Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: September 24th, 2022 09:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Iran 1M+
2.Putin 382K+
3.England 310K+
4.#LaverCup 232K+
5.Nadal 169K+
6.Speed 158K+
7.World Cup 141K+
8.Dahmer 121K+
9.Albert Pujols 104K+
10.#Federer 95K+
12.#SmackDown 76K+
13.Southgate 71K+
14.Run BTS 70K+
15.Simon 68K+
16.Qatar 64K+
17.Celtics 52K+
18.karl 50K+
19.Telfar 47K+
20.Game Day 47K+
21.Ime Udoka 46K+
22.Port 45K+
23.Michigan 45K+
24.Stormzy 40K+
25.Hilary Mantel 36K+
26.#Fiona 33K+
27.Tiafoe 30K+
28.Oakville 30K+
29.Hyde 27K+
30.Shakur 24K+
31.Abel 22K+
32.Louise Fletcher 18K+
33.oakville trafalgar high school 18K+
34.Nova Scotia 15K+
35.The Weeknd 13K+
36.Chunkz 13K+
37.Tobi 13K+
38.Manny 12K+
39.#Caturday 11K+
40.Wolf Hall 10K+
41.Rays 10K+
42.Atlantic Canada <10K
43.#sidemenCharityMatch <10K
44.canadian tire <10K
45.Burnt Islands <10K
46.Bob Rae <10K
47.Canso <10K
48.Slafkovsky <10K
49.CPP and EI <10K
50.Noah Beck <10K
51.Deji <10K
52.#debatdeschefs <10K
53.Newfoundland <10K
54.mitch white <10K
55.#freecodefridaycontest <10K
56.Sable Island <10K
57.Îles <10K
58.East Coast <10K
59.Pharoah Sanders <10K
60.Antigonish <10K
61.Madeleine <10K
62.tupoc <10K
63.#SaturdayMorning <10K
64.Dorian <10K
65.Jordan Harris <10K
66.ei and cpp <10K
67.Tom Kim <10K
68.Maritimes <10K
69.#nlwx <10K
70.NS Power <10K
71.NS and PEI <10K
72.Burgeo <10K
73.Charlottetown <10K
74.Madelinots <10K
75.Halifax <10K
76.Wordle 462 X <10K
77.Glace Bay <10K
78.Daily Quordle 243 <10K
79.Patrice Roy <10K
80.dartmouth <10K
81.Dropping My COVID Hubris <10K
82.CBC Radio <10K
83.#NSStorm <10K
84.berrios <10K
85.North Sydney <10K
86.Larin <10K
87.Basques <10K
88.Cape Breton <10K
89.dale smith <10K
90.Nurse Ratched <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Today we welcomed crews from New Brunswick, Maine and Quebec that are supporting our storm restoration efforts. A big thank you to everyone that’s joining our team! #NSStorm

Join us in Oakville on Sunday to protest obscene “gender expression,” and the cowardice of school authorities. Our kids must be protected! Details and RSVP👇

Twitter trends in Canada today - Oakville by Maxime Bernier

A note to Atlantic Canada as you brace for #HurricaneFiona. If you’re low on power/data on your device, visit our text-only website for updates 👉 It loads quickly and uses less data. We will also have full live coverage on Radio, TV and the News App


GOAL 🍁 Nice and early for Cyle Larin, who gets a head on the end of a perfectly-weighted cross by Sam Adekugbe 🎯 🔴

Here is the latest update on #Hurricane #Fiona. Weather models continue to indicate that Fiona will make landfall in eastern Nova Scotia early Saturday morning and will produce very heavy rainfall, severe winds and storm surge.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Nova Scotia by ECCC Canadian Hurricane Centre

Cyle Larin doing what Cyle Larin does best 🔥 #WeCAN #CANMNT

Pieface vs YouTube All-Stars (1st half) : goals prevented 14% pass accuracy Disappointing

Twitter trends in Canada today - Pieface by Gasipo

First half goals from Cyle Larin and Jonathan David steer Canada to a 2-0 victory over World Cup hosts Qatar. 🍁 #CANMNT | #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - Cyle Larin by Sportsnet

Still waiting for any reports on the status of Sable Island which is currently getting wind gusts in excess of 120 km/h. I will pass any information along if I hear anything. @ParksCanada @weathernetwork

JOHN HERDMAN REACTION: We had some real quality tonight. It was exciting. #CANMNT #WeCAN

HT - 🇶🇦 0 🇨🇦 2 - Incredibly comfortable for Canada after a fast start. Qatar disappointing & unusually deep. Key for Canada has been wide CB’s in a 3, Johnston & Miller, getting forward and joining the play. Key on both goals. We’ll break them down next on @onesoccer

❤️❤️ Thinking of my friends in Nova Scotia. Stay safe. Hope you have your #StormChips. #HurricaneFiona

Twitter trends in Canada today - #StormChips by Toula Drimonis

STEVEN VITORIA REACTION: It was an important win, an important clean sheet and most importantly a big step forward. #CANMNT #WeCAN

Koné is just on a different tier compared to Piette. Sammy did his job well and should be commended for that but let’s just look at the damn screen guys🤣 #CanMNT

Does anybody know if Trudeau has pre-positioned CAF troops near the Maritimes in preparation for Hurricane Fiona? I suspect he hasn’t, and Maritimers will be left to their own efforts to save lives.