Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 18th, 2021 04:44 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Taylor 542K+ tweets
2.China 347K+ tweets
3.Lil Nas 229K+ tweets
4.Australia 195K+ tweets
5.Pfizer 193K+ tweets
6.Giants 186K+ tweets
7.Deltarune 179K+ tweets
8.#MONTERO 137K+ tweets
9.#WildestDreamsTaylorsVersion 137K+ tweets
10.Premier 112K+ tweets
11.Nicki Minaj 98K+ tweets
12.Ruby 90K+ tweets
13.#SexEducation 74K+ tweets
14.Alberta 59K+ tweets
15.Otis 54K+ tweets
16.Sage 47K+ tweets
17.Clinton 47K+ tweets
18.Laura Loomer 46K+ tweets
19.AUKUS 45K+ tweets
20.karl 42K+ tweets
21.#FFXIV 40K+ tweets
22.Maeve 38K+ tweets
23.Daniel Jones 37K+ tweets
24.Maki 36K+ tweets
25.Twins 36K+ tweets
26.Kenney 32K+ tweets
27.Brian Laundrie 28K+ tweets
28.AbokiFX 28K+ tweets
29.philly 27K+ tweets
30.Swollen Balls 26K+ tweets
31.#fridaymorning 25K+ tweets
32.#SmackDown 23K+ tweets
33.#DeltaruneChapter2 22K+ tweets
34.Ric Flair 20K+ tweets
35.Azah 20K+ tweets
36.#AEWRampage 19K+ tweets
37.Endwalker 18K+ tweets
38.Fajardo 18K+ tweets
39.#AbLeg 18K+ tweets
40.Miro 18K+ tweets
41.#G131 17K+ tweets
42.Buck 16K+ tweets
43.Bernie 15K+ tweets
44.Monk 14K+ tweets
45.Giveon 13K+ tweets
46.Live Letter 13K+ tweets
47.Tommy Dreamer 13K+ tweets
48.Louisville 12K+ tweets
49.DoTs 11K+ tweets
50.Gege 11K+ tweets
51.Reaper 10K+ tweets
52.the twins 10K+ tweets
53.Scottie Barnes <10K tweets
54.Summoner <10K tweets
55.Individuality and Autonomy <10K tweets
56.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10K tweets
57.Salmon Arm <10K tweets
58.Nanos <10K tweets
59.Dickerson <10K tweets
60.Britt <10K tweets
61.Levi Mitchell <10K tweets
62.Prince Philip <10K tweets
63.Bo Levi <10K tweets
64.Health Canada <10K tweets
65.Conrad Black <10K tweets
66.Matz <10K tweets
67.Rod Black <10K tweets
68.Anne Casabonne <10K tweets
69.Ted Lasso <10K tweets
70.Barack <10K tweets
71.Dr. Strang <10K tweets
72.Diddy <10K tweets
73.#Riders <10K tweets
74.Coach Beard <10K tweets
75.comirnaty <10K tweets
76.Shapiro <10K tweets
77.Arbuckle <10K tweets
78.Nate Pearson <10K tweets
79.Kian Schaffer-Baker <10K tweets
80.Stripling <10K tweets
81.Josh Donaldson <10K tweets
82.Donaldson <10K tweets
83.#VoteLiberalMajority <10K tweets
84.Robert Durst <10K tweets
85.Gusev <10K tweets
86.#ruffleschipsgiveaway <10K tweets
87.Seth Rollins <10K tweets
88.Burger Baron <10K tweets
89.Steve Murphy <10K tweets
90.Kevin Vuong <10K tweets
91.#RidersLive <10K tweets
92.Kafka <10K tweets
93.#GCWHighest <10K tweets
94.Mulroney <10K tweets
95.Pineda <10K tweets
96.Stockwell Day <10K tweets
97.Mosaic <10K tweets
98.toby fox <10K tweets
99.#BlueJays <10K tweets
100.Antetokounmpo <10K tweets
101.Vladdy <10K tweets
102.Merryweather <10K tweets
103.#Argos <10K tweets
104.Hyun Jin Ryu <10K tweets
105.Jim Hughson <10K tweets
106.Mr. Kneff <10K tweets
107.Vaxzevria <10K tweets
108.Maier <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

Bernie, you have fought courageously for public health care, affordable medication, making the rich pay their fair share, and tackling the climate crisis. We’re doing the same here. Canada, better is possible. But, you have to vote for it!

Josh Donaldson receives a standing ovation from @BlueJays fans as he steps onto the plate at the Rogers Centre for the first time this series. 💙 @BringerOfRain20 | #BlueJaysOnSN

The foul on Dan James is 100% a pen for any other team in the prem other than Leeds. Disgraceful that VAR didnt even look at it #LUFC

After 12 seasons in the NHL, Zack Smith has decided to retire. He opened up to me about his magical 25-goal season with the Sens, his love for the city of Ottawa — and the extreme back pain he’s been dealing with for a couple of years. A class act.

Toronto Maple #Leafs have signed UFA forward Nikita Gusev to a Professional Try Out. Gusev split his time between NJ and Florida last season, scoring 4 goals and adding 6 assists in 33 games.

Conrad Black: There is only one rational choice in this election


After 662 games in the League, longtime @Senators forward Zack Smith (@Smit_Treat15) has announced his retirement. Congrats on a great career! 👏

Zack Smith - Twitter trends in Canada now

In Halifax with ⁦@theJagmeetSingh⁩. The NDP think candidate Lisa Roberts could take back this seat from the Liberals. If they show the same unlimited zeal voting as they do bouncing, it’s done.

More than half of all Ontario PPC candidates have shared vaccine disinformation and opposition to vaccine mandates and passports. PPC candidates in other provinces, including , Alberta and Quebec, also participated in protests, Torstar confirmed.

Appreciate CBC posting this. Now can we get Politicians+CEOs to realize even though forced passports were maybe well intended we know vaxxes wear off soon+boosters are a problem/FDA rejects plan to offer Pfizer booster shots to most Americans | CBC News

If someone has mostly negative opinions about Occupy they just have depression. Don’t argue with them, just get them the resources they need to thrive.

Trudeau and his trees nonsense illustrates Liberal incompetence

Diane Francis - Twitter trends in Canada now