Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter trends in Canada now - Hitman 3, Evan, White House, #WDWListeningParty, Cavani, tommy, Brantley, Shapiro, Fulham.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Biden 1999785
2.President Biden 1746354
3.America 1082463
4.#InaugurationDay 1020563
5.Vice President 971977
6.Kamala Harris 891398
7.White House 736832
8.#SushantDay 541628
9.#Inauguration2021 533714
10.Michelle 373774
11.Lady Gaga 357256
12.Amanda Gorman 336384
13.Michelle Obama 335605
14.Paris 287946
15.My Way 232523
16.Mr. President 211715
17.Kodak 201615
18.Bernie 191972
19.Bush 180062
20.First Lady 173039
21.Melania 166892
22.#TrumpsLastDay 137286
23.tommy 132341
24.Barack 114874
25.Mike Pence 103869
26.Real Madrid 103774
27.Eugene Goodman 96557
28.Rivers 94808
29.Press Secretary 91622
30.#MUFC 86111
31.Heat 79842
32.Villa 78307
33.Nets 76233
34.The Boss 74317
35.Oval Office 68403
36.Mar-a-Lago 66703
37.#ByeByeTrump 65166
38.Katy Perry 64511
39.Air Force One 63726
40.Garth Brooks 63231
41.#GoodbyeDonnie 63215
42.Zidane 61717
43.J Lo 59526
44.Collin 58984
45.Hannity 57893
46.#talkswithAsh 57803
47.Philip Rivers 56942
48.Pittsburgh 55573
49.Pogba 53396
50.The Hill We Climb 51073
51.Jen Psaki 50547
52.Amazing Grace 50233
53.Miami 50219
54.Gloria 49050
55.Demi Lovato 48264
56.Tubbo 46354
57.Maya Angelou 44926
58.#DonaldTrump 42748
59.Fulham 42630
60.#wednesdaythought 42618
61.Obamas 41665
62.#FULMUN 38446
63.Marine One 38176
64.YMCA 37965
65.Nurse 37551
66.Congratulations America 36324
67.Martial 36151
68.Napoli 34834
69.Keystone XL 34014
70.États-Unis 32195
71.Bill Clinton 30719
72.Barron 29873
73.Cavani 26430
74.Hernandez 25310
75.Greta 25190
76.#UFCFightIsland8 22148
77.Cavs 22119
78.Evan 22007
79.#WDWListeningParty 21655
80.Grealish 21566
81.#ByeTrump 21134
82.Madame Vice 20643
83.Hitman 3 19489
84.Regina 19023
85.#MCIAVL 18719
86.Astros 18111
87.Tom Hanks 17796
88.John Legend 17645
89.#AEWDynamite 16863
90.Maguire 16574
91.Cheeto 16472
92.Rodri 15583
93.Foden 14232
94.#ByeFelicia 13892
95.Kenney 13590
96.#unity 13398
97.Vermont 13349
98.Bon Jovi 13308
99.Foo Fighters 13250
100.#BlueJays 13101
101.Chiesa 12610
102.Lincoln Memorial 11277
103.Castillo 11270
104.World Series 10997
105.Mings 10804
106.Lourdes 10802
107.Brantley 10698
108.#poetry 10512
109.Hazel 10381
110.Anderson Cooper <10k
111.Biggio <10k
112.#RepresentationMatters <10k
113.#MoreThanSurviveVoicEd <10k
114.Andersen <10k
115.As a Canadian <10k
116.Warren Woods <10k
117.Kerfoot <10k
118.Justin Holl <10k
119.Teoscar <10k
120.Dave Grohl <10k
121.#POTUS46 <10k
122.Vesey <10k
123.Matt Thomas <10k
124.MacKinnon <10k
125.Here Comes the Sun <10k
126.#POTUS <10k
127.jojo siwa <10k
128.Woodsy <10k
129.Draisaitl <10k
130.Honka <10k
131.Halton <10k
132.#TheMaskedDancer <10k
133.Shapiro <10k
134.#EDMvsTOR <10k
135.Kassian <10k
136.Bank of Canada <10k
137.Hazel Mae <10k
138.PM Trudeau <10k
139.Gurriel <10k
140.Tim McGraw <10k
141.Foote <10k
142.Matthews <10k
143.#TimandSid <10k
144.#ladiesshallwe <10k
145.Duncan Robinson <10k
146.Bauer <10k
147.Seasons of Love <10k
148.Magny <10k
149.Muzzin <10k
150.Mikheyev <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Michael Chiesa: The election is over. Colby Covington, your schtick is done. I want you next, boy. … and walks away.

Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani ()

Official: Michael Chiesa def. Neil Magny via UD (49-46 x 3). Demian Maia is looking for one more fight. How about Chiesa x Magny next?

CanadianPM ()

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulates Joe Biden on his inauguration as the 46th President of the United States of America. Read the full statement:

Brendan Batchelor
Brendan Batchelor ()

Morning skate #Canucks lines Pearson-Horvat-Hoglander Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Sutter MacEwen Edler-Chatfield Hughes-Hamonic Schmidt-Myers Juolevi-Benn

NHL ()

The season is young and Leon Draisaitl gets goal No. 1 on the year. #WNH 🇺🇸: @NHLonNBCSports 🇨🇦: @Sportsnet

Thomas A. Lukaszuk
Thomas A. Lukaszuk ()

.@MikeNickelYEG is attempting to launch his MIKE NICKEL FOR MAYOR website, but it flopped. You need to enter your ⁦@Alberta_UCP⁩ membership number as “password” to view his inspiring campaign platform. #yeg #yegcc

#yegcc,Twitter trends in Canada now
CdnPaediatricSociety ()

#RepresentationMatters, and today millions of girls see themselves reflected at the highest level of government in the United States of America.

Sportsnet ()

Nathan MacKinnon became the first member of the 2013 NHL draft class to reach 500 points as the Avalanche beat the Kings.

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets ()

Nikolaj Ehlers nets overtime winner in #NHLJets comeback victory over Sens. GAME RECAP:

CBC News
CBC News ()

The Bank of Canada has reiterated its pledge to keep its benchmark interest rate steady at per cent until the recovery is well underway.

TSN ()

MacKinnon reaches 500 points as Avs top Kings. MORE:

Nathan MacKinnon,Twitter trends in Canada now
580 CFRA
580 CFRA ()

BREAKING: TC Energy suspends work on the Keystone XL pipeline in anticipation of incoming President Joe Biden revoking the permit.


Fig is back! 🦁 We have signed two-time #BCLions outstanding lineman @jfig305 to an extension 🏈 MORE 💻 | #BCLions transactions powered by @TELUS

Telus,Twitter trends in Canada now
Jean Yoon (윤 진 희 or 尹真姬)
Jean Yoon (윤 진 희 or 尹真姬) ()

Oh Good Goddess, this day just gets better and better. Racist CCP Derek Sloan ejected by secret ballot.

Goodable ()

Breaking Barrier Alert: Sarah Thomas is set to become the first ever female referee to officiate at the Super Bowl. The NFL made the announcement today. Thomas first joined the NFL in 2015 as its first ever female on-field official. 💪🏽🏈

Sarah Thomas,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

The @BlueJays may not be done making moves. 👀 #BlueJaysOnSN

#BlueJays,Twitter trends in Canada now
Girl_Lafleur ()

Joe Biden to sign an executive order any day now that no one can cross check Auston Matthews #leafsnation

Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada ()

Bank of Canada will hold current level of policy rate until inflation objective is achieved, continues quantitative easing #economy #cdnecon

Gad Saad
Gad Saad ()

One of the furthest places from my hometown has now been inoculated. Perth, you are free of idea pathogens!

Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

Linda Hasenfratz, a prominent Ontario CEO, has relinquished her position on the provincial task force set up to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine following an overseas trip.