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Twitter trends in Canada now - JT Miller, Atlantic Canada, Giuliani, wonho, Motte, #HistoricTractorMarch, Juolevi, #RepublicDay, Yukon.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Impeachment 527399
2.#RepublicDay 239158
3.Australia 207020
4.#드림캐쳐 189805
5.Anna 169954
6.Dominion 169675
7.Senators 156687
8.Yemen 155576
9.#Dreamcatcher 151200
10.Giuliani 146907
11.Jai Hind 136471
12.Rudy 136187
13.Lebron 135031
14.Harry Potter 126324
15.#Covid_19 124894
16.doyoung 124656
17.CLOSED 122140
18.jaehyun 120978
19.Modi 118358
20.Delhi 118051
21.Kobe 117566
22.renjun 107598
23.Moderna 98466
24.vine 94623
25.#Odd_Eye 93105
26.Victoria 92644
27.taeyong 88361
28.Etsy 88164
29.Red Fort 82406
30.Singh 79310
31.haechan 72530
32.Indians 70103
33.Dore 68657
34.Schumer 67966
35.jeno 65680
36.Yuta 64603
37.South Africa 63927
38.Nikki 63004
39.#FarmersProstests 55859
40.Gigi 54238
41.Punjab 52594
42.Rumble 51817
43.Edge 51420
44.Manchin 49538
45.Khalistani 47764
46.Sinema 45902
47.#AnimalCrossingxColourPop 43826
48.Miller 43367
49.janet yellen 43074
50.#HistoricTractorMarch 42357
51.Alexa 41948
52.wonho 41828
53.Ninja 41337
54.GameStop 40462
55.sens 39952
56.Katie 38719
57.#TheBachelor 36656
58.Buy American 34901
59.Proud Boys 34830
60.Uganda 31539
61.Khalistan 31180
62.Charlotte 30710
63.Gianna 28886
64.Nate 26516
65.Haggis 24589
66.Anarchy 24118
67.Percy Jackson 23474
68.#WWERaw 20761
69.Turner 20623
70.Vincent 20451
71.sam nook 19840
72.Indiana 18994
73.Sikh 18128
74.Soap 17194
75.siyeon 16550
76.murray 16383
77.Kellyanne 15601
78.Haley 15434
79.Nishan Sahib 15142
80.Brittany 14864
81.oikawa 13371
82.Melanie 12857
83.MARK LEE 11054
84.#bootwtselfieday 11003
85.IM GONNA CRY 10828
86.#MambaForever 10484
87.La Presse 10305
88.Yukon <10k
89.Lotto Line <10k
90.#bbcelebrites <10k
91.Pearson <10k
92.#MurdochMysteries <10k
93.Austin Watson <10k
94.Virtanen <10k
95.Lynn Beyak <10k
96.Benning <10k
97.#911onFOX <10k
98.Roussel <10k
99.#canucks <10k
100.Matt Murray <10k
101.Stanley Johnson <10k
102.Wolanin <10k
103.Barstool <10k
104.#ScienceUpFirst <10k
105.DJ Smith <10k
106.North Saskatchewan <10k
107.Nick Nurse <10k
108.Drummond <10k
109.shai <10k
110.Beaver Creek <10k
111.anisimov <10k
112.Holtby <10k
113.NWHL <10k
114.Whistler <10k
115.brandon sutter <10k
116.Freeland <10k
117.Fergus <10k
118.Hughes <10k
119.Jeremy Lamb <10k
120.Hoglander <10k
121.foundational <10k
122.Juolevi <10k
123.Sabonis <10k
124.Atlantic Canada <10k
125.#FrankieDrakeMysteries <10k
126.Gudbranson <10k
127.ottawa senators <10k
128.#RobbieBurnsDay <10k
129.Demko <10k
130.petey <10k
131.Akaashi <10k
132.Tkachuk <10k
133.Dr. Henry <10k
134.Guelph <10k
135.Motte <10k
136.Roberta Place <10k
137.JT Miller <10k
138.Pettersson <10k
139.Lowry <10k
140.House of Commons <10k
141.Burlington <10k
142.Chabot <10k
143.#CABA <10k
144.Superstore <10k
145.Gaudette <10k
146.#VTuberUprising <10k
147.Goldberg <10k
148.Vtubers <10k
149.Sutter <10k
150.Pacers <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

22Minutes ()

Senator Lynn Beyak has retired. She says she wants to spend more time with her various prejudices.

Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon
Gurdeep Pandher of Yukon ()

A year ago, this day, my friend Hanne Michiels and I went to frozen Lake Laberge near my cabin to dance high energy Bhangra. After a couple of months, Hanne moved back to Belgium, where she had come from. It is a good memory with a good friend who loved dancing Bhangra.

Toronto Argonauts
Toronto Argonauts ()

Yesssir ⚡️ Martavis Bryant is an Argonaut 📄 »

Argos,Twitter trends in Canada now
🍄 Zac Thompson 🍄
🍄 Zac Thompson 🍄 ()

Matthew Joseph Peak hand-painted NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET posters live in my head rent free.

Matthew,Twitter trends in Canada now
NHL ()

Jack Hughes (3-4—7) continues to stay hot! 🔥 @jackhughes43 | @NJDevils

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Friendly reminder that Brock Boeser has six goals in four career games vs. Matt Murray. #Canucks

NHL ()

What a night for Brandon Sutter! A huge win for the @Canucks and his first career @Enterprise hat trick.

Global BC
Global BC ()

“I think they should be ashamed of themselves. They put a community at risk for their own gain and that is appalling,” Dr. Bonnie Henry said.

Room Rater
Room Rater ()

Room Rater Canadian Prick of the Year. Former CEO and Russian Mail Order Bride charged after flying to Beaver Creek for COVID-19 vaccine.

Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

Lynn Beyak, who defended ‘good’ of residential schools, resigns from the Senate.

Carolyn Bennett
Carolyn Bennett ()

Minister @AnitaOakville has been working day & night securing vaccines for Canada so we can bring this chapter to a close. We are on track to receive 6 million doses by March 31, 20 million doses between April & June & a total of 70 million doses by Sept 🇨🇦

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Nils Hoglander: I feel strong out there. Feel heavy on the puck, and I can battle too. It feels good. #Canucks

The Hill Times
The Hill Times ()

Breaking: Lynn Beyak is retiring from Senate, effective today: #cdnpoli

Lynn Beyak,Twitter trends in Canada now
Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Adam Gaudette on the ice with the taxi squad guys this morning. Looks like he may sit for a second straight game. #Canucks

Sportsnet ()

1st Career @NHL Goal: ✔️ That one had to feel good for Olli Juolevi. 🤗 #NHLonSN | #ItsOn

Nova Scotia Gov.
Nova Scotia Gov. ()

Let’s keep the numbers low. Remember the basics and slow the spread of #COVID19: ✔️ Wash or sanitize your hands often - soap and water is best. ✔️ Practice good cough and sneeze etiquette. ✔️ Maintain physical distancing. ✔️ Wear a non-medical mask.

Soap,Twitter trends in Canada now

Earlier today, in the House of Commons, MPs unanimously passed a motion proposed by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh calling on the government to address the proliferation of white supremacist & hate groups and to immediately designate the Proud Boys group as a terrorist entity. #cdnpoli

CBC News
CBC News ()

According to Yukon Community Services Minister John Streicker, the couple took advantage of a mobile vaccination clinic that was administering the first doses of the Moderna vaccine to locals, claiming that they were new employees at an area motel.

Calgary Roughnecks
Calgary Roughnecks ()

The Ruff-Necks family is growing 🐾 Meet Eli Salama’s new pup, Frankie!

Salama,Twitter trends in Canada now
Lbabinz 🇨🇦
Lbabinz 🇨🇦 ()

PlayStation 5 Disc Console is up at Superstore (waiting room)

Superstore,Twitter trends in Canada now