Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 19th, 2022 10:45 PM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Microsoft 639K+
2.Xbox 467K+
3.Activision 453K+
4.Ghana 370K+
5.Boris Johnson 223K+
6.Canada 194K+
7.PlayStation 190K+
8.Leon 171K+
9.JENO 165K+
10.Ukraine 160K+
11.Gorsuch 159K+
12.Sony 141K+
13.harry styles 128K+
14.Chen 124K+
15.#BamBamSpaces 115K+
16.Comoros 103K+
17.chenle 103K+
18.Call of Duty 87K+
19.Moon Knight 81K+
20.Mac Miller 63K+
21.jongdae 62K+
22.Kotick 61K+
23.Toronto 54K+
24.#WednesdayMotivation 40K+
25.Gamepass 40K+
26.Rams 37K+
27.Walter 34K+
28.Joss Whedon 33K+
29.Arceus 33K+
30.Bethesda 32K+
31.Phil Spencer 30K+
32.Bobby Kotick 30K+
33.Trudeau 28K+
34.Dolly 28K+
35.candy crush 27K+
36.Carter 26K+
37.Québec 25K+
38.The Rings of Power 25K+
39.Canadians 22K+
40.Doug Ford 20K+
41.Gaspard Ulliel 17K+
42.Daniel Radcliffe 14K+
43.Madu 12K+
44.Legends Arceus 11K+
45.#CdnMediaFailed 11K+
46.Le Mot 10K+
47.Chine 10K+
48.Gunther 10K+
49.#snowday <10K
50.Dr. Moore <10K
51.karim ouellet <10K
52.Matty <10K
53.cole perfetti <10K
54.#TruckersForFreedom <10K
55.Rask <10K
57.carol off <10K
58.#onstorm <10K
59.#DollyParton <10K
60.Léger <10K
61.Home For A Rest <10K
62.Gorton <10K
63.harries <10K
64.Pékin <10K
65.spirit of the west <10K
66.Anne Casabonne <10K
67.Pissy <10K
68.John Olerud <10K
69.#NationalPopcornDay <10K
70.#GoHabsGo <10K
71.Matheson <10K
72.Master Duel <10K
73.spector <10K
74.#TheBookOfBobaFett <10K
75.HHOF <10K
76.The Departed <10K
77.Kent Hughes <10K
78.#MuseumSelfieDay <10K
79.Statistics Canada <10K
80.Wordle 213 X <10K
81.Christine Elliott <10K
82.Julie Snyder <10K
83.Call Me Maybe <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Trudeau is doing more to prevent unvaccinated truckers doing crucial work for Canada’s economy from crossing the border than he ever did to stop illegal migrants. #TruckersForFreedom

The Canada Health Act guarantees that health care is universal. Alberta will not impose taxes on people based on their health conditions or choices.

Need I remind everyone Vince saw me as the partying dancing guy. Gunther is too much of a stretch all of a sudden?

C’est drôle combien certains sont ben contents quand Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen ou Simple Plan sont reconnus a l’étranger et identifiés comme québécois. Mais quand un québécois du nom de Hughes revient à Mtl diriger le #CH, tout a coup il n’est pas assez québécois 🙄 #pucapable

Like Jim Matheson, I also had a chance to interview Leon Draisaitl


Diggy, The Party, The Energizer And Varly. 🤣 📺: 7p ET on @ESPNPlus


Willie O’ Ree gets his number retired by the Boston Bruins The first black player in the NHL will be in the rafters forever

Today press conference with Christine Elliott and Kieran Moore is devoid of purpose. Started 15 minutes late and still an obsession with boosters and masks. Gyms aren’t open and businesses shuttered. Get it together. People are angry.

Cole Perfetti ➡️ GOAL PERFETTI 🚨 #GoJetsGo | #WPGvsWSH

“I looked at [Dubois] and said, ‘I can’t believe I just scored in the NHL.’ It’s a surreal moment.” Cole Perfetti on his first ever NHL goal, Pierre-Luc Dubois on earning a point tonight, and more. WATCH 🔽

Great depth. Mantel view. Chair. Pillow work. Nice credenza. 10/10 @renato_mariotti

Mantel - Twitter trends in Canada now

The @CanadiensMTL have hired Kent Hughes as the 18th GM in franchise history. Read more ➡️

Kent Hughes - Twitter trends in Canada now