Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: December 4th, 2021 12:45 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Spotify 1M+
2.#HappyBirthdayJin 923K+
3.Seoul 449K+
4.#Bitcoin 359K+
5.After 1 313K+
6.On COVID 198K+
7.Florida 166K+
8.Arsenal 124K+
9.#5SOSThe10YearCelebrationShow 102K+
10.Dowen 85K+
11.Warriors 80K+
12.Money Heist 73K+
13.Joel Osteen 65K+
14.Leon 61K+
15.Alec Baldwin 59K+
16.Benfica 55K+
17.Khloe 53K+
18.karl 51K+
19.SCOTUS 46K+
20.Suns 46K+
21.International Day of Persons 45K+
22.#MUNARS 38K+
23.Lakers 37K+
24.Taysom Hill 34K+
25.Bucks 32K+
26.Oregon 30K+
27.joshua bassett 29K+
28.#IDPWD2021 29K+
29.The Crumbleys 27K+
30.Tristan Thompson 25K+
31.Crumbleys 25K+
32.Steph 24K+
33.utah 23K+
34.#SmackDown 21K+
35.calum 20K+
36.Seattle 20K+
37.Sami 19K+
38.Auba 17K+
39.Klay 16K+
40.Ashton 16K+
41.Rangers 16K+
42.Mar-A-Lago 15K+
43.The Game Awards 15K+
44.Morris 14K+
45.#Bellator272 14K+
46.After 40 14K+
47.Connor 13K+
48.Devils 13K+
49.Kojima 12K+
50.Clippers 12K+
51.#AEWRampage 11K+
52.Activision 11K+
53.Cavs 11K+
54.Bron 11K+
55.Chucky 10K+
56.Konami 10K+
57.PS Now <10K
58.5-3 Oilers <10K
59.Vladar <10K
60.Paul George <10K
61.Bouchard <10K
62.Take-Two <10K
63.Leatherface <10K
64.Single All the Way <10K
65.PK Subban <10K
66.Westbrook <10K
67.Monahan <10K
68.Love a Rielly Jersey <10K
69.Clague <10K
70.Anaheim <10K
71.Bernier <10K
72.Pettis <10K
73.Brian Williams <10K
74.6-2 Oilers <10K
75.Kennard <10K
76.Mark Scheifele <10K
77.Draymond <10K
78.Gandalf <10K
79.Tippett <10K
80.Skinner <10K
81.Jeff Gorton <10K
82.Kassian <10K
83.Horiguchi <10K
84.12 PIM <10K
85.Chris Pratt <10K
86.#SpacesGotTalent <10K
87.#LetsGoOilers <10K
88.NACI <10K
89.The CFL <10K
90.Kyle Connor <10K
91.#Flames <10K
92.5-2 Oilers <10K
93.Scheifele <10K
94.Coleman <10K
95.Paper Mario <10K
96.Geoff <10K
97.Josh Hill <10K
98.Matthew Tkachuk <10K
99.Shayna <10K
100.Dr Pepper <10K
101.Morrissey <10K
102.CCNI <10K
103.Larsson <10K
104.Zegras <10K
105.Ehlers <10K
106.Darren <10K
107.mlse <10K
108.Shesterkin <10K
109.Logan Stanley <10K
110.Vogel <10K
111.Brock Lesnar <10K
112.Swiss Chalet <10K
113.Calli <10K
114.Parliamentary Secretary <10K
115.#NHLJets <10K
116.Embiid <10K
117.Broberg <10K
118.Blake Wheeler <10K
119.Wiggins <10K
120.Argos <10K
121.#Flames1stGoal <10K
122.Sami Zayn <10K
123.Nuge <10K
124.gudbranson <10K
125.Barrie <10K
126.Seth Rogen <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

It’s jarring to hear fascism in an Aussie accent. In the movies they always had a German accent.

Tonight, #AşkMantıkİntikam leaps into the future, bringing Ozan and Esra (and their kids!) face-to-face after many years. #eskisigibi

#aşkmantıkintikam - Twitter trends in Canada now

Touchdown #NHLJets — your turn, @Wpg_BlueBombers! 🚨: Scheifele (🎩🎩🎩), Ehlers (x2), Vesalainen, Morrissey, Stanley #GoJetsGo |

Scheifele - Twitter trends in Canada now

The #CFL has issued a decision on the status of @TorontoArgos QB, McLeod Bethel-Thompson: More:

The CFL - Twitter trends in Canada now

(1/10) The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has updated #Covid19 vaccine booster dose guidance. Summary in this thread. Full details:

naci - Twitter trends in Canada now

🔥 moves from Matthew Tkachuk (@TKACHUKycheese_) for the win!

Sans jeu de mots, c’est une fin explosive ! 😍😍#LaCasaDePapael5

#LaCasaDePapael5 - Twitter trends in Canada now

Le CCNI recommande d’offrir une troisième dose à tous les Canadiens de 18 ans et plus

“We’ve had a pretty tough schedule to start. We got some rest, regrouped, and went over a lot of video to review what we could do better.” Kyle Connor on the three day break between games, Mark Scheifele on adjustments to the power play structure, and more. WATCH 🔽

A dedicated team working hard to find real solutions to the challenges that Canadians face, as we finish the fight against COVID-19 and build a better future for everyone.    Meet your new Parliamentary Secretaries ⬇️

Mark Scheifele, hat trick. Tremendous three-way passing play between him, Kyle Connor and Blake Wheeler. 7-4 #NHLJets.

There is obviously a reason Kale Clague can’t catch on with the Kings, but he would be a big help to the Canadiens PP.