Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: November 29th, 2022 11:41 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.China 1M+
2.Apple 863K+
3.Spotify 738K+
4.Free Speech 629K+
5.#定要幾個要搞 599K+
6.Elon 496K+
7.Portugal 493K+
8.Ghana 488K+
9.Casemiro 410K+
10.Ronaldo 404K+
11.Uruguay 360K+
12.Balenciaga 305K+
13.iPhone 267K+
14.App Store 202K+
15.Canada 198K+
16.Tesla 136K+
17.Bruno Fernandes 118K+
18.Kanye 117K+
19.Kari 109K+
20.Tim Cook 88K+
21.Vinicius 85K+
22.Vindman 78K+
23.#CyberMonday 78K+
24.BlockFi 68K+
25.Metallica 59K+
26.Good Monday 57K+
27.Suarez 52K+
28.Knight 50K+
29.Rodgers 50K+
30.Nurse 50K+
31.#SpotifyWrapped 50K+
32.Morocco 49K+
33.Milo 48K+
34.Samsung 44K+
35.Bobby 43K+
36.Lakers 37K+
37.Leao 33K+
38.Nunez 32K+
39.Advent 31K+
40.Jordan Ayew 30K+
41.Spencer 30K+
42.#WWERaw 30K+
43.Agnelli 28K+
44.Cuphead 27K+
45.Lebron 26K+
46.Diet Coke 25K+
47.#Dragonflight 24K+
48.Josh Jacobs 24K+
49.#GivingTuesday 23K+
50.Colts 22K+
51.Celtics 22K+
52.Russ 19K+
53.Steelers 17K+
54.Stuart 16K+
55.Tim Pool 14K+
56.Pascal 12K+
57.Willy 12K+
58.Panthers 10K+
59.Pacers 10K+
60.Tatum 10K+
61.Hyman <10K
62.Lowetide <10K
63.#LetsGoOilers <10K
64.Davis Cup <10K
65.Mitch Marner <10K
66.Matthews <10K
67.Barnes <10K
68.#TrudeauLiedUnderOath <10K
69.Spencer Knight <10K
70.#Greenbelt <10K
71.#Raptors <10K
72.Draisaitl <10K
73.James Smith Cree Nation <10K
74.#LGRW <10K
75.Barrie <10K
76.#TORvsDET <10K
77.Jeff Saturday <10K
78.Herdman <10K
79.Auston Matthews <10K
80.Tage Thompson <10K
81.#90DayFiance <10K
82.McDavid <10K
83.Iggy <10K
84.#FreeSpeech <10K
85.Red Wings <10K
86.Matt Murray <10K
87.hutchinson <10K
88.Thad <10K
89.Cavs <10K
90.Pickens <10K
91.Davies <10K
92.#HereWeGo <10K
93.Mobley <10K
94.#911onFOX <10K
95.Indo-Pacific <10K
96.#VTuberEN <10K
97.#crocan <10K
98.Matt Ryan <10K
99.Juancho <10K
100.#WeTheNorth <10K
101.Purolator <10K
102.#要要個搞定要 <10K
103.Husso <10K
104.William Nylander <10K
105.Marner <10K
106.Novavax <10K
107.Atiba <10K
108.#Bill23 <10K
109.Mac Hollowell <10K
110.Bunting <10K
111.Donovan Mitchell <10K
112.The Day the FreeDUMB Died <10K
113.Susan Tice <10K
114.#DominosCyberMonday <10K
115.Scottie <10K
116.Tkachuk <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


This is awesome ♥️. Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, who was the victim of racist and other malicious bullying from Mitchell Miller, got to spend the day with Wayne Simmonds and will be going to tonight’s Leafs vs. Red Wings game. Happy 21st birthday, Isaiah!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Red Wings by TSN

The Red Wings #ReverseRetro jerseys hit the ice for the first time tonight. 🔥 🎥: @DetroitRedWings


MCDAVID TO YOU KNOW THE REST 🔥 The @EdmontonOilers dynamic duo connects on the @SUBWAYCanada OT winner!

That pass from Stützle. That move from Giroux. What a nice way to end a game in OT.

Euthanasia is becoming so “cool” that it’s now being glamourized and turned into a marketing trick by chain stores like @simons to sell clothes. Disgusting.


OILERS WIN! 🔵🟠 The @EdmontonOilers tie the game with seconds left in regulation then win it on a Leon Draisaitl @Energizer overtime winner!

People are questioning whether Herdman is the right man to take us to the next level. I’m sitting here wondering, have we collectively lost out damn minds? You get your tactics wrong ONCE and people switch up on you. Just baffling takes from people I’d never expect #CanMNT

CBC News
CBC News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced $ million in supports over the next six years for James Smith Cree Nation during a visit Monday.

News Release - Toronto Police announce arrest in cold case homicides #28/1983, Susan Tice, 45, and #48/1983, Erin Gilmour, 22 Joseph George Sutherland, 61

Twitter trends in Canada today - Susan Tice by Toronto Police

Bernier pops into Barrie to talk climate change, global wealth @BarrieToday


GOOD NIGHT, LOS ANGELES! 😴 Claude Giroux puts the game away, scoring the @SUBWAYCanada OT winner for the @Senators

CBC News
CBC News

Toronto police have made an arrest in the grisly killings of two women in the city nearly four decades ago, a source has told CBC News. Erin Gilmour and Susan Tice were both killed in their Toronto homes in 1983.

Where were YOU when Mac Hollowell recorded his first NHL point?

“I like being an island. A well-fortified one surrounded by sharks” -Wednesday #wednesdayaddams

Twitter trends in Canada today - Sharks by Catziilla 🦇

Parting thought: I’m almost certain Herdman is better at his job than any of us are at ours. Holding him to a standard higher than you’d hold yourself to is pretty ridiculous, no?