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Twitter trends in Canada now - Luigi, #CofRed, Elizabeth Olsen, Hornets, Carmen Sandiego, #FridayVibes, Reset, Doja, #TGTATBO.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.COVID-19 987464
2.spotify 825610
3.#7YearsWithGOT7 722216
4.#BonJennieversaire 597799
5.#빛이나는_제니의_모든날이_찬란하길 590251
6.#갓세븐포에버_아가새는어디안가 548702
7.Apple 543146
8.#NobodyIsListening 343265
9.corey 333248
10.#더_찬란하게될_승관이의_스물넷 266137
11.John Sullivan 259662
12.Apple Music 243544
13.Evil 223819
14.#Go_SEUNGKWAN_Day 204186
15.Indonesia 203006
16.Canada 166353
17.Brexit 162310
18.#TinyTAN 155635
19.seungkwan 142550
20.#TGTATBO 141657
21.Australia 131854
22.Marvel 128032
23.megan 122916
24.suho 116735
25.Pfizer 111396
26.#RepealFarmActsToday 108276
27.IRENE 103905
28.ariana 100738
29.yuta 95338
30.Jones 92320
31.#WandaVision 92142
32.SHINee 88655
33.Grey 87891
34.Legacy 86883
35.Doja 84237
36.Armie Hammer 72501
37.Premier League 70583
38.Nixon 68784
39.Saleh 67268
40.Ford 67190
41.Reset 65879
42.Humanity 65803
43.Jets 65255
44.Wikipedia 64567
45.#WeAreListening 62420
46.#3435REMIX 62413
47.Miguel 59527
48.Harvard 58676
49.Manchester 57167
50.Shapiro 57032
51.Aquarius 53833
52.Miller 50603
53.taehyun 49209
54.Philippines 48343
55.soobin 47244
56.Nurse 47065
57.karl 46640
58.River Road 46311
59.winwin 45442
60.Calamity 45085
61.Tightrope 44371
62.Ontario 44105
63.bad boy 42951
64.#MakeAbleistsUncomfortable 40459
65.Gigi 40012
66.Pastor 37387
67.jeonghan 37353
68.Luigi 37123
69.zayn malik 37006
70.South Africa 36931
71.seulgi 36720
72.Roman 36064
73.Carmen 33788
74.Bill Gates 32429
75.Trudeau 31153
76.Shaq 30392
77.MAKNAE 29135
78.Wayne Rooney 29091
79.Flames 28572
80.Mali 28104
81.Tuberville 26963
82.Urdu 26124
83.jinki 24368
84.Mets 24252
85.Chaeyoung 23815
86.Norway 23711
87.#FridayMotivation 23158
88.Luffy 21648
89.Canadians 21289
90.Nora 20892
91.xiao zhan 19819
92.#DragRaceUK 19418
93.POTM 19230
94.montréal 18817
95.helena 18362
96.#askofficial_ACE7 18096
97.Québec 17658
98.#BeBest 17564
99.#ONEW 16912
100.High 5 16551
101.Mariah 16495
102.Daniela 16412
103.CBC News 15474
104.Zoro 14804
105.Stanley 14252
106.Betty White 14007
107.#onepiece1001 13060
108.Mortal Kombat 12864
109.zayns 12110
110.Hughes 11800
111.Laine 11743
112.Sabres 11666
113.flo milli 11478
114.Hornets 11390
115.Chine 11349
116.#FridayThoughts 11208
117.Kayleigh 11205
118.Sylvain Sylvain 11179
119.Wiseman 11007
120.Jokic 10852
121.cheol 10669
122.Epoch Times 10044
123.Kluber <10k
124.calder <10k
125.Justement <10k
126.Raine <10k
127.#CriticalRoleSpoilers <10k
128.#FlashbackFriday <10k
129.Lotw <10k
130.matt thomas <10k
131.PC Party <10k
132.Vaughan <10k
133.Tim Stützle <10k
134.Motte <10k
135.Toronto Sun <10k
136.LeMahieu <10k
137.Paul Bettany <10k
138.Khabib <10k
139.#nltraffic <10k
140.McDavid <10k
141.One Night in Miami <10k
142.Roman Baber <10k
143.Shoppers <10k
144.Hilton <10k
145.Markstrom <10k
146.Alghabra <10k
147.Metroid <10k
148.#FridayVibes <10k
149.Yankees <10k
150.oregano <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Dr. Leslyn Lewis
Dr. Leslyn Lewis ()

Canadians are upset, & rightly so. The Trudeau Government rolled out the red carpet to exempt Meng Wanzhou’s family to visit Canada for Christmas while they told Canadians to stay home. Meanwhile, Michale Kovrig and Michael Spavor sit in prisons being denied basic human rights.

