Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 30th, 2021 08:45 PM IST

Twitter trends in Canada now - Dodgers, jungkook, #STAYxSTAYmentionparty, Snapchat, Sinclair, Buchanan.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.jungkook 2876852
2.#Tokyo2020 1462194
3.#2021STAYweeK 728286
4.#스테이위크 680596
5.Snapchat 419118
6.Delta 402710
7.Lakers 352375
8.Simone Biles 340012
9.#StrayKids 336971
10.#스트레이키즈 307443
11.Disney 306485
12.Westbrook 278600
13.Canada 241347
14.billie 198630
15.Felix 192104
16.Senate 135439
17.Yankees 131460
18.Russ 128517
19.Abba Kyari 117885
20.#HappierThanEver 115905
21.Rizzo 110966
22.Kuzma 110421
23.Dodgers 103857
24.Lebron 100143
25.#NBADraft 96371
26.Scarlett Johansson 92914
27.Turner 79076
28.Alberta 76461
29.Brazil 72368
30.House of Gucci 59568
31.Terrence Clarke 56688
32.Simmons 53675
33.joon 53269
34.Ricky 53202
35.Jared Leto 46217
36.Bobby 46081
37.Hield 45108
38.Henry 43286
39.Cooper 40883
40.Qatar 40428
41.Raptors 40204
42.Marta 37425
43.Suggs 37194
44.YUNHO 36316
45.yujin 35179
46.Knicks 35128
47.Orlando 35128
48.Trea Turner 34901
49.Rangers 33335
50.Good Friday 32307
51.Djokovic 32219
52.Ben Simmons 32102 31729
54.Penny 30209
55.Steph 25204
56.Perry 24921
57.Shams 24104
58.Buju 22443
59.Netherlands 22198
60.gina 20286
61.Makar 20158
62.#STAYxSTAYmentionparty 19622
63.Dutch 18676
64.World Cup 18568
65.#GoldCup21 18392
66.Zverev 18124
67.Questlove 18007
68.Scottie Barnes 16883
69.Clippers 16457
70.sunmi 15858
71.#LakeShow 15356
72.#HaloInfinite 14684
73.Concacaf 14225
74.Kenney 14150
75.Berrios 13670
76.Tink 13395
77.Isaiah Rashad 12902
78.Elaine 12413
79.Whitney 12322
80.Shelly 11521
81.Trina 11140
82.#NBADraft2021 10958
83.#Rowing 10864
84.Golden Slam 10036
85.Siakam <10k
86.Sinclair <10k
87.Tom Wilson <10k
88.Raps <10k
89.Stephanie Labbe <10k
90.Pascal <10k
91.#WeTheNorth <10k
92.Larin <10k
93.mexique <10k
94.Werenski <10k
95.christine sinclair <10k
96.Mexicans <10k
97.Canada vs USA <10k
98.Adam Silver <10k
99.#ExUSpoilers <10k
100.Gilles <10k
101.Buchanan <10k
102.Fleming <10k
103.Off The Record <10k
104.Reaves <10k
105.#TrampolineGymnastics <10k
106.Michael Che <10k
107.#CanMNT <10k
108.Lowry <10k
109.Brad Hand <10k
110.Cinesphere <10k
111.Masai <10k
112.#FireKenney <10k
113.Beckie <10k
114.Ontario Place <10k
115.Seamus <10k
116.Rosie MacLennan <10k
117.#CANWNT <10k
118.halley <10k
119.Brésil <10k
120.doneil henry <10k
121.OneSoccer <10k
122.Perreault <10k
123.rafe <10k
124.Kendrick Perkins <10k
125.Labbe <10k
126.#cmnt <10k
127.Davies <10k
128.Hinshaw <10k
129.Welcome to Toronto <10k
130.Ashley Lawrence <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

STEPH LABBE COMING IN CLUTCH 🇨🇦 Makes the critical save and Canada moves onto the semifinals after beating Brazil in penalty kicks

Are you not entertained?! Tajon Buchanan played down the wing, comes inside the box, into the side netting! #CANMNT


LABBE SAVES, LABBE SAVES!!!! 2 consecutive stops from the Canadian netminder and Canada has ADVANCED to the SEMIFINALS!!! Final: 🇨🇦 0 (4) 🇧🇷 0 (3)

I’d never question Masai, but Barnes over Suggs is a biiiiig bet. Oh my. Thought Suggs was a shoe-in for TO.

Trudeau just told Albertans who were planning to vote for their Senators in the fall to get lost. He just filled one of two vacant Alberta seats. He simply doesn’t care about Alberta. I hope Albertans will tell him loudly that they don’t care about him.

one hour until the nba draft! hearing the asking price for ben simmons is now kyle lowry, fred vanvleet, og anunoby, nav bhatia, 10 boxes of NN hats, auston matthews, the number four pick, and two osmow’s franchise locations

GOOOOOAAAAAAL 🍁 TAJON BUCHANAN 😭 #CanMNT level the score 1-1 vs. Mexico #GoldCup21 | 🔴


LeBron, Maverick Carter, Drake, & Adel ‘Future’ Nur act as Executive Producers for Black Ice, a doc that chronicles the history, influence and racialized journey of Black hockey players and explores the topic of systemic racism in the game. MORE:

Ice Hockey - Twitter trends in Canada now

The save that started the fan #CANMNT #MaxCrepeauFanClub

Calgary’s mayor says it’s the “height of insanity” that Alberta is moving ahead with removing almost all of its remaining COVID-19 public health orders.

After Alberta announced it would make sweeping changes to its COVID-19 response, including dropping mandatory isolation protocols, some experts from outside the province and across the border are calling it “irresponsible” and “dangerous.”

A Thank You thread. The Winnipeg Jets would like to thank Tucker Poolman for his contributions to the organization since being drafted in 2013. Best of luck in Vancouver, Tucker!

Welcome to Toronto, @ScottBarnes561! 🦖 The @Raptors select Scottie Barnes with the fourth-overall pick in the 2021 #NBADraft.

Rosie MacLennan with a beautiful performance in the preliminaries and currently sits in fourth 🇨🇦

Share your sunset with us this evening, Canada! 🌤️#ShareYourWeather 📸: Larry Adams, North Dumfries, Ontario

Dumfries - Twitter trends in Canada now

For the first time at #Tokyo2020, #CANWNT will be playing in front of some fans today! Canadian flag spotted in the stands! 🇨🇦

#CANWNT - Twitter trends in Canada now

Yes, we can further humiliate Julie Payette for atrocious employee relations. And, strip Tommy Douglas for his musings about eugenics and subnormal families. Or we can remember the deeds for which we justly honoured these people, and move on. #cdnpoli

HERDMAN REACTION: I feel proud. The lads gave everything. But we feel like we missed a chance there. #CANMNT #GoldCup21

Rosie MacLennan delivers with her finals performance, she sits in the lead with three more competitors to go 🇨🇦

This chapter is over. But our journey is just beginning. For now the #CANMNT passes the torch to the #CANWNT in Japan. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 ALLEZ!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

#CanMNT - Twitter trends in Canada now