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Twitter trends in Canada now - Rico Nasty, Hero Pay, #FridayFeeling, Macron, Travis, Jennifer Hudson, Christmas Eve, shawn, jikook.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.seokjin 1755615
2.GOT7 741444
3.China 506982
5.doyoung 418571
6.#WonderAtMidnight 294249
7.shawn 246809
8.jungkook 230164
9.lisa 220697
10.Nevada 204400
11.24 Hours 171306
12.Nigeria 162328
13.Sending 155694
14.#GreysAnatomy 127256
15.Cake 121848
16.Union 113409
17.jennie 111922
18.soobin 111451
19.Xbox 109443
20.Noël 108107
21.jisoo 104742
22.Heroes 102157
23.Josh 99505
24.Euphoria 94219
25.Planet 92785
26.jaehyun 90442
27.Nov. 89220
28.ariana 88963
29.Veto 88013
30.Selena 81568
31.Brave 78591
32.Beer 75276
33.jaemin 72464
34.Yoshi 71035
35.Russia 69553
36.jinyoung 64366
37.Thailand 62864
38.shawn mendes 61052
39.Heather 60841
40.haechan 60029
41.camila 57771
42.Oh Santa 55578
43.Useless 54116
44.Reset 51669
45.Macron 48881
46.jongin 46114
47.Finals 45510
48.Lexie 44702
49.Mariah 44459
50.#AUSvIND 42916
51.Beau 42675
52.snapchat 42639
53.Samsung 42637
54.André 42005
55.Travis 40009
56.Levi 39895
57.Ramos 37760
58.#PerdueSaysBidenWon 36565
59.youngjae 36185
60.#WonderOutNow 34500
61.#LotusInnGrandOpening 32115
62.#aot135spoilers 32105
63.Quackity 30645
64.Daisy 30642
65.Alberta 30541
66.Doug 29879
67.joon 29634
68.Soda 28622
69.Liverpool 28236
70.taehyun 27916
71.Virginia 27569
72.xiao 27468
73.Kratos 26944
74.Meredith 25981
75.Neil 25867
76.Darren 25771
77.Denmark 25181
78.Louder 24455
79.#FridayThoughts 24147
80.Amir 23814
81.Lil Baby 23524
82.Fitz 22753
83.South Africa 22684
84.jikook 22274
85.Stella 21869
86.Wolves 20838
87.Atlus 19993
88.Black Panther 19114
89.Jasmine 18826
90.zendaya 18558
91.#TheMandalorian 17322
93.Persona 5 17045
94.Huawei 16949
95.Tayc 16721
96.Letitia 16225
97.Québec 14369
98.#fridaymorning 14180
99.Caleb 13416
100.Mary Poppins 13334
101.Jennifer Hudson 13304
102.CBC News 13148
103.jules 13130
104.Zoey 12433
105.Kenney 11760
106.white christmas 11475
107.#CriticalRole 11399
108.bigbang 11263
109.Christmas Star 11187
110.meng 10791
111.#FridayFeeling 10589
112.Rico Nasty 10513
113.Blue MAGA 10224
114.Mank 10089
115.Shuri <10k
116.Connie <10k
117.Brian Lilley <10k
118.Virtual Book Fair <10k
119.king george <10k
120.Albertans <10k
121.Debra <10k
122.Rambo <10k
123.Days of Christmas Contest <10k
124.Scarborough <10k
125.Legault <10k
126.Letitia Wright <10k
127.Boba Fett <10k
128.2ne1 <10k
129.Motor and Trailer Giveaway <10k
130.Jay Z <10k
131.Arviat <10k
132.BROOOO <10k
133.Sounds of the Season <10k
134.Jester <10k
135.Meng Wanzhou <10k
136.Bandcamp Friday <10k
137.Hero Pay <10k
138.nick kroll <10k
139.Bill 229 <10k
140.Happy Birthday Jack <10k
141.UNDRIP <10k
142.commodore <10k
143.2 michaels <10k
144.Christmas Eve <10k
145.Black Panther 2 <10k
146.Ottawa <10k
147.#Grogu <10k
148.Thanks Doug <10k
149.Brian Pallister <10k
150.Pallister <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

FT: DO𝗠𝗜𝗡ANCE. @MNUFC advance in the @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs!

