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Updated: March 28th, 2023 12:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.For You 1M+
2.jungkook 1M+
3.Uniswap 1M+
4.Global 1M+
5.Nashville 738K+
6.America 568K+
7.Biden 523K+
8.Guns 455K+
9.Israel 428K+
10.Christian 380K+
11.i rtd 346K+
12.Twitter Blue 290K+
13.Netanyahu 288K+
14.taylor 283K+
15.Tennessee 242K+
16.Binance 242K+
17.The NRA 218K+
18.Prayers 211K+
19.Bell 161K+
20.Scotland 151K+
21.Elon 150K+
22.Lamar 118K+
23.Musk 114K+
24.Becky 88K+
25.Audrey Hale 80K+
26.#MondayMotivation 74K+
27.Ravens 67K+
28.Harris 66K+
29.Olivia 58K+
30.AR-15 54K+
31.#WrestleMania 47K+
32.#VisibleWomen 44K+
33.Embiid 35K+
34.Brady 34K+
35.#iHeartAwards2023 33K+
36.Arizona 32K+
37.phoebe 29K+
38.Uvalde 29K+
39.Zach 28K+
40.Wii U 26K+
41.Ariel 25K+
42.#WWERaw 24K+
43.Jokic 24K+
44.Buffalo 24K+
45.Gabi 22K+
46.Seth 20K+
47.Sandy Hook 18K+
48.Marge 18K+
49.Bianca 17K+
50.Dubois 16K+
51.Campbell 16K+
52.Irina 15K+
53.#schoolshooting 14K+
54.Chris Chan 14K+
55.Vancouver 14K+
56.Clippers 11K+
57.Aunt Crabby 10K+
58.Pezzetta <10K
59.Trish <10K
60.#LoveIsBlindS4 <10K
61.Travis Jordan <10K
62.Mullett Arena <10K
63.Gally <10K
64.#GoSensGo <10K
65.Kaity <10K
66.Matt Boldy <10K
67.Sportsnet <10K
68.Jake Allen <10K
69.Kostin <10K
70.#GunControlNow <10K
71.250k in eth <10K
72.Batum <10K
73.Lita <10K
74.Kwame <10K
75.Nuge <10K
76.Primeau <10K
77.joseph woll <10K
78.Kirby Dach <10K
79.Bouchard <10K
80.Gary Galley <10K
81.#guncontrol <10K
82.Oilers <10K
83.Matheson <10K
84.Chabot <10K
85.Tiger Williams <10K
86.McDavid <10K
87.#GoHabsGo <10K
88.Dvorak <10K
89.Alex Belzile <10K
90.#peipoli <10K
91.Teletoon <10K
92.Gallagher <10K
93.Coyotes <10K
94.Michael Pezzetta <10K
95.DeBrincat <10K
96.Sabres <10K
97.Brett Ryan <10K
98.#darceyandstacey <10K
99.#TheBachelor <10K
100.#LetsGoOilers <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Integrity. Courage. Community. That is the motto of the Edmonton Police Service. Constables Travis Jordan and Brett Ryan answered the call and laid down their lives for the community they loved. May they rest in peace. #yeg #EPSstrong

Twitter trends in Canada today - Travis Jordan by Danielle Smith

Introducing your guest admin, JN9 for the first period! #GoSensGo

Twitter trends in Canada today - #GoSensGo by Ottawa Senators

The Vancouver Police are still looking for the cowards who risked peoples lives on a busy hwy by throwing paint on freedom convoy goers vehicles last week. Is it just me or is BC’s tolerant left getting away with a lot of crimes in recent months?

Twitter trends in Canada today - Vancouver by Drea Humphrey - Prepping and Politics

His second @Enterprise hat trick in five games. Matt Boldy is RED HOT. 🥵

Hey sens fans! Josh here, looking forward to giving live updates and answering some questions after the first period! #GoSensGo - JN9

Doyin cooks Whitemoney. Let’s have this violence 🔥 🤌🏾

Twitter trends in Canada today - Doyin by OTUNBA

@angeloisidorou Inderdeep Singh Gosal, charged with second-degree murder after fatal Starbucks stabbing yesterday on Granville and Pender street. The man murdered was Paul Stanley Schmidt, whose wife and young daughter were reportedly at the scene.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Inderdeep Singh Gosal by Drea Humphrey - Prepping and Politics

A person of colour and a Muslim has become leader of the Scottish National Party. This complaint from him in a place that is 95% white is quite bizarre indeed.

Congratulations to the 1⃣7⃣ Canadians who helped @TheTorontoSix bring the Isobel Cup north of the border for the first time! 🇨🇦 Félicitations aux 1⃣7⃣ Canadiennes qui ont aidé le @TheTorontoSix à ramener la Coupe Isobel au Canada pour la première fois! 🇨🇦

Graphic & disturbing ⚠️ “Paul Stanley Schmidt, 37, died after being stabbed following a brief altercation outside the coffee shop at Granville and Pender streets just after 5:30 , police said. Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder.” ~ CBC

📍BMO Field, Toronto Exactly one year on from Canada vs Jamaica & World Cup qualification here, Canada are back and training ahead of a crucial Nations League clash vs Honduras on Tuesday night live on @onesoccer from 730pm ET.

Twitter trends in Canada today - BMO Field by Kristian Jack

You may spot a #VPD police vehicle pulled over with emergency lights on. This is to honour Cst. Travis Jordan and Cst. Brett Ryan, the two @edmontonpolice officers killed in the line of duty.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Brett Ryan by Vancouver Police

Four fifth-round draft picks this century have hit the 200-goal mark. Two of them are Brendan Gallagher and Mike Hoffman. Congratulations, Gally. Proof that height is just a number.

Watch Regimental Funeral Livestream Monday March 27, 2023 from Edmonton Alberta for Constables Brett Ryan and Constable Travis Jordan on Youtube starting at 11:45amMDT (1:45pmEDT) #HeroesInLife

Twitter trends in Canada today - Travis Jordan by Canadian Police & Peace Officers Memorial
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