Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: May 27th, 2022 07:42 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Cops 710K+
2.Politics 511K+
3.Cruz 367K+
4.Politicians 268K+
5.Ray Liotta 253K+
6.Ted Cruz 239K+
7.Greg Abbott 236K+
8.#savetf2 232K+
9.#BTSatTheWhiteHouse 217K+
10.Goodfellas 127K+
11.stranger things 117K+
12.Yankees 105K+
13.Game 5 87K+
14.Winnie the Pooh 80K+
15.Rest In Peace 73K+
16.Iran 71K+
17.Camille 59K+
18.#JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard 58K+
19.#AmberHeardlsALiar 56K+
20.AR-15s 49K+
21.SWAT 47K+
22.#StarWarsCelebration 44K+
23.#DeppHeardTrial 43K+
24.#IBelieveJohnnyDepp 43K+
25.Another World 41K+
26.World Cup 38K+
27.Field of Dreams 37K+
28.Meghan 31K+
29.#StrangerThings4 30K+
30.Teddy 29K+
31.Andy Fletcher 28K+
32.Team Fortress 2 27K+
33.#AmberHeardlsApsychopath 26K+
34.Manchin 25K+
35.Ticketmaster 24K+
36.#Andor 24K+
37.Qatar 23K+
38.Vice City 23K+
39.Klay 23K+
40.Willow 23K+
41.Billionaires 22K+
42.Terry 22K+
43.#TopGunMaverick 21K+
44.#TopGun 17K+
45.Owen 17K+
46.#JusticeForJohnnyDeep 15K+
47.Henry Hill 14K+
48.Rays 14K+
49.Trent 13K+
50.Depeche Mode 12K+
51.#ONEPIECE1050 12K+
52.amelia 12K+
53.#ObiWan 11K+
54.#VoteThemOut 11K+
55.Happy Birthday Ben <10K
56.#DefundThePolice <10K
57.Shandro <10K
58.5-3 Oilers <10K
59.Canada Soccer <10K
60.Hamilton Police <10K
61.Alan White <10K
62.Ohtani <10K
63.#IIHFWorlds <10K
64.#ThugFord <10K
65.#FireLecce <10K
66.4-2 Oilers <10K
67.#flames1stGoal <10K
68.Boeser <10K
69.#FaZe1 <10K
70.Joshua Roy <10K
71.#shakepaid <10K
72.Something Wild <10K
73.#FazeProze <10K
74.#CFLPA <10K
75.#LoveOnTour2022 <10K
76.#canmnt <10K
77.JAPRIL <10K
78.#harrystylestickets <10K
79.Janis <10K
80.Joey Perrini <10K
81.#TFPredict <10K
82.Team Canada <10K
83.cebl <10K
84.The RCMP <10K
85.Scarborough <10K
86.#instagramdown <10K
87.Caryma <10K
88.Rogue One <10K
89.#greysanatomy <10K
90.#yegcc <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today




NATHAN MACKINNON ARE YOU FOR REAL???!!!?? 🧢🧢🧢 #StanleyCup | #GoAvsGo

Ex-TMZ journalist testified that video in evidence of an angry Johnny Depp was edited, omits Amber Heard audibly snickering #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard


COMEBACK COMPLETE! 🤯 Drake Batherson sends @HockeyCanada to the #IIHFWorlds semifinals after coming back from 3-0 down in the third period and winning in overtime! 🇨🇦

Twitter trends in Canada today - #IIHFWorlds by Sportsnet

GAME OVER! What a finish. 🤯 Semifinal on Saturday. 🇨🇦 📊 💻 #IIHFWorlds

Twitter trends in Canada today - #IIHFWorlds by Hockey Canada

Why is Trudeau so afraid of being protested by the people his policies are hurting?

Patrick Brown, the lying liar, spent millions of dollars locking up the cemeteries, parks and playgrounds. Now he is claiming he was one of the mayors against lockdowns. Here are the very documents from the city of Brampton proving he is a liar. LIAR


We have been informed by the CFLPA that #CFL players are voting this evening on a tentative agreement.

Going to the semis thanks to OT winner from @drrakebatherson! 🇨🇦 #IIHFWorlds


TYLER BOZAK WINS IT IN OVERTIME 🚨 The Blues aren’t done yet 😤

Twitter trends in Canada today - Tyler Bozak by TSN

Patrick Brown lied through his teeth saying just now in the scrum he was not caught playing hockey with his buddies after closing down the rec centres to little kids. The absolute gall of this guy. Shameless.

Canada Soccer did not make a right decision, just corrected a very bad decision. Friendly match with 🇮🇷’s soccer federation which is under control of #IRGC is meaningless. Also, we cannot play with those banned women from stadiums and violate basic human rights. #ps752justice


Nathan MacKinnon capped off his @Enterprise hat trick in spectacular fashion last night. 🤩 #StanleyCup

Légende, coach #IMFC, entraîneur adjoint #CanMNT Ça été un plaisir de faire un retour en arrière avec Mauro Biello. J’ai hâte de vous partager l’entrevue. @TVASports

Twitter trends in Canada today - #canmnt by Patrice Bernier

William Nylander making it to the knockoff stage just to get eliminated in the 1st round…where have I seen this before?