Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Chauvin 2621013
2.George Floyd 2516837
3.Black 2221171
4.Covid 2161017
5.Derek Chauvin 1786052
6.May. 1754472
7.The Derek Chauvin 1168837
8.Japan 884341
9.COVID-19 843781
10.Columbus 429126
11.haechan 321449
12.Zéro 301909
13.Ohio 297953
14.JAEMIN 275823
15.chenle 256485
16.Korea 183700
17.Canada 178334
18.Prince 170212
19.Zoom 162012
20.Ramadan 158107
21.Woke 148881
22.Winter 132555
23.London 122082
24.Wishing 121760
25.mingyu 120730
26.Khia Bryant 116091
27.Pakistan 114230
28.Milan 109196
29.Hurts 107719
30.renjun 103712
31.Tucker 93892
32.SHINee 92364
33.iKON 83391
34.#KKRvCSK 80058
35.Robert 70237
36.Sehun 66511
37.Marie 65854
38.btob 65021
39.Tucker Carlson 60961
40.Earth Day 58595
41.seulgi 57917
42.Dave 56469
43.Journal 56378
44.Félix 56048
45.Hiding 53253
46.Fox News 52976
47.Nigerian 52828
48.Stacey Abrams 51298
49.LinkedIn 46849
50.yeri 45085
51.Christmas 39623
52.Ameen 38751
53.Luiz 38046
54.Ace Attorney 37723
55.Capcom 37153
56.Toronto 37056
57.Britain 36910
58.Freddie 35911
59.Taser 33831
60.tales 32302
61.#VERZUZ 32173
62.Melo 27912
63.SNOWING 26152
64.Québec 25188
65.Allegedly 24308
66.Bali 23945
67.Southampton 23930
68.Convenient 23493
69.#wednesdaythought 20904
70.Eagles 18820
71.Peniel 18460
72.Hamilton 18231
73.Indy 17885
74.#WednesdayMotivation 17671
75.Jim Steinman 17321
76.Bale 17093
77.Leao 16903
78.Daniela 16705
79.Great Ace Attorney 16346
80.La Presse 16115
81.Freddy 15688
82.Meghan 14753
83.ASHE 13937
84.Sassuolo 13462
85.#EarthDay2021 13446
86.CBC News 13252
87.Candace Owens 13039
88.Righty 12925
89.#Tokyo2020 11993
90.Vancouver 11697
91.Campbell 11055
92.Her Majesty 10783
93.Leafs 10702
94.Brock 10231
95.Premier Doug Ford 10149
96.Windsor-Essex <10k
97.IIHF <10k
98.Coderre <10k
99.How I Met Your Father <10k
100.Welcome to Canada <10k
101.Pearson <10k
102.#WomensWorlds <10k
103.Kawhi <10k
104.Waterloo Region <10k
105.Cargill <10k
106.Carney <10k
107.#WednesdayWisdom <10k
108.Courtney <10k
109.Ryan Mason <10k
110.Parkdale <10k
111.himym <10k
112.Queen Elizabeth II <10k
113.Keefe <10k
114.Angela Pitt <10k
115.#dlws <10k
116.Casablanca <10k
117.Stuart <10k
118.Halton <10k
119.Tavares <10k
120.Brampton <10k
121.Hilary Duff <10k
122.Fort Erie <10k
123.sandin <10k
124.Brian Jean <10k
125.Ralph Goodale <10k
126.National Canadian Film Day <10k
127.#CANWNT <10k
128.Merry Christmas <10k
129.#STARScareontheair <10k
130.Hutch <10k
131.Meagan <10k
132.Primeau <10k
133.Isolating <10k
134.foligno <10k
135.Grey Cup <10k
136.Nova Scotia <10k
137.Mornin <10k
138.Rittich <10k
139.#ONStorm <10k
140.Ontario Premier Doug Ford <10k
141.EB 401 <10k
142.Dr. Tam <10k
143.blanchard <10k
144.India as Trudeau <10k
145.Caufield <10k
146.Hunger Games <10k
147.muskrat falls <10k
148.Formula E <10k
149.God Save The Queen <10k
150.Andersen <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Amy Dempsey
Amy Dempsey ()

On Monday I booked vaccines for my 40+ spouse in Ontario and then for my 60+ mother in Nova Scotia. Let me tell you how it went. The tl;dr version: Ontario = Serious Hunger Games vibes. Nova Scotia = Easiest thing I have done this week. 1/

CBC News
CBC News ()

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin has been convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Lance Hornby
Lance Hornby ()

Mystery solved on how Nick Foligno got a Leaf equipment bag instantaneously after the trade, pictured in his loaded van departing Columbus. The Blue Jackets equipment men saved it from the Mikko Lehtonen deal.

Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

You’re the bigots who stormed into Artur Pawlowski’s church on Easter weekend, right?

Skate Canada / Patinage Canada
Skate Canada / Patinage Canada ()

Vanessa James and Eric Radford to compete in pairs together Vanessa James et Eric Radford concourront ensemble en patinage en couple @VanessaJamessk8 @Rad85E

Eric Radford,Twitter trends in Canada now
Canada Soccer
Canada Soccer ()

Evelyne Viens 🍁 with the winning goal for @GothamFC! #CANWNT

Thomas A. Lukaszuk
Thomas A. Lukaszuk ()

.@jkenney Please, retain some resemblance of being in touch with reality and tell Brock to zip it. In reality, only 1 in 7 parents can place their child in a proper/licensed daycare as there is shortage of space. Parents also must “choose” cheaper unlicensed daycares. #AbLeg

PC Gamer
PC Gamer ()

The Great Ace Attorney games are finally getting an official English release.

CFL on TSN ()

PLANS TO PLAY #CFL announces plans for 14-game season starting in August, with Grey Cup slated to be played Dec. 12, @TSNDaveNaylor has more:

Grey Cup,Twitter trends in Canada now
CBC News
CBC News ()

An influential Canadian doctor and top adviser to the WHO has come under fire for controversial comments downplaying the risk of airborne spread of the coronavirus and claiming N95 masks can cause “harms” — including acne. @adamsmiller @albertareporter

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Travis Green: We play the game to play games that matter. A lot of people didn’t think we could win either one of these games. We’re here to win. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

CanadianPM ()

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Honourable Ralph Goodale has been appointed as High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

Charles Adler
Charles Adler ()

April 21st - the 95th anniversary of the birth of #QueenElizabethII Wishing our Queen a Happy Birthday.

Happy 95th,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price will miss at least a week due to concussion protocols.

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Quinn Hughes: It’s exciting for sure to be in the race. We got a taste of winning a bit in the bubble. It’s really fun, it’s more fun. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

“They want to win. I think that’s probably what it says the most. They’re engaged. They want to win these games.” - Travis Green on strong 3rd period performances from the #Canucks in consecutive games

Hockey Canada
Hockey Canada ()

With health and safety in mind, the Province of Nova Scotia has made the decision to cancel the upcoming #WomensWorlds. Hockey Canada and @IIHFHockey will look to host the tournament in Canada in 2021. FULL STATEMENT ⬇️

Sportsnet ()

Tanner Pearson and Brandon Sutter each scored twice to lead the Canucks past the Maple Leafs for a second-straight win.


То, как Дима с самым серьёзным на свете лицом несёт хрень, а Шаст с этого ухахатывается, тем самым сбивая Поза с мысли и заставляя хихикать вместе с ним >>>>>>>> весь мир

Дима,Twitter trends in Canada now ()

Join us TONIGHT for the #NoNakedChicken Twitter Party is April 20th @ 9pm EST! No RSVP and Awesome Prizes!

#nonakedchicken,Twitter trends in Canada now