Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: August 4th, 2021 07:46 AM IST

Twitter trends in Canada now - Brendan Fraser, Fleets, Kavanaugh, #TestTraceIsolateAB, #TheBachelorette, Democrat.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Fleets 477085
2.renjun 418155
3.Lakers 377905
4.New York 223875
5.Governor 183842
6.Bulls 131059
7.Precious 126385
8.Cuomo 119837
9.Miami 119699
10.Lebron 114089
11.Lindsey Graham 101562
12.Lonzo 98678
13.Melo 91601
14.Greg 91315
15.Spurs 90061
16.Caruso 88307
17.Lukaku 82911
18.Cinderella 77485
19.DeRozan 75527
20.Democrat 71538
21.Tubbo 67615
22.Dwight 64693
23.Kyle Lowry 61604
24.#nationalboobday 57028
25.#TheBachelorette 56477
26.Nets 47715
27.Katie 45111
28.Bron 39775
29.Elaine 38457
30.New York City 36603
31.Hungary 36246
32.Brooklyn 35648
33.Haaland 35225
34.Wilbur 34463
35.#RushersWorldWide 33320
36.Gaetz 30951
37.#LakeShow 30891
38.Nina Turner 30384
39.Shams 29826
40.Raptor 29586
41.Orban 28405
42.Mary Trump 27793
43.Penny 27040
44.Cori Bush 26341
45.Malik Monk 25745
46.DeMar 25149
47.Dipset 24288
48.Kawhi 23649
49.Drummond 23198
50.USWNT 23057
51.Moore 22559
52.#tuesdayvibe 22408
53.Brandon 21943
54.Lavine 21076
55.Matt Damon 20928
56.Eminem 20346
57.#VERZUZ 19827
58.Colts 19012
59.Tyson 18585
60.Ontario 17904
61.#WWENXT 17870
62.Holmes 17609
63.Dragic 17480
64.#MeToo 16877
65.Frontier 16260
66.Rapinoe 16247
67.Clippers 15945
68.Easter 14729
69.Kavanaugh 14638
70.Norm 14231
71.Shelly 13731
72.line 5 13225
73.Cammy 11301
74.Guile 11276
75.Tony Bennett 10270
76.#SafeSeptember2021 <10k
77.#BackToSchool <10k
78.#WeTheNorth <10k
79.Digimon Tamers <10k
80.klow <10k
81.Torts <10k
82.Dr. Moore <10k
83.Aaron Brown <10k
84.Christine Sinclair <10k
85.#bced <10k
86.#Covid19MB <10k
87.Rivière-des-Prairies <10k
88.#WhyIPlayAnimalCrossing <10k
89.Baynes <10k
90.Repentigny <10k
91.#onted <10k
92.Bilderberg <10k
93.Manitoba <10k
94.#BacktoSchool2021 <10k
95.#VoteThemAllOut2022 <10k
96.Brad Hand <10k
97.Embiid <10k
98.#TestTraceIsolateAB <10k
99.#RHONY <10k
100.Paredes <10k
101.Bembry <10k
102.Neil Young <10k
103.#UltimateSummit3 <10k
104.#RTXON <10k
105.Sam Dekker <10k grasse <10k
107.#CovidVaccine <10k
108.#VoteFordOut2022 <10k
109.Fleming <10k
110.Tamers <10k
111.#GMMReadyPetGo <10k
112.CMOH <10k
113.Unifor <10k
114.#mbpoli <10k
115.Dolis <10k
116.Huntsville <10k
117.Konaka <10k
118.#FireLecce <10k
119.Lays <10k
120.#CANWNT <10k
121.Pallister <10k
122.HEPA <10k
123.George Springer <10k
124.Ellie Black <10k
125.John Cleese <10k
126.Airbnb <10k
127.Damian Warner <10k
128.Old Dutch <10k
129.Brendan Fraser <10k
130.Pavan <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

New Canadian record. New Personal Best. Andre De Grasse makes a statement winning his 200m semifinal and moving onto the final as the favourite with the fastest time 🇨🇦 Watch Olympic Games Morning live:

Ellie Black finishes fourth in the beam final at #Tokyo2020, for her best career individual Olympic result 🤸‍♀️🤩👏 An impressive comeback after suffering a sprained ankle earlier in the Games. ❤️ #TeamCanada

Ellie Black - Twitter trends in Canada now

“If we could have inspired one kid in Canada to try beach volleyball then we did our job” Heartbreaking but hopeful interview with Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes after their quarter-final loss in Tokyo

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Andrew Cuomo -- all self-proclaimed male feminists, all serial sexual harassers.

The Ontario 2021 back-to-school plan includes this very comprehensive page on vaccination #onted (Also you can sing, eat, exercise, & play wind instruments indoors without masks even though #COVIDisAirborne)

#onted - Twitter trends in Canada now

I never imagined Manitoba would drop its mask mandate before Ontario. Your move, Premier Ford.

✅ Finish first ✅ Set a #TeamCanada record Andre De Grasse runs a time of in his 200m semifinal heat and advances to the final at #Tokyo2020 🙌🤩 @De6rasse

De Grasse - Twitter trends in Canada now

The Manitoba government finally announced today that it too will drop most covid restrictions. Let’s keep up the pressure! FREEDOM ISN’T FREE

Andre De Grasse is making a statement 💪 The Canadian set a personal best and national record in the 200m with a time of He and fellow Canadian Aaron Brown will race the 200m final on Wednesday at 8:55 ET / 5:55 PT 🇨🇦

Canada will have TWO men in the 200-metre final as Andre De Grasse and Aaron Brown both sprint for the podium Wake up with us Wednesday morning, final goes at 8:55am ET #Tokyo2020


🇨🇦 Andre De Grasse sets a PB & Canadian record in the 200m semifinal as he finishes in 🇨🇦 Aaron Brown finishes first in his semi in #Tokyo2020

People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier has not received a COVID-19 vaccine himself, and will not get one, saying he is not anti-vaccination but pro-freedom. #CovidVaccine #COVID19

Matching his WORLD BEST 🇨🇦⚡️ Damian Warner (@DamianWarner) 🇨🇦 sends a message to the rest of the field by matching his world best time of in the 100m to get his Olympic decathlon started at #Tokyo2020 @AthleticsCanada

Torts has never been shy to say what he is 😂 What is your favourite John Tortorella moment? #NHLOnSN

“I think there’s more there” Canada’s Aaron Brown won his 200m semifinal with a season-best time of and is looking to bring it again in the final tomorrow at 8:55 ET 🇨🇦

Aaron Brown talks about his decision to focus on the 200m at #Tokyo2020 and his expectations for the next rounds 🇨🇦 @AthleticsCanada

Man, Masai gotta do something because seeing such angst over Bembry, Watson, Baynes, et all is really mountains out of molehills Good guys, for sure; but, really.

Everyone flipping out about a Fred Durst wig should listen to The Beastie Boys. They’re a terrific band and did that wig stuff almost 30 years ago.

Fred Durst - Twitter trends in Canada now

anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers/Covid deniers are the real winners today! #Covid19MB #Winnipeg

Let Canada Soccer’s Women’s National team know that the country is behind them. Cheer on #CANWNT by filling out a good luck post card and sending them a special message using the link below! cc: @AccessStorageCA, @Sentinelstorage

#CANWNT - Twitter trends in Canada now