Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.#StaySelcaDay 250177
2.Miami 220301
3.Rudy 163026
4.Doja 131425
5.tyler 110430
6.Indigenous 109553
7.Microsoft 107687
8.Rihanna 81510
9.DeSantis 78966
10.kyungsoo 72555
11.ESPN 71637
12.Windows 11 63392
13.Saskatchewan 55903
14.Booker 50641
15.Jared 43030
16.Game 6 42812
17.Montreal 42702
18.Lucy 42566
19.Robin 38840
20.Abel 38759
21.Dodgers 36375
22.Kidd 36201
23.Ka3na 32040
24.The Clippers 31685
25.Wayne 31592
26.CARL 30941
27.lorde 30858
28.#ShangChi 30571
29.marieval 30257
30.#GoHabsGo 29263
31.Resign 28707
32.#StanleyCup 28114
33.The Canadian 28076
34.Martinez 27469
35.Bennett 26869
36.Cowessess First Nation 25581
37.#PlanetHer 24755
38.Igor 24645
39.#thursdayvibes 24550
40.Chris Paul 23908
41.Catholic Church 23906
42.Willow 23729
43.Youngboy 23267
44.Conan 20260
45.Classy 18247
46.step 2 17592
47.#AllStars6 17361
48.Lourdes 17201
49.Canada Day 15717
50.Jensen 15016
51.Kaisha 14390
52.Ed Sheeran 13217
53.Tochi 13117
54.Abomination 12440
55.Carey 11422
56.Kamloops 11413
57.Paul George 10784
58.#KpopVZ 10169
59.Bonne St-Jean <10k
60.#StJeanBaptisteDay <10k
61.Jody <10k
62.Pat Bev <10k
63.Hakstol <10k
64.Gally <10k
65.#CanadasTeam <10k
66.Mumford <10k
67.#BBNaijaLockdownReunion <10k
68.Caufield <10k
69.North Division <10k
70.#751Children <10k
71.Truth and Reconciliation <10k
72.#mondaynoonerpickem <10k
73.Reggie Jackson <10k
74.Burrows <10k
75.#TangerineContest <10k
76.#HCinCanada <10k
77.Western Conference <10k
78.Bobby Cameron <10k
79.Jody Wilson-Raybould <10k
80.#ExUSpoilers <10k
81.#OuiTheNorth <10k
82.#genocide <10k
83.#MontrealCanadiens <10k
84.Islanders <10k
85.#truthandreconciliation <10k
86.#IndigenousLivesMatter <10k
87.#manifoldspace <10k
88.#drivefor25 <10k
89.Waterloo Region <10k
90.#ExandriaUnlimited <10k
91.Toffoli <10k
92.#FeteNationaleQC <10k
93.Weber <10k
94.#Canadiens <10k
95.Luke Richardson <10k
96.#DearBayley <10k
97.Reese McGuire <10k
98.Lehkonen <10k
99.#habs2021 <10k
100.#OurGame <10k
101.Gallagher <10k
102.#ItsOn <10k
103.#MatchGame <10k
104.Vatican <10k
105.#FeteNationale <10k
106.Marc Bergevin <10k
107.Chief Delorme <10k
108.St-Jean <10k
109.#bucciovertimechallenge <10k
110.Jody Wilson <10k
111.Drouin <10k
112.#timandfriends <10k
113.Stanley Cup Finals <10k
114.#steamsummersale <10k
115.#RNAOAGM <10k
116.Conn Smythe <10k
117.Québécois <10k
118.#CancelCanadaDay <10k
119.Rondo <10k
120.Canada Goose <10k
121.#DDBStyle <10k
122.Lehner <10k
123.Alex Burrows <10k
124.Bonne Fête <10k
125.#BonneSaintJean <10k
126.Leafs <10k
127.#LandBack <10k
128.Bell Centre <10k
129.Mark Stone <10k
130.#residentialschools <10k
131.#BBNaijaReunioun <10k
132.#HalloweenKills <10k
133.#PHXvsLAC <10k
134.Aboriginal <10k
135.Chris Champion <10k
136.#NHLPlayoffs <10k
137.#Walker <10k
138.Tuch <10k
139.Bruce Boudreau <10k
140.Carolyn Bennett <10k
141.#MTLvsVGK <10k
142.Jonathan Drouin <10k
143.#everychildmatters <10k
144.#VGKvsMTL <10k
145.Carey Price <10k
146.Go Habs Go <10k
147.Danault <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq
Mumilaaq Qaqqaq ()

