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Updated: February 4th, 2023 03:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.jungkook 639K+
2.China 376K+
3.The Chinese 339K+
4.Chelsea 306K+
5.Shoot 284K+
6.Ilhan Omar 262K+
7.Twitter Blue 217K+
8.Canada 187K+
9.Socialism 179K+
10.Beyoncé 179K+
11.Greenwood 156K+
12.Enzo 145K+
13.Montana 124K+
14.Pentagon 115K+
15.Lakers 110K+
16.#BlackHistoryMonth 104K+
17.Nigerians 93K+
18.Senate 68K+
19.Potter 63K+
20.Mount 53K+
21.Mudryk 52K+
22.Fulham 51K+
23.Tucker 49K+
24.C-11 40K+
25.MAID 39K+
26.#CheFul 39K+
27.Kyrie 38K+
28.Harden 37K+
29.Groundhog Day 37K+
30.Giannis 35K+
31.Red Bull 34K+
32.Dillon Brooks 31K+
33.GAME DAY 31K+
34.Canadians 30K+
35.Ziyech 28K+
36.Russ 27K+
37.Brooklyn 27K+
38.Havertz 26K+
39.Claire 25K+
40.Quebec 24K+
41.Nets 23K+
42.Reece 22K+
43.Jrue 22K+
44.Paco Rabanne 20K+
45.Clippers 20K+
46.Punxsutawney Phil 18K+
48.Westbrook 17K+
49.Gallagher 17K+
50.#ChineseSpyBalloon 17K+
51.#fridaymorning 17K+
52.Bill C-11 15K+
53.Brunson 15K+
54.Randle 14K+
55.C-21 13K+
56.Bandcamp Friday 12K+
57.Paul George 12K+
58.Demar 11K+
59.Montreal 11K+
60.jimins 10K+
61.NORAD 10K+
62.#clair2023 <10K
63.Unfounded <10K
64.#BandcampFriday <10K
65.#ChooseToInclude <10K
66.#nltraffic <10K
67.balzac billy <10K
68.Amira Elghawaby <10K
69.Special Olympics Donut <10K
70.#NHLAllStar <10K
71.Blanchet <10K
72.Happy Friyay <10K
73.Auba <10K
74.#PolarVortex <10K
75.Medicago <10K
76.Siakam <10K
77.Dylan Strome <10K
78.#ScrapC21 <10K
79.Delissio <10K
80.Kevin Durant <10K
81.Bunting <10K
82.Only 55% <10K
83.Wiarton Willie <10K
84.Mrs. Worldwide <10K
85.Buddy Holly <10K
86.#BBCAN11 <10K
87.Lanny Poffo <10K
88.Fred la Marmotte <10K
89.#GiftOfSox <10K
90.Masai <10K
91.Alys Robi <10K
92.Troy Mann <10K
93.#FairDealAtMUN <10K
94.Willian <10K
95.#ExtremeCold <10K
96.Trent Mann <10K
97.Western Canada <10K
98.Special Olympics <10K
99.#XboxFreeCodeFriday <10K
100.Greer <10K
101.#nlwx <10K
102.Nestle <10K fred <10K
104.Celsius <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

🚨Quebec becomes the first Canadian🇨🇦 province to (indirectly) acknowledge existence of natural immunity and age-stratified risk of SARSCoV2 Today, Quebec announced it is no longer recommending covid vac boosters for healthy ppl <60yo or for previously covid-infected ppl >60yo

O Conselho de Ética do Comitê Olímpico do Brasil (COB), suspendeu o jogador de vôlei Wallace Souza, por INCITAR VIOLÊNCIA contra Lula. Agora ele não pode mais participar de eventos e competiçõ é assim que Fascista tem que ser tratado daqui para frente!


STROME SIGNING ✍️ The @Capitals have signed Dylan Strome (@stromer19) to a five-year deal! 🦅

Twitter trends in Canada today - Dylan Strome by NHL

Overall, more than half of Canadians think their province would be better off with a different prime minister, up one point from the previous poll.

NEW: Amira Elghawaby is the target of a bizarre witchhunt for the apparent sin of offending a province for having repeated the outcome of a poll — three years ago. Everyone’s feasting on the nothingness of it.

This is certainly a shocking turn of events. The Belleville Senators have fired Troy Mann. Assistant David Bell takes over in the interim.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Troy Mann by Ian Mendes
CBC News
CBC News

Nestlé Canada says it is winding down its frozen meals and pizza business in Canada over the next six months.

I would count these as Troy Mann development success stories: Drake Batherson Alex Formenton Josh Norris Nick Paul Mark Kastelic TBD: JBD Lassi Thomson Jarventie Sokolov Overall, that seems pretty good to me

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Dress warm -40 Celsius with windchill tonight!🥶

Twitter trends in Canada today - Celsius by 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓵

Friday is finally here! Have a wonderful weekend babes ❤️❤️

Twitter trends in Canada today - Finally Friday by Alexandra 🇨🇦 5K 💋
La Presse
La Presse

Trente Québécois signent une lettre d’appui à Amira Elghawaby

Troy Mann is out as Belleville head coach — leaving more questions than answers right now. Some initial thoughts on the surprising late-night firing of the Senators popular AHL head coach.

🇨🇦 🇵🇹 Always great to work with our allies at sea! ⚓ We recently sailed with the Portuguese Navy off the coast of Portugal. 🇵🇹 NRP Bartolomeu Dias joined the Canadian Task Group composed of MV Asterix and HMC Ships Fredericton and Montréal. 1/2

Twitter trends in Canada today - Astérix by Royal Canadian Navy
CBC News
CBC News

Mitsubishi Chemical Group is shutting down Medicago Inc., a COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer with headquarters in Quebec City.

#ExtremeCold warning remains in effect for #OttCity. Know who to call when you see an animal in distress:

Twitter trends in Canada today - #ExtremeCold by Ottawa By-law