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Twitter trends in Canada now - #sapnapappreciationday, SCTV, #FES2020, #FarmersBill, Varane, #AdventCalendar, Rihanna, Rihanna, Leon.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.spotify 879392
2.OANN 345171
3.Madrid 336659
4.Elliot Page 287378
5.Fortnite 265045
6.seventeen 219038
7.#GivingTuesday 177280
8.Apple Music 169894
9.Impact 169512
10.TASTE 160072
11.Christmas Day 149149
12.Zhongli 134496
13.Barr 133492
14.#Bounty 133040
15.#CNNTapes 114163
16.#WorldAIDSDay 102492
17.TODAY ONLY 98402
18.MARK LEE 90242
19.1st of December 89928
20.Forbes 86758
22.Rihanna 77181
23.Real Madrid 77085
24.Lewis 73993
25.#Christmas 67769
26.Mariah Carey 60635
27.Leon 59540
28.chenle 56894
29.Champions League 53890
30.Warriors 52949
31.Elliot 48702
32.#FarmersBill 45516
33.Nikki 44108
34.#December1st 42537
35.Ajax 40961
36.Adrian 39034
37.#WorldAIDSDay2020 37531
38.Zidane 35841
39.#2020Wrapped 33987
40.Harry Potter 33866
41.Juno 31985
42.Romania 31982
43.Lou Dobbs 31475
44.Happy Holidays 29276
45.Luka 28050
46.Lewis Hamilton 27825
47.Shakhtar 27069
48.Umbrella Academy 25783
49.TERFs 25598
50.#tuesdaymotivations 25562
51.#GivingTuesday2020 24424
52.Europa League 24103
53.Rosa Parks 23130
54.Varane 23119
55.Kelleher 22850
56.Ellen Page 22067
57.florence 21781
58.#SpotifyWrapped 19741
59.#tuesdayvibe 19613
60.MATCHED 18869
61.Ishaq Dar 17822
62.Galactus 17684
63.Shelf 17589
64.5sos 17253
65.Gladbach 17229
66.Slack 16986
67.Eazy 16868
68.Nets 15948
69.#TheBachelorette 14714
70.Burna 14519
71.#December2020 14277
72.Travis Scott 14043
73.#AdventCalendar 13693
74.Markiplier 13399
75.Salesforce 13027
76.Bennett 12241
77.SCTV 12039
78.Sky Daddy 11892
79.#sapnapappreciationday 11108
80.#dttwtselfieday 11062
81.Bill Walton 10183
82.catherine o’hara 10168
83.#louiesasbabies <10k
84.#ONStorm <10k
85.#charity <10k
86.Forge <10k
87.Affaire Michaud <10k
88.#AgainstSurveillance <10k
89.Google Classroom <10k
90.#cdnecon <10k
91.Zion <10k
92.Freeland <10k
93.westphal <10k
94.Luci <10k
95.Greg Vanney <10k
96.Mavs <10k
97.Rex Murphy <10k
98.14 days of giveaways <10k
99.LA Galaxy <10k
100.Pelicans <10k
101.#IMPACTonAXSTV <10k
102.phoebe waller <10k
103.#startcisshaming <10k
104.Toronto FC <10k
105.Montréal FC <10k
106.#SCL20 <10k
107.#ConcacafLeague <10k
108.#artadventcalendar <10k
109.#snowday <10k
110.#WinterWonderland <10k
111.MLSE <10k
112.#MyMarioMemory <10k
113.LOTR <10k
114.#AEWDark <10k
115.#CHamericanidol <10k
116.Megatron <10k
117.Anne Sylvestre <10k
118.#HolidaySeason <10k
119.#snow <10k
120.CanadaHelps <10k
121.#TransRightsAreHumanRights <10k
122.#wegetoutside <10k
123.#ForgeFC <10k
124.#TFCLive <10k
125.Canada Helps <10k
126.Bottas <10k
127.#TriviaTuesday <10k
128.#FortniteSeason5 <10k
129.Hockey Québec <10k
130.#NintendoContest <10k
131.Tayshia <10k
132.Fall Economic Statement <10k
133.Bette <10k
134.#donate <10k
135.#MardiJeDonne <10k
136.hozier <10k
137.#giveback <10k
138.North Pole <10k
139.#elfontheshelf <10k
140.Adamson Barbecue <10k
141.#IMFC <10k
142.Vanya <10k
143.Kemba <10k
144.#FES2020 <10k
145.Minassian <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Leon Edwards vs. Khamzat Chimaev isn’t happening on Dec. 19, per sources. Unfortunately, Edwards recently tested positive for COVID. UFC is hoping to re-book the fight in early 2021, sources say.

