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Twitter trends in Canada now - Burnley, Eric, Yoel Romero, Taemin, Frankie, Mulan, Corpse, Pentagon, Ashanti.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.2020 MAMA 1737294
2.soobin 690806
3.bighit 690759
4.BLACKPINK 607256
5.Dynamite 466335
6.Artist of the Year 364856
7.jungkook 344155
9.#JIMIM 229566
10.Suga 226788
12.Bangtan 177794
13.HYUNJIN 172295
14.#8_दिसंबर_भारत_बन्द 151327
15.Wild 135731
16.YEONJUN 131607
17.Disney 131272
18.#MMA2020 128780
19.Kevin 126906
20.namjoon 117949
21.Lucas 114529
22.Merry Christmas 112571
23.Beer 110194
24.Jim Jordan 93644
25.Modi 93034
26.Selena 92618
27.Kim Taehyung 88545
28.eric 88128
29.Haru 83749
30.Nintendo 82035
31.#TheMandalorian 80022
32.Pentagon 79589
33.BLACK SWAN 75723
34.hobi 72936
35.#BTSxMMA 72327
36.jinyoung 71307
37.Sora 66136
38.Ashanti 64895
39.Among Us 63122
40.Corpse 60645
41.Dr. Fauci 60069
42.DACA 59762
43.Keyshia 56327
44.jihoon 55659
45.JHOPE 54472
46.Taemin 52716
47.Dana 52149
48.hoseok 50874
49.Cheers 50757
50.JIKOOK 50327
51.PARK JIMIN 46484
52.Star Wars 44124
53.Ronaldo 41807
54.karl 41007
55.Scotland 39893
56.Roman 39700
57.Journal 39685
59.Mulan 36406
60.JOON 35769
61.Big Mouth 33156
62.Keyshia Cole 31209
63.Garlic 30169
64.jeonghan 29898
65.Somalia 29810
66.#SmackDown 29719
67.minho 29714
68.Francesco 29212
69.Curry 28804
70.woozi 28045
71.Cullen 27025
72.#FreeXBox 26791
73.Grogu 26248
74.Mank 25270
75.#InternationalVolunteerDay 24652
76.giselle 23492
77.hyungwon 23337
78.Tinder 22536
79.changkyun 22155
80.Grammys 20899
81.Everton 20869
82.Boba Fett 20755
83.Romero 20447
84.Jules 20142
85.Sasha 19582
86.Anya 18749
87.Michael Jackson 18656
88.Trae 17678
89.sunwoo 16848
90.#SaturdayMorning 16839
91.shownu 14694
92.The Great Reset 14612
93.minseok 14499
94.Big E 13672
95.Lori 13603
96.seungkwan 12979
97.Kyrie 12978
98.Bill Nye 11667
99.Sudan 11331
100.Québec 10963
101.Fincher 10693
102.changmin 10202
103.alessia <10k
104.Canucks <10k
105.Jingle Jangle <10k
106.Yoel Romero <10k
107.phsa <10k
108.Jonghyun <10k
109.Natalya <10k
110.#crankymods <10k
111.LCBO <10k
112.James Corden <10k
113.YOONGIS <10k
114.Frankie <10k
115.Aquilini <10k
116.Gary Oldman <10k
117.Jake Sanderson <10k
118.Benning <10k
119.sam smith <10k
120.i require a tug <10k
121.Marquette <10k
122.#TheHolidaysCanMakeMe <10k
123.#CNNTownHall <10k
124.kabila <10k
125.plastic man <10k
126.#BlueBloods <10k
127.Gym Jordan <10k
128.Terry Fox <10k
129.Le Journal de Montréal <10k
130.Wei Ying <10k
131.Funny Boy <10k
132.App State <10k
133.#TitlesForMelaniasMemoir <10k
134.Carmella <10k
135.The Canucks <10k
136.Vaseline <10k
137.Donnelly <10k
138.Robert Rodriguez <10k
139.Shortbread <10k
140.Keep Clear of Me <10k
141.Burnley <10k
142.skip the dishes <10k
143.Timnit Gebru <10k
144.Ontario Turkey <10k
145.Marie Hui <10k
146.Fenris <10k
147.CERB <10k
148.bruno mars <10k
149.o canada <10k
150.Welles <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn ()

We may never see a mid-40s athlete like Yoel Romero in the UFC again. Seen this video countless times over the years, and it’s still amazing.

