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Updated: May 19th, 2022 02:43 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Republican 418K+
2.Game 1 391K+
3.Buffalo 378K+
4.Amber 340K+
5.Elon 329K+
6.NAYEON 248K+
7.Cawthorn 238K+
8.taylor 200K+
9.She-Hulk 161K+
10.Frankfurt 130K+
11.Tesla 122K+
12.taeil 103K+
13.#UELfinal 88K+
14.Fetterman 85K+
15.sarah 70K+
16.howard 66K+
17.Ford 66K+
18.Jimmy Butler 64K+
19.#22GraduatesVersion 51K+
20.Homophobia 49K+
21.I Voted 48K+
22.Moreno 46K+
23.#ThisIsUs 45K+
24.Naomi 45K+
25.VOTE NOW 43K+
26.Blues 39K+
27.Eagles 35K+
28.GAME DAY 33K+
29.Transphobia and Biphobia 33K+
30.#wednesdaythought 32K+
31.howard stern 31K+
32.Monkeypox 29K+
33.rina 29K+
34.#IDAHOBIT2022 27K+
35.Jordan Peterson 26K+
36.Tatiana Maslany 21K+
37.Whitney 20K+
38.Chet 20K+
39.Pat Bev 18K+
40.Sports Illustrated 18K+
41.Bradberry 15K+
42.Exxon 15K+
43.Pinto 13K+
44.Soto 13K+
45.Kostic 12K+
46.jimins 11K+
47.#InternationalMuseumDay 11K+
48.Jimmy Buckets 11K+
49.Luc Lavoie <10K
50.Camilla <10K
51.Gurriel <10K
52.Don Cherry <10K
53.Canada Day <10K
54.Rosa Parks <10K
55.Tamara Lich <10K
56.Chris Cornell <10K
57.#TFPredict <10K
58.Daily Quordle 114 <10K
59.Del Duca <10K
60.Rebel News <10K
61.jeanick fournier <10K
62.Josh Manson <10K
63.Pat King <10K
64.Groshans <10K
65.Lady Byng <10K
66.Prince Charles <10K
67.Biggio <10K
68.Kyle Connor <10K
69.jared spurgeon <10K
70.orelvis <10K
71.#BattleofAlberta <10K
72.Moscou <10K
73.Ehlers <10K
74.Kellie <10K
75.#flames1stgoal <10K
76.Binnington <10K
77.$COST <10K
78.Mitch marner <10K
79.Dube <10K
80.Howie <10K
81.byward market <10K
82.Anglo-Saxon <10K
83.Stan Lee <10K
84.$TGT <10K
85.Happy Haitian <10K
86.Bell Fibe <10K
87.Kawhi <10K
88.Hakeem <10K
89.Kenney <10K
90.Berrios <10K
91.Coyotes <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


The Arizona Coyotes are not allowed to use their own logo at centre ice this coming season 😳

Twitter trends in Canada today - Coyotes by TSN

Crown wants Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich returned to jail to await trial; alleges breach of bail over Freedom Award gala.

Customers in Ontario and Québec may be experiencing service issues with their TV service. Our technical team is investigating the issue and will restore service as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.

The human race will come to an end, and the angel of death is waiting at the finish line

La Saguenéenne Jeanick Fournier remporte la finale de Canada’s Got Talent

For him to finally get the recognition he deserves is nice. Kyle Connor has been named a finalist for the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, given annually to the player to have exhibited the best type of sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct with a high standard of playing ability!


Corey Perry got the goal but NIKITA KUCHEROV OH MY! 🤮 #StanleyCup | #GoBolts


Welcome to the party, Anthony Duclair. 💥 #StanleyCup | #TimeToHunt


Josh Manson with the overtime winner! The Avalanche take game 1 over the Blues.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Josh Manson by TSN

TAKE A BOW JOSH MANSON. 👏 Manson scores the @SUBWAYCanada OT Winner, giving the @Avalanche the Game 1 victory in Round Two of the #StanleyCup playoffs.

Après avoir legotomisé tout le monde à LCN, voici enfin la scène finale! #polqc #assnat


Now he looks like the Berríos that we know, that was great to see. He was in command the whole time. Charlie Montoyo talks about José Berríos impressive performance vs. Seattle. #BlueJaysOnSN

Caroline St-Hilaire sera candidate pour la CAQ dans Sherbrooke

Haha. Cause Poilievre is looking like the a-hole that he is for pushing the conspiracy theory. Its all damage control. Distancing himself from Pat King. And he knows his base isn’t watching CTV anyway. His base are Fox News folks.

Some thoughts about Orelvis… -his strike zone is on the large side -almost half of his hits have been HRs -he’s pull happy (16% Oppo is lowest in org) -5% BB/31%K You have to be pleased with the power, but can’t help but wonder what a more patient approach would bring.