Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 23rd, 2021 11:45 AM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.jungkook 830K+ tweets
2.Google 683K+ tweets
3.Apple 453K+ tweets
4.Twitch 355K+ tweets
5.Squid Game 216K+ tweets
6.Cash 178K+ tweets
7.Autumn 175K+ tweets
8.Doctor 171K+ tweets
9.Michael 166K+ tweets
10.Johnny 163K+ tweets
11.APEX 162K+ tweets
12.Fair 155K+ tweets
13.Speaking 151K+ tweets
14.Nintendo 144K+ tweets
15.iPad 142K+ tweets
16.Mary 134K+ tweets
17.Florida 133K+ tweets
18.Taylor 132K+ tweets
19.Mayor 130K+ tweets
20.Hobi 127K+ tweets
21.Ronaldo 123K+ tweets
22.harry styles 121K+ tweets
23.Premier 118K+ tweets
24.B.C. 111K+ tweets
25.Bless 110K+ tweets
26.Libra 108K+ tweets
27.Jake 107K+ tweets
28.Mario 104K+ tweets
29.Nicki 89K+ tweets
30.Benzema 86K+ tweets
31.Chelsea 83K+ tweets
32.Sarah 80K+ tweets
33.Smash 80K+ tweets
34.Kevin 77K+ tweets
35.Ruby 76K+ tweets
36.Matic 72K+ tweets
37.Josh 70K+ tweets
38.Christian 69K+ tweets
39.Rihanna 66K+ tweets
40.Disgusting 66K+ tweets
41.Fortnite 63K+ tweets
42.Arsenal 61K+ tweets
43.Pere 60K+ tweets
44.LinkedIn 60K+ tweets
45.Christ 60K+ tweets
46.Star Wars 57K+ tweets
47.Happy Fall 57K+ tweets
48.Charlie 56K+ tweets
49.European 56K+ tweets
50.Erika 56K+ tweets
51.Wine 54K+ tweets
52.Britney 54K+ tweets
53.Omega 54K+ tweets
54.#CarabaoCup 51K+ tweets
55.Powell 50K+ tweets
56.#MUFC 47K+ tweets
57.Microsoft 46K+ tweets
58.Cheers 46K+ tweets
59.Jeff 46K+ tweets
60.Manchester United 45K+ tweets
61.Kyle 41K+ tweets
62.Asensio 39K+ tweets
63.shawn 38K+ tweets
64.Kris 37K+ tweets
65.Martial 37K+ tweets
66.Juventus 36K+ tweets
67.Ford 36K+ tweets
68.Dark Souls 35K+ tweets
69.Kenny 34K+ tweets
70.Batman 34K+ tweets
71.Karl 34K+ tweets
72.Ivermectin 33K+ tweets
73.#StarWarsVisions 31K+ tweets
74.Jesus Christ 29K+ tweets
75.#FirstDayofFall 29K+ tweets
76.Chloe 29K+ tweets
77.Sigh 28K+ tweets
78.Mets 28K+ tweets
79.Yankees 26K+ tweets
80.ADHD 25K+ tweets
81.Sign the Petition 25K+ tweets
82.Survivor 25K+ tweets
83.Doug 24K+ tweets
84.Star Wars Visions 23K+ tweets
85.Keith 21K+ tweets
86.Seattle 21K+ tweets
87.Holland 20K+ tweets
88.Hamilton 20K+ tweets
89.#AEWDynamite 20K+ tweets
90.Danielson 20K+ tweets
91.Rangers 20K+ tweets
92.Buck 19K+ tweets
93.McDonalds 19K+ tweets
94.McDonald 17K+ tweets
95.Catholic 17K+ tweets
96.Sancho 17K+ tweets
97.Blake 17K+ tweets
98.Minnesota 16K+ tweets
99.Rays 16K+ tweets
100.Brady 15K+ tweets
101.#AEWGrandSlam 15K+ tweets
102.Sting 15K+ tweets
103.Ottawa 14K+ tweets
104.Windsor 14K+ tweets
105.#ChicagoPD 14K+ tweets
106.Jays 14K+ tweets
107.Saul 14K+ tweets
108.#RHOBH 13K+ tweets
109.Greenwood 13K+ tweets
110.#BB23 13K+ tweets
111.Lingard 12K+ tweets
112.Telles 12K+ tweets
113.#TheMaskedSinger 11K+ tweets
114.West Ham 10K+ tweets
115.Edmonton 10K+ tweets
116.Archie 10K+ tweets
117.#MUNWHU 10K+ tweets
118.Werner 10K+ tweets
119.#ChicagoFire 10K+ tweets
120.Vancouver 10K+ tweets
121.Montreal 10K+ tweets
122.Zion 10K+ tweets
123.Leafs <10K tweets
124.Tyler Bertuzzi <10K tweets
125.Hughes <10K tweets
126.#CFMTL <10K tweets
127.Pete Walker <10K tweets
128.Red Sox <10K tweets
129.Ziyech <10K tweets
130.Stripling <10K tweets
131.Vladdy <10K tweets
132.Calgarians <10K tweets
133.Félicitations <10K tweets
134.Redblacks <10K tweets
135.Ontarians <10K tweets
136.#ONStorm <10K tweets
137.Farkas <10K tweets
138.#IMFC <10K tweets
139.#GenderEqualityWeek <10K tweets
140.#abstorm <10K tweets
141.Oilers <10K tweets
142.Montoyo <10K tweets
143.Edmonton Centre <10K tweets
144.Bertuzzi <10K tweets
145.#bcpoli <10K tweets
146.Springer <10K tweets
147.Star Trek <10K tweets
148.Steve Murphy <10K tweets
149.#yegwx <10K tweets
150.Archibald <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

Quebec Premier François Legault says he will introduce a special bill to prevent anti-vaccine protests in front of places such as schools and hospitals.

NEW: A number of people from Edson, Alberta are in ICU after attending a COVID party, where they hoped to achieve natural immunity. Imagine going to a COVID party while surgeries are being canceled for people with cancer? Misinformation is DEADLY.

Steve Murphy steps aside from his role as CTV Atlantic Chief Anchor via @CTVAtlantic

New Democrats have had safety zone legislation ready for weeks, to protect hospitals, schools and small businesses from anti-public health harassment. But Doug Ford went into hiding and took his government with him. Bring back the legislature, Mr. Ford. Pass my bill. #ONpoli


Leafs captain John Tavares reflects on the shock of his playoff injury, explains that he recovered quickly afterwards.

The sun has risen 🌤️🍁 Commence the autumnal season in Northern Hemisphere! #FirstDayOfFall #ShareYourWeather 📸: Paul Lantz, Belleville, Ontario

#FirstDayofFall - Twitter trends in Canada now

Liberal Randy Boissonnault wins in Edmonton Centre

Edmonton Centre - Twitter trends in Canada now

The scent of fresh pine has been shown to lower depression and anxiety. #NationalTreeDay #HPHP

#NationalTreeDay - Twitter trends in Canada now

A new home for Canadian soccer 🇨🇦 @OneSoccer is now available on @TELUS Optik TV 📺 #CanPL l #CanChamp

Ballou with a BLAST. 💥 The game-winner for @clubdefootmtl in #CanChamp action.


The @BuffaloSabres re-signed their former first overall #NHLDraft pick, Rasmus Dahlin, to a three-year contract! @NHLdotcom has more ➡️

Rasmus Dahlin - Twitter trends in Canada now

Most NHLers have gotten vaccinated, choosing to put the safety of their communities and their teams first. But, as @SportsnetSpec writes, there is one player left on a Canadian team who puts himself before everything else, and his name is Josh Archibald.