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Twitter trends in Canada now - Japan, Geoff Neal, Misha, jungwoo, Alicia, Epstein, John Candy, Misha, chanyeol.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Thanksgiving 1264005
2.Flynn 1032449
3.blackpink 961942
5.Trump 2020 364772
6.Thankful 329430
7.Turkey 276278
8.wooyoung 255533
9.Japan 251100
10.Weverse 226845
11.seokjin 215091
12.jaemin 206132
13.Constitution 202708
14.buff 186047
15.jisung 172354
16.Donate 158920
17.New York 158585
18.yuta 154201
19.jungwoo 152608
20.Canada 151750
21.#MmmhMVTeaser 126899
22.Religion 111914
23.Supreme Court 106592
24.Religious 103247
25.Fish 92999
26.Yellow 92792
27.The 3rd 90219
28.Dean 90139
29.Roberts 89308
30.Drake 87160
31.chanyeol 85119
32.Gloria 82950
33.Blessings 82298
34.Robert 82011
35.YURI 79420
36.Drugs 78616
37.doyoung 78295
38.Delhi 70293
40.Cuomo 61161
41.Maya 59544
42.alicia 59320
43.karl 56808
44.Have A Great Day 56036
45.May God 55952
46.Megan 55688
47.jongin 54214
48.Clifford 50505
49.SCOTUS 50144
50.yeonjun 46548
51.Matthew 45044
52.Mona 44693
53.#AskGOT7 43405
54.Paula 42247
55.Epstein 41751
56.Heartbreaking 41705
57.The AG 41417
58.Alicia Keys 40318
59.wonwoo 38893
60.Snowden 36786
61.Assange 36615
62.Kim Seokjin 34990
63.Ontario 34774
64.Maps 32665
65.Halloween 32267
66.Barrett 31104
67.Depp 29432
68.Turkey Day 29133
69.woozi 28068
70.Punjab 27431
71.Destiel 26957
72.Mads 26788
73.Law and Order 25518
74.#AEWDynamite 24531
75.mali 24111
76.Imperial 22819
77.#HappiestSeason 21234
78.Japon 19676
79.Haryana 18856
80.giselle 18818
81.#ThursdayThoughts 18368
82.Franklin 18071
83.Mads Mikkelsen 17731
84.Frfr 17002
85.Harper 16786
86.Aubrey 15952
87.chungha 15765
88.Noob 15668
89.Misha 14787
90.Amy Covid Barrett 13836
91.Londres 13825
92.Brussels 13773
93.#ThingsWeShouldThankTrumpFor 13770
94.Castiel 13375
95.CBC News 13373
96.bakugou 12964
97.Yoooo 12498
98.Somalia 11638
99.#thursdayvibes 11142
100.Kelsey 10766
101.Bronny 10587
102.Gunna 10559
103.#thursdaymorning 10559
104.Lori Harvey 10479
105.percy 10443
106.Lolz <10k
107.callahan <10k
108.great white north <10k
109.John Horgan <10k
110.Grimes <10k
111.Ghislaine Maxwell <10k
112.#bcwinechat <10k
113.Kristen Stewart <10k
114.Owner of Adamson Barbecue <10k
115.Rebel Media <10k
116.Aubrey Plaza <10k
117.American Friends <10k
118.#CozyChicken <10k
119.Canadiens <10k
120.Quebec and New York <10k
121.Mornin <10k
122.Top Flight <10k
123.MacLeod <10k
124.Pokimane <10k
125.rempel <10k
126.FOIP <10k
127.Aizawa <10k
128.Residential Schools <10k
129.#lapresseplus <10k
130.Abbotsford <10k
131.Sameee <10k
132.EB 401 <10k
133.Moxley <10k
134.Lethbridge MP <10k
135.Dark Order <10k
136.#JeudiConfession <10k
137.jack antonoff <10k
138.Darnell <10k
139.#gobblegobble <10k
140.jimmy fallon <10k
141.#COVIDSecondWave <10k
142.metrobus <10k
143.Cortland Cronk <10k
144.Geoff Neal <10k
145.Brian Boucher <10k sweeney <10k
147.Hobbs <10k
148.Perth <10k
149.Brooks <10k
150.St. John <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

CBC News
CBC News ()

The Bank of Canada called for public input on selecting an iconic Canadian to appear on the next $5 bill, which the central bank says should begin circulating in a few years.

