Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 29th, 2021 02:53 AM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Amazon 795K+ tweets
2.Black 710K+ tweets
3.Squid Game 667K+ tweets
4.Paris 574K+ tweets
6.Genshin 450K+ tweets
7.COVID-19 447K+ tweets
8.China 277K+ tweets
9.Pokémon 245K+ tweets
10.Afghanistan 215K+ tweets
11.Messi 187K+ tweets
12.Collège 185K+ tweets
13.R. Kelly 173K+ tweets
14.Halloween 173K+ tweets
15.Brexit 162K+ tweets
16.Eagles 151K+ tweets
17.#KenGriffinLied 133K+ tweets
18.Cowboys 119K+ tweets
19.Ticketmaster 115K+ tweets
20.New World 109K+ tweets
21.Milan 100K+ tweets
22.Nigeria 100K+ tweets
23.#PSGMCI 84K+ tweets
24.#zhongli 74K+ tweets
25.Man City 74K+ tweets
26.#MondayMotivation 70K+ tweets
27.Neymar 70K+ tweets
28.#WWERaw 69K+ tweets
29.Tommy 68K+ tweets
30.#Kazuha 63K+ tweets
31.Sheriff 63K+ tweets
32.Porto 61K+ tweets
33.Real Madrid 60K+ tweets
34.Milley 54K+ tweets
35.#childe 54K+ tweets
36.Alberta 50K+ tweets
37.Mbappe 50K+ tweets
38.Bobby 49K+ tweets
39.Kyrie 48K+ tweets
40.Lakers 47K+ tweets
41.mRNA 46K+ tweets
42.MOTS 45K+ tweets
43.Anderson 42K+ tweets
44.Indigenous 40K+ tweets
45.#ChampionsLeague 39K+ tweets
46.Pumpkin 38K+ tweets
47.National Day 36K+ tweets
48.James Bond 34K+ tweets
49.Jalen 33K+ tweets
50.Tylenol 31K+ tweets
51.Greta 31K+ tweets
52.Ontario 30K+ tweets
53.Bernardo 30K+ tweets
54.Peyton 30K+ tweets
55.#tuesdaymotivations 27K+ tweets
56.Sterling 25K+ tweets
57.Bradley Beal 24K+ tweets
58.Zeke 24K+ tweets
59.De Bruyne 23K+ tweets
60.Adele 23K+ tweets
61.Good Tuesday 23K+ tweets
62.Verratti 22K+ tweets
63.#mondaythoughts 21K+ tweets
64.Jalen Hurts 20K+ tweets
65.#PORLIV 19K+ tweets
66.Grealish 15K+ tweets
67.Anniversary Theater 15K+ tweets
68.Midnight Mass 14K+ tweets
69.Vancouver 13K+ tweets
70.Joyce 13K+ tweets
71.Mahrez 13K+ tweets
72.Mumei 12K+ tweets
73.Aiba 12K+ tweets
74.Flames 12K+ tweets
75.Kessie 11K+ tweets
76.#tuesdayvibe 10K+ tweets
77.Green Party 10K+ tweets
78.#skpoli <10K tweets
79.Pezzetta <10K tweets
80.Leafs <10K tweets
81.Omayra <10K tweets
82.Cour <10K tweets
83.#COVID19BC <10K tweets
84.Dvorak <10K tweets
85.Joyce Echaquan <10K tweets
86.#FirebreakAB <10K tweets
87.Scizor <10K tweets
88.Chrystia Freeland <10K tweets
89.#yegcc <10K tweets
90.#Canucks <10K tweets
91.Les 40 <10K tweets
92.Ms. Paul <10K tweets
93.#EveryChildMatters <10K tweets
94.Free Alberta Strategy <10K tweets
95.CHSLD <10K tweets
96.Hamonic <10K tweets
97.Raptors <10K tweets
98.#TruthAndReconciliation <10K tweets
99.jack campbell <10K tweets
100.Drouin <10K tweets
101.Terry Fox <10K tweets
102.Mike McCarthy <10K tweets
103.Ritchie <10K tweets
104.#NDTR <10K tweets
105.#WendysPhone <10K tweets
106.Poulin <10K tweets
107.Evander Kane <10K tweets
108.Curtis Jones <10K tweets
109.Le PQ <10K tweets
110.Angela Pitt <10K tweets
111.John Bolton <10K tweets
112.Scyther <10K tweets
113.Marner <10K tweets
114.rex murphy <10K tweets
115.#yegvote <10K tweets
116.Guhle <10K tweets
117.Cavan Biggio <10K tweets
118.Elizabeth May <10K tweets
119.Kleavor <10K tweets
120.Annamie Paul <10K tweets
121.josh anderson <10K tweets
122.#OrangeShirtDay <10K tweets
123.PortPass <10K tweets
124.Licorice Pizza <10K tweets
125.Babylon 5 <10K tweets
126.Madu <10K tweets
127.Newfoundland <10K tweets
128.Sudbury <10K tweets
129.Mrazek <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

3 selfies in 48 hours. Happy #AdaMasalı day to us! 😻 Are y’all ready for #gitme 😭

#gitme - Twitter trends in Canada now

Rex Murphy: How COVID-19 taught the public to distrust the authorities

Travelling to California on Wednesday, so tomorrow morning I need to get a mandatory COVID test. I’m always streaming bright and early on Fortnite update days, but for this one, I’ll be live later, around 8:30am ET!

I hope the Canadiens call up Michael Pezzetta for one of the random Tuesday night games in February against Arizona when we all need a little energy boost.

Michael Pezzetta’s energy in this game is a nice mix of and “fan who won a contest to play in and NHL preseason game” and “just released from prison.”

Annamie Paul has resigned as leader of the Green Party. Wow, never thought they would discard her after just a single use.

Kaiden Guhle in my estimation is a great example of a player who probably isn’t quite NHL ready but would be much better served by being able to play in the AHL instead of having to go back to juniors.

The Blue Jays have reinstated Cavan Biggio from the 10-day injured list and he will be active against the Yankees on Tuesday night.

Selamun aleykum bist100 ahalisi bereketli olsun, merhaba akademik arkadaşlarım size de merhaba vur-kaç timi

⚡️ Justin Trudeau names Chrystia Freeland as deputy prime minister and finance minister NEW from @R_SPatel

Justin Trudeau held his first media availability Tuesday afternoon and announced that Chrystia Freeland will continue to serve as deputy prime minister and minister of finance.

The NHL is investigating Evander Kane for a possible violation of league COVID protocols, sources tell @FriedgeHNIC, though details regarding the nature of the possible violation are unknown at this time.