Walmart Canada Gaming
Walmart Canada Gaming ()

🎮 What: #PS5 and #XboxSeriesX ONLINE ONLY restock. ⏰ When: Thursday, December 3rd. - PS5: live at 11am EST. - XSX: live at 12pm EST. ⛔ Strict limit of 1 per household. Due to high demand, shipping times may be longer than usual. Orders are planned to arrive before Christmas.

3rd December,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

These @Raptors x Tampa jersey mockups are quite something. 👀🤩 📸: @lucsdesign91

Raptors,Twitter trends in Canada now
Chica ()

A little bit of how were ALL feeling right #FortniteSeason5 😂 🙃

💾Izzy Nobre
💾Izzy Nobre ()

hackers mudaram o nome do canal do Zangado e tao fazendo live de uma tal de Cathie Wood

Zangado,Twitter trends in Canada now
Eduardo Benvenuti -
Eduardo Benvenuti - ()

Notícia: Hamilton pegou COVID-19 e não vai correr a próxima corrida. Minha mente pensando em duas coisas: que bom que ele é atleta e provavelmente sai dessa sem e vem aí vitória do Hulkenberg!

Rupa Subramanya
Rupa Subramanya ()

Does class bias exist in Canada? You bet it does. Rex Murphy on the class based scorn that’s been poured on Adam Skelly who is too blue collar to be taken seriously by privileged “liberal” elites.

Kristian Jack
Kristian Jack ()

MLSE/TFC tried to get Greg Vanney to sign a new contract throughout the season. Vanney admits that everything was done - money & term last discussed in July - & just needed his signature but they didn’t talk much after that. This was not a mutual decision. #TFCLive

Kim Coates
Kim Coates ()

Here we go. It’s almost Wednesday. #GiveBack. Enjoy. Coates xo.

CBC News
CBC News ()

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland responded that enough vaccine has been prepurchased to ensure there are up to 10 doses for every Canadian.

John Molinaro
John Molinaro ()

#TFCLive captain Michael Bradley takes to Instagram to say a few words about Greg Vanney.

#TFCLive,Twitter trends in Canada now
CanadaHelps ()

TODAY ONLY: Donate $20 or more and CanadaHelps will add an extra $2 to your donation!* Donate today and increase your impact! #GivingTuesdayCA

Nic (Tetra Ninja)
Nic (Tetra Ninja) ()

Nintendo Switch just came out and I was hogging the console. Mario was smiling but his arms tell a different story. Fav #MyMarioMemory

#MyMarioMemory,Twitter trends in Canada now
Nick 🇨🇦
Nick 🇨🇦 ()

Also let’s stop loans being usable in the objectives friendlies section. Ruins the entire point of working for new cards when everyone just uses their loan Mbappe for the 5,000th time. ( if you wanna use your loan, have him be usable in regular friendlies).

Sock ()

Also this is only a pinch of The important background characters wont be released untill their pages are published 😅

KokumSarah ()

It’s Day 1 of #ArtAdventCalendar thank you @JayIsPainting for facilitating bringing the beauty onto our timelines each year. This is an oldie but I’m hoping, starting tomorrow, to create a little something new each day to share

#artadventcalendar,Twitter trends in Canada now
Kristian Jack
Kristian Jack ()

Toronto FC GM Ali Curtis thanks Greg Vanney & his family while adding: “I am excited about this opportunity. We’re a big club. We will move on & it is important that movement is forward and that process has begun. We will move forward with a lot of strength & energy.” #tfclive

ECCC Weather Ontario
ECCC Weather Ontario ()

There and back again, an Ontario weather story: November started out wintry, followed by summer-like, record breaking warmth. Late November saw severe thunderstorms and damaging winds before changing back to winter-like weather. Certainly kept us on our toes! #ONStorm

#ONStorm,Twitter trends in Canada now
Kristian Jack
Kristian Jack ()

An emotional Greg Vanney breaks down once he starts to thank his players. “It was a difficult decision, one I processed for the year. Its the right time to move to the next step.” #TFCLive

Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich
Dina Pugliese-Mirkovich ()

Oh my gosh I can hear the theme song. My go-to was The Flintstones. What about yours friends? #NoonTelevision