Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: February 4th, 2023 10:42 PM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.China 758K+
2.The Chinese 590K+
3.Shoot 363K+
4.Kyrie 308K+
5.Enzo 239K+
6.Arsenal 208K+
7.Montana 184K+
8.Florida 162K+
9.Pentagon 159K+
10.Potter 146K+
11.Mudryk 125K+
12.Fulham 125K+
13.taehyun 122K+
14.Liverpool 116K+
15.Nets 112K+
18.#CheFul 76K+
19.Brooklyn 71K+
20.#MUNCRY 71K+
21.Villa 68K+
22.Wolves 65K+
23.Havertz 63K+
24.Crystal Palace 62K+
25.#SmackDown 58K+
26.Casemiro 58K+
27.Senate 56K+
28.Everton 55K+
29.#WorldCancerDay 54K+
30.Gallagher 51K+
31.Saka 50K+
32.Gomez 49K+
33.Martinez 47K+
34.#AskSRK 47K+
35.Rashford 46K+
36.Ziyech 43K+
37.C-11 39K+
38.MAID 37K+
39.Dust 32K+
40.Arteta 31K+
41.Antony 30K+
42.Good Saturday 28K+
43.#WOLLIV 27K+
44.Harden 25K+
45.Klopp 25K+
46.Leicester 24K+
47.Spurs 24K+
48.Sabitzer 23K+
49.#EVEARS 22K+
50.Martinelli 22K+
51.Quebec 20K+
52.Alaska 20K+
53.The NHL 20K+
54.Austin Rivers 19K+
55.Mitch 19K+
56.Cucurella 19K+
57.#NHLAllStar 19K+
58.NORAD 18K+
59.Partey 18K+
60.Conor 17K+
61.Leeds 16K+
62.Martial 16K+
63.Nunez 15K+
64.Auba 15K+
65.Odegaard 14K+
66.Burnley 13K+
67.Maupay 11K+
68.Keita 10K+
69.medicago <10K
70.Onana <10K
71.McGregor <10K
72.Jrue <10K
73.Arlene <10K
74.Shesterkin <10K
76.Québécophobie <10K
77.Sarah Nurse <10K
78.Alice Cooper <10K
79.troy mann <10K
80.Trossard <10K
81.#COYG <10K
82.Cale Makar <10K
83.#Caturday <10K
84.#XboxFreeCodeFriday <10K
85.Lampard <10K
86.Gérard Bouchard <10K
87.OVI JR <10K
88.Daily Quordle 376 <10K
89.Groundhog Day <10K
90.Xhaka <10K
91.Chandler <10K
92.Angus Reid <10K
93.Sean Dyche <10K
94.Skills Competition <10K
95.Nketiah <10K
96.Fahrenheit <10K
97.Matip <10K
98.Hydro <10K
99.McDavid <10K
100.Gakpo <10K
101.Joe Gomez <10K
102.Brock Nelson <10K
103.Schlupp <10K
104.Delissio <10K
105.Celsius <10K
106.Welcome to Edmonton <10K
107.wiarton willie <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler are the next TUF coaches, and they’ll fight later in the year, Dana White just announced.

O Conselho de Ética do Comitê Olímpico do Brasil (COB), suspendeu o jogador de vôlei Wallace Souza, por INCITAR VIOLÊNCIA contra Lula. Agora ele não pode mais participar de eventos e competiçõ é assim que Fascista tem que ser tratado daqui para frente!

I have no plans at the moment to be in Montréal for the Elimination Chamber but I now feel strongly I need to be there. This will be one of the biggest nights in the history of Montréal wrestling. This is too big. Too good. That crowd is going to be insane. 🇨🇦


Brock Nelson takes home the @Honda Accuracy Shooting title hitting all four targets in seconds! ✅ #NHLAllStar

Twitter trends in Canada today - brock nelson by NHL

The two legends team up and take the @GreatClips NHL Breakaway Challenge title! With an assist from Sergei Ovechkin. 😊 #NHLAllStar

Twitter trends in Canada today - Sergei Ovechkin by NHL
Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn

Dana White just announced Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will coach “The Ultimate Fighter 31” and will fight at the end of the season. No date or location confirmed for the fight yet.


Gotta back your boy. 🙌 Nathan MacKinnon is rooting for Cale Makar to win Fastest Skater!

Your official #NHLAllStar Skills Competition Upgrades 📈 Live now in #NHL23 HUT 🎮

Twitter trends in Canada today - #NHL23 by EA SPORTS NHL

Olympic gold medallist Sarah Nurse used a breakaway move made popular by Swedish player Peter Forsberg to fool New York Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin, electrifying the crowd 🙌🚨

Ovi + Crosby 🐐🐐 🏒 99 Deking 🧠 99 Offensive Awareness #NHL23 HUT #NHLAllStar

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Dress warm -40 Celsius with windchill tonight!🥶

Twitter trends in Canada today - Celsius by 𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓪𝓵

All-stars. 🤩🙌🏼 Congrats to our good friends Sidney Crosby, Sarah Nurse and Nate MacKinnon for their incredible performance on the ice tonight!

Twitter trends in Canada today - Crosby by Tim Hortons

Makar and Rantanen 📈 99 Wrist Shot 💪 + 99 🤚👁 #NHL23 HUT #NHLAllStar

⛸ 99 Speed 🚀 99 Acceleration Andrei Svechnikov now in #NHL23 HUT 😎 #NHLAllStar

This is incredible journalism by @jkirchick. I’m continually shocked at the depths some people will go to ruin those who wound them, and I’m not talking about Armie Hammer.