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Updated: July 6th, 2022 12:43 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.America 1M+
2.Highland Park 822K+
3.Independence Day 533K+
4.Happy 4th of July 459K+
5.Guns 416K+
6.Chicago 380K+
7.Boris 265K+
8.The NRA 177K+
9.Boris Johnson 131K+
10.Dutch 125K+
11.Dami 117K+
12.#IndependenceDay 98K+
13.Netherlands 95K+
14.#July4th 84K+
15.Sunak 73K+
16.Happy Fourth of July 72K+
18.#FourthofJuly 58K+
19.Joey Chestnut 58K+
20.Javid 51K+
21.Denmark 49K+
22.Gerald 44K+
23.Bette 37K+
24.#MondayMotivation 30K+
25.Sens 30K+
26.Zhou 30K+
27.CERN 29K+
28.Mugman 28K+
29.Djokovic 23K+
30.Elliot Page 22K+
31.Sinner 22K+
32.Macy Gray 19K+
33.#tuesdayvibe 19K+
34.Novak Djokovic 16K+
35.Shannon 16K+
36.#GunControlNow 15K+
37.Waldo 14K+
38.Wright 13K+
39.Québec 12K+
40.Bede 11K+
41.Best Anime 11K+
42.Breaking Bad 11K+
43.Lich 11K+
44.SSRIs 10K+
45.Oakland <10K
46.wordle 380 x <10K
47.Brad Wall <10K
48.Radio X <10K
49.Curtis Sanford <10K
50.Pat King <10K
51.Bank of Canada <10K
52.Patrick Watson <10K
53.Chris Barber <10K
54.Chris Broussard <10K
55.Jean Lesage <10K
56.le dpcp <10K
57.Maclean <10K
58.Daily Quordle 162 <10K
59.Cooley <10K
60.Muzzin <10K
61.Tom Marazzo <10K
62.BoJo <10K
63.#forthew <10K
64.Sandin <10K
65.Le PCQ <10K
66.Rex Murphy <10K
67.Colin White <10K
68.#Wordle381 <10K
69.Last Anime <10K
70.Sikh <10K
71.Matthieu Poliquin <10K
72.Mikheyev <10K
73.#Argos <10K
74.Hayley Wickenheiser <10K
75.Mike Grier <10K
76.Tamara Lich <10K
77.La CAQ <10K
78.Benson <10K
79.Duclos <10K
80.Brandon Banks <10K
81.Freedom Convoy <10K
82.JCCF <10K
83.Giroux <10K
84.Andrew Harris <10K
85.Maple Leafs <10K
86.ArriveCan <10K
87.Simon Houle <10K
88.First Anime <10K
89.Pascale Déry <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


The @MapleLeafs have promoted Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser to Assistant General Manager.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Hayley Wickenheiser by Sportsnet

Over 100 Sikh security guards have been removed because of this “clean shave” requirement This policy is discriminatory & isolates workers Many of these same individuals served us through the height of the COVID pandemic They deserve to be immediately reinstated

Mask policy for Sikh security guards “is discriminatory & isolates workers,” he writes. VACCINE MANDATES!! Who is the biggest hypocrite? @JustinTrudeau or @theJagmeetSingh? I can’t decide.


The Sharks will announce Mike Grier as their new general manager on Tuesday, Sportsnet can confirm. It is believed he will be the first Black man in NHL history to hold the position.


The Toronto Maple Leafs have promoted Dr. Hayley Wickenheiser to assistant general manager. MORE:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Maple Leafs by TSN

Canadians will be required to get a COVID booster shot every nine months to remain “up to date,” says Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos. MORE:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Required by Rebel News

.@AustinFC score 3️⃣ straight goals to complete the comeback and take all 3️⃣ points away from home.

Twitter trends in Canada today - #AustinFC by Major League Soccer

this is a mess. The Ottawa police are the absolute worst. Benson said he made the decision to arrest Lich for breaching conditions to not communicate with Marazzo except in the presence of her lawyers, except he HAS NO CLUE WHO HER LAWYERS ARE OR WHERE THEY WERE AT THE TIME.

Four goals, and a five-star showing from @LAGalaxy on their way to three points. 💫

Twitter trends in Canada today - #LAGalaxy by Major League Soccer

Benson, I think, is insinuating that Canada Day events had fewer families and lower attendance numbers because of freedom protests this year. (The events were moved, roads were blocked off and police fear mongered and threatened people for days in advance of July 1, but ok)

CBC News
CBC News

The man behind This Hour Has Seven Days, Heritage Minutes and more that helped shape Canadian culture has died.

BREAKING: Dave Rubin suspended from Twitter after defending Jordan Peterson

Lich was re-arrested June 27 for being in a pic with another convoy organizer at a @JCCFCanada awards ceremony honouring her, something the crown alleges breaches conditions, though her conditions stipulate she can be with other organizers in the presence of her lawyers (JCCF).

Patrick Brown: I can win a general election. Pierre Poilievre can’t

I hope Judge Matthieu Poliquin faces considerable blowback about this ridiculous decision. The more I look at Bowtie Boy smirking back at me this morning the angrier I get. And people still have the nerve to deny rape culture exists… 😖🤬