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Twitter trends in Canada now - jisoo, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Cecily, AWOL, Persona 3, #nlpoli, #AEWDynamite, #AskENHYPEN, Kacchan.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2574973
2.blackpink 864464
3.THE SHOW 791812
4.#OurMoonJinDay 773427
5.America 671699
6.#Abyss 485676
7.#AbyssByJin 337954
8.doyoung 320957
9.Republicans 320508
10.Wall 297210
11.#BrightestDiamondJin 281033
12.seokjin 274892
13.Lin Wood 272665
14.#OurHappinessJin 243755
15.#LePetitPrinceJin 241194
16.#OurDecemberMiracle 230670
17.taeyong 175783
18.#WorldwideCutieGuy 163064
19.Washington 161149
20.Impact 155402
21.Director 152051
22.The Star 149816
23.hyung 148804
24.Register 145993
25.jisung 134247
26.#BTSJIN 120561
27.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 120142
28.John Wall 116448
29.Rudy 112874
30.#HappyBirthdayJin 111928
31.Houston 109242
32.Westbrook 107477
33.Lakers 104971
34.Punjabi 102524
35.Giscard 96854
36.Yuta 95370
37.Giuliani 92501
38.Jinnie 88721
39.Modi 87995
40.Le 3 83976
41.hobi 80979
42.Kangana 80328
43.Bollywood 79206
44.haechan 74554
45.Tony 74481
46.Sting 70958
47.Bush 70681
48.WAIT WHAT 69515
49.#AEWDynamite 67946
50.jisoo 66544
51.Clinton 66392
52.District 63868
53.Snapchat 61781
54.Mnuchin 61636
55.Aries 57711
56.Cook 55611
57.Wizards 53225
58.Katie Porter 53146
59.Rockets 51895
60.#COVIDー19 49089
61.All Might 48773
63.Roger Stone 44825
64.Happiest Birthday 43091
65.Harden 41786
66.Piss 41697
67.Russ 41200
68.Staten Island 40626
69.bakugou 40245
70.#MaplestoryForJin 39630
71.Mori 39437
72.#AskENHYPEN 38223
73.Omega 36958
74.Kenny 36107
75.Mona 35939
76.#JINDAY 34515
77.International Day 34293
78.Dynamight 32763
79.winwin 32589
80.heather 32394
81.Maine 31389
82.Kenya 30765
83.taeil 28987
84.Alberta 28523
85.Beal 28403
86.Oliver 28326
87.Visible 27491
88.Sapnap 26431
89.Amber 26298
90.Bones 25147
91.Love Actually 25052
92.McRib 24212
93.#ThursdayThoughts 24019
94.yunho 23999
95.mRNA 23912
96.#LGBT 23416
97.#ThursdayMotivation 23102
98.Kanye 21547
99.Deku 21304
100.Black Lives Matter 21224
101.Denmark 21216
102.Ontario 19865
103.Kacchan 18375
104.Anthony Davis 18197
105.Hindus 17803
106.Isaac 17163
107.#TheMaskedSinger 17075
108.International Day of Persons 17006
109.Dennis 15679
110.Ground Zero 14217
111.CBC News 14101
112.#CallioP3 13840
113.#thursdaymorning 13767
114.Syria 13743
115.Atlus 13124
116.#IDPD2020 13110
117.Chet 12834
118.#thursdayvibes 12770
119.Clubhouse 12287
120.Québec 12261
121.The Telegram 12108
122.Le PQ 12052
123.calum 11937
124.Einstein 11923
125.Persona 3 11887
126.#IDPWD2020 11249
127.Kiara 11041
128.Amazon Gift Card 10618
129.Baylor 10430
130.Greens 10307
131.Ashton 10099
132.Brett <10k
133.Mark Mottram <10k
134.Leslie Jones <10k
135.Xinjiang <10k
136.#tommy3mil <10k
137.husky <10k
138.darby <10k
139.The Washington Post <10k
140.#inclusion <10k
141.Huskies <10k
142.Freezies <10k
143.Grindr <10k
144.Chris Pratt <10k
145.Gander <10k
146.Victoria Jackson <10k
147.Conservative MP <10k
148.#alexrider <10k
149.Derek Sloan <10k canada <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

