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Twitter trends in Canada now - #SHUMCI, From Russia With Love, Secret Service, Messi, Samhain, Dustin Jacoby, #MakeAHorrorMovieMennonite, #LPShowAct3, America.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Happy Halloween 2044284
2.#Halloween 928475
3.America 920935
4.Trick 799316
5.#BTS_BE 694734
6.Trick or Treat 673122
7.The Rock 613164
8.Texas 498097
9.Hunter Biden 416212
10.Sean Connery 377891
11.Spooky 340826
12.Stay Safe 312449
13.Bond 290288
14.Candy 287293
15.Boris 262674
16.Michigan 227691
17.Legend 202687
18.Green 201732
19.Barcelona 169438
20.England 169006
21.Boris Johnson 163920
22.President Obama 131060
23.Christian 114322
24.Prove 99414
25.Philippines 91174
26.Liverpool 89442
27.Silva 84373
28.#OurDearestJeongyeon 77147
29.Barack 73435
30.Messi 73430
31.#Worlds2020 68007
32.Rest In Peace 65079
33.Iowa 63885
34.Ciara 61903
35.RIP Sir 61000
36.tommy 60969
37.Trudeau 60399
38.hwasa 55656
39.#SaturdayThoughts 55600
40.Hazard 55328
41.Goldfinger 53743
42.Rugby 53693
43.Larry 53181
44.Flint 51161
45.Scotland 50119
47.Samhain 48962
48.Lyon 48447
49.Barca 46032
50.Gomez 45575
51.Neto 44770
52.You Only Live Twice 43105
53.Ziyech 41331
54.Mane 40038
55.Trick or Treaters 39912
56.#ImolaGP 39624
57.The Hill 39255
58.Usyk 39117
59.Burger King 39065
60.Burnley 37980
61.Mount 37939
62.Niger 37545
63.RIP Sir Connery 37288
64.ISIS 36727
65.BILLIE 36478
66.Hocus Pocus 34863
67.Conte 33883
68.Werner 33782
69.liam payne 33472
70.Alaves 32639
71.Hernandez 32476
72.#TheLPShow 32147
73.RIP 007 31501
74.Michigan State 31276
75.Thiago 30991
76.#trickortreat 30027
77.RIP Legend 29393
78.Globe 29317
79.Ramos 27936
80.Roberto 27565
81.RIP Sir Sean 27347
82.Fati 26261
83.Phillips 25042
84.Indiana Jones 24238
85.Sheffield 23536
86.Griezmann 23108
87.Suning 23060
88.#VoteBlueToEndTheNightmare 22797
89.#BoycottHomeDepot 20710
90.Mendy 19288
91.Notre Dame 19066
92.#BidenHarris 18755
93.Sterling 18607
94.Auburn 18387
95.From Russia With Love 17584
96.Zouma 17500
97.#LPShowAct3 17101
98.pedri 16495
99.#BURCHE 15843
100.#LIVWHU 15399
101.#UsykChisora 15388
102.Lampard 15214
103.Untouchables 15026
104.Luther 14877
105.Marian 14638
106.Kante 14455
107.Wilder 14342
108.Scot 14336
109.Klopp 14319
110.Jota 14271
111.Busquets 14105
112.#SaturdayMorning 14084
113.Highlander 13738
114.#SaturdayVibes 13670
115.Boston College 13397
116.Daylight Savings 13052
117.Pjanic 12935
118.Harbaugh 12895
119.Ohio State 12855
120.Mr Connery 12439
121.Keke 12273
122.Shaq 12121
123.Shaqiri 11877
124.Dest 11737
125.West Ham 11676
126.#InterParma 11483
127.Pulisic 11464
128.Secret Service 11323
129.Clemson 11169
130.#UFCVegas12 11137
131.The Untouchables 10492
132.Hunt for Red October 10046
133.#daylightsavings <10k
134.Finding Forrester <10k
135.Kepa <10k
136.Nat Phillips <10k
137.Dustin Jacoby <10k
138.Uncle Buck <10k
139.Rogan <10k
140.#Chelsea <10k
141.The Hunt for Red October <10k
142.Darby O’Gill <10k
143.Barbara Walters <10k
144.CFB Wainwright <10k
145.RIP Mr. Connery <10k
146.#BlueMoon <10k
147.Kovacic <10k
148.Sam Harris <10k
149.Joe Rogan <10k
150.John Carpenter <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Tobi Lutke 🌳🌲🛒🕹
Tobi Lutke 🌳🌲🛒🕹 ()

Cities have had a monopoly on the best jobs for 200 years. COVID induced remote friendliness and Starlink are the 1-2 punch. People underestimate how much the world will change with great internet everywhere. A massive democratisation of opportunities.

