg #abhealth

The sun has risen 🌤️🍁 Commence the autumnal season in Northern Hemisphere! #FirstDayOfFall #ShareYourWeather 📸: Paul Lantz, Belleville, Ontario

#FirstDayofFall - Twitter trends in Canada now

Gearing up for the upcoming #FirstDayOfFall 🍁🎃 Are you ready for the autumnal season? 📸: Teresa Glover, Cobourg, Ontario

#FirstDayofFall - Twitter trends in Canada now

The @BuffaloSabres re-signed their former first overall #NHLDraft pick, Rasmus Dahlin, to a three-year contract! @NHLdotcom has more ➡️

Rasmus Dahlin - Twitter trends in Canada now

One bad call by Joe West and Manoah needs to throw an extra two innings worth of pitches.

Love how aggressive Springer is on the bases now that he’s relegated to DH duties. He’a like a house cat that’s escaped into the backyard.

@AndyMascola I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace, Great Big Sea, The Guess Who, 54-40, Moist, Big Wreck, Blue Rodeo, Finger 11, Big Sugar, City And Color, Billy

I’m now a member of the triple jab club. With tons of travel on deck — family trip to New York next week, 21 road #NHLJets games this season and Beijing for the Winter Olympics — doc recommended I top up my AZ/Pfizer mix with a second Pfizer shot now that eligible in Manitoba.

Manitoba - Twitter trends in Canada now

Im hoping for Phoenix Wright to be announced for smash not cuz i want him in smash but so it gets smash fans to buy great ace attorney chronicles so i can get my new ace attorney game god dammit