Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 29th, 2022 11:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Spotify 1M+
2.Joe Rogan 303K+
3.Ottawa 243K+
4.Trudeau 233K+
5.nate jacobs 172K+
6.Apple Music 166K+
7.Holocaust 164K+
8.#PokemonLegendsArceus 146K+
9.#AhmadiyyaKhilafat 130K+
10.#AllOfUsAreDead 127K+
11.Elon Musk 115K+
12.Maus 94K+
13.Wiggins 87K+
14.Canadians 86K+
15.Honduras 78K+
16.Willow 77K+
17.karl 62K+
18.Lakers 61K+
19.Everton 53K+
20.#JimmyKimmelRacist 46K+
21.#CanadaTruckers 45K+
22.#JanetJacksonDoc 43K+
23.Fascism 41K+
24.Russ 36K+
25.Joni 36K+
26.#FridayFeeling 34K+
27.World Cup 32K+
28.Ubisoft 32K+
29.Ezra 30K+
30.Barry Manilow 28K+
31.#TheLegendofVoxMachina 27K+
32.Sophie 27K+
33.Rangers 26K+
34.Davon 24K+
35.Westbrook 24K+
36.Wilbur 22K+
37.Daboll 21K+
38.Confederate 21K+
39.Kane 20K+
40.#RoyalRumble 19K+
41.Tidal 19K+
42.Evan 18K+
43.#SmackDown 18K+
44.Hornets 17K+
45.#FridayVibes 17K+
46.Joni Mitchell 16K+
47.Gina 16K+
48.#LVMSpoilers 15K+
49.Antifa 15K+
50.Russell Brand 15K+
51.Manitoba 15K+
52.Shore 14K+
53.#FluTruxKlan 14K+
54.#AEWRampage 14K+
55.#CanadianTruckers 14K+
56.#DataPrivacyDay 13K+
57.Kingston 13K+
58.#convoytoottawa2022 12K+
59.Kid Rock 11K+
60.Wordle 223 X 10K+
61.#DragRace 10K+
62.Parliament Hill <10K
63.Special Olympics <10K
64.#BlueBloods <10K
65.Manitoba to Ontario <10K
66.Wellington <10K
67.Don Cherry <10K
68.Henrik Lundqvist <10K
69.Delilah <10K
70.Kerry <10K
71.#OttawaConvoy <10K
72.#BellLetsTalk <10K
73.Kassian <10K
74.Islamophobia <10K
75.#TruckersConvoy <10K
76.Both Sides Now <10K
77.#EagleFC44 <10K
78.Woodstock <10K
79.#Spotifydeleted <10K
80.McAvoy <10K
81.Rowlet <10K
82.Ullmark <10K
83.North Bay <10K
84.Borjan <10K
85.#DescribeASportBadly <10K
86.Halifax <10K
87.Rob Schneider <10K
88.Nickelback <10K
89.Pat King <10K
90.#NancyDrew <10K
91.#freedomconvoy22 <10K
92.#CompanyVZ <10K
93.Jasper <10K
94.#STOH2022 <10K
95.#TruckerConvoy <10K
96.sonya <10K
97.#freedumb <10K
98.Dragic <10K
99.Talbot <10K
101.#FluTrucksKlan <10K
102.Adonis <10K
103.#ChooseToInclude <10K
104.Red Wings <10K
105.Jonathan David <10K
106.#SpeedDatingVersion225 <10K
107.Gatineau <10K
108.#curling <10K
109.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10K
110.#ConvoidelaLiberte <10K
111.Kerri <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Confederate flags in Canada have NOTHING to do with history and EVERYTHING to do with hate.

Where are the early morning Fortnite streamers at? Would love a consistent duo/trio/squad to play with bright and early!!


Number 30 for the @NYRangers 👏 Take a bow, Henrik Lundqvist (@HLundqvist).

False flag. Expect to see Nazi flags too. But only from afar. Antifa/RCMP/CSIS agents provocateurs won’t let themselves be identified — and leftist politicians & journalists don’t want them identified either. They do this a lot: a CSIS agent ran racist Heritage Front for years.

Read the text of my declaration at the press conference I held this morning in Ottawa about covid measures and the #TruckersConvoy

Watch the press conference I held this morning in Ottawa about covid measures and the #TruckersConvoy Visionnez la conférence de presse que j’ai tenue ce matin à Ottawa sur les mesures covid et le convoi des camionneurs

If there’s a “freedom rally” that’s protesting a lack of freedom by freely driving across the country, without anyone stopping them, isn’t that more of a celebration of their freedom? #FluTrucksKlan #FluTruxKlan Keep on rocking in the free world, very very free truckers.

Years of courtside seats to the 🐐 has its advantages. Very happy to get a win at #STOH2022

With his 17th shutout win, Milan Borjan tied Pat Onstad for the all-time #CANMNT record on Thursday night. The duo are also tied on all-time international A appearances (59) while Borjan holds the record for #CANMNT clean sheets (27). 🍁

Borjan - Twitter trends in Canada now

Colin White is hoping to be cleared for contact drills in the next couple of weeks. Says he’s hopeful to come back and play around 30 games down the stretch. Looking at a late February/early March return to the lineup.

It’s so fun being with that group of guys. I love every one of them and being on the ice with them makes me so happy. It constantly makes my day. More from Colin White as he continues to work towards a return to the #Sens lineup #GoSensGo

A word about lamps. They should almost always be on. Turn it on but it should be in addition to the plant not instead of. 9/10 @aronberg

Lamps - Twitter trends in Canada now