Canada | Top Twitter Trends And Tweets Now

Updated: January 25th, 2022 12:45 AM IST

Top Twitter Trends

S.No.Twitter Trends CanadaTweet Volume
1.Brady 526K+
2.Bills 468K+
3.The NFL 432K+
4.Rams 426K+
5.Ukraine 408K+
6.COVID-19 368K+
7.Mahomes 324K+
8.Russia 307K+
9.Josh Allen 271K+
10.#Euphoria 263K+
11.Aaron Rodgers 238K+
12.Canada 203K+
13.49ers 192K+
14.Bucs 175K+
15.Overtime 166K+
16.Putin 163K+
17.Cassie 154K+
18.Packers 153K+
19.NATO 135K+
20.Bengals 132K+
21.#NFLPlayoffs 128K+
22.Thierry Mugler 124K+
23.WHAT A GAME 122K+
24.Davis 116K+
25.Ziyech 108K+
26.lexi 105K+
27.jules 100K+
28.Francis 85K+
29.Demon Slayer 84K+
30.#BUFvsKC 70K+
31.Ngannou 70K+
32.Elliot 69K+
33.NFL OT 68K+
34.#TruckersForFreedom 66K+
35.Newt 60K+
36.GoFundMe 60K+
37.Burkina Faso 56K+
38.Ottawa 54K+
39.Moreno 53K+
40.Titans 53K+
41.gabriel davis 45K+
42.Green Bay 45K+
43.#MondayMotivation 45K+
44.Kelce 40K+
45.Good Monday 38K+
46.Canadians 38K+
47.Kansas City 37K+
48.Tyreek Hill 34K+
49.Ontario 32K+
50.Jimmy G 31K+
51.Walmart 30K+
52.Super Bowl 28K+
53.Québec 25K+
54.faye 20K+
55.#FreedomConvoy2022 17K+
56.Butts 16K+
57.Sarah Palin 12K+
58.Willy 12K+
59.CBC News 12K+
60.Morey <10K
61.Kampf <10K
62.Keefe <10K
63.Émilie Castonguay <10K
64.Wordle 219 X <10K
65.Johnny Cash <10K
66.Maverick Party <10K
67.Kody <10K
68.Shapo <10K
69.Costa Rica <10K
70.100% Canadian <10K
71.Canadian Trucking Alliance <10K
72.Nylander <10K
73.DiPietro <10K
74.Merriman <10K
75.Cilic <10K
76.Nunavut <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Tens of thousands of Canadians protest COVID-19 restrictions at freedom rallies across country @truenorthcentre

Congratulations to @PierrePoilievre and the handful of Conservative MPs who are jumping on the bandwagon and finally denouncing Trudeau’s authoritarian measures after two years of complete silence. Hope to see you next weekend in Ottawa. #TruckerforFreedom

Nobody wants to see empty shelves and higher prices. We need some common sense here. Ottawa should drop the vax mandate for truckers now.

Statement from GoFundMe to CTV News about the fundraiser for #TruckersForFreedom Freedom Convoy 2022 that has raised $ million.

GoFundMe - Twitter trends in Canada now

Hundreds of truckers are headed to Ottawa from British Columbia to protest a federal vaccine mandate. A GoFundMe raising money for the trucking rally collected over $ as of Sunday.

The Soviet Union and countries they occupied, like the one I was born in, would have their TV stations run fake videos of empty shelves in the The message was capitalism = starvation. Never thought I would see what I thought of as authoritarian propaganda here in Canada.

The ECHL has suspended Jacob Panetta indefinitely, pending a hearing, after he made a racist gesture toward Jordan Subban on Saturday night. Panetta will also be released by his team.

It’s the team that drafted me and I spent my first pro years here … so it feels really nice [to win]. More from Anton Forsberg post-game ⬇️ #GoSensGo

Me when I talk about spirituality, manifestation and tarot 😅✌🏽

Spirituality - Twitter trends in Canada now

THIS JUST IN 🚨 @CurlingCanada has announced the world’s most famous national men’s curling championship will be making a return to the Forest City! 🥌 The 2023 Tim Hortons Brier is scheduled to take over @BudGardens from March 3-12, 2023! More info ➡️

Tim Hortons - Twitter trends in Canada now

Pierre-Luc Dubois leading the way with win on seven-of-nine face-offs so far this afternoon! #GoJetsGo | #WPGvsPIT

#NHLJets - Twitter trends in Canada now

“Game goes from what should be a shutout to a shootout loss. It sucks. … It felt like we deserved to win today.” Connor Hellebuyck on today’s game against the Penguins, starting a 12th straight game, and more. WATCH 🔽