Canada Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 25th, 2021 10:51 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.The US 1M+ tweets
2.#MyUniverse 1M+ tweets
3.Amazon 909K+ tweets
4.Spotify 839K+ tweets
5.Apple 647K+ tweets
6.Google 574K+ tweets
7.China 511K+ tweets
8.Arizona 484K+ tweets
9.Mario 409K+ tweets
10.Squid Game 296K+ tweets
11.Australia 231K+ tweets
12.Nintendo 227K+ tweets
13.Chris Pratt 179K+ tweets
14.Prime Minister 148K+ tweets
15.Disney 142K+ tweets
16.Chelsea 141K+ tweets
17.Europe 137K+ tweets
18.Halloween 126K+ tweets
19.Israel 125K+ tweets
20.Villa 124K+ tweets
21.#RussianGP 120K+ tweets
22.Amen 117K+ tweets
23.Mike 115K+ tweets
24.Fantastic 115K+ tweets
25.Excellent 111K+ tweets
26.Drake 106K+ tweets
27.#TUDUM 105K+ tweets
28.Elon 104K+ tweets
29.Christian 103K+ tweets
30.Grimes 103K+ tweets
31.Foundation 101K+ tweets
32.Scott 94K+ tweets
33.Ronaldo 90K+ tweets
34.Kirby 77K+ tweets
35.Nigeria 72K+ tweets
36.#MUFC 71K+ tweets
37.Russell 70K+ tweets
38.Bowser 62K+ tweets
39.Man City 61K+ tweets
40.Norway 58K+ tweets
41.Uber 57K+ tweets
42.Manchester United 57K+ tweets
43.#AEWRampage 56K+ tweets
44.Liverpool 54K+ tweets
45.Martinez 53K+ tweets
46.#SmackDown 52K+ tweets
47.Iran 52K+ tweets
48.Manchester City 50K+ tweets
49.#CHEMCI 48K+ tweets
50.Arsenal 48K+ tweets
51.Luigi 46K+ tweets
52.Huawei 44K+ tweets
53.Norris 44K+ tweets
54.Jack Black 44K+ tweets
55.Meng 42K+ tweets
56.Lando 41K+ tweets
57.Tuchel 41K+ tweets
58.Franco 40K+ tweets
59.karl 39K+ tweets
60.Game Day 38K+ tweets
61.Aston Villa 38K+ tweets
62.#OleOut 36K+ tweets
63.Wisconsin 36K+ tweets
64.#MUNAVL 34K+ tweets
65.Yankees 34K+ tweets
66.tina 33K+ tweets
67.Twins 33K+ tweets
68.Lukaku 33K+ tweets
69.Brentford 32K+ tweets
70.Man U 30K+ tweets
71.Bruno Fernandes 29K+ tweets
72.#BB23 28K+ tweets
73.Conte 27K+ tweets
74.Jon Jones 26K+ tweets
75.Meng Wanzhou 25K+ tweets
76.Mason 24K+ tweets
77.Fajardo 23K+ tweets
78.#SaturdayThoughts 22K+ tweets
79.#ControllingBritneySpears 21K+ tweets
80.Shaw 20K+ tweets
81.Michaels 20K+ tweets
82.Mendy 20K+ tweets
83.Greenwood 20K+ tweets
84.Cavani 20K+ tweets
85.Alonso 19K+ tweets
86.Old Trafford 19K+ tweets
87.Beijing 17K+ tweets
88.Pogba 17K+ tweets
89.Werner 16K+ tweets
90.#SaturdayMorning 16K+ tweets
91.Zidane 15K+ tweets
92.#BRELIV 15K+ tweets
93.Sancho 14K+ tweets
94.Vancouver 13K+ tweets
95.Kante 13K+ tweets
96.Grealish 13K+ tweets
97.Jays 11K+ tweets
98.Kyland 11K+ tweets
99.Maguire 11K+ tweets
100.Montreal 10K+ tweets
101.Olympics 10K+ tweets
102.Havertz 10K+ tweets
103.Ottawa 10K+ tweets
104.#FirebreakAB <10K tweets
105.#Riders <10K tweets
106.Springer <10K tweets
107.#LeafsForever <10K tweets
108.#TedLasso <10K tweets
109.McFred <10K tweets
110.zellers <10K tweets
111.PM Trudeau <10K tweets
112.Kovacic <10K tweets
113.Leafs <10K tweets
114.#MidnightMass <10K tweets
115.Cancelo <10K tweets
116.saskatchewan <10K tweets
117.Micheals <10K tweets
118.Thiago Silva <10K tweets
119.Vardy <10K tweets
120.edmonton <10K tweets
121.Franco-Ontariens <10K tweets
122.Prime Minister Trudeau <10K tweets
123.Rodri <10K tweets
124.icarly <10K tweets
125.PMJT <10K tweets
126.Evan Hansen <10K tweets
127.McTominay <10K tweets
128.Guillaume Lemay <10K tweets
129.Guillaume <10K tweets
130.#BCLions <10K tweets
131.Rex Murphy <10K tweets
132.#lapresseplus <10K tweets
133.Hyundai <10K tweets
134.#CFLGameday <10K tweets
135.#Caturday <10K tweets
136.Lucky Whitehead <10K tweets
Canada Popular Tweets Now

Trudeau says it’s “inspiring” that the Two Michaels are on their way home. It’s not inspiring at all. Who is inspired by that? It’s a tremendously sad story. Two men, two years. It’s awful. It’s a tragedy.

Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor are en route to Canada, PM Trudeau tells reporters at a news conference in Ottawa. The announcement comes hours after the ’s resolution of criminal charges against Meng Wanzhou and the dropping of her extradition case in Canada. #cdnpoli

PMJT is having a press conference at 8:45 pm tonight, with little advance notice. This is… unusual. A good guess is Two Michaels but we will see.

We have amazing live video of PMJT meeting Michael Kovrig on the tarmac at Calgary on @ctvnewschannel right now. Trudeau flew there last night on a Challenger to meet the Two Michaels arriving from Elmendorf AFB in Alaska.

PMJT says Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor “are their way home to meet their families.”


Josh Anderson discusses mental health and his relationship with Jonathan Drouin. (📽️: @CanadiensMTL)

Rex Murphy: You want to eat that doughnut here? Show me your papers

Murphy - Twitter trends in Canada now

Josh Anderson with some very high praise for Jonathan Drouin, his teammate and part-time roommate 👀

10,000 people will be wearing these in the stadium. 10,000 people will be roaring. They will be saying give us peace, give us compassion give us love. - Kwakwaka’wakw/Tlingit artist Corrine Hunt HER STORY: #EveryChildMatters #ThisIsOurPride


When you spam the R2 button: 𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙙𝙚 @Luck2fastt | #CFLGameday

DERNIÈRE HEURE Dans une décision mutuelle, indique #Hyundai Auto Canada, le partenariat entre le comédien Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge et la marque sera dissous.

Hyundai - Twitter trends in Canada now

Andrew Neil is the best journalist in the Anglosphere. I was thrilled when he debuted @GBNEWS. But I regret that his war with the suits has turned his fellow journalists -- who he helped recruit -- into collateral damage.