Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: December 8th, 2022 12:40 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Peru 1M+
2.Walker 554K+
3.Warnock 545K+
4.#지구에서년지성아_환영해 459K+
5.Portugal 261K+
6.Morocco 221K+
7.lana 207K+
8.Ted Cruz 158K+
9.Person of the Year 125K+
10.Pearl Harbor 111K+
11.Yankees 96K+
12.Arizona 92K+
13.Aaron Judge 88K+
14.Miller 81K+
15.The Rock 78K+
16.Padres 70K+
17.Joshua 67K+
18.Wordle 61K+
19.Time Magazine 58K+
20.Warriors 54K+
21.Claire 43K+
22.#artvsartist2022 40K+
23.Lakers 37K+
24.Celtics 35K+
25.Jesse 32K+
26.Lebron 32K+
27.Red Sox 31K+
28.Kulak 31K+
29.Suns 29K+
30.Xander 27K+
31.#COP15 26K+
32.Ariel 26K+
33.Wonder Woman 21K+
34.Gregory 21K+
35.Paddy 21K+
36.Nimmo 19K+
37.Lobo 17K+
38.Spec 17K+
39.Klay 16K+
40.lydia 16K+
41.Karla 16K+
42.Derek 15K+
43.Regal 14K+
44.San Jose 13K+
45.Jennifer Lawrence 13K+
46.Aquaman 13K+
47.Columbus 12K+
48.#AbbottElementary 12K+
49.Jays 11K+
50.Sharks 10K+
51.Violence Against Women 10K+
52.Hyman 10K+
53.Canadian Truckers <10K
54.Nuge <10K
55.Kuminga <10K
56.Tage Thompson <10K
57.Puljujarvi <10K
58.DCEU <10K
59.Sittler <10K
60.Raptors <10K
61.Janine <10K
62.McDavid <10K
63.Gretzky <10K
64.Matt Murray <10K
65.Cassidy <10K
66.Kostin <10K
67.Draisaitl <10K
68.Clippers <10K
69.Poole <10K
70.#TrudeauIsAPsychopath <10K
71.James Gunn <10K
72.#LetsGoBuffalo <10K
73.Gordie Howe <10K
74.Derek Ryan <10K
75.Westbrook <10K
76.Tatis <10K
77.#AmazingRace <10K
78.Woolco <10K
79.#Survivor <10K
80.Kassian <10K
81.#Canucks <10K
82.Consumers Distributing <10K
83.#RHOSLC <10K
84.#AEWDynamite <10K
85.Samoa Joe <10K
86.#SJSharks <10K
87.Spencer Martin <10K
88.Bank of Canada <10K
89.#toohottohandle <10K
90.Oilers <10K
91.Dakota Joshua <10K
92.Elias Pettersson <10K
93.Tylenol <10K
94.CERB <10K
95.Cavill <10K
96.Koloko <10K
97.#december6 <10K
98.Petey <10K
99.Justin Holl <10K
100.Coyotes <10K
101.Sabres <10K
102.Dwarf Fortress <10K
103.#LetsGoOilers <10K
105.#Flames1stGoal <10K
106.Ricky Starks <10K
107.Carey Price <10K
108.#MohsenShekari <10K
109.Black Adam <10K
110.Marie-Philip Poulin <10K
111.Safran <10K
112.Atkins <10K
113.Kuzmenko <10K
114.Health Canada <10K
115.Blue Jackets <10K
116.Jesse Puljujarvi <10K
117.Darby <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

.@elonmusk slammed Wikipedia over its non-trivial left-wing bias after the site marked the article for the Twitter Files for deletion. 


Is anyone surprised? Connor McDavid (@cmcdavid97) is the first to 50 points! 👏

Twitter trends in Canada today - McDavid by NHL

This is the SEVENTH time this year that the Bank of Canada has raised interest rates. Proof of the economic disaster the Trudeau Liberals have created.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Bank of Canada by Canada Proud

Leon Draisaitl has mastered the art of backhand passes. 😱

Bank of Canada increases policy interest rate by 50 basis points, continues quantitative tightening #economy #cdnecon

Do you agree with Malusi Gigaba?  “We need to give someone else an opportunity to lead the ANC.” #ANC55


For the second time in three nights, Elias Pettersson (@_EPettersson) has the @Energizer OT Winner!


“Twenty games in and I have one goal. It’s sad.” In a wide-ranging interview with veteran Finnish reporter Tommi Seppälä, Jesse Puljujärvi said he isn’t sure if the National Hockey League is the place for him anymore. (@SportsnetSpec)


Matt Murray put on a show against Dallas. 🧱 (H/T @MoneyPuckdotcom)

Twitter trends in Canada today - Matt Murray by TSN

[FAITES LA DIFFÉRENCE] Monsieur Girard, les Québécois paient beaucoup, mais pour quels services au juste? | Une lettre de @E_Duhaime, Chef du Parti conservateur du Québec

The Seattle Kraken have loaned forward Shane Wright to Hockey Canada for 2023 World Junior Selection Camp.

Twitter trends in Canada today - SHANE WRIGHT by Kraken Canada

The room explodes in applause, cheers and a standing ovation for BC’s new Attorney General: Niki Sharma. Congratulations @NikiSharma2 #bcpoli

Seeing a Nuge hattrick live would be a great birthday present for my son. I bet 29 & 97 will do everything possible to make it happen if the #Oilers get a PP in the third.


Kraken expected to release Shane Wright for World Juniors. MORE:

Twitter trends in Canada today - SHANE WRIGHT by TSN

Good morning Winnipeg! If you have donations of snacks, warm clothing and footwear, travel-sized hygiene products, etc. our friends at 605 Main Street will gladly take them to distribute to our relatives on their twice weekly walks (that still happen in this weather!) Please RT!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Good Morning Friends by Shelley Cook