Canada | Top Twitter Trends In Canada Today

Updated: May 18th, 2022 03:45 AM IST
RankTwitter TrendsTweet Volume
1.Buffalo 617K+
2.Arsenal 536K+
4.seokjin 238K+
5.SNSD 205K+
6.Liverpool 190K+
7.Fox News 167K+
8.Newcastle 152K+
9.Tucker Carlson 136K+
10.Luka 134K+
11.Camille 107K+
12.Somalia 97K+
13.Pat Bev 91K+
14.Ford 86K+
15.#DeppVsHeard 79K+
16.Suns 72K+
17.Southampton 68K+
18.Star Wars 67K+
19.Naomi 64K+
20.#SOULIV 58K+
21.#StopTheTreaty 57K+
22.#onpoli 57K+
23.Our Lives 55K+
24.International Day 53K+
25.Homophobia 49K+
26.Waukesha 44K+
27.Andrea 43K+
28.#JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeardTrial 42K+
29.#IDAHOBIT2022 39K+
30.Our Rights 32K+
31.Transphobia and Biphobia 30K+
32.UFOs 30K+
33.Iranian 30K+
34.Jordan Peterson 29K+
35.#tuesdaymotivations 28K+
36.Ewan McGregor 25K+
37.Elaine 25K+
38.Samba 24K+
39.Han Solo 23K+
40.Powell 21K+
41.Flames 20K+
42.Wembley 19K+
43.Nottingham Forest 18K+
44.Neil deGrasse Tyson 15K+
45.Matip 15K+
46.Sports Illustrated 15K+
47.Del Duca 14K+
48.Our Bodies 12K+
49.Leafs 12K+
50.Kehlani 11K+
51.Cantaloupe 11K+
52.Alden 11K+
53.#BattleofAlberta <10K
54.Dubas <10K
55.joshua bassett <10K
56.Arash <10K
57.Mitch Marner <10K
58.Elias Lindholm <10K
59.Bergeron <10K
60.Camilla <10K
61.Mrazek <10K
62.Lando <10K
63.Kikuchi <10K
64.#IDAHOTB <10K
65.Duchess of Cornwall <10K
66.Jason Spezza <10K
67.Canada Day <10K
68.Pearson <10K
69.Alden Ehrenreich <10K
70.Jack Nicklaus <10K
71.Malkin <10K
72.Range Rover <10K
73.Don Cherry <10K
74.#LGBTQ2 <10K
75.Kathleen Kennedy <10K
76.Daily Quordle 113 <10K
77.Shanahan <10K
78.#ufotwitter <10K
79.#OntarioVotes <10K
80.Biebs Brew <10K
81.St. John <10K
82.Confederation Building <10K
83.steve simmons <10K
84.patrick diotte <10K
85.Horwath <10K
86.Shanny <10K
87.Lindholm <10K
88.bill sedgewick <10K
89.Calgary <10K
90.Bell Fibe <10K
91.Schreiner <10K
92.#RoyalVisitCanada <10K
93.Letang <10K
94.Pat King <10K
95.Brendan Shanahan <10K
96.Anglo-Saxon <10K
97.Oettinger <10K
98.#CIW22 <10K
99.Anglo Saxon <10K
100.Selke <10K
101.Hinshaw <10K

Canada Popular Tweets Today

Who else thinks that better healthcare, paid sick days, investments in education, increased social assistance & affordable housing are more important than ✋🏾 #LeadersDebate #onpoli

REMINDER: After people died of thirst in for-profit one went to jail. Instead, the Ontario Conservatives rewarded them with even more bed licenses, to increase their market share. this in mind while voting in the upcoming election. #onpoli #LeadersDebate

Today marks the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia. To the members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Canada and around the world - New Democrats will always fight to ensure your human rights are respected and protected ✊🏽 We see you and we value you.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Canada Day by Jagmeet Singh

The Ontario Conservative Party says NO to: Ending for-profit LTC. Repealing Bill 124. 10 paid sick days. Small class sizes. Eliminating autism waitlists. Affordable housing. Environmental protections. But they do say YES to: New highways #LeadersDebate #onpoli

CARJACKING: The Queensway + Islington Av * 7:46 pm * - Man robbed of car - Black Range Rover - 3 suspects - 2 with handguns, 1 with a knife - Suspects have fled in the Range Rover - Police searching area #GO919574 ^dh

Twitter trends in Canada today - Range Rover by Toronto Police Operations

When kids were struggling during the pandemic and parents were trying desperately to keep them safe, Doug Ford cut $ billion from our schools. What kind of a leader does that? #ONpoli #ONelxn

Over 4,400 seniors died in long-term care during the pandemic. But instead of keeping folks safe or fixing LTC, Ford chose to protect his corporate LTC buddies from being sued. Then he renewed their contracts for 35 years. What kind of a leader does that? #ONpoli #ONelxn

Carjacked at knife/gun point and this man is more worried about who reported it first. Just speaks volumes to the type of person Steve Simmons is.

Workers are abandoning Andrea Horwath and the NDP. Only @fordnation will get it done by re-building the economy, working for workers, building highways and key infrastructure, and keeping costs down.

Twitter trends in Canada today - Horwath by Ontario PC Party

This is the only place I would play. Jason Spezza spoke about his future in Toronto, saying he still needs to talk to management about the possibility of re-signing.


Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan said that general manager Kyle Dubas and head coach Sheldon Keefe will return for the 2022-23 campaign.


Thoughts on Kyle Dubas’ philosophy around salary cap spending? 🤔

CBC News
CBC News

Queen Elizabeth made a surprise visit to a train station in central London to see a newly completed subway line named in her honour.

Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali

Watching “We Own This City” and this line hit like a ton of bricks.

Twitter trends in Canada today - We Own This City by Ahmed Ali

The Leafs iced precisely zero Finnish players in seven games versus Tampa Bay.