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Updated: August 19th, 2022 04:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Price 488K+
2.Liz Cheney 465K+
3.Target 263K+
4.Casemiro 240K+
5.2 BADDIES 230K+
6.wonwoo 196K+
7.Weisselberg 146K+
8.Wyoming 128K+
9.#GlazersOut 116K+
10.#SheHulk 105K+
11.#AEWDynamite 99K+
12.Watson 65K+
13.Punk 64K+
14.The NFL 62K+
15.Miller 45K+
16.Julia 44K+
17.Finland 43K+
18.Percy Jackson 38K+
19.Varane 35K+
20.Sam Harris 32K+
21.Colorado 31K+
22.Browns 31K+
23.Deshaun Watson 30K+
24.Hermes 30K+
25.#PLLOriginalSin 25K+
26.BBBY 24K+
27.Kenny Omega 23K+
28.Texans 23K+
29.Kane 20K+
30.#BlackCatAppreciationDay 18K+
31.The Bay 18K+
32.Sabrina 15K+
33.Garcelle 14K+
34.Calgary 14K+
35.Flames 13K+
36.Shakespeare 13K+
37.Lisa LaFlamme 10K+
38.Michael Melling <10K
39.Dubas <10K
40.Zellers <10K
41.Tkachuk <10K
42.LTIR <10K
43.michael clifford <10K
44.Hoffman <10K
45.Trump Derangement Syndrome <10K
46.#Habs <10K
47.#Isles <10K
48.Oilers <10K
49.Sandin <10K
50.#shakepaid <10K
51.Mony <10K
52.Lindholm <10K
53.Chychrun <10K
54.Dean French <10K
55.Plan to Stay Open <10K
56.#repealbill124 <10K
57.Monahan <10K
58.Backlund <10K
59.#MichaelMelling <10K
60.Huberdeau <10K
61.Kent Hughes <10K
62.Canadiens <10K
63.Nashville <10K
64.Slavo <10K
65.Zeddy <10K
66.Dach <10K
67.Carey Price <10K
68.Weegar <10K
69.Kadri <10K
70.Dvorak <10K
71.Future Considerations <10K
72.Club Z <10K
73.Canucks <10K
74.Teen Burger <10K
75.#BurgersToBeatMS <10K
76.Gaudreau <10K
77.Calvin Ridley <10K
78.Lucic <10K
79.Treliving <10K
80.JT Miller <10K
81.François Legault <10K
82.Stanley Cup <10K
83.Islanders <10K
84.Drouin <10K
85.Ross Stripling <10K
86.Happy Birthday Julia <10K
87.Brad Treliving <10K
88.Melling <10K
89.Daily Quordle 206 <10K
90.#GoHabsGo <10K
91.Bobby Orr <10K
92.McDavid <10K
93.Battle of Alberta <10K
94.OHIP <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Shortly after Michael Melling became head of CTV News, he raised questions about host Lisa LaFlamme’s hair. According to a senior CTV official who was present at the meeting, Mr. Melling asked who had approved the decision to “let Lisa’s hair go grey.”

Sarah Z
Sarah Z

Really sad to hear about Infinity Train being pulled from streaming. It’s an absolutely wonderful, creative, and brilliant show. Please give it a watch if you get the chance ❤️

CBC News
CBC News

Last week, unsealed cabinet meeting minutes revealed Trudeau took the unprecedented measure of invoking the act only a day after being told by his national security adviser of a potential breakthrough in the crisis.



Malema commenting on the lack of coverage of sexual harassment allegations against South Africa’s Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana. “What type of sick society have we become?”


GOING TO SMASHVILLE 🤠 The City of Nashville will host the 2023 #NHLAwards and 2023 @UpperDeckSports #NHLDraft!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Nashville by NHL

GAME OVER! Semifinal bound. 🇨🇦🇨🇭 📊 💻 #WorldJuniors

Twitter trends in Canada today - Hockey Canada by Hockey Canada

Mr. Melling would be the one to tell Ms. LaFlamme that she was being ousted from her role as anchor of CTV National News. Ms. LaFlamme had been in the job since 2011, and still had just under two years left on her contract. (He and CTV did not comment.)


The @NHLFlames have traded Sean Monahan and a 2025 conditional first-round pick to the @CanadiensMTL for future considerations.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Future Considerations by NHL

Domenico Criscito ties it up with a BANG. 💥 Wow, just wow. #TFCLive

PC Gamer
PC Gamer

Nine years after announcement, Dead Island 2 shambles back onto the scene.

Eva Le Queen’s runway 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Viñas Deluxe’s talent 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

All set for the Czechs! It will be 🇨🇦🆚🇨🇿 on Friday afternoon (4 ET/1 PT) in the first semifinal at the #WorldJuniors. 🎟️

Twitter trends in Canada today - Hockey Canada by Hockey Canada

Malema on ANC RET forces not celebrating Fraser. He also says that Fraser and Mbeki are close, and Mbeki is longing for his own ZR Mahabane moment (leaving and returning as leader) within the ANC.


Ross Stripling had a picturesque performance tonight. 👨‍🎨🖼 @BlueJays | #NextLevel

Twitter trends in Canada today - Ross Stripling by Sportsnet