Canada Twitter Trending Topics

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.President 490788
2.Queen 367213
3.Lagos 357928
4.China 304761
5.Barr 263572
6.Jesus 257535
7.Jack 232363
8.Winners 230891
9.The G7 223231
10.Nigeria 189839
11.Djokovic 176326
12.Critical Race Theory 167540
13.#June12thProtest 165548
14.Abuja 144260
15.#KeepitOn 143380
16.The Queen 142816
17.Boris 133417
18.taehyun 128096
19.Governor 125443
20.wonwoo 119607
21.Florida 116630
22.Putin 92313
23.Ibadan 91385
24.Victor 84664
25.#BuhariMustGo 83030
26.Sarah 81263
27.Anne 80466
28.Lupin 80190
29.DDLC 76081
30.Drake 76064
31.Location 73955
32.Yellow 72294
33.Baba 69505
34.Lima 68486
35.Snap 68348
36.Novak 64928
37.Biafra 64579
38.Skip 63859
39.Nations 62823
40.Seyi Makinde 57602
41.Dame 57486
42.Uber 56474
43.Suns 56008
44.Wizkid 54956
45.Charlie 54718
46.chenle 53207
47.Filipino 51874
48.Wales 49502
49.Wendy 48990
50.Strive 43738
51.Fulani 42712
52.#SmackDown 39535
53.Sixers 39320
54.Davido 38912
55.Julian 38514
56.Nuggets 37028
57.Trudeau 36844
58.deGrom 36471
59.TRIGGER 34969
60.May God 34486
61.Switzerland 33327
62.Natalie 32559
63.karl 31892
64.#spacesgottalent 30125
65.Boko Haram 29752
66.Embiid 28992
67.Jokic 26089
68.Murray 25177
69.#AEWDynamite 25158
70.Titan 25102
71.Tucker 24673
72.Bernier 22387
73.Denver 22237
74.Temporary 22117
75.Thunder 21885
76.Jacob deGrom 21860
77.#ASuperstarMadeinLagos 21414
78.Bale 20938
79.Lavender 20529
80.Monika 19183
81.#SaturdayMorning 18955
82.Manitoba 17450
83.Ubisoft 17343
84.Tinubu 17294
85.#TheLastDriveIn 17177
86.Chai 15677
87.#DemocracyDay 15465
88.Maxime Bernier 15437
89.#InTheHeightsMovie 14967
90.Québec 14941
91.Daniela 14324
92.#FridayVibes 14048
93.Sneaky 13090
94.Swiss 13017
95.Ellie 12932
96.Lamar Odom 11946
97.wesker 11282
98.Cape Cod 11173
99.Judy 11149
100.#WALSUI 11105
101.Toby 11073
102.Chris Paul 10832
103.#Caturday 10665
104.Devin Booker 10532
105.Edwards 10235
106.celine 10123
107.#IStandWithMax 10115
108.Red Sox <10k
109.Xie Lian <10k
110.#MutantFam <10k
111.Reekado <10k
112.Finnish <10k
113.Breaking Bad <10k
114.#EvilSpeak <10k
115.#SaturdayVibes <10k
116.Bichette <10k
117.Jordan Peterson <10k
118.greys anatomy <10k
119.Springer <10k
120.Majority of Canadians <10k
121.Jonah <10k
122.Bahamas <10k
123.Clint Howard <10k
124.Prince Charles <10k
125.Mad Max <10k
126.#Bellator260 <10k
127.Chuck Liddell <10k
128.South Park <10k
129.Rowdy <10k
130.Abraham Lincoln <10k
131.Under Armour <10k
132.Wetin <10k
133.Romano <10k
134.Biggio <10k
135.dave mills <10k
136.Laurentides <10k
137.#RedSox <10k
138.Conrad Black <10k
139.Amosov <10k
140.Tellez <10k
141.Atkins <10k
142.Verdugo <10k
143.jays <10k
144.Buck Martinez <10k
145.Russie <10k
146.Jamal Murray <10k
147.#BlueJays <10k
148.Drouin <10k
149.Homesense <10k
150.Aaron Gordon <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

Premier Joe Savikataaq
Premier Joe Savikataaq ()

ᓇᓪᓕᐅᑎᑦᑎᐊᕆᑦ ᖄᐱ ᐊᑕᒍᑦᓯᐊᖅ,  ᐅᓪᓗᒥ 101-ᒥ ᐅᑭᐅᕐᑕᕋᕕᑦ!   Happiest birthday to Arctic Bay’s dear Elder Qaapik Attagutsiak, who turns 101 today! Alianait!

