Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 17th, 2021 02:45 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.#NCT127_Sticker 1M+ tweets
2.China 395K+ tweets
3.jaehyun 393K+ tweets
4.haechan 329K+ tweets
5.Johnny 293K+ tweets
6.Deltarune 289K+ tweets
7.doyoung 260K+ tweets
8.taeyong 249K+ tweets
9.Milley 249K+ tweets
10.Nicki Minaj 231K+ tweets
11.Australia 225K+ tweets
12.taeil 196K+ tweets
13.JUNGWOO 193K+ tweets
14.ONE OF ME 169K+ tweets
15.Lil Nas 134K+ tweets
16.Pfizer 125K+ tweets
17.Alberta 117K+ tweets
18.Premier 107K+ tweets
19.Kenney 80K+ tweets
20.Newsmax 76K+ tweets
21.Giants 74K+ tweets
22.Norm 53K+ tweets
23.AUKUS 48K+ tweets
24.Trinidad 48K+ tweets
25.karl 47K+ tweets
26.#Brooklyn99 46K+ tweets
27.#ableg 45K+ tweets
28.Terry 45K+ tweets
29.Nikita 36K+ tweets
30.Montana 35K+ tweets
31.Denis 35K+ tweets
32.Tiffany 35K+ tweets
33.Napoli 34K+ tweets
34.#BB23 34K+ tweets
35.Julie 33K+ tweets
36.Hannah 31K+ tweets
37.Bring The Noize 29K+ tweets
38.#Vanguard 26K+ tweets
39.Yankees 25K+ tweets
40.Yom Kippur 24K+ tweets
41.Sapnap 23K+ tweets
42.#MONTERO 23K+ tweets
43.#NYGvsWAS 23K+ tweets
44.Am I Dreaming 22K+ tweets
45.#COVID19AB 22K+ tweets
46.Big D 21K+ tweets
47.Azah 21K+ tweets
48.#WashingtonFootball 20K+ tweets
49.Xavier 19K+ tweets
50.Jeopardy 18K+ tweets
51.Toby Fox 18K+ tweets
52.Tobago 18K+ tweets
53.#abpoli 17K+ tweets
54.GINA 17K+ tweets
55.Don Lemon 15K+ tweets
56.Daniel Jones 12K+ tweets
57.Gibson 12K+ tweets
58.Saquon 11K+ tweets
59.#TogetherBlue 11K+ tweets
60.Osimhen 11K+ tweets
61.Orioles 10K+ tweets
62.Health Canada 10K+ tweets
63.McLaurin 10K+ tweets
64.Alyssa 10K+ tweets
65.#elxn44vote <10K tweets and x <10K tweets
67.Dead Right Now <10K tweets
68.Marner <10K tweets
69.Five Eyes <10K tweets
70.#darksideofthering <10K tweets
71.Saquon Barkley <10K tweets
72.Joe Buck <10K tweets
73.Dolla Sign Slime <10K tweets
74.Comirnaty <10K tweets
75.Ken Lee <10K tweets
76.Slayton <10K tweets
77.Tommy Dreamer <10K tweets
78.Scott Moe <10K tweets
79.simu liu <10K tweets
80.Tales of Dominica <10K tweets
81.chrétien <10K tweets
82.Duplessis <10K tweets
83.Barack Obama <10K tweets
84.Industry Baby <10K tweets
85.Brunette <10K tweets
86.Ric Flair <10K tweets
87.McKissic <10K tweets
88.Soria <10K tweets
89.Rodney <10K tweets
90.emergency alert <10K tweets
91.#crewboystwtselfieday <10K tweets
92.X and Ky <10K tweets after salem <10K tweets
94.Nenshi <10K tweets
95.Gary Sanchez <10K tweets
96.Stampede <10K tweets
97.Nick Gates <10K tweets
99.Steve Murphy <10K tweets
100.Mulroney <10K tweets
101.RIP Norm <10K tweets
102.Vaxzevria <10K tweets
103.#BrooklynNineNine <10K tweets
104.Best Summer Ever <10K tweets
105.SkyDome <10K tweets
106.Danny Dimes <10K tweets
107.NFC East <10K tweets
108.Restrictions Exemption Program <10K tweets
109.Terry McLaurin <10K tweets
110.Dr. Yiu <10K tweets
111.Alex Steeves <10K tweets
112.Chase Young <10K tweets
113.#ThursdayNightFootball <10K tweets
114.rick bell <10K tweets
115.Kyland <10K tweets
116.#COVIDAB <10K tweets
117.Saskatchewan <10K tweets
118.Heinicke <10K tweets
119.#NYGvsWFT <10K tweets
120.Guy Nantel <10K tweets
121.Golladay <10K tweets
122.Lost in the Citadel <10K tweets
123.Ontario ICU <10K tweets
124.#YIAYbio <10K tweets
125.Lilley <10K tweets
126.Hard Knocks <10K tweets
127.Sun Goes Down <10K tweets
128.President Obama <10K tweets
129.Barack <10K tweets
130.#BigBrother <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

Health Canada wants you to choose your starter!😂😭 Comirnaty🍃, SpikeVax🔥, or Vaxzevria💧?

Health Canada - Twitter trends in Canada now

Just received news that Julie left this world today. I am sending my heartfelt condolences, prayer and love. We are all on this journey of life together.🙏

(2/4) The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine will now be named Comirnaty, the Moderna vaccine will be named SpikeVax, and the AstraZeneca vaccine will be named Vaxzevria.

The @MapleLeafs will take on the @BuffaloSabres in the 2022 Heritage Classic at Tim Hortons Field. 🍁

Tim Hortons Field - Twitter trends in Canada now

(1/4) Health Canada has authorized brand name changes for the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines.


The Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres are set to play an outdoor game in Hamilton on March 13th. MORE:

Leafs - Twitter trends in Canada now

Why on earth would you authorize vaccine confusion right now? And who on earth thinks that Vaxzevria, SpikeVax or Comirnaty are good brand names? Vaxzevria and Comirnaty sound like names for side-effects from vaccines.

Hazel McCallion agrees: Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team are the only ones with a real plan to build a better future for Canada. #ForwardForEveryone

The Maple Leafs will face the Sabres in the 2022 NHL Heritage Classic on March 13 at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton.


Toronto FC defender Justin Morrow announces he will retire following the season

Justin Morrow - Twitter trends in Canada now

Remembering Marc Bolan, (of T Rex) a pioneer and king of the 70’s glam rock era who tragically lost his life OTD September 16, 1977 at the young age of 29. A great talent gone too soon, sadly missed, his memory and music live on. 🎸🙏😢💔

Marc Bolan - Twitter trends in Canada now

Help wish Elks QB Taylor Cornelius a happy birthday ⬇️ 🎂 | @saveonfoods

Taylor Cornelius - Twitter trends in Canada now