Corey Hirsch
Corey Hirsch ()

I’m out here telling people to get help and I even find it hard myself to get proper help for my own loved ones. I’m pissed. People are dying of overdoses, we’re shutting down small business and health facilities due to covid, and haven’t put a penny into mental health for people

The Post Millennial
The Post Millennial ()

LIVE from Toronto: Toronto Police enter Adamson Barbecue after owner Adam Skelly opens for another day of business and defies lockdown orders. A couple of lawyers are present.

National Post
National Post ()

Rex Murphy: A pathetic display by an anti-Jordan Peterson woke mob

The Post Millennial
The Post Millennial ()

LIVE in Toronto: Adamson Barbecue owner Adam Skelly opens up for another day of business after being given a closure order from Toronto Public Health last night.

CBC Canadian News
CBC Canadian News ()

Terry Fox favoured to appear on new $5 bill, survey suggests

terry fox,Twitter trends in Canada now
Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

Encore de l’$ des contribuables envoyé en Afghanistan. Le Canada y a englouti près de 4G$ depuis vingt ans, dont l’essentiel a été perdu dans la corruption et le gaspillage. NOUS DEVRIONS ABOLIR L’AIDE ÉTRANGÈRE ET AIDER LES CANADIENS D’ABORD

Brandon Gonez
Brandon Gonez ()

Wait wait wait. So, if Ontario’s TOP doctor was not leading the #Covid19 response in the beginning, then WHO was ⁦@fordnation⁩’s government listening to & WHAT were they making their decisions based on?

Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

▪️ Gianluca Busio ▪️ Caden Clark ▪️ Ricardo Pepi ▪️ Jozy Altidore The youngest goal scorers in @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs history! 👏

zlatan zlatanoğlu
Zlatan zlatanoğlu ()

bazı insanlar futbolun ölüm kalım meselesi olduğuna inanırlar, sizi temin ederim ki bundan çok daha önemlidir.

NHL ()

Mikhail Sergachev (@sergachev31) is staying put with the @TBLightning for three more years! MORE ➡️

Sergachev,Twitter trends in Canada now
John Molinaro
John Molinaro ()

My favourite Maradona story: After Napoli won its first Serie A title in 1987, a vandal broke into a local cemetery and spray-painted on the walls, You don’t know what you missed. From the poverty of Villa Fiorito to becoming the King of Naples. What a player. RIP Diego. ()

JOIN US TONIGHT for the #CozyChicken Twitter Party @ 9pm EST!!! Fabulous Prizes. No RSVP and Awesome Chat!

#CozyChicken,Twitter trends in Canada now
Ontario NDP
Ontario NDP ()

Lisa MacLeod, Dec. 6, 2017 “Ms. Lysyk plays an essential role in holding our government accountable. Her work should be valued and commended, not disregarded and demeaned as the government has done in the past.” 5/6

Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly ()

All time Eastern: 05:45 Toronto 06:00 Cape Breton 06:10 Thunder Bay 06:40 Sudbury 06:50 Saint John 07:00 Labrador 07:10 Newfoundland 07:20 Winnipeg 07:40 Regina 08:00 Victoria 08:10 Vancouver 08:20 Kamloops Hope my voice holds out: 12 shows before 9 am!

Shadé❄️ ()

La prod a vraiment tout fait pour pas que Naadei et Pat gagnent. Jsais que representation matters mais svp black people arretez d’aller à OD #ODcheznous


For all of my followers who don’t know what’s going on: 1) My area had COVID under control 2) So much so that the whole country was jealous 3) Someone fucked it all up and ruined our peace 4) His actual government name is CORTLAND CRONK 5) We are coping by cyberbullying him

Sultan Rana
Sultan Rana ()

Remember remember the 25th of November, @FESI_YorkU 3 - DECOLONIZING MENTAL HEALTH. Register by 3pm today to get the YouTube link sent out 2 you. Looking forward to seeing you all TONIGHT! See u at the beginning and during questions ;)

decolonizing mental health,Twitter trends in Canada now
cαηα∂α нαтεs тя☭мρ
Cαηα∂α нαтεs тя☭мρ ()

Meanwhile in Canada, live mic in the bathroom during a COVID press conference. 😂😂😂 #PeeGate

Patrice Roy
Patrice Roy ()

L’ex-ministre Marc-André Bédard n’est plus : « Il y a un moment dans la vie où, dans le cas de Marc-André, on est obligé d’accepter que le rideau tombe sur 60 ans d’amitié, 60 ans de partages, d’échanges, de vécu, d’expériences. » - Lucien Bouchard