Happiest,Twitter trends in Canada now
Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

Our Leader Maxime Bernier was wrongfully arrested this afternoon by the RCMP in St-Pierre-Jolys, Man., for attending rallies with supporters. -PPC Team

Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

Trudeau Bernier protesting: protesting: HERO! STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

Trudeau,Twitter trends in Canada now
Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

SHOCK VIDEO: Justin Trudeau’s @rcmpgrcpolice handcuffs and arrests opposition party leader @MaximeBernier for attending an anti-lockdown protest.

Ezra Levant 🍁
Ezra Levant 🍁 ()

SHOCK: Canadian police arrest Maxime Bernier, former federal cabinet minister and leader of a political party, for “illegally” attending an anti-lockdown protest.

Bernier,Twitter trends in Canada now
Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

PPC Press Release following the arrest of Maxime Bernier #FreeMax #IStandWithMax

#IStandWithMax,Twitter trends in Canada now
Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

MAD MAX MANITOBA TOUR Just got another ticket for my presence at the Niverville event, and the officer warned me that I could be arrested if I go to other rallies. Section 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (c) freedom of peaceful assembly;

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier ()

Justice Centre represents Maxime Bernier, arrested by Manitoba police for exercising Charter freedoms #FreeMax #IStandWithMax

Matt McMuscles
Matt McMuscles ()

For those annoyed that the new season of Castlevania is focusing on Richter instead of Simon, did you forget? Simon was already perfected decades ago:

Richter,Twitter trends in Canada now
NHL ()

Congratulations to the Jack Adams Award finalists! 👏 Who was the coach of the year? #NHLAwards @NHLdotcom has more ➡️

Jack Adams,Twitter trends in Canada now
Rebel News
Rebel News ()

RCMP: Do you have any weapons? #MaximeBernier: ONLY MY WORDS! Canadian political party leader arrested in Manitoba before rally:

Andrea Horwath
Andrea Horwath ()

PSWs deserve:   👏 A full time job, not a bunch of part-time gigs 👏 A permanent raise 🙌 Respect   As premier, I would give PSWs a $5/hr raise; and review other wages in the sector to make sure everyone’s work is respected. We call them heroes – let’s treat them like it. #onpoli

National Post
National Post ()

Conrad Black: On COVID, and much else, Canada has taken leave of its senses

IRPP/Policy Options
IRPP/Policy Options ()

Ann Fitz-Gerald & Hugh Segal say #BlackLivesMatter should extend to Canadian foreign policy, meaning we cannot follow the United States’ lead in Africa, arguing that doing so would undermine the global commitment to anti-oppression, democracy and fairness.

Flagstick Golf
Flagstick Golf ()

Saddened to learn of the passing of Dave Mills, former long-time Executive Director of @TheGolfOntario Our team spent a lot of time with him through the years. He was a remarkable man and gave selflessly to the golf community. Sincere condolences to the entire Mills family.

dave mills,Twitter trends in Canada now
Gary Goodridge
Gary Goodridge ()

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Yoda

Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈
Scott MacArthur 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Lourdes Gurriel’s plate approach. Dreadful relief pitching. Terrible left side of the infield defence. And the result is ... what you get.

PC Gamer
PC Gamer ()

Broken Pieces has that early 2000s adventure game vibe all right.

Room Rater
Room Rater ()

Room Rater Summertime Tragically Hip. Newly released. Bittersweet. We miss you, Gord. #InGordWeTrust @thehipofficial cc @CaslerNoel 10/10

Canada Soccer
Canada Soccer ()

“As a centreback and being defensively-minded, I’m very happy that we got a clean sheet.” 🎙 Kadeisha Buchanan on #CANWNT 0:0 draw with Czech Republic