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Twitter trends in Canada now - #60Minutes, Justin Herbert, Lewis Hamilton, Ravi, Cardinals, Lilo, Pence, McKissic, Mark Meadows.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Covid 1735602
2.China 596343
3.Chile 386953
4.#GoodLuckSoldierChen 373393
5.Chan 324652
6.Pence 264836
7.WHAT TIME 241428
8.Flamengo 234574
9.Macron 224675
10.Arsenal 220830
11.White House 215183
12.Texas 179794
13.The White House 178213
15.Washington 133217
16.Happy Dussehra 132934
17.Hamilton 114607
18.#PortugueseGP 106897
19.Fenerbahçe 97294
20.Lidi 84418
21.Titans 82519
22.Bills 79617
23.Dallas 78014
24.Nuns 75304
25.Piñera 67785
26.#ARSLEI 67455
27.Chiefs 66272
28.Lewis Hamilton 65467
29.CLAMP 63823
30.Wine 61874
31.Marc Short 61229
32.#TrumpSurrendered 60331
34.Jerry 55588
35.Swift 54946
36.Cleveland 52850
37.Isla 49403
38.Buffalo 47973
39.Jets 46671
40.sofia 45860
41.Perez 44685
42.Everton 44487
43.Mark Meadows 44059
44.Jansen 43426
45.Vardy 42508
46.Sasha 39574
47.Julie 38840
48.Atlanta 37286
49.Adams 37227
50.Amanda 37062
51.Baker 35745
52.Broncos 34486
53.O Pedro 34215
54.Bass 32903
55.東京BABYLON 32839
56.Browns 32574
57.Saka 32448
58.Dalton 32212
59.Tennessee 31225
60.Newton 31112
61.Brady 31046
62.LILO 30776
63.Kimi 30732
64.Texans 29906
65.Baker Mayfield 29234
66.Kavanaugh 28391
67.#SundayMorning 28192
68.49ers 27311
69.Ozil 26385
70.Saints 26045
71.#HIAC 25523
72.Raiders 24629
73.Afghanistan 24548
74.Stage 2 24438
75.Lions 23792
76.Thanksgiving 23670
77.Chargers 23289
78.Galhardo 22945
79.Pats 22510
80.Juve 22215
81.Bottas 21887
82.Tapper 21055
83.Vincent 20935
84.Gabigol 19399
85.Stroll 19320
86.Ontario 19180
87.Steelers 19091
88.Cardinals 18596
89.Seahawks 16615
90.Aubameyang 16604
91.Daniela 16322
92.Arteta 16321
94.Ravi 15958
95.Gustavo Henrique 15889
96.McCarthy 15754
97.Cowboys 15454
98.Tom Brady 15248
99.Alberta 15216
100.Bernard 15069
101.New England 14919
102.zaga 14249
103.Denver 14177
104.Laca 14117
105.Patty 13847
106.Suning 13512
107.#PITvsTEN 13370
108.Digne 13328
109.Vitacura 13320
110.Verstappen 12467
111.Bucs 12138
112.Jamie Vardy 12102
113.Rodgers 11840
114.Big Ben 11326
115.Justin Herbert 11089
116.Falcons 10976
117.Natan 10573
118.Ferreira 10519
119.Marinho 10502
120.#SFvsNE 10109
121.Packers 10068
122.Harrison Bryant <10k
123.#AskFFT <10k
124.Daronco <10k
125.McKissic <10k
126.Tonyan <10k
127.Glasnow <10k
128.Joe Burrow <10k
129.Mark Wahlberg <10k
130.Rodrigo Caio <10k
131.#Patriots <10k
132.Husky <10k
133.#askjohnny <10k
134.Sam Reinhart <10k
135.Ganso <10k
136.Michael Schumacher <10k
137.#GoPackGo <10k
138.Auba <10k
139.Durham <10k
140.Coudet <10k
141.Stafford <10k
142.#GoPats <10k
143.Ruggs <10k
144.#60Minutes <10k
145.Husky Energy <10k
146.Jimmy G <10k
147.Over 1000 <10k
148.Jamaal Williams <10k
149.Jerry Jones <10k
150.#PeopleSkillsChat <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Candice Malcolm
Candice Malcolm ()

