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Twitter trends in Canada now - #CofRed, Lonzo, sam nook, Curt Schilling, Gianna, Campbell, ICBC, niki, NWHL.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.#HBDShehnaazGill 664376
2.Kobe 640585
3.Bryant 449629
4.Red Fort 346284
5.Canada 222130
6.Gigi 196771
7.Khalistani 158601
8.Marco 145414
9.Europe 131787
10.Tuchel 122358
11.Reddit 113739
12.Claudia 109211
13.Arsenal 105105
14.#MambaForever 99107
15.Gianna 92999
16.SHINee 83858
17.Milan 78233
18.Sikhs 70929
19.Saka 70731
20.wonho 68090
21.Rand Paul 63872
22.Benghazi 63043
23.Council 61934
24.The Great One 61225
25.Lukaku 58301
26.New Horizons 58122
27.Corpse 54713
28.Dell 54041
29.Holocaust 51209
30.Zlatan 50856
31.yeri 45067
32.GameStop 41555
33.Trudeau 38621
34.Boston 37941
35.Ontario 35275
36.niki 34351
37.Ibra 33531
38.Leeds 31111
39.Blues 30303
40.Gene 30083
41.Cedric 29714
42.#tuesdayvibe 28531
43.Wall Street 27026
44.Great Reset 26640
45.Ward 25298
46.Man City 25062
47.Hall of Fame 23710
48.Beal 23343
49.Southampton 22746
50.Newcastle 22476
51.West Ham 21455
52.Flames 19830
53.Feds 19573
54.West Brom 19525
55.Canadians 19263
56.#SOUARS 18807
57.Russell 18508
58.sam nook 18378
59.Sekou Smith 17363
60.Willian 16629
61.EN DIRECT 16460
62.Nick Miller 16042
63.Cancelo 14759
64.Gundogan 14686
65.Jake Paul 14397
66.Arteta 14314
67.Soucek 13850
68.#snow 12801
69.Campbell 12716
70.Roland 10649
71.Westbrook 10558
72.Curt Schilling 10458
73.Realmuto 10388
74.Sanofi 10366
75.6dogs 10362
76.Wayne Gretzky <10k
77.#TORvsCGY <10k
78.Morneau <10k
79.Muzzin <10k
80.#ThankYouAaron <10k
81.Justin Holl <10k
82.Dunn <10k
83.Sheldon Keefe <10k
84.#EDMvsWPG <10k
85.#NHLBruins <10k
86.Dermott <10k
87.Lehtonen <10k
88.Bachelorette <10k
89.BlackRock <10k
90.Blasty <10k
91.Cooperstown <10k
92.ICBC <10k
93.Stastny <10k
94.#AnnoyingThingsIn5Words <10k
95.New Leaf <10k
96.Johnny Hockey <10k
97.ETFO <10k
98.La Cour <10k
99.Boyd <10k
100.Ehlers <10k
101.Hellebuyck <10k
102.Schilling <10k
103.Andersen <10k
104.Hutch <10k
105.mikheyev <10k
106.Koekkoek <10k
107.The Leafs <10k
108.Vince Dunn <10k
109.Inked Magazine <10k
110.NWHL <10k
111.#KimsConvenience <10k
112.Manitoba <10k
113.Turris <10k
114.Xhaka <10k
115.Hendricks <10k
116.Simmonds <10k
117.Ben Askren <10k
118.Chucky <10k
119.LTCs <10k
120.Happy 60th <10k
121.Bamford <10k
122.#COYG <10k
123.#AEWDark <10k
124.Shore <10k
125.Engvall <10k
126.Clemens <10k
127.Lemieux <10k
128.Malkin <10k
129.#Flames1stGoal <10k
130.#LeafsForever <10k
131.Pete Rose <10k
132.#ItsBudTime <10k
133.Austin Rivers <10k
134.Gretzky <10k
135.#BellLetsTalk <10k
136.Grichuk <10k
137.Pallister <10k
138.Scheifele <10k
139.Lonzo <10k
140.Paxton <10k
141.Gordie Howe <10k
142.Barstool <10k
143.Marner <10k
144.Kevin Hart <10k
145.#TrudeauVaccineFail <10k
146.#LTCjustice <10k
147.Tippett <10k
148.Copp <10k
149.clifford <10k
150.Lucic <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Jake Paul will fight Ben Askren in an eight-round pro boxing match on April 17, per Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh. The fight will serve as the main event of the next Triller Fight Club card. Location TBD. Done deal.

