Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: August 6th, 2021 03:44 AM IST
RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.DeSantis 384757
2.Florida 380316
3.Xiumin 299657
4.Barcelona 277804
5.Rihanna 236687
6.Madrid 186403
7.Cuomo 179021
8.taylor 174842
9.Lukaku 172478
10.Grealish 166569
11.#RaisiTerrorist 165202
12.Chelsea 162612
13.London 138817
14.Messi 135536
15.Barca 130907
16.#Ethereum 127605
17.Delta Plus 113946
18.Manchester City 111940
19.Jadakiss 89311
20.Hugo 83043
21.minseok 80679
22.Donda 67381
23.Ed Sheeran 67026
24.Kemba 66302
25.Ronaldo 65013
26.Jersey 64257
27.Mandatory 63940
28.#AEWDynamite 63355
29.phoebe 61934
30.Lambda 60204
31.Neymar 60135
32.Luka 60096
33.Andrea 58797
34.Mbappe 56779
35.#HearUsNiantic 56238
36.Dipset 51280
37.Aguero 50113
38.#RedTaylorsVersion 43871
39.The Lox 41769
40.Andre De Grasse 39814
41.Beirut 39719
42.9ice 38795
43.HE STAY 37204
44.Man City 37025
45.Flavour 34735
46.#Gold 33938
47.Ford 32245
48.Aaliyah 32200
49.Scorsese 32029
50.Better Man 31345
51.Batum 30704
52.Jeopardy 30134
53.La Liga 28946
54.Game Day 28323
55.Epstein 28082
56.#ThursdayThoughts 26734
57.Harry Kane 26456
58.Tyson 25916
59.Doncic 25761
60.Phoebe Bridgers 25306
61.#TheSuicideSquad 24576
62.Newt 22109
63.Juventus 21749
64.Jada 21481
65.Tuna 17550
66.Juve 15517
67.Quebec 14082
68.#thursdaymorning 13522
69.Gongo Aso 13201
70.Mike Richards 13198
71.Devils 12698
72.#thursdayvibes 12407
73.Miami Vice 12145
74.Mayer 12040
75.#iunlockedthevault 10991
76.#onpoli 10905
77.Slovenia 10707
78.Toronto Raptors 10074
79.LeVar Burton 10038
80.CERB <10k
81.#alltoowelltenminuteversion <10k
82.HEPA <10k
83.Barstool <10k springer <10k
85.François Legault <10k
86.Hydro-Québec <10k
87.Andrea Horwath <10k
88.Dr. Henry <10k
89.saucedo <10k
90.Laurence Vincent Lapointe <10k
91.Patrick King <10k
92.Chris Stapleton <10k
93.ONDP <10k
94.Ontario NDP <10k
95.#mbpoli <10k
96.Laurence Vincent-Lapointe <10k
97.Catholic Church <10k
98.#NJDevils <10k
99.The CFL <10k
100.Charter <10k
101.Kevin Mayer <10k
102.#passeportvaccinal <10k
103.MLSE <10k
104.baynes <10k
105.Stephen Harper <10k
106.Bloc <10k
107.Nathan MacKinnon <10k
108.le journal de montréal <10k
109.Masai <10k
110.tom simons <10k
111.#FireLecce <10k
112.#VaccinePassport <10k
113.#TestTraceIsolateAB <10k
114.Del Duca <10k
115.#Back4Blood <10k
116.Pat King <10k
117.Ronan <10k
118.#ForTheW <10k
119.osstf <10k
120.#decathlon <10k
121.Canada and Sweden <10k
122.#healthcare <10k
123.Melnyk <10k
124.stade saputo <10k
125.Bobby Eaton <10k
126.#CFLKickoff <10k
127.Mme Nadeau <10k
128.syphilis <10k
129.Pierce LePage <10k
130.#Riders <10k
131.aaron brown <10k
132.Le Québec <10k
133.Tatar <10k
134.Rex Murphy <10k
135.South Park <10k
136.shandro <10k
137.Lauriane Genest <10k
138.#TiCats <10k
139.Lepage <10k
140.Legault <10k
141.#onted <10k
142.Lou Marsh <10k
143.Damian Warner <10k
Canada Popular Tweets Now

