Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: March 30th, 2023 01:44 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.For You 4M+
2.Friends 1M+
3.Trans 1M+
4.Nashville 856K+
5.Guns 707K+
6.America 501K+
7.Christian 417K+
8.Elon 189K+
9.The NRA 181K+
10.Premier 178K+
11.AR-15 145K+
12.FIFA 132K+
13.Tears of the Kingdom 97K+
14.Uvalde 93K+
15.Wenger 66K+
16.McTominay 59K+
17.Lamar 58K+
18.Abuja 56K+
19.Canadians 45K+
20.Jets 42K+
21.Sandy Hook 35K+
22.Vancouver 32K+
23.Good Wednesday 29K+
24.Kulak 25K+
25.Wes Anderson 25K+
26.Asteroid City 23K+
27.Honduras 22K+
28.TotK 18K+
29.Dental 18K+
30.#wednesdaythought 17K+
31.BOTW 15K+
32.Chester 15K+
33.#WednesdayMotivation 13K+
34.Freeland 12K+
35.The CBC 11K+
36.#Budget2023 11K+
37.Coutts <10K
38.Scottie <10K
39.Pope Francis <10K
40.Michael Pezzetta <10K
41.Cyle Larin <10K
42.Like a Dragon <10K
43.Daily Quordle 429 <10K
44.Hirose <10K
45.#TrudeauDestroyingCanada <10K
46.Danielle Smith <10K
47.#ONStorm <10K
48.Primeau <10K
49.Memorial Cup <10K
50.Summer McIntosh <10K
51.Yakuza 0 <10K
52.BMO Field <10K
53.Janis <10K
54.Robert Plant <10K
55.brannstrom <10K
56.Premier Smith <10K
57.Muskrat Falls <10K
58.Rob Anderson <10K
59.Maureen Breau <10K
60.PSPP <10K
61.Larin <10K
62.Notley <10K
63.Yoshua Bengio <10K
64.Kone <10K
65.Akito Hirose <10K
66.Hot Fuzz <10K
67.Taleeb <10K
68.Leslyn <10K
69.Jeremy Renner <10K
70.Kyle Lowry <10K
71.Brad Bradford <10K
72.Hells Angels <10K
73.#flames1stgoal <10K
74.Concacaf <10K
75.Nuge <10K
76.Oilers <10K
77.#ableg <10K
78.Louiseville <10K
79.#CanMNT <10K
80.Jonathan David <10K
81.Albertans <10K
82.Ehlers <10K
83.Saginaw <10K
84.Pawlowski <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Dayo Israel has DSS and other security agencies he uses and yet he was robbed last night, many APC supporters and members who don’t have access to any of those will never speak the truth about insecurity but always defend the government, the robbers didn’t ask him which party he…


A 🔵 ⚪️ 🔴 debut! Forward @seanfarrell_21, the @CanadiensMTL 2020 fourth-round pick, will make his NHL debut tonight in Philadelphia against the Flyers. Welcome to the NHL, Sean!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Flyers by NHL

.@DanielleSmith is this you attending TBA (Take Back Alberta) hospitality suite at UCP convention? Why is a group that organized border blockade where weapons were found and police murders were plotted hosting receptions for UCP? Why do you associate with them? #ableg #cdnpoli

Twitter trends in Canada today - #ableg by Thomas A. Lukaszuk

“A clearer picture is starting to emerge of how Take Back Alberta, the anti-vaccine, pro-convoy, Q-adjacent extremist group key to Danielle Smith’s victory in last year’s United Conservative Party leadership race, is now taking over her party” #ableg

What a day May 20 will be. Katie comes home to make history, followed by Haney-Loma 🤯🤯🤯

So there you have it: Deficits as far as the eye can see. Forget about balancing the budget. All the surplus money will recklessly be spent on new programs, just as we face another economic crisis. This is criminally irresponsible.

7 Home Wins in a Row ✅ 15 Matches Unbeaten at Home ✅ Both all-time #CANMNT Records! 🇨🇦 #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - #CanMNT by Canada Soccer

Former Raptor Kyle Lowry is back in Toronto embracing staff in the building


JONATHAN QUICK! 😱 📺: @espn+ ➡️

SUMMER MCINTOSH IS A WORLD RECORD HOLDER! Taking down the 400 freestyle in a time of 3! __ SUMMER MCINTOSH DÉTIENT UN RECORD DU MONDE! Elle a nagé le 400 m libre en 3 min 56,08 s!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Summer McIntosh by Swimming Canada / Natation Canada

The future is bright ✨ Your 2022 #CANMNT Player and Young Player of the Year winners Alphonso Davies and Ismaël Koné! 🇨🇦 #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - Kone by Canada Soccer

Your #CANMNT Starting XI v. Honduras 🇨🇦 Presented by @GE_Appliances #WeCAN

Twitter trends in Canada today - #CanMNT by Canada Soccer

A second goal in a three-minute span for Cyle Larin. 🇨🇦


GOAL 🇨🇦🇨🇦 CYLE LARIN AGAIN 🔥🔥 #CanMNT up 2-0 over Honduras in the first 11 minutes of this (Can we score 8???) 🔴


70 in 70 for Hughes. 💪 Quinn scores his 6th goal of the season and 70th point in his 70th game of the season.