This is a map of every residential school site in Canada. Every dot is a crime scene. Only a few have been investigated so far. Canada, do not get used to these numbers. Do not let them become statistics. Put yourselves in the shoes of these children in the ground.

Canada,Twitter trends in Canada now
Naheed Dosani
Naheed Dosani ()

Hundreds of unmarked graves have been found at a former residential school in Saskatchewan. It’s the tip of the iceberg: There were >130 residential schools. Is Canada ready to face the genocide it participated in? Are we ready to deal with the reckoning? #CancelCanadaDay

Naomi Sayers, Indigenous Female Elite
Naomi Sayers, Indigenous Female Elite ()

Dont ask Indigenous people what you can do (I will not be responding to such requests): ❤️Read the TRC ❤️Implement calls to action (you don’t need to be a government - something for everyone) ❤️Donate your money

Sportsnet ()

Four years later, it comes full circle for Nick Suzuki. 👀 #ItsOn | #GoHabsGo

#ItsOn,Twitter trends in Canada now
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali ()

Today is a good day to remember that Canada’s Indian Act and systemic racism was the model for South Africa’s apartheid.

NHL ()

OFFICIAL: The @SeattleKraken have hired Dave Hakstol as the first coach in franchise history! @NHLdotcom has more ➡️

Hakstol,Twitter trends in Canada now
Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

#Breaking: Saskatchewan First Nation finds 751 unmarked graves on the site of former residential school.

Sportsnet ()

GOAL. CAUFIELD. 🚨 The @CanadiensMTL take the lead! #ItsOn

CBC News
CBC News ()

BREAKING: The Habs are heading to their 1st Stanley Cup final since 1993.

Kate Beaton
Kate Beaton ()

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission asked the government for resources to look into residential school gravesites years ago, the government said no.

Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

This is not a mass grave site, these are unmarked Chief Cadmus Delorme of the Cowessess First Nation says, adding that the Catholic church oversaw the graves and the removal of headstones.

ET Canada
ET Canada ()

.@driverminnie on working with @Camila_Cabello on #Cinderella: She’s the most incredible singer, songwriter and now you will see actress

Sportsnet ()

A classy ending to another great series. 🤝 The @CanadiensMTL and @GoldenKnights close out their six-game series with some handshakes. #ItsOn

Radio-Canada Info
Radio-Canada Info ()

Le Canadien de Montréal ira, pour la première fois depuis 1993, en finale de la Coupe Stanley. #CH #hockey

National Post
National Post ()

Sabrina Maddeaux: Jody-Wilson Raybould slapdown shows Trudeau Liberals nothing but a mean girls clique

National Association of Friendship Centres
National Association of Friendship Centres ()

Our hearts are broken. 🧡 Please share the resource list we have put together. #751 #EveryChildMatters


UBCIC Calls for the Immediate Resignation of Carolyn Bennett as Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations following Racist, Demeaning Message to Indigenous MP Jody Wilson-Raybould: Now is not the time for promises to do better.

Jody,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

O Captain! My Captain! 🚨🙌 Shea Weber nets the ice-breaker for the @CanadiensMTL in Game 6! #ItsOn

CBC News
CBC News ()

The federal cabinet minister responsible for Crown-Indigenous relations has apologized publicly to MP Jody Wilson-Raybould after suggesting her concern over residential schools and Indigenous rights was really a ploy to secure a generous MP pension.

CanadianPM ()

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement wishing all Francophones and Francophiles from coast to coast to coast a happy Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day: