Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: January 28th, 2023 09:43 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Black 953K+
2.You People 662K+
3.Pfizer 608K+
4.Russia 361K+
5.Veritas 326K+
6.Holocaust 318K+
7.Memphis 281K+
8.Auschwitz 234K+
9.Paul Pelosi 223K+
10.#TyreNichols 167K+
11.Putin 166K+
12.Nazis 150K+
13.Caicedo 144K+
14.#ぎらぎらほしまち 143K+
15.Canada 143K+
16.Jerusalem 133K+
17.Brighton 92K+
18.Miracle 75K+
19.Jenin 72K+
20.Victoria 68K+
21.Tucker 67K+
22.#WeRemember 65K+
23.Omar 58K+
24.Warriors 58K+
25.Dead Space 55K+
26.George Floyd 46K+
28.yachty 41K+
29.Haaland 40K+
30.Trossard 39K+
31.#SmackDown 37K+
32.Lokonga 34K+
33.Leeds 31K+
34.Steph 31K+
35.Hi-Fi Rush 22K+
36.Rodney King 18K+
37.Goldeneye 18K+
38.#AskSRK 17K+
39.Shaw 17K+
40.Dembele 17K+
41.Challenger 17K+
42.Gunna 14K+
43.Islamophobia 13K+
44.Aryna Sabalenka 12K+
45.Tierney 10K+
46.#xboxfreecodefriday 10K+
47.#flames1stgoal <10K
48.Daily Quordle 368 <10K
50.#Caturday <10K
51.owen beck <10K
52.Mikheyev <10K
53.Wimbledon <10K
54.giroux <10K
55.Barkov <10K
56.GAME DAY <10K
57.Rybakina <10K
58.Jordan Peterson <10K
59.Matt Murray <10K
60.Greenbelt <10K
61.Berri <10K
62.Daily Quordle 369 <10K
63.battle of ontario <10K
64.Infinity Pool <10K
65.Vladar <10K
66.Miss Piggy <10K
67.Laith Marouf <10K
68.Archambault <10K
69.Amira Elghawaby <10K
70.Markstrom <10K
71.the normandy <10K
72.Jolie <10K
73.Sabalenka <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

The @CanadiensMTL have recalled Petes forward Owen Beck on an emergency basis Beck will make his NHL debut against the Ottawa Senators tomorrow on Hockey Night in Canada Details:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Owen Beck by Peterborough Petes

Our Choice Words blog explores growing backlash against the $26 billion Rogers-Shaw merger. If the deal wasn’t already bad enough for Canada, this week’s committee hearings raised more 🚩🚩: Watch MP Nate Erskine-Smith take on Rogers’ CEO.


After tying the game in the final seconds of regulation, Martin Necas went on to score the @Energizer OT winner to give the @Canes the thrilling victory! 🌪

Captaingänger ‼️ We’re seeing double! 4️⃣ Brady Tkachuks! #GoSensGo

Twitter trends in Canada today - #GoSensGo by Ottawa Senators

Ilya Mikheyev gets emotional when talking about how his season is finished. He says it was almost a full tear of his ACL, and he’ll have the surgery next week. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

After six seasons and several trophies with NYCFC, @SeanJohnGK heads North to join Toronto. Read more here:

Twitter trends in Canada today - Sean Johnson by Major League Soccer

Get ready, the Battle of Ontario starts soon!! #GoSensGo | @TwistedTea

Twitter trends in Canada today - battle of ontario by Ottawa Senators

Ilya Mikheyev was on pace to put up a career high 22 goals this season. He’s played the whole year with a serious ACL injury. Imagine what this guy might be able to do when he’s fully healthy. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

The The sacred shell or conch is known as shankha in Sanskrit. A sacred and religious object in Hinduism, the sound of the shankha symbolizes the divine sound of AUM ॐ . It derives its name from the demon Shankha asura, whom भगवान Vishnu had slain as matsya avatar or fish

Friday morning skate #Canucks lines Kuzmenko-Pettersson-Pederson Mikheyev-Horvat-Boeser Joshua-Miller-Garland Dries-Lazar-Studnicka Di Giuseppe Hughes-Bear OEL-Myers Stillman-Myers Dermott-Burroughs @Sportsnet650

Twitter trends in Canada today - Mikheyev by Brendan Batchelor

A rivalry that holds fire and fury 🔥 🎶 The Bones of Jones gets us set for the Battle of Ontario on Sportsnet!

Credit to Mikheyev for gutting it out, but it’s not surprising to hear this. He didn’t have his trademark speed since returning early in the year. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

Scottie Barnes is the Raptors future. He’s made it very clear recently. Masai, Act.

No matter the circumstances the Sens always give the Leafs all they can handle. And then some. 6-2. Tkachuk battle ready.


#FamilyLiteracyDay raises awareness about the importance of reading and literacy-related activities. #ImmigrationMatters to Toronto’s literacy community, where Hong Kong immigrant Allen Lau co-founded @wattpad helping writers find a global audience:

Twitter trends in Canada today - #FamilyLiteracyDay by IRCC