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Updated: October 1st, 2022 03:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Ukraine 1M+
2.Putin 994K+
3.Russia 826K+
4.NATO 515K+
5.Florida 467K+
6.Nigeria 290K+
7.Halloween 231K+
8.Lizzo 185K+
9.Tesla 113K+
10.Mariners 96K+
11.Dolphins 92K+
12.Indigenous 74K+
13.le 30 73K+
14.National Day 72K+
15.Trevor Noah 68K+
16.Nurse 54K+
17.#HocusPocus2 54K+
18.Survivors 54K+
19.Stadia 47K+
20.Happy New Month 46K+
21.tina 42K+
22.Antonio Inoki 34K+
23.Residential Schools 33K+
24.McKinsey 31K+
25.#EveryChildMatters 24K+
26.#OrangeShirtDay 21K+
27.Optimus 20K+
28.Kane 18K+
29.#TruthAndReconciliation 16K+
30.Andrade 16K+
31.World Series 15K+
32.UCLA 15K+
33.Schoen 15K+
34.#SeaUsRise 14K+
35.Tory Lanez 14K+
36.deGrom 14K+
37.Happy Independence Day Nigeria 11K+
38.Hazel 10K+
39.#NDTR 10K+
40.Bombers 10K+
41.Kikuchi <10K
42.merrifield <10K
43.Tofino <10K
44.Phyllis Webstad <10K
45.bush party <10K
46.Métis <10K
47.Hope Tua <10K
48.john schneider <10K
49.Evander Kane <10K
50.Nick Robertson <10K
51.First Nations <10K
52.Vladar <10K
53.Hazel Mae <10K
54.Thomas Gerbet <10K
55.manoah <10K
56.Redblacks <10K
57.Esposito <10K
58.demski <10K
60.dalton schoen <10K
61.surfs <10K
62.#NextLevel <10K
63.Tapia <10K
64.simmonds <10K
65.Maurais <10K
66.Cal Raleigh <10K
67.Pete Walker <10K
68.Tulane <10K
69.Vladdy <10K
70.Darnell <10K
71.Broberg <10K
72.Boston Dynamics <10K
73.94 Calls to Action <10K
74.Zimmer <10K
75.Fajardo <10K
76.Yamo <10K
77.Chychrun <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

It was revealed today that the giant consulting firm McKinsey, which also has as clients the WHO, Pfizer, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, secretly managed the Quebec government’s response to covid. Are conspiracy theories still a thing?


Did you know that a Canadian helped create the modern day US Special Forces? He was Indigenous, a war hero, and a survivor of Canada’s residential school system. This is the story of the most badass war hero you’ve never heard of. A Goodable Thread. 🧵

Twitter trends in Canada today - Indigenous by Goodable

Wishing everyone a deep day of reflection today. #NDTR #NDTR2022

Great to see Eubank and Benn get this kind of shine in England. The build for this fight has been amazing.

On this National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, let’s join together in honouring residential school Survivors and those who never returned home. Participate, learn, reflect. #NDTR #TruthAndReconciliation

Canadians not vaccinated for COVID-19 more cranky than those who rolled up their sleeves, new poll says

Today, we honour the children who never returned home, Survivors of residential schools, their families, and communities. We reflect on our collective history of colonialism and genocide. Today is a reminder of the harm caused and the work to be done. #TruthAndReconciliation

Twitter trends in Canada today - #TruthAndReconciliation by Jagmeet Singh

Feels like a special one today in Belleville! 🆚 @MapleLeafs 📍 CAA Arena (Belleville, ON) 🕗 7:00 📺 SN1 📻 TSN1200 #GoSensGo

Twitter trends in Canada today - Belleville by Ottawa Senators

🔴LIVE Hot shot plays like this all day long with @DrDisrespect & @niko1f 🔥 Starting off with WZ Solo Buy Backs until the boys are ready

Evander Kane cross checked Mitch McLain in the face off the faceoff. McLain immediately drops the gloves and fights Darnell Nurse for the second time tonight.

Mitch McLain and Darnell Nurse drop the gloves. McLain has been a physical force in this game.


We are taking today to reflect and read. Read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the 94 Calls to Action and think about how they can be put into action. Read Indigenous authors. Today, tomorrow—365 days of the year. #ReadIndigenous #NationalDayForTruthAndReconciliation

Twitter trends in Canada today - 94 Calls to Action by The FOLD

Dalton Schoen continues to shine. A 64-yard TD strike is his league-leading 11th of the season. #MOR #Bombers

En cette Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation, unissons-nous pour rendre hommage aux survivants des pensionnats et à ceux qui ne sont jamais rentrés à la maison. Participez, apprenez, réfléchissez. #JNVR #VéritéEtRéconciliation

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CBC Books

You have the power to be the authors of reconciliation if you read as much as you can, listen as much as you can, learn as much as you can, and then take meaningful, informed action, David A. Robertson wrote. These are his reading recommendations: