Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: April 1st, 2023 05:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Trump 2M+
2.jisoo 1M+
3.#AprilFoolsDay 1M+
4.Game 1 823K+
5.Davido 477K+
6.April Fools 439K+
7.#TransDayOfVisibility 401K+
8.hobi 271K+
9.Grand Jury 145K+
10.namjoon 136K+
11.Iowa 131K+
12.Lewis 126K+
13.Lakers 112K+
14.Andrew Tate 111K+
15.TDOV 97K+
16.#WrestleMania 93K+
17.Liverpool 90K+
18.Caitlin Clark 85K+
19.Perez 83K+
20.Lindsey 83K+
21.Georgia 81K+
22.IPOB 81K+
23.#AusGP 81K+
24.Happy New Month 75K+
25.Joshua 72K+
26.Bill Clinton 65K+
27.#WWEHOF 59K+
28.#SmackDown 57K+
29.#TrumpIndictment 53K+
30.#MCILIV 49K+
31.Alonso 49K+
32.Man City 46K+
33.South Carolina 45K+
34.Marshall 45K+
35.Levi 44K+
36.Shaw 42K+
37.60 Minutes 40K+
38.C-11 38K+
39.#TransDayofVisability 38K+
40.Sinner 37K+
41.#DragRace 36K+
42.Haaland 35K+
43.joon 35K+
44.Alberta 34K+
45.only one big sheggz 33K+
46.Alvarez 29K+
47.Alcaraz 29K+
48.#ArlingtonTSTheErasTour 29K+
49.Obidient 27K+
50.Checo 27K+
51.Top G 26K+
52.#SupercardOfHonor 25K+
53.Lock Her Up 25K+
54.#AustralianGP 25K+
55.Dante 25K+
56.Micah 25K+
57.Verstappen 24K+
58.Anthony Davis 22K+
59.#LoveIsBlindS4 21K+
60.Klopp 19K+
61.Zach 19K+
62.Kwame 16K+
63.Red Bull 14K+
64.Rey Mysterio 14K+
66.#LoveisBlind4 13K+
67.Rendon 13K+
68.#TeamSasha <10K
69.Lucic <10K
70.McLaren <10K
71.Romano <10K
72.Huberdeau <10K
73.Swanson <10K
74.Shibata <10K
75.Kuzmenko <10K
76.Backlund <10K
77.#Canucks <10K
78.Devon Levi <10K
79.Canadian Army <10K
80.#TeamAnetra <10K
81.CRTC <10K
82.arenado <10K
83.#WHLPlayoffs <10K
84.Teemu <10K
85.Talbot <10K
86.McDonough <10K
87.mayza <10K
88.Nick Nurse <10K
89.KUZIE <10K
90.#WWEHallOfFame <10K
91.#Flames <10K
92.LA Knight <10K
93.Akwesasne <10K
94.Markstrom <10K
95.#GoJetsGo <10K
96.bichette <10K
97.Horgan <10K
98.Demko <10K
99.Calgary <10K
100.Fabinho <10K
101.RCMP <10K
102.Maxey <10K
103.Pettersson <10K
104.Doctrine of Discovery <10K
105.Grealish <10K
106.Springer <10K
107.Rick Steiner <10K
108.Myers <10K
109.Scottie <10K
110.Petey <10K
111.Jays <10K
112.Toffoli <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

I will not stop until the NDP-Liberal carbon tax ends in Alberta. Are you with me? 👇 #cdnpoli #carbontax

People hating on us must be 6-2 their stomach rn 🤢 #GoJetsGo |

Twitter trends in Canada today - #GoJetsGo by Winnipeg Jets

Rick Tocchet says he believes every #Canucks player will wear the Pride jersey tonight with the exception of Andrei Kuzmenko. @Sportsnet650

صلاح الدین ایوبی نے ایک دفعہ کہا تھا کہ جس قاضیءِ وقت کے انصاف کرنے کی بجائے بات بات پر آنسو نکل آئیں اس قاضی ءِ وقت کو اپنا ہارمونز اینالسز کروانا چاہئیے۔ ~راوی

Andrei Kuzmenko (through Vitaly Kravtsov as his interpreter) says he respects everyone and everyone’s choices, and he kindly requests that people respect his choice and his family. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

Morning skate #Canucks lines Di Giuseppe-Miller-Boeser Kuzmenko-Pettersson-Joshua Beauvillier-Åman-Garland McDonough-Dries-Studnicka Kravtsov Hughes-Bear Brisebois-Myers Rathbone-Burroughs Hirose @Sportsnet650

Twitter trends in Canada today - Pettersson by Brendan Batchelor

@bts_bighit We will wait for you patiently until you return 💜 Canadian ARMY love you Hobi, good luck 💜💜💜 @bts_twt

Just this week: NS mass casualty commission, tragedy in Akwesasne, Rogers-Shaw merger, PM adviser break-ins, interim ethics commissioner uproar, update on Justice Russell Brown, movement in Han Dong and Freedom Convoy lawyer defamation oh, and a federal budget.

Aidan McDonough scores his first NHL goal. Tough shift by Milan Lucic. 3-2 Canucks

Food for thought, a top-pair of Hutson-Reinbacher is a hell of a consolation prize. Hutson-Reinbacher Guhle-Mailloux Xhekaj/Harris-Barron #GoHabsGo

Beyond talk about big benefits, penalties and contracts binding Rogers and Videotron, reality is @FP_Champagne is trying to freeze future mergers only after approving this one. If mergers are so great, why is there a need to freeze licence transfers now?

Has Auston Matthews been better than any of these players this season? -McDavid - Makar - Draisaitl - MacKinnon - Marner - Pastrnak - Fox - Tkachuk - Pettersson - J. Hughes - Crosby - Karlsson - Kucherov - McAvoy - Kaprisov - Thompson - Heiskanen Not a top10 player rn Imo

RCMP search two camps, arrest 5 in connection to GasLink pipeline attack via @truenorthcentre

Global BC
Global BC

Canucks forward Andrei Kuzmenko joins a handful of NHL players who’ve declined to wear Pride jerseys this season.

“…the licenses of Freedom Mobile will be transferred to Videotron.” And with that, Rogers takeover of Shaw gets the green light from Min @FP_Champagne cdnpoli

Twitter trends in Canada today - Videotron by David Akin 🇨🇦