Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: August 8th, 2022 03:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Gaza 813K+
2.Israel 567K+
3.Republicans 375K+
4.Brighton 252K+
5.Ronaldo 248K+
6.Manchester United 247K+
7.Palestinian 181K+
8.CPAC 176K+
9.#MUFC 174K+
10.#MUNBHA 136K+
11.Insulin 125K+
12.Haaland 106K+
13.Sandman 85K+
14.McTominay 84K+
15.namjoon 83K+
16.Sanchez 82K+
17.West Ham 79K+
18.Martinez 78K+
19.Maguire 72K+
20.Predator 71K+
21.Nicki 69K+
22.Rashford 66K+
23.Good Sunday 64K+
24.#UFCVegas59 52K+
25.Arshad Nadeem 47K+
26.Old Trafford 46K+
27.Burna 44K+
28.Castro 43K+
29.#PreyMovie 41K+
30.Eriksen 39K+
31.gaga 38K+
32.Sancho 34K+
33.#WHUMCI 32K+
34.#sundayvibes 32K+
35.Twins 31K+
36.DBFZ 29K+
37.Shaw 26K+
38.McFred 24K+
39.De Bruyne 23K+
40.Mitrovic 23K+
41.Welbeck 23K+
42.Faze 22K+
43.Weiss 21K+
44.Dalot 21K+
45.De Gea 16K+
46.Roger Waters 14K+
47.Grealish 13K+
48.Cancelo 12K+
49.Varane 12K+
50.Gage <10K
51.Daily Quordle 195 <10K
52.Prime Ministerial <10K
53.Gurriel <10K
54.Anne Heche <10K
55.Ten Hag <10K
56.Sidney Crosby <10K
57.#NextLevel <10K
58.Mitch White <10K
59.#chromaticaballtoronto <10K
60.Lourdes <10K
61.Joshua Roy <10K
62.Chris Jones <10K
63.Chris Archer <10K
64.Rourke <10K
65.Buxton <10K
66.Fierté Montréal <10K
67.Graham Potter <10K
68.Heidi <10K
69.Luke Shaw <10K
70.Rocco Baldelli <10K
71.Nathan Rourke <10K
72.SPVM <10K
73.Gausman <10K
74.Valérie Plante <10K
75.Merrifield <10K
76.Mayza <10K
77.Elks <10K
78.Air Canada <10K
79.Shingo <10K
80.Romano <10K
81.Geoff Neal <10K
82.Mason Appleton <10K
83.Wordle 414 X <10K
84.Minny <10K
85.Amanda Todd <10K
86.Malcolm Gladwell <10K
87.Joe Rogan <10K
88.Jonathan David <10K
89.Pete Rose <10K
90.Trent Thornton <10K
91.Conrad Black <10K
92.#BlueJays <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

I leave my house at 3:00 tomorrow (Sunday) for Geneva to hand deliver a complaint to the UN Human Rights Council on the treatment of lockdown dissidents in Canada. You can read the detailed complaint drafted by lawyer Sarah Miller at this website

Conrad Black: Pierre Poilievre the man to raise Canada out of its infantile stupor

Huge win for Jamahal Hill. Santos made him work for it but that was big-time stuff. Card concludes with every fight ending in a finish.


Sid the Kid turns 3️⃣5️⃣ today! 🎂🐧 What is your favourite Sidney Crosby memory? 🤔

Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn

Sam Alvey loses by first-round TKO and his 9-fight UFC winless skid is now the longest in history, breaking out of a tie with Penn. #UFCVegas59

Lorenzo Insigne with his first MLS goal! 💥 @TorontoFC double their lead on the road.

Just dance 💃 Gonna be okay 🎶 cause Gaga is HERE!! @ladygaga #CHROMATICABallToronto #chromaticaball

Twitter trends in Canada today - #ChromaticaBallToronto by IHeartRadio Canada

Girl Haus Labs hooked us uppp!!! I can’t 💀 I would’ve never been able to get tickets like this. Thank you @hauslabs 😍😍😍 #CHROMATICABallToronto

Twitter trends in Canada today - #CHROMATICABallToronto by Eve 6000 🦋

How about that? @nathan_rourke has broken his own record for single-game passing yards by a Canadian QB 🇨🇦 445 yards so far tonight!!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Nathan Rourke by BC LIONS

Just got a brand new mantra thanks @ladygaga 🫶 #CHROMATICABallToronto

That boy is a monster 🎉🙌🏼❤️‍🔥 @ladygaga #CHROMATICABallToronto #ChromaticaBall

I want your stupid love 💗 @ladygaga #CHROMATICABallToronto #ChromaticaBall

Two goals for Jonathan Osorio, Lorenzo Insigne scores his first MLS goal, and @TorontoFC leave Nashville with a big win.

Twitter trends in Canada today - osorio by Major League Soccer

Conan Silveira in Thiago Santos’ corner in Las Vegas 24 hours after he was in his son Josh’s corner in NYC last night at PFL. Respect.


🇨🇦 Nathan Rourke blew up for five 1st half passing touchdowns, and added a rushing major in the 2nd half as well. 🤯 #CFL

Twitter trends in Canada today - Nathan Rourke by TSN