Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.baekhyun 1433398
2.Chelsea 1129078
3.for when 796841
4.I LOVE YOU 682316
5.jungkook 470829
6.Kante 340463
7.Hazard 307360
8.Ramadan 268480
9.Positive 250929
10.Binance 234048
11.Cinco de Mayo 207654
12.Tuchel 197928
13.Sehun 169055
14.Surprise 166089
15.kevin 156946
16.iKON 132440
17.Mario 131830
18.Marx 131796
19.Jersey 118682
20.Australia 112509
21.Pakistan 108813
22.McConnell 106610
23.#SAFEMOON 105654
24.Dogs 101242
25.Washington 94566
26.eric 91658
27.NASA 90654
28.yeonjun 89702
29.felix 89682
30.Wilson 87832
31.Superman 85216
32.taehyun 80588
33.chenle 80290
34.SpaceX 79819
35.Rangers 78640
36.Brian 76232
37.#FarmLawsWorstThanCOVID 69684
38.Wilbur 68398
39.Starship 67260
40.PINK HAIR 60597
41.BTOB 54581
42.jungwoo 52110
43.Tucker 51083
44.Bobby 50681
45.Hockey 50461
46.Caitlyn 49475
47.#AEWDynamite 48757
48.taemin 45340
49.May Allah 42916
50.Eternal 42308
51.Tera 37069
52.Caitlyn Jenner 36678
53.minhyuk 36402
54.CHLOE 34722
55.The NHL 33639
56.Sens 33608
57.Happy Anniversary 33418
58.Mnet 33279
59.Jesus Christ 32393
60.Capitals 30840
61.wooyoung 29992
62.NOT FOR MEN 29387
63.#ThursdayThoughts 29026
64.Line 5 28944
65.Knicks 27718
66.PINK JOON 27656
67.#KimSeonHo 27591
68.Michigan 27383
69.Dodgers 27166
70.Serena 26797
71.John Means 26136
72.Cubs 25499
73.Game Day 25110
74.yunho 23974
75.Hawks 22790
76.changmin 22256
77.bonfire 20992
78.Urdu 20833
79.South Carolina 20372
80.Archie 19831
81.Pinto 19410
82.calum 19315
83.Dolan 18705
84.flames 17304
85.High 10 17248
86.#NoCropArt 17031
87.Kevin Samuels 16648
88.DEEZ NUTS 15880
89.Greene 15639
90.Jokic 14507
91.Chara 14266
92.Warner Bros 13432
93.#thursdaymorning 12678
94.Wizards 12463
95.Ottawa 12458
96.Courtney 12182
97.#thursdayvibes 11729
98.Oshie 11690
99.Assange 10262
100.Armenians <10k
101.Adam Lowry <10k
102.Régis Labeaume <10k
103.Ducharme <10k
104.Keifer <10k
105.Tierney <10k
106.Jesy <10k
107.#bcwinechat <10k
108.#BlueJays <10k
109.Buchnevich <10k
110.Dr. Tam <10k
111.Connor Brown <10k
112.lynda steele <10k
113.gary bettman <10k
114.#lapresseplus <10k
115.Markstrom <10k
116.#CofRed <10k
117.Brannstrom <10k
118.Mother Nature <10k
119.#GoJetsGo <10k
120.Wheeler <10k
121.Animal Farm <10k
122.Mantha <10k
123.harvesting new fruit <10k
124.Gorton <10k
125.Daredevil <10k
126.Nick Paul <10k
127.Canada Post <10k
128.Reese McGuire <10k
129.Co-op <10k
130.Pierre McGuire <10k
131.TMNT <10k
132.Biggio <10k
133.Randal <10k
134.Azerbaijan <10k
135.Lynda <10k
136.Winston Churchill <10k
137.Brendan Smith <10k
138.Robbie Ray <10k
139.halifax transit <10k
140.Scheifele <10k
141.David Phelps <10k
142.Connor Bedard <10k
143.Loll <10k
144.McGuire <10k
145.brian lilley <10k
146.Jays <10k
147.#AEWBloodAndGuts <10k
148.Winnipeg Jets <10k
149.Parros <10k
150.Heinola <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Canadian Army
Canadian Army ()

