Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 27th, 2021 02:51 AM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.The US 1M+ tweets
2.China 307K+ tweets
3.Chan 302K+ tweets
4.Squid Game 300K+ tweets
5.Chris Martin 268K+ tweets
6.Angel 250K+ tweets
7.Arizona 235K+ tweets
8.Usyk 234K+ tweets
9.#BBNaija 232K+ tweets
10.Ronaldo 224K+ tweets
11.Chelsea 213K+ tweets
12.#UFC266 202K+ tweets
13.#Arbaeen2021 198K+ tweets
14.Australia 198K+ tweets
15.#RussianGP 158K+ tweets
16.Arsenal 149K+ tweets
17.5sos 143K+ tweets
18.Liverpool 139K+ tweets
19.Europe 134K+ tweets
20.Diaz 132K+ tweets
21.Halloween 123K+ tweets
22.Brentford 113K+ tweets
23.Norris 109K+ tweets
24.Naruto 101K+ tweets
25.Lando 98K+ tweets
26.Gabriel 94K+ tweets
27.Lewis 93K+ tweets
28.Merkel 92K+ tweets
29.Fury 90K+ tweets
30.Ansu Fati 90K+ tweets
31.Justin Tucker 84K+ tweets
32.Henry 83K+ tweets
33.Bears 72K+ tweets
34.Giants 71K+ tweets
35.Saga 67K+ tweets
36.Patriots 60K+ tweets
37.North London 60K+ tweets
38.Cowboy Bebop 58K+ tweets
39.Tottenham 56K+ tweets
40.Kane 55K+ tweets
41.Ortega 54K+ tweets
42.Lewis Hamilton 54K+ tweets
43.grimes 54K+ tweets
44.Spurs 54K+ tweets
45.Good Sunday 53K+ tweets
46.Pere 51K+ tweets
47.Clemson 50K+ tweets
48.Huawei 49K+ tweets
49.Lions 48K+ tweets
50.Nini 47K+ tweets
51.Cardinals 41K+ tweets
52.Saka 41K+ tweets
53.Meng 41K+ tweets
54.Game Day 39K+ tweets
55.Sainz 39K+ tweets
56.Chiefs 38K+ tweets
57.Dems 37K+ tweets
58.Karl 36K+ tweets
59.Fields 36K+ tweets
60.Browns 36K+ tweets
61.McLaren 34K+ tweets
62.Valentina 34K+ tweets
63.Saints 33K+ tweets
64.CALUM 32K+ tweets
65.Auba 32K+ tweets
66.#nature 31K+ tweets
67.#Caturday 31K+ tweets
68.#ARSTOT 31K+ tweets
69.Verstappen 30K+ tweets
70.Steelers 29K+ tweets
71.Tomiyasu 27K+ tweets
72.Michaels 26K+ tweets
73.Vikings 25K+ tweets
74.Bottas 25K+ tweets
75.Biggie 25K+ tweets
76.Volkanovski 24K+ tweets
77.Nuno 24K+ tweets
78.Arteta 23K+ tweets
79.Nagy 23K+ tweets
80.Jets 22K+ tweets
81.Bengals 22K+ tweets
82.Ramsdale 21K+ tweets
83.Volk 20K+ tweets
84.Falcons 20K+ tweets
85.#sundayvibes 19K+ tweets
86.Raiders 19K+ tweets
87.Lamar 18K+ tweets
88.Rory 18K+ tweets
89.Ravens 18K+ tweets
90.Dolphins 17K+ tweets
91.Montreal 16K+ tweets
92.Lawler 15K+ tweets
93.Iceland 13K+ tweets
94.Rams 13K+ tweets
95.Chargers 13K+ tweets
96.Shevchenko 12K+ tweets
97.Gus Johnson 12K+ tweets
98.Dybala 12K+ tweets
99.Herbert 12K+ tweets
100.Packers 11K+ tweets
101.Pats 11K+ tweets
102.Wentz 11K+ tweets
103.Colts 10K+ tweets
104.Vancouver 10K+ tweets
105.#NorthLondonDerby 10K+ tweets
106.Xhaka 10K+ tweets
107.#COYG 10K+ tweets
108.#GamblingTwitter <10K tweets
109.Jays <10K tweets
110.Marquise Brown <10K tweets
111.muzzin <10K tweets
112.#DaBears <10K tweets
113.#COYS <10K tweets
114.nylander <10K tweets
115.Mattison <10K tweets
116.#BoltUp <10K tweets
117.#ThankYiu <10K tweets
118.primeau <10K tweets
119.Félicitations <10K tweets
120.#OnePride <10K tweets
121.#FanDuelisSWEET <10K tweets
122.franco-ontariens <10K tweets
123.#HeroesInLife <10K tweets
124.#BALvsDET <10K tweets
125.#AskFFT <10K tweets
126.Bunting <10K tweets
127.Robbie Ray <10K tweets
128.#FantasyFootball <10K tweets
129.ho-sang <10K tweets
130.#FirebreakAB <10K tweets
131.Legault <10K tweets
132.#gohabsgo <10K tweets
133.Chris Sky <10K tweets
134.Oilers <10K tweets
135.#BillsMafia <10K tweets
136.Logan Brown <10K tweets
137.Morata <10K tweets
138.Mac Jones <10K tweets
139.#LeafsForever <10K tweets
140.#HereWeGo <10K tweets
141.#COVIDIOTS <10K tweets
142.Eaton Centre <10K tweets
143.Jags <10K tweets
144.Springer <10K tweets
145.Habs <10K tweets
146.Mahomes <10K tweets
147.Manoah <10K tweets
148.National Memorial Day <10K tweets
149.#antivaxxers <10K tweets
150.Hyundai <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

fight over. what a battle. volk should get the nod. that’s fight of the year as of right now.

Valentina Shevchenko wins via 4th round TKO. Pure dominance. Never in doubt. She is simply on a different level.

What a performance, what a win for Usyk. Wow. That was amazing. Watch Wilder win in 2 weeks and screw it all up. Gotta love it.

Who else thinks Chris Sky should be arrested for encouraging anti-vaccine protestors to storm a mall maskless today? ✋🏽 LOCK. HIM. UP.

What a comeback. What a win. What a beatdown by Merab. A new contender has officially emerged at 135 (even though he had arrived before this in most people’s eyes).

On this beautiful #Yargı day, POINTS WERE MADE 🔥🥵🔥😍

#Yargı - Twitter trends in Canada now

Significant demonstration underway in Montreal, Quebec against proof of vaccination and masking measures.

Valentina Shevchenko TKOs Lauren Murphy and now has the longest title reign among current UFC champs with 6 defenses. #UFC266

Murphy - Twitter trends in Canada now

No issues with that stoppage. Calvillo was done. Great win for Andrade. I’d guess, if Shevchenko wins tonight, the winner of Grasso-Calderwood could be next?

I didn’t run again for many reasons. Mostly because I didn’t feel safe. Jagmeet & NDP refused to back me in the @YvonneJJones situation. You all saw my break down in April. It was because NDP would not back me up & let Yvonne Jones bully me in many ways. Work wise and personal

No. 4️⃣3️⃣ for Marcus Semien, tying Davey Johnson for the most home runs ever hit in a single season by a second baseman. 💥 @BlueJays | #BlueJaysOnSN

1. She was “Métis” till 2004 then all of a sudden Inuk 2. She voted AGAINST the Labrador Inuk land claims She voted against and claimed it would jeopardize her Métis community Yvonne Jones is NOT Inuk and NDP would NEVER back me in that @YvonneJJones