Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 21st, 2022 03:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Biden 1M+
3.NFTs 1M+
4.Boris 358K+
5.Sushant Day 324K+
6.Chan 282K+
7.Ukraine 272K+
8.Manchin 263K+
9.Russia 236K+
10.Twitter Blue 226K+
11.Arsenal 224K+
12.Putin 166K+
13.Leon 153K+
14.Xbox 136K+
15.Microsoft 133K+
16.Dembele 117K+
17.Liverpool 116K+
18.#AEWDynamite 87K+
19.Leicester 86K+
20.Activision 73K+
21.AFCON 72K+
22.Gaspard Ulliel 70K+
23.Moses Simon 70K+
24.Clarence Thomas 69K+
25.Hazard 62K+
26.Dolly 56K+
27.Jota 52K+
28.Partey 51K+
29.Embiid 46K+
30.Luka 45K+
31.Ontario 45K+
32.Saka 39K+
33.Jokic 38K+
34.Isco 36K+
35.Vogel 34K+
36.#ARSLIV 30K+
37.Walter 27K+
38.Rangers 25K+
39.#TeamAlgeria 21K+
40.Algeria 21K+
41.#ALGCIV 21K+
42.Wembley 18K+
43.M&Ms 18K+
44.Arteta 18K+
45.Typhlosion 17K+
46.Ivory Coast 16K+
47.Master Duel 14K+
48.#thursdayvibes 14K+
49.Rays 12K+
50.Doncic 12K+
51.Jordan Peterson 11K+
52.#TeamCotedIvoire 11K+
53.Martinelli 11K+
54.David Lynch 10K+
55.Lego Star Wars 10K+
56.Duhaime 10K+
57.PLSQ <10K
58.Matheson <10K
59.Biega <10K
60.Dr. Moore <10K
61.Burnley <10K
62.The Departed <10K
63.Dr. Hirji <10K
64.Niagara <10K
65.Canada Post <10K
66.CMOH <10K
67.Angus Reid <10K
68.Confederation <10K
69.Mikheyev <10K
70.Ryan Reaves <10K
71.Kent Hughes <10K
72.Gunther <10K
73.Rex Murphy <10K
74.#TruckersForFreedom <10K
75.Dermott <10K
76.#FaZe1 <10K
77.Reaves <10K
78.François Legault <10K
79.Second Life <10K
80.Fabinho <10K
81.#CIVALG <10K
82.#Wordle215 <10K
83.Jon Moxley <10K
84.MOHs <10K
85.#NewNFTProfilePic <10K
86.Deslauriers <10K
87.DeBrincat <10K
88.#CanadianTire100 <10K
89.Dussault <10K
90.UofT <10K
91.Madu <10K
92.ayo akinola <10K
93.Mahrez <10K
94.Julie Snyder <10K
95.HHOF <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

I’m on my way to Toronto (by car, our fascist government doesn’t allow me to fly). Just stopped at an OnRoute store in Ingleside and saw this notice. Trudeau’s crazy policy towards truckers is already creating shortages. #TruckersForFreedom

#TruckersForFreedom - Twitter trends in Canada now

Is Omicron ‘mild’? ✅approx 60% less likely to be hospitalized compared to Delta ❌approx 1000%+ more cases ❌hospitals/ICU overwhelmed ❌more contagious ❌more reinfections ✅boosters protective ❌evades immunity from previous infection or 2-dose vaccine #WearAMask #GetBoosted

BREAKING: Major League Baseball has reportedly put an end to plans made by Tampa Bay Rays ownership that would have seen the ball club split its time in Tampa and Montreal.

Cross-country truckers convoy departs for Ottawa to protest vaccine mandate #TruckersForFreedom

That time Ayo Akinola took over the MLS is Back tournament. 💪

THIRD ROUND BOUND ⏩ @felixtennis takes the fourth set and the match to end a titanic 4-hour battle against Davidovich-Fokina! #TennisNation #AusOpen | @nationalbank

Davidovich - Twitter trends in Canada now

Ezra Levant discussed the events of Ontario Liberal Party candidate Nathan Stall taking to Twitter to make false and defamatory accusations against Rebel News. FULL REPORT:

Tecna 16 Aralık doğumlu bir yay burcu, Bloom ile aynı burçta. Üçüncü dekanda yer alıyor ve dekan yöneticisi güneş. Yani aslan vari bir yay kendisi. Bu nedenle Bloom ile tartışmaya en müsait kendisi. Yükseleninin kova olduğunu düşünüyorum. Teknolojiye ilgisinde bir uranüs+

L’animatrice Julie Snyder s’excuse après avoir interrogé des enfants au sujet de la vaccination ; l’ombudsman de Radio-Canada rappelle que l’émission « La semaine des 4 Julie » est diffusée à Noovo. #covid19

Julie Snyder - Twitter trends in Canada now

#TFCLive signs Ayo Akinola to a new deal. No surprise there, as this was expected.

Anybody else tired of the word “Torah” being used as a synonym for Orthodox Judaism? I’m a religiously liberal Jew and I live Torah. It teaches me about social Justice, about striving for holiness, about ritual, Shabbat & repairing the world. That’s Judaism. That’s Torah.

Crazy watching Embiid doing what he’s doing just for Simmons to never work on his game and make this team crazy, I hope they trade Simmons soon and don’t waste another year of Prime Embiid.