WELCOME TO THE 9,000 CLUB, DAMIAN WARNER 🇨🇦 Canada’s Damian Warner has won GOLD in the decathlon 🥇 He has surpassed the elusive 9,000 points mark and set a new Olympic record

UNSTOPPABLE DAMIAN WARNER 🥇 Canada has its first-ever Olympic gold in decathlon as Damian Warner breaks the 9,000-point barrier, setting an Olympic record Presented by @SportChek #FindWhatMovesYou

Damian Warner - Twitter trends in Canada now

I am honoured to be on the sacred lands of Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations. Yesterday, I saw little shoes in front of the BC parliament buildings. That touched me. I am here to dance for healing from wounds, and hope for the ongoing path of reconciliation. Much love 🙏🏽❤️

First Nations - Twitter trends in Canada now

HER-STORY MADE 🥈 Laurence Vincent Lapointe has captured a silver medal in the debut of women’s C1 200M 🛶 #Tokyo2020 Presented by @SportChek #FindWhatMovesYou

Laurence Vincent Lapointe - Twitter trends in Canada now

Rex Murphy: The classy Stephen Harper returns to speak truth to the illiberal left

Paddling into Team Canada history 🥺🤩👏 Laurence Vincent Lapointe wins 🥈 in the C-1 200m at #Tokyo2020 🙌 This is the first ever Olympic podium for women’s canoe sprint 💪 Watch #TeamCanada in action on @CBCOlympics 📺

Next stop: 4x100m relay final at #Tokyo2020 😤 Aaron Brown, Jerome Blake, Brendon Rodney and Andre De Grasse finish second in their heat with a time of 💨👏 #TeamCanada

aaron brown - Twitter trends in Canada now

It’s official: there will be two categories of citizens in Quebec with different rights. Trudeau also wants to force federal workers to get the vaccine. The notions of equality before the law and control over your body are collapsing in our country.

After a decade of work to help build the sport, she’ll forever be one of its first Olympic medallists 🥈 More on Laurence Vincent Lapointe’s journey to the podium ➡️

Laurence Vincent Lapointe - Twitter trends in Canada now

Damian Warner clears with in his second attempt in the pole vault event

Canada has its first ever Olympic champion in the decathlon thanks to an Olympic record performance from Damian Warner Plus, Laurence Vincent Lapointe wins historic canoe silver Watch ‘While You Were Sleeping’ with @jackydoorey and presented by @KraftPB #sticktogether

Damian Warner clears on his first attempt in the pole vault event

When Harper decides to break his silence, it’s worth taking notice.

T-minus 24 hours until kickoff!! 3 Storylines 📝 » #ForTheW

#ForTheW - Twitter trends in Canada now

After the pole vault, Damian Warner remains in first place with 7490 points. His best pole vault was a personal best 😤👏 @Pierce_LePage is still in third place place with 7175 points. His best pole vault was 💪 #TeamCanada | #Tokyo2020

Damian Warner - Twitter trends in Canada now

As a server, hearing people blame CERB on restaurant staff shortages is dehumanizing. If an industry is harmful, why blame low-wage workers? #InTheirOwnVoices by Jaby Dayle, a server and wine educator.

Damian Warner with a commanding lead in the decathlon 🇨🇦 Fellow Canadian Pierce LePage sits in 5th The final event, the 1500m, starts at 8:40 ET and you can watch here:

Damian Warner - Twitter trends in Canada now

Grab your ☕️ and get ready to watch Andre @De6rasse receive his 200m 🥇 medal ahead of the night session for athletics 🤩 Catch up on the Day 13 morning session to 👀 how decathletes Damian Warner & Pierce LePage are doing ➡️ #TeamCanada | #Tokyo2020

Damian Warner - Twitter trends in Canada now

OVER 9,000 🤯 Damian Warner is the fourth-ever decathlete to score more than 9,000 points 🇨🇦 He set a new Olympic and Canadian record with 9,018 points in Tokyo

Damian Warner - Twitter trends in Canada now

Reply if you have buyer’s remorse over George Springer… ………………….. Expecting crickets