Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 29th, 2022 02:46 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Spotify 1M+
2.Holocaust 410K+
3.Trudeau 279K+
4.Joe Rogan 263K+
5.Neil Young 233K+
6.Diaz 206K+
7.YouTube Music 183K+
8.Apple Music 180K+
9.Elon 166K+
10.Honduras 161K+
11.nate jacobs 150K+
12.Wiggins 131K+
13.Maus 117K+
14.#PokemonLegendsArceus 110K+
15.Tesla 99K+
16.Hiding 98K+
17.Canadians 87K+
18.Prime Minister 85K+
19.#TruckersForFreedom2022 82K+
20.#AhmadiyyaKhilafat 75K+
21.The 90% 71K+
22.Lunar New Year 61K+
23.Good Friday 49K+ cup 44K+
25.Pittsburgh 41K+
26.#CanadaTruckers 38K+
27.Fascism 33K+
28.Hannah 32K+
29.#FridayFeeling 30K+
30.Willow 25K+
31.Kane 25K+
32.Ubisoft 25K+
33.Challenger 23K+
34.Tidal 20K+
35.Barry Manilow 18K+
36.Davon 18K+
37.#RoyalRumble 17K+
38.#Spotifydeleted 17K+
39.Manitoba 17K+
40.#FridayVibes 16K+
41.#TheLegendofVoxMachina 16K+
42.Shore 15K+
43.#CANMNT 15K+
44.#FluTruxKlan 14K+
45.Antifa 13K+
46.Leslie 11K+
47.#DataPrivacyDay 11K+
48.Kingston 11K+
49.Coyotes 11K+
50.Wordle 223 X 10K+
51.Manitoba to Ontario 10K+
52.Zegras 10K+
53.Confederate <10K
54.Dr. Moore <10K
55.Jonathan Drouin <10K
56.jimmy kimmel <10K
57.Thanks Doug <10K
58.#ChooseToInclude <10K
59.Special Olympics <10K
60.#BellLetsTalk <10K
61.#OttawaConvoy <10K
62.awad <10K
63.Islamophobia <10K
64.JT Miller <10K
65.Rob Schneider <10K
66.Kid Rock <10K
67.amber alert <10K
68.#FlashbackFriday <10K
69.Buchanan <10K
70.Spector <10K
71.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10K
72.theo fleury <10K
73.Ottawa Police <10K
74.Jonathan David <10K
75.#DescribeASportBadly <10K
76.Bettman <10K
77.6 RVs <10K
78.#flutruxclan <10K
79.Parliament Hill <10K
80.Gatineau <10K
81.#FluTrucksKlan <10K
82.Thunder Bay <10K
83.#FreedomTruckers <10K
84.Liam Fraser <10K
85.Quebec City <10K
86.Borjan <10K
87.callahan <10K
88.Jason Momoa <10K
89.Saros <10K
90.#freedomconvoy22 <10K
91.#karenkonvoy <10K
92.Colin White <10K
93.Kassian <10K
94.Dwan <10K
95.Pat King <10K
96.St. Thomas Aquinas <10K
97.#freedumb <10K
98.Elgin <10K
99.Russell Brand <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

The organizer of the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe fundraiser, Tamara Lich, says GoFundMe is releasing money for the campaign. It has now raised more than $ through more than 80K donations. Lich says funds will cover truckers fuel, food and lodgings. #FreedomConvoy2022

Confederate flags in Canada have NOTHING to do with history and EVERYTHING to do with hate.

Huge save from Borjan leads to an incredibly cheeky finish from Jo David ON. A. from Liam Fraser and that trail away 👀 #CANMNT #ForCanada

GOAL 🇨🇦🇨🇦 JONATHAN DAVID MAKES IT TWO! Canada are flying here in San Pedro Sula, 15 minutes to go! #CanMNT | 🔴

Theo Fleury applauds truckers on Fox News, says they’ve “ignited the whole country” via @truenorthcentre

🗣 @TajonBuchanan let me see something, @AlphonsoDavies loves to see that early lead for the #CanMNT 🇨🇦 📺:

Freedom Convoy spokesman Benjamin Dichter joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the huge trucker protest as it makes its way to Ottawa.

I’m more worried about a Canadian Ray Epps. Remember that for many years, Canada’s most notorious Nazi group, the Heritage Front, was run by a federal agent named Grant Bristow. Trudeau craves an act of violence to justify a crackdown, and CSIS/RCMP would be happy to gin one up.

5 years and 6 days after making his NHL debut on January 21, 2017, Spencer Martin has his first NHL win. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

Dr. Moore: We have let our lives be controlled for the last two years in a significant amount of fear and now we are going to have to change some of that thinking. Finally some good sense in Ontario but is @fordnation listening?

Yes, the over 90% that are vaccinated and still working. And aren’t you trying to automate their jobs anyway? #KarenKonvoy

Buchanan and David will garner the headlines for #canMNT, which is understandable. But my word, what a performance by Atiba. Also strong efforts from Borjan, Johnston, Hoilett, Fraser (that pass!) and Piette (before he went off injured).