Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 24th, 2021 01:46 AM IST
RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.#11YearsOfOneDirection 883740
2.#Tokyo2020 646486
3.Kanye 574189
4.Olympics 364219
5.#DONDA 258436
6.Trade 199972
7.Florida 197608
8.Hugo 194312
9.NieR 187659
10.Pelosi 183602
11.Argentina 177125
12.Kavanaugh 167508
13.Blizzard 153364
14.Dave 134056
15.Cleveland 124970
16.soobin 117794
17.the nfl 109182
18.Giannis 107574
19.Sancho 107159
20.Nigeria 98382
21.#DarkPoolAbuse 95422
22.Indians 94319
23.Drake 90055
24.Lil Nas X 83930
25.Dune 83618
26.Chloe 80366
27.Ghost 76285
28.Aloy 67862
29.Lil Nas 67166
30.Dead Space 63164
31.Manchester United 59214
32.Carolina 53647
33.Eric Clapton 53546
34.Pogba 52775
35.Lakers 40333
36.Japon 33983
37.arin 32463
38.Seattle 31982
39.Ghana 31672
40.Akamai 30733
41.Jack Harlow 28937
42.Blues 28263
43.Pokemon Unite 27526
44.Adams 27342
45.Igbo 26562
46.Terry 26545
47.Guardians 23461
48.Naomi Osaka 22762
49.gina 22040
50.lorde 21116
51.Roddy 21007
52.Afghans 20503
53.#technology 20082
54.Final Fantasy 18857
55.Philadelphia 18796
56.Google Doodle 18324
57.Holland 17012
58.Philly 16915
59.Yemen 16852
60.Ted Lasso 16498
61.Amy Winehouse 16460
62.Michel 16092
63.#FridayFeeling 15689
64.Tonga 15588
65.Buffalo 14611
66.#fridaymorning 14390
67.Canes 13996
68.DeAndre Hopkins 13415
69.#JeuxOlympiques 13179
70.Packers 12463
71.#FridayVibes 11459
72.Harper 11434
73.Clarke 11336
74.Denis Villeneuve 10912
75.Islamophobia 10467
76.Jake Bean <10k
77.Eichel <10k
78.reimer <10k
79.Demar <10k
80.Grade 13 <10k
81.Parade of Nations <10k
82.Rielly <10k
83.#AnytimeAnywhere <10k
84.Bernier <10k
85.DeRozan <10k
86.Edmonton <10k
87.Scott Russell <10k
88.Seth Jones <10k
89.Masters of the Universe <10k
90.steve yzerman <10k
91.DeAngelo <10k
92.Savard <10k
93.Kevin Smith <10k
94.howie <10k
95.Stephen Harper <10k
96.Olympians <10k
97.Flyers <10k
98.Dragon Quest <10k
99.#NHLDraft <10k
100.Chuck Fletcher <10k
101.Nedeljkovic <10k
102.Kent Johnson <10k
103.Spiders <10k
104.Michael Thomas <10k
105.He-Man <10k
106.#GoCanadaGo <10k
107.Gostisbehere <10k
108.Ristolainen <10k
109.Reinhart <10k
110.Tom Hanks <10k
111.Schmidt <10k
112.Outhouse <10k
113.#GetVaccinatedNow <10k
114.Dvorak <10k
115.Jay Z <10k
116.Monsanto <10k
117.Cossa <10k
118.Sabres <10k
119.Leafs <10k
120.O’Toole <10k
121.Ellis <10k
122.pitlick <10k
123.Dick Pound <10k
124.Lowry <10k
125.#OpeningCeremony <10k
126.Dubas <10k
127.Bayer <10k
128.Eklund <10k
129.Caufield <10k
130.#DefundThePolice <10k
131.Chrono Trigger <10k
132.Blackhawks <10k
133.larsson <10k
134.Hagg <10k
135.hyman <10k
136.Buchnevich <10k
137.Stevie Y <10k
138.#TeamCanada <10k
139.#GECDSBSLP2021 <10k
140.Benning <10k
141.Cole Beasley <10k
142.Risto <10k
143.#FreeCodeFridayContest <10k
144.#InvestSavvy <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Tony DeAngelo Buyout Details: Buyout ratio (1/3 since he is 25 years old or younger) Length: 2 years Cap Hit: 2021-22: $383k 2022-23: $883k

DeAngelo - Twitter trends in Canada now

I think if there was a discussion to bring back Grade 13 I would let it be decided by actual high school students and not a bunch of middle aged people who haven’t been at high school for a couple decades.


Will Owen Power join this group tonight? 🤔 Don’t miss the 2021 #NHLDraft at 8 ET on ESPN2 and @Sportsnet!

#NHLDraft - Twitter trends in Canada now

Impossible David, le CH a beaucoup trop de classe pour aller chercher DeAngelo, avec le mouvement qui se passe sur la planète en ce moment, ce serait beaucoup trop une distraction et une très mauvaise idée, cela n’arrivera pas!


Is this how the first round will shake out? 🤔 Mock Draft from @NHLdotcom ➡️ Catch the 2021 #NHLDraft tomorrow at 8p ET on ESPN2 and @Sportsnet!

#NHLDraft - Twitter trends in Canada now

Why can I be shirtless and inked up on the front page of the Sun, but Robyn Ingraham is hounded out of an election by her own party? Oh, right - misogyny.


574 Points in Six Seasons 😲 Connor McDavid (@cmcdavid97) has put on a clinic since coming into the League in 2015. Don’t miss the 2021 #NHLDraft tonight at 8p ET on ESPN2 and @Sportsnet!

PPC leader Maxime Bernier stops in Smithers during pre-campaign tour @SmithersNews

Xavier- This week I think is about doing what needs to be done. Derek F- We are kind of in the middle where no one is going to throw shots at us. We need to keep it that way. Xavier- Agreed #BB23


New York Rangers buying out D Tony DeAngelo. MORE:

DeAngelo - Twitter trends in Canada now

John Tory does not give a single fuck. It’s not surprising. He is a conservative (PC) mayor, who’s grandfather literally founded the largest insurance company in Canada, Sunlife. He is a “business” man masquerading as politician. THE 1%. When we eat the *knock knock*

Xavier to Derek F- I think I have an idea but I still want to go through the meetings before I make a final decision #BB23


to be totally transparent, a lot of the reason I am not involved in politics is because I was too scared of a Robyn Ingraham situation happening to me. To see it play out in real time is second-hand terrifying.

Did you A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) helps your savings grow tax-free until you are ready to retire and offers other tax advantages? #InvestSavvy

#InvestSavvy - Twitter trends in Canada now

DeMar might finally get to play out that hypothetical from the LeBronto years. 😏

Demar - Twitter trends in Canada now

Pop quiz! Tell us the year and top four picks 👇 Don’t miss the 2021 #NHLDraft tonight at 8p ET on ESPN2 and @Sportsnet. (Via IG/nhleurope)

#NHLDraft - Twitter trends in Canada now

There are zero Victor Hedmans in this draft, not two! Mason McTavish is a shooter that doesn’t project to have a playmaking element close to ROR! Kent Johnson is not a good skater, Barzal is the fastest man alive! No one plays like Marner! Theodore can actually shoot!

You have to be a saver before you can be an investor. You need to have funds that you can invest. Being an investor means taking your savings and trying to grow them faster. #InvestSavvy

#InvestSavvy - Twitter trends in Canada now

@JeffreyLuscombe I did grade 13. Very much appreciated that year before going away to school. It would have been very difficult going to university at 17.

Is it okay to wear a hot pink glitter bikini to someone else’s bachelorette party? Older housewife types. Not basics.