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Updated: August 15th, 2022 11:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Trump 1M+
2.Chelsea 503K+
3.Independence Day 399K+
4.Tuchel 359K+
5.Conte 300K+
6.Happy Independence 292K+
7.#CHETOT 218K+
8.Salman Rushdie 206K+
9.Tottenham 194K+
10.Anthony Taylor 180K+
11.Espionage Act 163K+
12.Spurs 141K+
13.Rand Paul 134K+
14.Cucurella 89K+
15.Brentford 79K+
16.Sora 74K+
17.Koulibaly 70K+
18.Romero 69K+
19.#UFCSanDiego 69K+
20.Alaba 68K+
21.mingyu 65K+
22.Chito 45K+
23.harry styles 44K+
24.Freya 43K+
25.Havertz 43K+
26.MAID 43K+
27.#sundayvibes 35K+
28.Reece James 34K+
29.Whole Foods 30K+
30.Kante 23K+
31.First Concert 21K+
32.Hazard 19K+
33.Christmas Day 14K+
34.Bilal 13K+
35.Steve Martin 12K+
36.Latvia 11K+
37.Onin 10K+
38.Knicks 10K+
39.#EHCon2022 <10K
40.#90DayFianceTellAll <10K
41.Daily Quordle 202 <10K
42.Queen Dildo <10K
43.Worst Concert <10K
44.Wordle 420 X <10K
45.Hail Satan <10K
46.Worst Call of Duty <10K
47.Zalatoris <10K
48.Peterborough <10K
49.Return of the Mack <10K
50.Tapia <10K
51.Scarborough <10K
52.Willy Z <10K
53.Thais <10K
54.Gausman <10K
55.Coronato <10K
56.Trent Thornton <10K
57.Shaeeda <10K
58.CEBL <10K
59.Best Concert <10K
60.caryma <10K
61.Papier <10K
62.Kathleen <10K
63.Jibri <10K
64.Elam <10K
65.Queen of Canada <10K
66.#90DayFiance <10K
67.Straka <10K
68.Landwehr <10K
69.Matt Coronato <10K
70.Romana Didulo <10K
71.Simona Halep <10K
72.Kenney <10K
73.Rex Murphy <10K
74.Biggio <10K
75.Last Concert <10K
76.#WynonnaEarp <10K

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This was unreal, I didn’t even hear Rollie’s reaction until now. 😂😂


Your 2022 CEBL Champions are the Hamilton Honey Badgers 🏆 Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a basketball Final. #LetsBall #HHBvsSSS

Twitter trends in Canada today - CEBL by CEBL

Turner- She (Jasmine) was talking about how this is the most disrespectful thing she has ever heard. If it came from someone else, I dont think it would have got the same reaction. Alyssa- It makes sense, especially for who you are and what you stand for #BB24


QUARTER-FINALS BOUND 🇱🇻 For the first time ever at the #WorldJuniors, Latvia is heading to the Quarter-finals after upsetting Czechia! 🙌

Twitter trends in Canada today - Latvia by Sportsnet

I’m seeing the pattern now. Caryma is rocking shit and these other women reporters can’t STAND it. They’re ALL coming out the woodwork repeating the antihate BS.

@Lisawedmann @dalybeauty I don’t think Caryma cares about having fans (but she does, and there’s a lot of us)

One follower of Romana Didulo may be on the verge of leaving the movement following what happened to Frank Curtin in Peterborough

Twitter trends in Canada today - Romana Didulo by The court cat - Llb, JD

The moment 🇱🇻 Latvia won their first ever #WorldJuniors preliminary game.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Latvia by TSN

Para los que me preguntaron, ya actualicé los cupones de mi sitio web. Están entre 10-20 dólares. Que tengan un excelente domingo!

This is what it’s all about ❤️ Epic night #EHCon2022 #earpers

Global BC
Global BC

Lions quarterback Nathan Rourke threw for 488 yards and engineered a 41-40 comeback win Saturday over the Calgary Stampeders.

TRUDEAU GOVT: Gun Laws WERE NOT based on fact Emergencies Act WAS NOT based on fact Vaccine Mandates WERE NOT based on fact Climate Agenda IS NOT based on fact @theJagmeetSingh STOP PROPPING THIS CRIMINAL GOVT UP!!

Rex Murphy: That sound you hear could be the country fragmenting “Who gave Guilbeault this fastidious latitude? You don’t oversee his utensils. Why has he leave to choose yours?”

Alyssa- I think you have a point Turner- Probably not the right timing. Alyssa- Yeah. Turner- I didnt think it was such a big deal. I also dont mean to give Daniel vibes and be like this is why I yelled at Taylor. Alyssa- She probably didnt take it how you said it #BB24

It’s not @EHConCanada unless two things happen: 1. They inexplicably let me on stage 2. I get a squeeze from @emtothea Be gay, do crime, my lovelies! Thanks #EHCon2022 (please get some rest, you maniacs) ❤️🇨🇦

Twitter trends in Canada today - #EHCon2022 by Dr. Lauren of Queerdom