#MNUFC,Twitter trends in Canada now
Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

HT: All @MNUFC. Incredible. #SKCvMIN // @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs

#SKCvMIN,Twitter trends in Canada now
Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

KEVIN MOLINO. ICE COLD. 1-0 to @MNUFC! #SKCvMIN // @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs

Cindy Blackstock
Cindy Blackstock ()

Whenever I hear the phrase UNDRIP I think of @RomeoSaganash and folks like Kenneth Deer who worked so hard and made so many sacrifices to make the Declaration a reality. I hope Canada honours their contributions by fully honouring their vision in the implementation of UNDRIP.

Sportsnet ()

BREAKING: The Rangers have chosen not to loan Alexis Lafreniere to Canada for the world juniors.

TSN ()

The New York Rangers will not be releasing Alexis Lafrenière to Team Canada for the World Juniors.

World Juniors,Twitter trends in Canada now
Jim Estill
Jim Estill ()

Here at Danby Appliances we are working hard to help get Canada vaccine ready.

Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

💥 Western 💥 Conference 💥 Semifinals 💥 @SportingKC & @MNUFC clash tonight at 8:30pm ET on FOX! #SKCvMIN

CBC News
CBC News ()

The Liberal government has introduced legislation that will begin the process of bringing Canadian law into alignment with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

The Loons were FLYING tonight. ⚽️⚽️ Kevin Molino ⚽️ Bakaye Dibassy 🅰️ 🅰️ 🅰️ Bebelo Reynoso

Sony Music Canada
Sony Music Canada ()

Goodbye and thank you for the music André Gagnon. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones ❤️

André Gagnon,Twitter trends in Canada now
CBC News
CBC News ()

Quebec Premier François Legault has backtracked on his plan to allow gatherings over the Christmas holiday period after a rise in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. 

Toronto Police Operations
Toronto Police Operations ()

2 Missing Women - Mary Ann Prado, 24 & Mary Grace Prado, 24 -last seen Wed., Dec. 2, 2020, 10 , Finch Ave W & Weston Rd #GO2280966 ^mf

Finch,Twitter trends in Canada now
Major League Soccer
Major League Soccer ()

15 minutes between @MNUFC & the Western Conference Final. 😤 📺 FOX, TSN, TVAS #SKCvMIN // @Audi #MLSCupPlayoffs

#SKCvMIN,Twitter trends in Canada now
Kulvinder Kaur MD
Kulvinder Kaur MD ()

2/ Premier @BrianPallister has proven himself to be an untrustworthy, cruel and inhumane hypocrite. November 28, 2019: “We stand for freedom. Not for some, but for all. Not just for Manitobans, but for Canadians. Not just for today, but forever.”

Canada Soccer
Canada Soccer ()

Dayne St. Clair 🍁 with an 😱 incredible save in the #MLSCupPlayoffs 😇

Jordan Armstrong
Jordan Armstrong ()

Here is a portion of the ransom letter sent to @TransLink. I’ll have more on @GlobalBC #NewsHour at 6.

TransLink,Twitter trends in Canada now
GC Newsroom
GC Newsroom ()

Government of Canada introduces legislation respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Manitoba Government
Manitoba Government ()

To protect Manitobans from #Covid19MB, we must protect the vaccine when it arrives. Manitoba’s first ultra-cold vaccine freezer can hold 1 million doses at temperatures as low as -80.

Manitobans,Twitter trends in Canada now
Radio-Canada Info
Radio-Canada Info ()

Le pianiste et compositeur André Gagnon s’est éteint, à l’âge de 84 ans. Retour sur sa vie et sa carrière.