Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: November 27th, 2021 10:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Black Friday 1M+
2.Africa 554K+
3.South Africa 264K+
4.B.1.1.529 231K+
5.Get Back 188K+
6.Omicron 170K+
7.Boebert 158K+
8.Portugal 139K+
9.Delta 137K+
10.Lauren Boebert 110K+
11.Italy 98K+
12.Botswana 80K+
13.Ranboo 78K+
14.World Cup 62K+
15.Stephen Sondheim 53K+
16.Southern Africa 51K+
17.Hong Kong 50K+
18.Belgium 40K+
19.Sondheim 37K+
20.#coronavirus 36K+
21.Africans 34K+
22.#BlackFriday2021 34K+
23.Omega 34K+
24.Cyber Monday 32K+
25.Greek 31K+
26.Broadway 25K+
27.New Zealand 22K+
28.Paolo 21K+
29.#FridayFeeling 21K+
30.Buffalo 19K+
31.Advent 19K+
32.#SmackDown 16K+
33.Willy 15K+
34.San Jose 14K+
35.#AEWRampage 13K+
36.Celtics 13K+
37.#bootwtselfieday 13K+
38.Afrique du Sud 12K+
39.#covidvariant 11K+
40.#kpawpfightspacept2 10K+
41.#BringBackCLAMONAISE <10K
42.Pacers <10K
43.#NHLJets <10K
44.Norlinder <10K
45.Pearson <10K
46.Forsberg <10K
47.Petry <10K
48.Dorion <10K
49.Reimer <10K
50.Avril Lavigne <10K
51.Ovechkin <10K
52.Unicron <10K
53.#IndigoEvents <10K
54.Into the Woods <10K
55.Belleville <10K
56.Justin Holl <10K
57.Panarin <10K
58.#WhatCAHWants <10K
59.Tofino <10K
60.Sweeney Todd <10K
61.Sharks <10K
62.Chet <10K
63.Transformer <10K
64.Ben Harper <10K
65.West Side Story <10K
66.Travis Green <10K
67.Woll <10K
68.Murray <10K
69.#shoplocal <10K
70.Boucher <10K
71.#Sens <10K
72.#TheMatch <10K
73.Columbus <10K
74.Sabonis <10K
75.Wayne Train <10K
76.Anaheim <10K
77.Marchand <10K
78.Sabres <10K
79.Molson <10K
80.#GetBack <10K
81.Bryson <10K
82.Maurice <10K
83.Ducharme <10K
84.Melnyk <10K
85.Simmonds <10K
87.Transformers <10K
88.Scottie <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now


Welcome to the 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣-goal club, Joe Pavelski (@jpav8)!

Pavelski - Twitter trends in Canada now

That is one heck of a release from Tage Thompson for your Shot of the Night! 🥵 NHL x @JagermeisterUSA


Make that eight straight games with a point for Ryan Strome (@strome18). 🔥 📺: @ESPNPlus ➡️

Ellis Ross: Leonardo DiCaprio is wrong — the Coastal GasLink Pipeline is good for Indigenous people

It’s one thing for a veteran player to slide from 30-goal scorer to fourth-line checker. It’s quite another for a proud guy to not only accept but take ownership of a condensed role. Wayne Simmonds has done just that in Toronto. (@lukefoxjukebox)

selamun aleykum hayrılı ve bereketli bir cuma olsun bist100 ahalisi merhaba akademik arkadaşlarım size de merhaba crypto dünyası ama bu rtalb glryh deva ecilc selec trilc vaka artışlarından dolayı gidiyor ise dikkatli olmakta yarar var

#rtalb - Twitter trends in Canada now

Leaving this one, focused on the next. 🚨: Dubois #GoJetsGo |

#NHLJets - Twitter trends in Canada now

The Canadiens brass “developing” Mattias Norlinder by giving him 5 minutes of ice time a night in an already lost season…

Norlinder - Twitter trends in Canada now

Wiarton Willie, the groundhog who fictitiously predicts the weather in the Ontario town that relies on him as a major tourist draw, is dead — and has been for some time.

Toronto live music fans filled Massey Hall after their $184M renovation, to see Gordon Lightfoot who reopens the storied music venue, it was his 171st performance in the historic music hall that opened in 1894.

Massey Hall - Twitter trends in Canada now

Black women are not supposed to buy Le Creuset, is the general idea…

Gordon Lightfoot opens storied Toronto music venue Massey Hall after their $184M renovations. 📸 for @CdnPressNews

Massey Hall - Twitter trends in Canada now