Rebel News
Rebel News ()

VIDEO: Officer punches 64-year-old man during arrest in Ontario

Mtashed ()

Reissuing gear feels pretty terrible. I can imagine Covid impacted development a lot this year, but the feedback stands: taking away our stuff and then bringing it right back ruined my motivation to play or care about anything in Destiny. Hope things change long term. good luck.

PC Gamer
PC Gamer ()

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free for the taking until January 21.

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

New season. Renewed passion. READY FOR TAKE OFF! ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ #GoJetsGo


Made in Nova Scotia collection available soon! ⚓️ RETWEET to win a hoodie! 🚨 Proud to be partnered up with Stanfield’s to produce amazing local products. From knitting fleece to embroidery, they do it all in house & employ over 300 people here in Nova Scotia. Stay tuned ⚓️🇨🇦

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

Game respect game. Massive save by Markstrom to keep things tied with less than three minutes on the clock. #GoJetsGo

Sportsnet ()

Things get heated between the Flames and Jets after Noah Hanifin gets Kyle Connor in the numbers. #NHLonSN | #ItsOn

Sportsnet ()

.@markscheifele55 is all of us after that save by Jacob Markstrom. 😳 #NHLonSN | #ItsOn

Kulvinder Kaur MD
Kulvinder Kaur MD ()

ThankU MPP @Roman_Baber. We need more MPPs across all party lines to demand Premier @fordnation stop inflicting horrific harms: “Lockdowns aren’t working—they’re killing lives instead of saving lives. I plead with you to accept this reality &end lockdowns”

Alex ()

Let’s talk about it: + Rask was phenomenal. + McAvoy and Frederic looked great + Marchand is Marchand + Nick Ritchie looked good and got on the board + Defense looked pretty solid + Miller played well - Way too many penalties - No 5v5 goals - They played down to the Devils

ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕖 𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕒
ℙ𝕖𝕡𝕖 𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕒 ()

Good morning sand happy Friyay!! My globe trotting today will take me to Puerto Backyarda, with several stops at Kitchen-Itza. I might even risk going to the popular 🙂 this is my view from my 7 Star reminds me of an @twitandrewking painting right? ❤️

Happy Friyay,Twitter trends in Canada now
Yahoo Sports Canada
Yahoo Sports Canada ()

how stanley johnson is approaching this back to back vs charlotte

Stanley Johnson,Twitter trends in Canada now
Meeker Guerrier
Meeker Guerrier ()

Perso je l’aime bien le logo du @clubdefootmtl. Maintenant si tu décides d’avoir une représentation d’un flocon de neige sur ton logo, il faudrait que tu sois capable de jouer dans ton stade quand il y a quelques cristaux glacés qui tombent du ciel. Non? 😬🤷🏾‍♂️ #CFMTL #IMFC

Girl_Lafleur ()

Sometimes I wish we still had Galchenyuk just so we could trade him fun! #GoHabsGo

Andrea Horwath
Andrea Horwath ()

Kicking another of his MPPs out of caucus is purely symbolic unless Doug Ford stops listening to the PC caucus members and insiders who share Roman Baber’s views. 1/2

Stephen #handsoffmypension Anderson
Stephen #handsoffmypension Anderson ()

I hope Pat Rehn learned his lesson. Doing sweet tweet for your province only pays $500,000 plus expenses😡

#LetsGoGoldeyes ()

Good luck to the @NHLJets in their season opener this evening! #GoJetsGo

#GoJetsGo,Twitter trends in Canada now
Mike McIntyre
Mike McIntyre ()

#NHLJets Patrik Laine said he wishes he could have got a five-minute major for dropping the gloves in that 2nd period scrum with #Flames Matthew Tkachuk. (He got 2 minutes instead) I could have gotten a Gordie Howe hat-trick, he said wistfully.

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Nate Schmidt took full responsibility for the 2-0 goal at the end of the first period. Said that was a play he needed to have. #Canucks