CBC News
CBC News ()

BREAKING: Alberta has asked the federal government and the Red Cross to supply field hospitals to help offset the strain COVID-19 is having on the health-care system, a federal source with direct knowledge of the situation says. @DavidWCochrane

Amanda Jetté Knox
Amanda Jetté Knox ()

I want to get a TikTok account now just for this Korean dad 😭😭❤️

Canada Soccer
Canada Soccer ()

Alphonso Davies from Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team has been named the 2020 Canadian Player of the Year presented by @AllstateCanada #CANMNT 🍁⚽️🏆 #TheBestInCanada🇨🇦

Alphonso Davies,Twitter trends in Canada now
Global BC
Global BC ()

No employee or member of the public should be subject to verbal abuse or be put at risk by anyone refusing to wear a face covering, RCMP said in a statement.

Toronto Star
Toronto Star ()

Toronto spent $160,000 on bike lanes for Brimley Road. Five months later, it’s spending $80,000 to remove them

Samson Mow
Samson Mow ()

A day on Mars is 24 hours, 37 minutes, and 22 seconds. If you lived on Mars, you’d have more time everyday to stack sats. 🚀

PlayStation Canada
PlayStation Canada ()

For a chance to win: watch the Alex Rider video we tweeted, and reply to this post using #Contest #AlexRider & tell us what Mark Mottram says Alex uses to try to get out of the situation. No purchase needed, open to CDN residents, ends Dec 9. Rules: (2/2)

Allison Cross
Allison Cross ()

Definitely one of the more interesting days I’ve had at work: Unicorn in the patch: Calgary software firm Benevity achieves rare $1-billion valuation in deal with private equity firm - The Globe and Mail

Joe Osborne
Joe Osborne ()

Wednesday afternoon football is great. I’d take a best out of 17 between the Jets and Jags practice squads if it meant we’d get it each week.

Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones ()

Scoop: private equity firm to buy Calgary’s Benevity for more than US$1-billion /via @globeandmail #yyc

José ()

It took a while but finally Dembouz>Mbappe is back on track.😁

ice age 2 ☃️
Ice age 2 ☃️ ()

Imagine going through animation college and making no frills spiderverse commericals

Tom Parkin
Tom Parkin ()

They peddled false information about refugees, public debt, job creation and climate change — why wouldn’t we expect a Conservative MP to push false info on COVID vaccines?

Vicki Campbell 🇨🇦
Vicki Campbell 🇨🇦 ()

Conservative Derek Sloan is quite the menace. Pushing his religious beliefs & fears on susceptible people. He can believe whatever he wants, but needs to stay the hell out of other peoples business. He’s worse then the Jehovah Witness that keeps banging on your door every week.

Yahoo Sports Canada
Yahoo Sports Canada ()

Advice from Norman Powell on fans expecting the Raptors to get a Christmas game 📝

SeanSilcoff ()

Unicorn in the patch: Calgary software firm Benevity achieves rare $1-billion valuation in deal with private …

Sportsnet ()

Alphonso Davies has been named the 2020 Canadian male player of the year by Canada Soccer. 👏

A. Currie 🇨🇦🌹🌺🥂⌛
A. Currie 🇨🇦🌹🌺🥂⌛ ()

I understand the point Jagmeet is trying to make but we should be asking why she even has to work 3 jobs in the first place

Toronto Police Operations
Toronto Police Operations ()

COLLISION: Dufferin St + Sylvan Av 6:28pm - vehicle and cyclist involved - police are on scene @TorontoMedics are on scene ROAD CLOSURE: N/B Dufferin St at College @TTCnotices #GO2279200 ^lb

Dufferin,Twitter trends in Canada now
Mrs. FE🇨🇦🇬🇷
Mrs. FE🇨🇦🇬🇷 ()

Evan, Derek Sloan is NOT advocating against the Covid vaccine. You are painting a FALSE narrative to vilify him. Sloan has valid concerns regarding a RUSHED vaccine and it’s potential side effects. Almost daily you prove to be detached from millions of Canadians!