Remember when CBC, Globe and Mail, Global and CTV all did news stories shaming and condemning Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer for not wearing a mask at an airport? Looking forward to their coverage of our Liberal Health Minister doing the

Rob Gill 🗳
Rob Gill 🗳 ()

If Donald Trump can’t handle a tough question, how can he handle 4 more years? #60Minutes #TrumpIsLosing

Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

CARLOS VELA IN HIS RETURN! Of course he scores and in El Trafico no less. #LAFCvLA

Global BC
Global BC ()

BREAKING: BC NDP candidate Aman Singh projected to win in Richmond-Queensborough, unseating BC Liberal Jas Johal

Global BC
Global BC ()

Jane Thornthwaite was unable to overcome neither the sexist campaign comments she made about another candidate nor an NDP wave in support. #BCPoli

ThE İpEk
ThE İpEk ()

İl il dolaşıyor, bakıyorki hâlâ bilinçli insanlar var geçinemiyoruz sn. Cumhurbaşkanım ekonimi kötüye gidiyor diyen kitleler var, hooppp kafaya ç

The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail ()

Western Canada: John Horgan and the NDP returned to power with a majority in election

Toula Drimonis
Toula Drimonis ()

Folks, pls stop sending me Dany Laferrière’s post as “proof” it’s ok to say the #NWord. No community is a monolith. Even if 30% of a said group asked me to stop saying something because it’s hurtful, I would comply. It’s not a condo board meeting, we don’t need to reach quorum.

Global BC
Global BC ()

#BREAKING: Adam Olsen of the Greens is projected to win in the riding of Saanich North and the Islands. #BCPoli

Saanich North,Twitter trends in Canada now
CBC News
CBC News ()

#Analysis by Justin McElroy: John Horgan is the first two-term NDP premier. Here are 10 of the reasons why he and his party won big. @j_mcelroy

Polling Canada
Polling Canada ()

Josie Osborne (NDP) in Mid Island-Pacific Rim is the first call of the night in British Columbia. #BCvotes2020

Global BC
Global BC ()

Global News is projecting that BC Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau has been reelected in the riding of Cowichan Valley.

Global BC
Global BC ()

BREAKING: Aman Singh of the BC NDP is projected to win in Richmond-Queensborough, edging out BC Liberal incumbent Jas Johal

Global BC
Global BC ()

#BREAKING: Green Party Leader Sonia Furstenau has been reelected in the riding of Cowichan Valley. #BCPoli

cowichan valley,Twitter trends in Canada now
Luke LeBrun
Luke LeBrun ()

Laurie Throness, who supports gay conversion therapy and opposes programs targeting homophobic bullying in schools, is fighting for his political life right now:

laurie throness,Twitter trends in Canada now
Jason Kenney
Jason Kenney ()

Congratulations to British Columbia Premier @jjhorgan & his team on their election victory. BC is Alberta’s biggest trading partner within Canada. Our economies & people are closely connected. I look forward to working with Premier Horgan for the betterment of both provinces.

Global BC
Global BC ()

#BREAKING: Susie Chant of the BC NDP is projected to win North Vancouver-Seymour. #BCPoli

North Vancouver,Twitter trends in Canada now
Curious George
Curious George ()

So Jane Thornthwaite, Mary Polak, Jas Johal, and Sam Sullivan ALL lost their seats and Wilkinson will soon be out of job. Thank you folks for making BC a better place for us all. #bcpoli #BCvotes2020

Global BC
Global BC ()

#BREAKING: Anne Kang of the BC NDP has been reelected in the riding of Burnaby-Deer Lake. #BCPoli

deer lake,Twitter trends in Canada now
The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail ()

NDP Leader John Horgan returns with majority government after calling election