Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: December 9th, 2022 07:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.#MohsenShekari 919K+
2.Brittney Griner 822K+
3.Russia 777K+
4.#TheGameAwards 736K+
5.#搞定要要個要 582K+
6.Marine 541K+
7.Whelan 541K+
8.Paul Whelan 421K+
9.WNBA 342K+
10.Putin 321K+
11.Viktor Bout 254K+
12.Merchant of Death 240K+
13.Elden Ring 214K+
14.Baker 207K+
15.Armored Core 196K+
16.jungwoo 168K+
17.Game of the Year 163K+
18.Bill Clinton 160K+
19.Raiders 124K+
20.God of War 121K+
21.Céline Dion 107K+
22.#HarryandMeghanNetflix 104K+
23.Democrat 97K+
24.GOTY 96K+
25.Baker Mayfield 85K+
26.Hades 2 82K+
27.Considered 74K+
28.Rams 71K+
29.Advantage 51K+
30.Kojima 47K+
31.Nimmo 41K+
32.Carr 40K+
33.Visited 40K+
34.Geoff 39K+
35.5000 Taliban 38K+
36.Al Pacino 33K+
37.phoebe 30K+
38.improved 30K+
39.#지구에서년지성아_환영해 29K+
40.Greatly 21K+
41.Christopher Judge 21K+
42.Reggie 20K+
43.Collected 19K+
44.departure 18K+
45.Sinema 16K+
46.Abrar 16K+
47.Halsey 13K+
48.Raquel 11K+
49.Jays 11K+
50.Cease 11K+
51.#sossza 11K+
52.#fridaymorning 10K+
53.Drift 10K+
54.sportsman <10K
55.dwelling <10K
56.Durzi <10K
57.Jamal Murray <10K
58.Guillaume Dulude <10K
59.distrusts <10K
60.contented <10K
62.#TrudeauIsAPsychopath <10K
63.dakota joshua <10K
64.Tage Thompson <10K
65.admiration <10K
66.Timed <10K
67.Snug <10K
68.imprudence <10K
69.Manchin <10K
70.tolerably <10K
71.Remarkably <10K
72.suspicion <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


Ilya Samsonov earns his first @pepsi Shutout as a member of the @MapleLeafs! 🍁


MITCH KEEPS IT GOING‼️ Mitch Marner extends his point streak to 21 straight games with a SNIPE to make it 4-0. 💥


Mitch Marner 21-game point 🧐 Whatcha think? 👇 (via @PR_NHL)

Twitter trends in Canada today - Mitch Marner by NHL

Jason Robertson loves Dallas. 🤩 Watch his interview with Nick Alberga (@thegoldenmuzzy) ➡️

Metrolinx has been unable to complete the connection between Dundas West TTC, and Bloor GO, even though the fully funded project has been it’s responsibility for 15 years. And that’s a relatively tiny project (with big impact)


Mitch Marner extends his point streak to 21 after the Leafs score 4 goals in the 2nd! (🎥: @mapleleafs)

Ontario pharmacists will be able to prescribe the antiviral COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid to patients as of next week

ALRIGHT I AM LIVE!!! SWING BY twitch dot tv slash amanda the jedi (link below)

Twitter trends in Canada today - Amanda by Amanda the Jedi

“Secret” together with “Metrolinx documents” is redundant.

Cibole c’est qui ce dude ? 🤬 PATRICK LAGACÉ - Guillaume Dulude est dans le champ.

Diablo IV | Official Release Date Trailer Out June 6, 2023

Twitter trends in Canada today - Diablo IV by Lbabinz 🇨🇦

İnsan, Çayını soğutan havadan, Yüreğini üşüten herkesten uzak durmalı..! #Rojbaş

Twitter trends in Canada today - Rojbaş by 🎈Arjîne76🎈

Been a while since I had a fun unscramble. 😀 Wordle 538 4/6* ⬜⬜⬜🟨⬜ ⬜⬜⬜🟩🟨 🟨🟨🟨🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 #Wordle #Wordle538

“Our timing was always so different. The planetary rotations &all.” “That’s why I’m not mad.” He reached in &pulled me up to a sitting position, holding me tight against his broad chest. His warmth helped to chase away the CHILL that came from traveling through space. #FridayKiss

Twitter trends in Canada today - #FridayKiss by Jessica E Subject 💜⁷

This is a transit hub, but doesn’t function as one because of the disconnect. It’s not just UPX passengers - GO Commuters could get to Yonge/Bloor easily, etc etc. Metrolinx has had the mandate and the $$$ to do it for 15 years. Infuriating.