Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: July 27th, 2021 06:47 AM IST
RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.#Tokyo2020 2291093
2.Olympics 1445481
3.hobi 852419
4.kyungsoo 665519
5.#BTS_Butter 459535
6.Hidilyn 357788
7.Maria 278330
8.Hidilyn Diaz 246340
9.#BBNaija 235660
10.Philippines 234187
11.Varane 224116
12.Pink 214997
13.#MUFC 191686
14.#Butter8thNo1OnHot100 180105
15.Tucker 117531
16.Luka 115859
17.Judo 106247
18.#MondayMotivation 98241
19.Team USA 89204
20.Tunisia 65938
21.grimes 64670
22.tommy 57065
23.Rodgers 46209
24.Tom Daley 45416
25.Historic 43867
26.#WeMissYouMoreNamjoon 40423
27.Norwegian 39446
28.Good Monday 38941
29.Adams 36067
30.Eddie Guerrero 33771
31.#mondaythoughts 32851
32.Packers 32306
33.Memphis 30938
34.Ben Affleck 27504
35.Ingram 27019
36.Mick 26227
37.Kase 25787
38.Tega 25700
39.Jackie B 24967
40.Watson 24644
41.joonie 24120
42.Rebel 23187
43.Maguire 22771
44.#WWERaw 21872
45.Issa Rae 21058
46.He-Man 19461
47.New Orleans 18571
48.Trucks 17761
49.CNBC 17044
50.DaBaby 16475
51.Ontario 15672
52.#TheBachelorette 15345
53.#Triathlon 14774
54.Bledsoe 14490
55.Zion 13738
56.Brendan 13364
57.Costa Rica 13231
58.Aaron Rodgers 12061
59.Simmons 10697
60.Tether 10625
61.Hatch <10k
62.SUVs <10k
63.Groshans <10k
64.Pelicans <10k
65.Borucki <10k
66.Kevin Epp <10k
67.Pels <10k
68.Stripling <10k
69.Holtby <10k
70.#RedSox <10k
71.CONCACAF <10k
72.Earl Watson <10k
73.Lowry <10k
74.#TeamCanada <10k
75.Nando De Colo <10k
76.Sloan <10k
77.Maggie MacNeil <10k
78.Foligno <10k
79.summer mcintosh <10k
80.Her Excellency <10k
81.#defundCBC <10k
82.Virtanen <10k
83.DeAngelo <10k
84.Inuktitut <10k
85.Jessica Klimkait <10k
86.#ArknightsCelebration <10k
87.Detective Pikachu <10k
88.#GG30 <10k
89.St-Hubert <10k
90.Mailloux <10k
91.The Green Knight <10k
92.Cathy Jones <10k
93.Inuit <10k
94.Stralman <10k
95.Lindelof <10k
96.#MusicMonday <10k
97.Stastny <10k
98.Mick Jagger <10k
99.West Harbour <10k
100.Getzlaf <10k
101.Neal <10k
102.Albertan <10k
103.Jake Virtanen <10k
104.Savard <10k
105.Sam Bennett <10k
106.LeVar Burton <10k
107.Mary Simon <10k
108.Bob Morane <10k
109.Governor General <10k
110.Bernier <10k
111.Peter Trueman <10k
112.Interior Health <10k
113.Rideau Hall <10k
114.Flora Duffy <10k
115.Menzies <10k
116.Inuk <10k
117.#MenTellAll <10k
118.#CanMNT <10k
119.Doocy <10k
120.Pius Suter <10k
121.Paquette <10k
122.Bermuda <10k
123.Fenway <10k
124.CERB <10k
125.Grizzlies <10k
126.Eichel <10k
127.khaira <10k
128.Colby <10k
129.#Jeopardy <10k
130.#eggwalker <10k
131.penny oleksiak <10k
132.Boucher <10k
133.Pantemis <10k
134.Wideman <10k
135.Ritchie <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

🚨 GOLD MEDAL FOR CANADA 🚨 Margaret Mac Neil wins the 100m butterfly 🥇, the first gold medal for #TeamCanada at #Tokyo2020 🎉👏🤩 🏊‍♀️ into the race details ➡️

#TeamCanada - Twitter trends in Canada now

14-year-old Summer McIntosh sets a Canadian record with her 4th place finish in the 400m freestyle at #Tokyo2020 🇨🇦 Watch live:

#TeamCanada history is made at #Tokyo2020 🚨 Jessica Klimkait becomes the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic medal in judo, taking 🥉 in the 57kg event 🙌 Details ➡️

Jessica Klimkait - Twitter trends in Canada now

Primeira medalha de ouro pra No triatlo feminino. Irônico que a triatleta não estava de bermuda mas sim de maiô.

Okay, Let’s all agree that Leslie Jones should do ALL the sports commentary. I can’t wait to hear her take on rock climbing & bouldering.

#CanMNT are Gold Cup semifinals bound for the first time since 2007! 👏🇨🇦 @CanadaSoccerEN | #GoldCup21

#CanMNT - Twitter trends in Canada now

Lockdowns, pipelines and the separatist movement were just some of the many items discussed by People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier during his visit to Lethbridge on Sunday. @TherienEloise

#TeamCanada added two more medals on Day 3 of #Tokyo2020 👀 @mags_swims26 won Canada’s first 🥇 in the 100m butterfly and Jessica Klimkait claimed a 🥉 in the 57kg event 🙌 Presented by @Bell 🇨🇦

Jessica Klimkait - Twitter trends in Canada now

Apparemment le CH devrait annoncer l’acquisition cette semaine de David Savard et Cedric Paquette. I’m hearing that this week the Habs should be signing David Savard and Cedric Paquette.

🗣 JOHNNY RUSSELL! Right on target from the @SportingKC captain! #SEAvSKC

#NHLJets have signed forward Paul Stastny to a one-year, $3,750,000 contract. DETAILS:

Stastny - Twitter trends in Canada now

Semifinal matchup is set! 📺 @onesoccer 📍 Houston, TX, USA 📅 29 July ⏰ ET / PT 🆚 #CANMNT 🇨🇦 v 🇲🇽

#CanMNT - Twitter trends in Canada now

.@jkenney I never needed a truck, a baseball cap and a Canadian flag on my doors to show that I’m an Albertan and a Canadian. Why do you??? #ableg #abpoli

Highlights: #CANMNT 2:0 CRC #GoldCup21 Canada will face Mexico in the Semifinals 29 July in Houston, TX.

#CanMNT - Twitter trends in Canada now

Depending on the cost, I would be interested in Getzlaf & even Perry for the #Oilers. How about you?

Getzlaf - Twitter trends in Canada now

Sad to learn of the passing of former Global TV colleague Peter Trueman.  An old school journo who practiced the craft with honesty, fierce integrity + good humour.  RIP Peter

peter trueman - Twitter trends in Canada now

A strong swim for Penny 👏 Penny Oleksiak comes second in her 200m freestyle heat posting a personal best time of 1 Watch live:

PPC leader Maxime Bernier makes stop in Lethbridge during southern Alberta tour @LethbridgeNews

Omar Kadr, 16 ans, meurtre. 10 millions. Invité de Guy Mauve. Logan Mailloux, 17 ans, indiscrétion sexuelle. Pilori.

Mailloux - Twitter trends in Canada now

Canada advance to 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup Semifinals with impressive 2:0 win over Costa Rica #CANMNT #GoldCup21