Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: December 1st, 2022 02:43 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.#SpotifyWrapped 1M+
2.China 705K+
3.hobi 599K+
4.Poland 279K+
5.Mario 264K+
6.Apple Music 241K+
7.Alvarez 232K+
8.hyuna 207K+
9.Szczesny 165K+
10.Tunisia 158K+
11.Christine McVie 133K+
12.Bill 1 104K+
13.Fleetwood Mac 94K+
14.Drake 91K+
15.Powell 73K+
16.Leon 66K+
17.Cocaine Bear 56K+
18.Remote 51K+
19.Alberta 49K+
20.#AEWDynamite 41K+
21.Willow 31K+
22.Tatum 29K+
23.Celtics 28K+
24.Jesse 27K+
25.Retire 25K+
26.Stuart 25K+
27.#PAKvENG 24K+
28.Songbird 23K+
29.#GivingTuesday 23K+
30.Owen 22K+
31.Pascal 21K+
32.Karla 19K+
33.Chris Pratt 19K+
34.Quebec 19K+
35.Stevie 17K+
36.#Neuralink 16K+
37.Sammy 16K+
38.Regal 16K+
39.Vancouver 15K+
40.Danielle Smith 15K+
41.Glen 15K+
42.Booker 14K+
43.Ceci 13K+
44.Hawks 13K+
45.#spotifywrapped2022 12K+
46.Maroon 12K+
47.Pinto 11K+
48.Letang 10K+
49.Sharks <10K
50.Raps <10K
51.Don Mattingly <10K
52.Bure <10K
53.Kenney <10K
54.Jack Edwards <10K
55.Samsonov <10K
56.Janmark <10K
57.Pelicans <10K
58.United Canada <10K
59.#ChickenDotCA <10K
60.Hyman <10K
61.#BCStorm <10K
62.#搞定要要個要 <10K
63.Toews <10K
64.Lower Mainland <10K
65.Zion <10K
66.Scottie Barnes <10K
67.Abrar <10K
68.#TheMaskedSinger <10K
69.#LetsGoOilers <10K
70.Aaron Dell <10K
71.#HeWhoShallBeNamed <10K
72.Pat Maroon <10K
73.Ring of Honour <10K
74.Kris Letang <10K
75.Under Armour <10K
76.New Orleans <10K
77.Luongo <10K
78.#SJSvsTOR <10K
79.Marner <10K
80.Blazers <10K
81.Hollowell <10K
82.Jack Johnson <10K
83.Blackhawks <10K
84.Scottie <10K
85.Batherson <10K
86.Domi <10K
87.Engvall <10K
88.McDavid <10K
89.Westbrook <10K
90.Siakam <10K
91.Draisaitl <10K
92.Skinner <10K
93.#Survivor <10K
94.Nuge <10K
95.Alex Fraser <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


Yes, you may be in the top listeners of a certain musician on Spotify. But are you in the top listeners of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?

At the Under Armour store at the Tanger outlet mall in Kanata.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Under Armour by Glen McGregor

The NDP are trying to scare folks into thinking the Sovereignty within a United Canada Act is somehow undemocratic 🙄 Here is a statement from Justice showing that every action taken under the Act must be approved by the Legislative Assembly 👇 #abpoli

HOLY GROUP C CHAOS 🇵🇱 Poland: 4 points, 0 GD 🇲🇽 Mexico: 4 points, 0 GD Poland now lead Mexico on a fair play tiebreaker!


Eighteen straight games. 💪🍁 Mitch Marner (@Marner93) has now tied Darryl Sittler and Eddie Olczyk for the longest point streak in @MapleLeafs history!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Marner by NHL

[BREAKING NEWS] South African President Ramaphosa found guilty by Section 89 Independent Panel on Phala Phala scandal.  Developing… #Section89IndependentPanel #PhalaPhalaFarmGate

Twitter trends in Canada today - #PhalaPhalaFarmGate by Mr. Tshweu

We’ve reached a point where people want to boycott Under Armour for having the word “freedom” on their clothes. The collection supports veterans, first responders and law enforcement. It’s a good cause.

CTV News journalist Glen McGregor came across an Under Armour hoodie so triggering that he felt the need to post a picture of it on Twitter for all to see.

Countries you and your spouse can work while schooling: - Canada🇨🇦 - UK🇬🇧 - Australia🇦🇺 - Denmark🇩🇰 - Netherlands🇳🇱 - Finland🇫🇮 - New Zealand🇳🇿 - Germany 🇩🇪 - Brazil🇧🇷 - Ireland 🇮🇪 - France🇫🇷 - Sweden🇸🇪 - Spain 🇪🇸 Add RT.

Milos Degenek & the @Socceroos ADVANCE! 🇦🇺 What a result for the Aussies. #FIFAWorldCup

The following 15 Universities in the UK🇬🇧 accept 3rd Class for a Masters degree. Some of them accept PASS self, depending on other criteria. 1) University of Birmingham 2) University of Kent 3) University of Portsmouth 4) Kingston University London 5) University of Surrey

Complete communications breakdown last night from officials regarding the Alex Fraser Bridge. I phoned @MainroadLM and @TranBC *communications* departments at 7 — but absolutely nothing by 11 This as people walked the bridge or sat in vehicles 5 hours. #bcpoli

Twitter trends in Canada today - Alex Fraser by Jordan Armstrong

PMJT on contesting Alberta sovereignty bill. “Not going to take anything off the table.”

Canadian sports hero, @MWeirsy, adds another chapter to his journey. Le héros sportif canadien, Mike Weir, ajoute un nouveau chapitre à son parcours.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Mike Weir by Presidents Cup

Our full coverage tonight on @GlobalBC — recapping the chaos on the roads. Multiple collisions, people stuck in cars for hours, Alex Fraser bridge closed, backlogs leading up to all major bridges, 30K+ without power. Full story: #BCStorm #BCSnow