Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: June 27th, 2022 04:43 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Supreme Court 926K+
2.America 552K+
3.#BETAwards 397K+
4.SCOTUS 327K+
5.Christian 224K+
6.Champions 182K+
7.#ForbiddenDoor 179K+
8.Bible 141K+
9.The Cup 128K+
10.#AEWxNJPW 97K+
11.#StanleyCup 72K+
12.Rudy 71K+
13.#GoAvsGo 71K+
14.Happy Pride 70K+
15.Colorado 67K+
16.Kanye 50K+
17.Diddy 46K+
18.Champs 45K+
19.Claudio 45K+
20.Lightning 43K+
21.Game 6 41K+
22.Nate 27K+
23.Kadri 23K+
24.Colorado Avalanche 22K+
25.Cooper 22K+
26.MacKinnon 14K+
27.Sikh 14K+
28.#Westworld 13K+
29.#FindAWay 13K+
30.ashton 13K+
31.sportsnet 13K+
32.Tampa Bay 12K+
33.#GoBolts 12K+
34.#90DayFiance 12K+
35.Cale Makar 12K+
36.Maroon 11K+
37.Bill Daly <10K
38.Daily Quordle 154 <10K
39.#COLvsTBL <10K
40.Byram <10K
41.Bolts <10K
42.kurtis conner <10K
43.Lehkonen <10K
44.Jon Cooper <10K
45.Pat Maroon <10K
46.Jack Johnson <10K
47.Bettman <10K
48.Nordiques <10K
49.#Habs <10K
50.Lekhonen <10K
51.Lehky <10K
52.Bowen Byram <10K
53.Dubas <10K
54.Kucherov <10K
55.Nathan Rourke <10K
56.Congrats to the Avs <10K
57.#NHLPlayoffs <10K
58.Darcy Kuemper <10K
59.Landy <10K
60.Lake Superior <10K
61.Andrew Cogliano <10K
62.Cogs <10K
63.Sundre <10K
64.Cole Harbour <10K
65.Stamkos <10K
66.Ron Maclean <10K
67.berrios <10K
68.Ospreay <10K
69.Leafs <10K
70.Corey Perry <10K
71.McDonagh <10K
72.Conn Smythe <10K
73.Congrats Avs <10K
74.Erik Johnson <10K
75.Landeskog <10K
76.Daily Quordle 153 <10K
77.Joe Sakic <10K
78.Shibata <10K
79.Gabe <10K
80.Darren Helm <10K
81.Kikuchi <10K
82.Alex Newhook <10K
83.Norris <10K
84.Nathan MacKinnon <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today


THE @Avalanche ARE THE 2021-22 #StanleyCup CHAMPIONS!!! 🏔🏆

Twitter trends in Canada today - #StanleyCup by NHL

James Norris Memorial Trophy ✔️ Conn Smythe Trophy ✔️ Stanley Cup ✔️ What a week for Cale Makar (@Cmakar8). 🤯 #StanleyCup

Twitter trends in Canada today - Norris by NHL

The #StanleyCup is feeling a little heavier for Joe Sakic after 21 years. 😂 @Avalanche | #GoAvsGo

I believe we see up to $25-$30 after settlement and $1000-$10,000 within 5 years after settlement


NHL commissioner Gary Bettman missed the #StanleyCup presentation because he is recovering from COVID-19.

I hope Montoyo is as honest and forthright about Berríos after the game as he was about Kikuchi yesterday. First of all, he’d be correct. Secondly, there’s a difference between being mediocre and being a liability. Berríos, like Kikuchi, has become the latter.

Christ, the only reason Ron MacLean ever trends is because of sad reactionary boomers mad that the guy they liked but NOBODY else liked finally got his dumb ass fired; let it go already, nobody else cares!

Amazing!! Congrats #DragRaceFrance and especially Soa De Muse 💖💖💖

In the last days, dark will get darker and light will get lighter. As things get worse, you will be forced off the fence. Choose which side you’re on.

It’s hilarious. Two days ago Twitter was all “Fire Charlie Montoyo” Today it’s “Fire Pete Walker” Pitching (Kikuchi aside) was brilliant for 2 months, same coaches. It’s not the coaching, it’s crappy pitching.

I have three job interviews in the next two days. Including someone who gave me a job offer in January who I turned down for Synack. 😎

CBC News
CBC News

A leadership convention in Regina on Sunday afternoon will determine who will be the first woman to lead the Saskatchewan NDP: MLA Carla Beck or Saskatoon lawyer Kaitlyn Harvey.

Tampa came unglued in that 2nd period. Patrick Maroon breaks his stick slashing Josh Manson after Colorado’s first goal. No call. Steven Stamkos fires puck at referee after penalty. No call. Ryan McDonagh crushes Darren Helm from behind on the numbers. Only 2 minutes.

Kikuchi - Horrible Berrios - disappointing Gaussman - inconsistent Stripling - meh Manoah - excellent That doesn’t get you to the World Series #BlueJays

Guess a Canadian QB can play a bit eh? @RedBlacks will find out all about Nathan Rourke Thursday night at TD Place