Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: December 2nd, 2022 01:44 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.#SpotifyWrapped 1M+
2.Christmas 893K+
3.China 615K+
4.World Cup 503K+
5.#FIFAWorldCup 448K+
6.Indigo 443K+
7.Poland 280K+
8.#POLARG 247K+
9.Apple Music 240K+
10.Alvarez 238K+
11.hobi 235K+
12.Mario 221K+
13.namjoon 199K+
14.Szczesny 178K+
15.Christine McVie 165K+
16.#WorldAIDSDay 163K+
17.William 152K+
18.Tunisia 148K+
19.Kanye 148K+
20.Lukaku 147K+
21.Fleetwood Mac 119K+
22.Meghan 115K+
23.Neuralink 108K+
24.hyuna 103K+
25.Bill 1 103K+
26.Drake 94K+
27.Cocaine Bear 89K+
28.Happy Anniversary 79K+
29.Powell 70K+
30.Le Maroc 60K+
31.Kyrie 58K+
32.Belgium 58K+
33.Transformers 49K+
34.Croatia 47K+
35.Alberta 47K+
36.Remote 44K+
37.Maroc 41K+
38.Vitoria 39K+
39.#CROBEL 38K+
40.Salon 38K+
41.Jerry Jones 34K+
42.Morocco 30K+
43.Songbird 28K+
44.Belgique 26K+
45.Gvardiol 20K+
46.#Gold 20K+
47.Ziyech 20K+
48.Infowars 20K+
49.Alex Jones 19K+
50.Quebec 18K+
51.#winter 17K+
52.Glen 16K+
53.Zion 16K+
54.Chris Pratt 15K+
55.Vancouver 14K+
56.Danielle Smith 14K+
57.Maroon 12K+
59.Lensa 11K+
60.Pelicans 11K+
61.#December1st 10K+
62.#CANMAR 10K+
63.#thursdayvibes 10K+
64.Larin 10K+
65.#Flames1stGoal <10K
66.Luongo <10K
67.#COP15 <10K
68.#BCStorm <10K
69.Davies <10K
70.Morgan Wallen <10K
71.Beast Wars <10K
72.Sean Monahan <10K
73.Under Armour <10K
74.Herdman <10K
75.Bumblebee <10K
76.MARNER <10K
77.Osorio <10K
78.#ThankYouThursday <10K
79.#thursdaymorning <10K
80.Zaitsev <10K
81.Hutchinson <10K
82.#polqc <10K
83.Kris Letang <10K
84.Sam Adekugbe <10K
85.Atiba <10K
86.Hollowell <10K
87.#assnat <10K
88.ring of honour <10K
89.Hoilett <10K
90.Johnston <10K
91.Koné <10K
92.PSPP <10K
93.Piette <10K
94.Kone <10K
95.#CanMNT <10K
96.aaron dell <10K
97.Nuge <10K
98.Buchanan <10K
99.Jonathan David <10K
100.Jack Edwards <10K
101.Don Mattingly <10K
102.Hakimi <10K
103.#WeCAN <10K
104.alex fraser <10K
105.Jeanne Dielman <10K
106.Bure <10K
107.Borjan <10K
108.Go Canada <10K
109.Kaye <10K
110.#ArtAdventCalendar <10K
111.Hyman <10K
112.Moroccan <10K
113.Coutts <10K
114.Adekugbe <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

HOLY GROUP C CHAOS 🇵🇱 Poland: 4 points, 0 GD 🇲🇽 Mexico: 4 points, 0 GD Poland now lead Mexico on a fair play tiebreaker!


Eighteen straight games. 💪🍁 Mitch Marner (@Marner93) has now tied Darryl Sittler and Eddie Olczyk for the longest point streak in @MapleLeafs history!

Twitter trends in Canada today - MARNER by NHL

Canada get one back! 🍁 Nifty work from Sam Adekugbe down the flank takes a deflection into the Moroccan net. COME ON CANADA! #WeCAN

“From each purchase of the UA Freedom line, Under Armour will donate a portion of the proceeds to 1st responders, military personnel, law enforcement, & vets as a way of giving back to the those who give so much to ensure our freedom & safety.” This somehow upsets Glen. Poor Glen

LEEEEEEEEEAAAAFS WIN! MAGIC MITCHY MITCHY MARRRRRRRRRNER extends the point streak to 18 games. Sammy looked solid! We just won our 5th straight! What a game! What a team! What a season! So proud to be a Leafs fan! GO LEAFS GO! YESSSSSSSSSIR!🍻 #LeafsForever @Molson_Canadian

SUBSTITUTION 🍁 David Wotherspoon replaces Junior Hoilett. #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - Hoilett by Canada Soccer

Alphonso Davies Jonathan David Tajon Buchanan Stephen Eustáquio Ismaël Koné Alistair Johnston Kamal Miller Dayne St. Clair Liam Millar Iké Ugbo Liam Fraser Derek Cornelius James Pantemis Each of these players are 25 or younger. Lots to learn, but lots to look forward to. 🇨🇦

This is a magic Mitchy Mitchy Marner appreciation video. Want to highlight some of my Marner memorabilia as I’m a huge fan of being in the same sentence as Olczyk & Sittler is incredible Go tie the record! Cheers Leafsnation,to @Marner93 YESSIR🍻 #LeafsForever @BodogCA

CTV News journalist Glen McGregor came across an Under Armour hoodie so triggering that he felt the need to post a picture of it on Twitter for all to see.

Countries you and your spouse can work while schooling: - Canada🇨🇦 - UK🇬🇧 - Australia🇦🇺 - Denmark🇩🇰 - Netherlands🇳🇱 - Finland🇫🇮 - New Zealand🇳🇿 - Germany 🇩🇪 - Brazil🇧🇷 - Ireland 🇮🇪 - France🇫🇷 - Sweden🇸🇪 - Spain 🇪🇸 Add RT.


GREAT WORK by Adekugbe down the left side. Canada get one back #FIFAWorldCup

SUBSTITUTION 🍁 Jonathan David is on for Cyle Larin. #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - Larin by Canada Soccer

Complete communications breakdown last night from officials regarding the Alex Fraser Bridge. I phoned @MainroadLM and @TranBC *communications* departments at 7 — but absolutely nothing by 11 This as people walked the bridge or sat in vehicles 5 hours. #bcpoli

Twitter trends in Canada today - alex fraser by Jordan Armstrong

The following 15 Universities in the UK🇬🇧 accept 3rd Class for a Masters degree. Some of them accept PASS self, depending on other criteria. 1) University of Birmingham 2) University of Kent 3) University of Portsmouth 4) Kingston University London 5) University of Surrey


SO CLOSE! Atiba Hutchinson rises but is denied by the bar! #FIFAWorldCup