Sportsnet ()

The Canucks appear to have cut ties with anthem singer Mark Donnelly over his plan to sing at a rally to protest COVID-19 restrictions.

Global BC
Global BC ()

#Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter to fire the singer, after it was reported he planned to perform at an anti-mask rally in Vancouver on Saturday.

NHL ()

This day last year, Nathan MacKinnon (@Mackinnon9) just ripped it.

Ottawa Senators
Ottawa Senators ()

BOOM! 🚀 Jake Sanderson hammers home his first career goal for @UNDmhockey!

The Vancouver Sun
The Vancouver Sun ()

COVID-19: Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly to perform at anti-masker rally

Canada Proud
Canada Proud ()

Leslyn Lewis exposes Trudeau in this piece. We all know Justin Trudeau wants all the power he can get. While businesses and Canadians suffer, he sees an opportunity to take more control.

OntarioHockeyLeague ()

The #OHL mourns the loss of long-time @KingstonFronts and Belleville Bulls Head Coach & GM Larry Mavety whose contributions to the League spanned more than three decades. The former Bill Long Award recipient has passed away at the age of 78. IN MEMORIAM:

Larry Mavety,Twitter trends in Canada now
adidas Canada
Adidas Canada ()

We are honoured to announce the final product in our Terry Fox commemorative collection, the Ultraboost DNA launching December 8 at Taking inspiration from his Marathon of Hope, this shoe is a reimagined version of what Terry might wear today. 🇨🇦

Terry Fox,Twitter trends in Canada now
Candice Malcolm
Candice Malcolm ()

BC business desperate for workers while employees collect CERB via @truenorthcentre

paiN Sweep
PaiN Sweep ()

I wanted Wallace on pain, I knew he was a monster @WallaceCR_ I love you

Wallace,Twitter trends in Canada now
Nora Loreto
Nora Loreto ()

But people in the richest and whitest neighbourhoods were likely being overtested. In late September, testing rates in Toronto’s whitest neighbourhoods were double that of the most racialized communities, according to a Star analysis of public health data.

Graham Richardson
Graham Richardson ()

So sad to see this: ByTowne Cinema closing after more than 70 years

Sportsnet ()

Why the Canadiens would be one team impacted by the lasting ramifications of a lost NHL season. ✍️: @EricEngels

The Tragically Hip
The Tragically Hip ()

Our Ahead By A Century Chardonnay is a great pairing for the holidays. Available online at or at LCBO Vintages locations.

LCBO,Twitter trends in Canada now
Russia in Canada
Russia in Canada ()

В День Неизвестного Солдата соотечественники в Оттаве возложили цветы к мемориальному обелиску героев Великой Отечественной войны. Вечная память советскому воину-освободителю, спасшему мир от нацизма! Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто. #МыПомним #МыГордимся

Великой Отечественной,Twitter trends in Canada now
brooke 🕯🖤
Brooke 🕯🖤 ()

me, knowing full well I’ll never have a project ready in time: maybe I should submit to AMM

Bruce McCurdy
Bruce McCurdy ()

Make it 3 goals in 2 games for #Oilers prospect Carter Savoie including this snipe ably set up by his old Sherwood Park Crusaders mate Michael Benning

NHL ()

🔸🔹 via the @NYIslanders. Shop #ReverseRetro by @adidashockey now ➡️ &

Adidas,Twitter trends in Canada now
Geoff Buxcey (Ret. RCMP)
Geoff Buxcey (Ret. RCMP) ()

The question was answered the second the reporter asked it! Trudeau has lost his reputation and credibility on the world stage and is now just a world stooge!