Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 24th, 2022 05:44 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Brady 525K+
2.Bills 445K+
3.Rams 420K+
4.The NFL 417K+
5.Ukraine 387K+
6.Rodgers 356K+
7.Mahomes 297K+
8.Russia 290K+
9.Defense 265K+
10.Josh Allen 257K+
11.Aaron Rodgers 251K+
12.Coin 226K+
13.Tom Brady 218K+
14.49ers 204K+
15.Super Bowl 195K+
16.#Euphoria 184K+
17.Bucs 174K+
18.Packers 164K+
19.Putin 158K+
20.Overtime 152K+
21.Stafford 150K+
22.#PowerGhost 139K+
23.nate 136K+
24.Bengals 134K+
25.#NFLPlayoffs 128K+
26.Buffalo 127K+
27.WHAT A GAME 121K+
28.Davis 115K+
29.Diana 114K+
30.Cassie 113K+
31.Hill 113K+
32.The OT 106K+
33.Ziyech 104K+
34.Ngannou 99K+
35.Francis 97K+
36.#BillsMafia 95K+
37.Thierry Mugler 89K+
38.Felix 87K+
39.jules 82K+
40.lexi 78K+
41.Demon Slayer 73K+
42.#BUFvsKC 69K+
43.#truckersforfreedom 63K+
44.NFL OT 62K+
45.GoFundMe 59K+
46.maddy 56K+
47.Newt 55K+
48.Moreno 55K+
49.Titans 53K+
50.elliot 52K+
51.Ottawa 51K+
52.Green Bay 48K+
53.Gabriel Davis 44K+
54.Niners 42K+
55.#TheWrldOnGCW 41K+
56.Zendaya 40K+
57.Kelce 38K+
58.Defence 37K+
59.Kansas City 35K+
60.Blues 34K+
61.Jimmy G 33K+
62.Tyreek Hill 32K+
63.Diggs 30K+
64.Derek 25K+
65.NCAA 24K+
66.Andy Reid 21K+
67.#AO2022 17K+
68.Butts 16K+
69.faye 16K+
70.#FreedomConvoy2022 15K+
71.Mikey 15K+
72.Chargers 10K+
73.DiPietro <10K
74.Shapo <10K
75.Kody <10K
76.sam levinson <10K
77.#stlblues <10K
78.Canadian Trucking Alliance <10K
79.#90dayfiancebeforethe90days <10K
80.Pearson <10K
81.#TrudeauHasGotToGo <10K
82.McDermott <10K
83.#SisterWives <10K
84.Wordle 219 X <10K
85.Robyn <10K
86.Cilic <10K
87.#TLMEP <10K
88.Tony Romo <10K
89.#TruckersConvoy2022 <10K
90.#strengthinthenorth <10K
91.Husso <10K
92.Maverick Party <10K
93.#ConvoyForFreedom <10K
94.Leslie Frazier <10K
95.#KarenConvoy <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Statement from GoFundMe to CTV News about the fundraiser for #TruckersForFreedom Freedom Convoy 2022 that has raised $ million.

GoFundMe - Twitter trends in Canada now

🎶 Do you want to build a #snowman? For us the answer is always a resounding yes! What was the best snow creation you ever made? Drop us a pic in a reply! ☃️👇 #SundayFunday

#SundayFunday - Twitter trends in Canada now

The ECHL has suspended Jacob Panetta indefinitely, pending a hearing, after he made a racist gesture toward Jordan Subban on Saturday night. Panetta will also be released by his team.

@CristinaNcl Exactly C. Nadal is so protected by tennis media he might as well be RF. So many dubious things about his flight, return, and isolation in terms of protocol but none of them would dare question Craig Tiley’s business partner

It’s the team that drafted me and I spent my first pro years here … so it feels really nice [to win]. More from Anton Forsberg post-game ⬇️ #GoSensGo

Me when I talk about spirituality, manifestation and tarot 😅✌🏽

Spirituality - Twitter trends in Canada now

Big saves from Helle and a backhander from Wheels highlight the first 20 minutes in Pittsburgh! #GoJetsGo | #WPGvsPIT

#NHLJets - Twitter trends in Canada now

Pierre-Luc Dubois leading the way with win on seven-of-nine face-offs so far this afternoon! #GoJetsGo | #WPGvsPIT

#NHLJets - Twitter trends in Canada now

“Game goes from what should be a shutout to a shootout loss. It sucks. … It felt like we deserved to win today.” Connor Hellebuyck on today’s game against the Penguins, starting a 12th straight game, and more. WATCH 🔽

I’m confused as to why the Canadian Trucking Alliance would be opposed to this convoy. Covid mandates on truckers are a massive overreach of gov. authority for no real benefit. Did Trudeau pay them off to make this statement?

@jonbarnesgeo @drjenwolkin Check out the works of: Richard Schwartz Pat Ogden Janina Fisher Peter Levine Aline LaPierre Alice Miller Deb Dana Frank Corrigan David Grand Francine Shapiro

2⃣1⃣ hits in the first frame — including four from Adam Lowry 💥 #GoJetsGo | #WPGvsPIT

#NHLJets - Twitter trends in Canada now