🌷Today is the anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands. Celebrated every year since 1945, General Charles Foulkes, commander of the 1st Canadian Corps accepted the unconditional surrender of German forces in the Netherlands. 🇨🇦🇳🇱

German,Twitter trends in Canada now
Mumilaaq Qaqqaq
Mumilaaq Qaqqaq ()

Today we recognize the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls. We remember the Indigenous women, girls, LGBTQ & Two-Spirit people we have lost. We must all continue to raise our voices against violence and heal together. #MMIWG2S #MMIWG

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

1/3 What would a PPC government do to stop disastrous #lockdowns? Provincial governments are responsible for most decisions regarding lockdowns. However, that doesn’t mean Ottawa has no influence on the situation.

Human Rights Canada
Human Rights Canada ()

In honour of #RedDressDay, we remember all the Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people who have gone missing or been murdered as a result of historical violence and systemic racism. (1/3)

#RedDressDay,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

Tom Wilson steps onto the ice for the first time and is immediately met by Brendan Smith. 👀

Arisa Cox
Arisa Cox ()

FINAL 4 becomes FINAL 3. Two episodes left. 🔥🔥 TONIGHT 7pm et/pt on @GlobalTV #BBCAN9 @BigBrotherCA

#BBCAN9,Twitter trends in Canada now
Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada ()

🚨 GOAL! Hat-trick Connor Bedard! You had to think it was coming. 🇨🇦 7 - 1 🇸🇪 #U18Worlds

x - Winnipeg Jets
X - Winnipeg Jets ()

BACK IN THE WIN COLUMN! 🚨: Adam Lowry (x2!), Blake Wheeler (x2!) #GoJetsGo |

#GoJetsGo,Twitter trends in Canada now
Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators ()

News Release: The #Sens have signed goaltender Anton Forsberg to a one-year contract extension:

forsberg,Twitter trends in Canada now
TSN ()

Connor Bedard SNIPES to give Canada the 1-0 lead early in the 2nd! #U18Worlds

Sportsnet ()

The Blue Jays are returning to Buffalo’s renovated Sahlen Field for June 1, beginning with a five-game homestand against the Marlins and Astros, @ShiDavidi reports.

Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada ()

🚨 GOAL! Connor Bedard goes post-in to break the deadlock! 🇨🇦 1 - 0 🇸🇪 #U18Worlds

Ian Mendes
Ian Mendes ()

As we talk about Sens players who could play at the World Championships, don’t sleep on Nick Paul suiting up for Team Canada. Sounds like there is a very good chance that happens.

Derrick O’Keefe
Derrick O’Keefe ()

Today is an excellent day to demand that Canada form a new crown corporation to research, develop and produce life-saving medications free of the death-drive imperatives of capital accumulation. #cdnpoli #BigPharma

Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada ()

🇨🇦 GOAL! Connor Bedard are you kidding me?! Top shelf and unstoppable from the exceptional talent for his second of the game! 🇨🇦 3 - 1 🇸🇪 #U18Worlds

Candice Malcolm
Candice Malcolm ()

Toronto councillor wants “white and male” politicians replaced on Canadian currency via @TrueNorthCentre

Rebel News
Rebel News ()

BREAKING: Police and Alberta Health Services conducted an early morning raid on the Whistle Stop Cafe.

x - Winnipeg Jets
X - Winnipeg Jets ()

A three-point night from Adam Lowry has him as tonight’s @HerculesTires Performer of the Game!

Adam Lowry,Twitter trends in Canada now
NHL ()

Connor Hellebuyck was ON IT tonight, collecting the @pepsi shutout and guiding the @NHLJets to the #StanleyCup Playoffs!

Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada ()

FINAL | Connor Bedard had a 🧢🧢🧢, Shane Wright scored a goal and set up three others and 🇨🇦 advanced to the gold medal game for the first time since 2013 with an 8-1 win over 🇸🇪. 📰 📊 #U18Worlds

Connor Bedard,Twitter trends in Canada now