The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail ()

Joe Rogan’s podcast offers a vital canvas for new perspectives and critical thought

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Kevin Holland becomes the first UFC fighter to 4 wins in 2020, per @ESPNStatsInfo. Only two middleweights before Holland had gone 4-0 in a calendar year: Israel Adesanya in 2018 and Gegard Mousasi in 2016.

Jason Kenney
Jason Kenney ()

A Canadian soldier was killed yesterday during live-fire exercises at CFB Wainwright. Our condolences to the fallen soldier’s loved ones & comrades. All of those who wear our country’s uniform take real risks to defend us. Thank-you to all who serve.

Theresa Boyle
Theresa Boyle ()

The Effects of Large Group Meetings on the Spread of COVID-19: The Case of Trump Rallies by B. Douglas Bernheim, Nina Buchmann, Zach Freitas-Groff, Sebastián Otero

Stef Sanwitchi 🧡🎮🧙🏻‍♀️
Stef Sanwitchi 🧡🎮🧙🏻‍♀️ ()

Happy Halloween to the Halloween folks and blessed Samhain to the Samhain folks and happy whatever you celebrate to the rest of y’all 🎃🧡 Take today to reflect on what has changed, what has left, and of course, feast 💁‍♀️

Alex Perron
Alex Perron ()

Le #endirectdelunivers de Guylaine Guay est le remède parfait pour une soirée froide d’octobre ! @icirctele

Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn ()

The end result of tonight’s #LFA94 main event, where Lupita Godinez won the strawweight title from Vanessa Demopoulos. Good grief.

#LFA94,Twitter trends in Canada now
CBC News
CBC News ()

A Canadian soldier has died after being shot during an exercise at CFB Wainwright late Friday. Military police are investigating.

UFC Canada
UFC Canada ()

WELCOME BACK DUSTIN JACOBY!! @thehanyakdj wastes NO time getting the finish tonight #UFCVegas12

React Girl
React Girl ()

удивительно, как я предъявляю к самой себе требования, которые не налазят на голову. год назад я написала тред о французском, и тогда я запланировала сдать А2 в ноябре. в четверг я иду сдавать В2 и я недовольна (!) тем, что я не чувствую себя на В2. Лера, приди в себя, алло.

Tim Sevenhuysen
Tim Sevenhuysen ()

Nuguri has been MVP of the series for me so far, by a small margin over some other options. His Ornn play in the first two games was very good, and his prep for receiving ganks has been impressive. #Worlds2020

John Haynes
John Haynes ()

@oldTOseries @geruzzi_jim Uncle Buck was terrific. But Trains, was the one for me. I still cry at the end every time I watch it. I love the big man.

Lawrence ()

@GadSaad @NoorBinLadin Sam Harris is peak TDS. I admire the guy and love his podcast but shit.

Dominique Anglade
Dominique Anglade ()

Sean Connery, les James Bond. Je les ai tous vus! Mais pour moi, c’est l’œuvre d’Umberto Eco portée à l’écran « Le Nom de la rose » qui m’aura marquée et pour longtemps. Une performance magistrale, un récit historique à couper le souffle. Merci à ce grand Écossais du cinéma.

Taylor Bachrach
Taylor Bachrach ()

Nearly 9 In 10 Canadians Want A National Pharmacare Plan: Poll | HuffPost Canada

Chris P
Chris P ()

Bond, Professeur Jones, Alan Merci pour tout, #RIPSeanConnery

Forellsket ()

ya birisi artık doğanlar apartmanını nerede gösterdiklerini söylesin ben artık dayanamıyorum nefesim kesiliyor #sedadinçer

Canada Proud
Canada Proud ()

Horrible news out of CFB Wainwright, Alberta. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased. Our soldiers put themselves in harm’s way every day and for that we are incredibly grateful. 🇨🇦

Jeff! (official steve buscemi fan)
Jeff! (official steve buscemi fan) ()

Fav horror movie per decade: 2020s: The Invisible Man 2010s: Get Out 2000s: The Devil’s Backbone 1990s: Scream 1980s: The Shining 1970s: Alien 1960s: Psycho