Netflix Canada
Netflix Canada ()

no one delivers a one-liner quite like Miranda Bailey (played by the amazing Chandra Wilson)

Naheed Dosani
Naheed Dosani ()

Today, I joined 200+ colleagues @Docs4LTCJustice to call on the Ontario government to address the humanitarian crisis in LTC. The time is NOW to end for-profit care, improve work conditions for staff & protect seniors from #COVID19. We won’t stop until we see #LTCjustice! ✊🏾

#LTCjustice,Twitter trends in Canada now
Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

MANNING: #Lockdown rules are violating our rights. We need an equitable balance between the protection of our health, our fundamental rights and freedoms, and our social, economic and financial well-being. #COVID19

National Post
National Post ()

Preston Manning: Lockdown rules are violating our rights. I’m calling on the justice minister to intervene

NHL ()

What a night for Brandon Sutter! A huge win for the @Canucks and his first career @Enterprise hat trick.

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

Earned that WIN! 🙌 🚨: Andrew Copp (x2), Mathieu Perreault, Nikolaj Ehlers, Paul Stastny, Adam Lowry #GoJetsGo |

Stastny,Twitter trends in Canada now
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali ()

Today I signed a letter with 200+ colleagues, calling on the Ontario government to END for-profit LTC. Some issues are bigger than politics. Saving the lives of some of our most vulnerable has to be one of them. Too often, inaction is public policy. Not today. #LTCjustice

#LTCJustice,Twitter trends in Canada now
NHL ()

LIGHTS OUT John Gibson was perfect tonight, posting 31 saves to pick up the @pepsi shutout.

Sportsnet ()

1st Career @NHL Goal: ✔️ That one had to feel good for Olli Juolevi. 🤗 #NHLonSN | #ItsOn

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Nils Hoglander: I feel strong out there. Feel heavy on the puck, and I can battle too. It feels good. #Canucks

Paul Almeida
Paul Almeida ()

The #Oilers need Barrie & Turris to get their games on track. Two players that were expected to fill some big holes on the team. So far haven’t I seen it from either one.

Candice Malcolm
Candice Malcolm ()

Chrystia Freeland, Patty Hajdu to speak at “Great Reset Initiative” launch this week via @truenorthcentre @AndrewLawton

Tao of Stieb
Tao of Stieb ()

I love that it is hockey season, and Grichuk, Didi, Bryant, Vlad and Semien are all trending on Twitter in the country.

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

Goals from Andrew Copp and Mathieu Perreault have us within one after one period of play. #GoJetsGo

Copp,Twitter trends in Canada now
Joe Pascucci
Joe Pascucci ()

Ok I might be accused of overreacting and being harsh in my assessment but of the 12 goals Connor Hellebuyck has allowed so far this season he hasn’t looked like a Vezina Trophy winner on 10 of them.

Sportsnet ()

I hated it. 😂 @EdmontonOilers head coach Dave Tippett recalls what it was like playing against Wayne Gretzky:

Samir Sinha
Samir Sinha ()

Today, 910 Canadian LTC + Retirement Homes have ACTIVE #COVID-19 Outbreaks 5 - New Brunswick 29 - British Columbia 33 - Manitoba 43 - Saskatchewan 125 - Alberta 271 - Quebec (84 LTC/CHSLD) 404 - Ontario (244 LTC) Latest counts available @

Manitoba,Twitter trends in Canada now
Helbee 🇨🇦
Helbee 🇨🇦 ()

> First game with thatcher not banned in a long time. > I pick thatcher > No one picks a hard breacher (Clubhouse) 👍

Nick Robertson Appreciator
Nick Robertson Appreciator ()

Your reminder that Brian Burke needs to retire and go enjoy retirement. Picking a team with a goalie tandem that has their starter rocking an .893 and the backup rocking .903 and claiming that’s the best goalie tandem IN THE LEAGUE, it’s to move on from the sport.