Canada | Twitter Trending Hashtag And Tweets Now

Updated: October 27th, 2021 04:46 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Halloween 1M+
2.Judge 274K+
3.Dune 251K+
4.Elon 250K+
5.Minister 218K+
6.#SHIB 200K+
7.Braves 136K+
8.Rittenhouse 105K+
9.Lakers 81K+
10.Nigeria 78K+
11.#WorldSeries 70K+
12.Elon Musk 69K+
13.500 Days Of Injustice To SSR 66K+
14.Cabinet 53K+
15.Allen 48K+
16.Dune 2 41K+
17.Spurs 39K+
18.Russ 37K+
19.#Supergirl 36K+
20.Michelle 34K+
21.Westbrook 33K+
22.#BattleATL 30K+
23.Jamie 28K+
24.#cdnpoli 27K+
25.Blackhawks 26K+
26.Greenpeace 23K+
27.Villeneuve 22K+
28.The NHL 20K+
29.#WWENXT 19K+
30.#HalloweenHavoc 17K+
31.Bailey 17K+
32.Bowman 17K+
33.Bron 16K+
34.Charlie Morton 16K+
35.Soler 16K+
36.#wednesdaythought 15K+
37.Nashville 14K+
38.Mandy 13K+
39.Cowboy Bebop 11K+
40.Panthers 11K+
41.JonTron 11K+
42.#ForTheA 10K+
43.#TheBachelorette 10K+
44.Darkest Dungeon 2 <10K
45.Mangiapane <10K
46.Rondo <10K
47.Jean Chrétien <10K
48.Stan Bowman <10K
49.Sean Fraser <10K
50.Joly <10K
51.Rogers Arena <10K
52.Gourde <10K
53.Freeland <10K
54.Petey <10K
55.Dragic <10K
56.Marci Ien <10K
57.Elections Alberta <10K
58.Anita Anand <10K
59.#mnwild <10K
60.Dubois <10K
61.Guilbeault <10K
62.Highmore <10K
63.malachi <10K
64.Mediterranean <10K
65.Sajjan <10K
66.Drouin <10K
67.#flames1stgoal <10K
68.#DWCS <10K
69.Burroughs <10K
70.Demko <10K
71.John Doe <10K
72.#NXTHalloweenHavoc <10K
73.Jonathan Drouin <10K
74.#GoCanucksGo <10K
75.Leafs <10K
76.#ArtStationDay <10K
77.Boeser <10K
78.The G.O.A.T. <10K
79.marc miller <10K
80.Lecce <10K
81.#trudeaucabinet <10K
82.Marcella <10K
83.National Post <10K
84.Ducharme <10K
85.Aldrich <10K
86.#Canucks <10K
87.arbuckle <10K
88.Quenneville <10K
89.#NJDevils <10K
90.Dumba <10K
91.Bettman <10K
92.rideau hall <10K
93.Bergevin <10K
94.Andrew Mangiapane <10K
95.Bustos <10K
96.Steven Guilbeault <10K
97.#CANWNT <10K
98.#GoHabsGo <10K
99.Cheveldayoff <10K
100.Chiasson <10K
101.Travis Green <10K
102.shea weber <10K
103.#CdnMediaFails <10K
104.Bo Horvat <10K
105.Mort Sahl <10K
106.#Flames <10K
107.gallagher <10K
108.Liberal Party <10K
109.Jokic <10K
110.Copp <10K
111.Carolyn Bennett <10K
112.Rathbone <10K
113.Marc Garneau <10K
114.Albertans <10K
115.romanov <10K
116.Toews <10K
117.#NewAmsterdam <10K
118.Affaires <10K
119.wilkinson <10K
120.Ehlers <10K
121.Patty Hajdu <10K
122.Weber <10K
123.poolman <10K
124.Garneau <10K
125.Jake Allen <10K
Canada Popular Tweets Now

Sean Fraser becomes Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship:

Sean Fraser - Twitter trends in Canada now

The results are in! A clear majority of Albertans have sent a powerful message to the rest of Canada on equalization. This strong democratic expression gives Alberta’s government a renewed mandate to pursue a fair deal for all Albertans.

Albertans - Twitter trends in Canada now

Anita Anand, currently Minister of Public Services and Procurement, becomes Minister of National Defence:

Anita Anand - Twitter trends in Canada now

Chrystia Freeland remains Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Finance:

Freeland - Twitter trends in Canada now

Guilbeault is an environmental radical who was criminally convicted for mischief after illegally scaling the CN Tower and dropping a banner accusing Canadians of being climate killers. Trudeau just made this criminal our new environment minister.

A packed Rogers Arena singing O Canada >>> #NHLonSN

Presenting the Team Canada x @lululemon Beijing 2022 collection ✨ Find out what #TeamCanada athletes will be wearing from the Opening Ceremony to the top of the Podium and anywhere in between at #Beijing2022 ➡️

Team Canada - Twitter trends in Canada now

Trying to read the message being sent when Bardish Chagger is removed from Cabinet yet somehow Harjit Sajjan remains.

Chrystia Freeland will continue to serve as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. #cdnpoli

Freeland - Twitter trends in Canada now

What a finish by your #NHLJets!! Two goals in the final two minutes gives us a big win at Honda Center tonight! 🚨: Svechnikov, Copp, Ehlers, Stastny #GoJetsGo |

Ehlers - Twitter trends in Canada now

Mélanie Joly, currently Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Joly - Twitter trends in Canada now

Marci Ien becomes Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth:

Marci Ien - Twitter trends in Canada now