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Twitter trends in Canada now - TC Energy, Atlantic Canada, Russia, New Order, Somali, Natalie, #KeystoneXL, wonwoo, #MLKDay.

Here are the top twitter trends in Canada today.

RankingHashtag/Topic CanadaTweets Volume
1.Trump 2935744
2.I KNOW 1657066
3.Biden 1221029
4.Président 1128484
5.COVID-19 893032
6.The 2021 767021
7.China 488597
8.jungkook 460051
9.Navalny 376745
10.Brady 325618
11.Brees 309991
12.#ProtectWayV 285285
13.Saints 284780
14.Levi 255775
15.Rosé 239366
16.Mikasa 219995
17.bambam 219024
18.Russia 214566
19.Alex 206764
20.Director 188912
21.Drew Brees 167739
22.doyoung 166175
23.Tom Brady 158994
24.lucas 154071
25.jaehyun 153258
26.Korea 152445
27.Titan 149641
28.Eren 148735
29.SO TRUE 148249
30.Received 145715
31.Putin 138556
32.Martin Luther 135840
33.namjoon 128611
34.Betty 124879
35.Vlive 116201
36.#AttackonTitanFinalSeason 114847
37.Peter 112936
38.Europe 112930
39.Bucs 110156
40.Bella 108310
41.KARL 108109
42.Brexit 108065
43.#NOIR 101175
44.IRENE 99105
45.Official Video 96567
46.PayPal 95886
47.taehyun 95465
48.Sasha 93138
49.Dr. King 92733
50.#WomenFarmersAgainstFarmlaws 89243
51.Cook 89227
52.jisoo 86512
53.Reid 86002
54.Gabriel 81341
55.Super Bowl 80594
56.soobin 79391
57.Thailand 79305
58.England 77256
59.Alexei Navalny 67666
60.HANBIN 65550
61.Quackity 63821
62.jungwoo 63028
63.happy birthday betty 61770
64.Philippines 61130
65.Rodgers 60853
66.seulgi 60708
67.Thankyou 60089
68.Capitol Building 59602
69.Julia 59438
70.zayn malik 59322
71.Martin Luther King Jr. 58951
72.bush 58445
73.Tigray 58091
74.Jameis 56556
75.Tiger 51336
76.Yunho 49966
77.Expel 49370
78.Drake 48540
79.Wikipedia 48349
80.Omar 47508
81.Britain 47246
82.#MondayMotivation 46567
83.Sapnap 45046
84.#BlueMonday 44878
85.First Lady 44668
86.Winston 44349
87.wonwoo 43490
88.taylor swift 43049
89.#ThankYouMappa 42859
90.Keystone XL 42425
91.Nicki 41514
93.Brandon 38606
94.#TrumpSeriesFinale 38515
95.Saudi 34813
96.Zion 34523
97.#MLKDay 33773
98.New Order 33693
99.cbc news 33185
100.Zico 30418
101.Natalie 29523
102.#mondaythoughts 28875
103.Sony 28635
104.Good Monday 28491
105.tablo 28057
106.South Korea 26306
107.Alberta 26005
108.adidas 24609
109.selcas 24435
110.Middle East 24102
111.Ontario 22016
112.#90DayFiance 21821
113.Gura 21352
114.#AUSvsIND 20440
115.I Have a Dream 18588
116.Green Bay 17881
117.Blue Monday 17709
118.Damon 17645
119.Stalin 17433
120.#Batwoman 16932
121.Anita 16770
122.Callahan 16354
123.Michael Thomas 15973
124.joonie 15334
125.Brooks 14613
126.Conservative Party 14611
127.#RHOA 14326
128.Saudi Arabia 14175
129.Hamilton 13962
130.Isaiah 13884
131.rowoon 13781
132.Warner 13130
133.PowerPoint 12438
134.#MondayMorning 11927
135.Kenney 11486
136.Somalia 11475
137.Britney 11181
138.Dr. Biden 10885
139.Diane 10129
140.canadian rockies <10k
141.#FFXIV300kSweepstakes <10k
142.Kitchener <10k
143.New Brunswick <10k
144.Vaughan <10k
145.Energy East <10k
146.Rockies <10k
147.dr arruda <10k
148.stop open-pit mining <10k
149.Glen <10k
150.Maddy <10k

Canada Popular Tweets Now

CBC News
CBC News ()

BREAKING: president-elect Joe Biden is planning to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit via executive action on his first day in office.

Amanda Jetté Knox
Amanda Jetté Knox ()

Dude. Your repeated slogan of Take Canada Back does not scream Welcoming, modern and inclusive.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Transport Canada
Transport Canada ()

Travellers flying into #Canada are required to test negative for #COVID19 and show proof that includes: the name and address of the facility that administered the test, the date the test was conducted, & the method of test (PCR or LAMP):

Canada ()

DYK that Winnie-the-Pooh, the “hunny” loving character created by A. A. Milne, was named after a real-life 🇨🇦 bear? Winnipeg (Winnie for short) lived in the London Zoo and was brought there by Canadian soldier and veterinarian Harry Colebourn. #WinnieThePoohDay

#WinnieThePoohDay,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

Jason Spezza will retire if another NHL team claims him off the waiver wire, @reporterchris reports.

Rebel News
Rebel News ()

BLM, oilsands and the lockdown: Glen Carritt is running for mayor of Innisfail, Alberta

CBC News
CBC News ()

Lending equipment to clients and moving services online allows this gym owner to keep the doors open.

Texans Thoughts
Texans Thoughts ()

If you told me 5/7 HC openings were filled but 3 out of my original top 5 HC candidates (EB, Eberflus, Daboll) were still despite EVERYTHING that’s happened to the #Texans, gotta be happy with that. The situation aint unfixable. One step at a time.

TSN ()

Jamies Winston. Put it on replay ALL DAY LONG. (🎥: @NFL)

The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail ()

Ontario to open dedicated pandemic hospital in Vaughan as COVID-19 surges

Room Rater
Room Rater ()

Room Rater PSA from Canada and @brittlestar. Let’s take ‘Take Canada Back’ back. 10/10 #cdnpoli

CBC News
CBC News ()

New Brunswick officials have announced a new single-day high of COVID-19 cases.

Government of NB
Government of NB ()

Zone 4 going to Red level at midnight / 36 new cases Details on cases and testing can be found on the GNB website. Mobile and most browsers: IE users:

Zone 4,Twitter trends in Canada now
PC Gamer
PC Gamer ()

IO Interactive reverses position after a weekend of controversy.

Sportsnet ()

The Florida Panthers finally get their season underway on Sunday, hosting the winless Chicago Blackhawks. Catch the game on Sportsnet, and follow along with our live tracker:

Florida Panthers,Twitter trends in Canada now
Sportsnet ()

Maple Leafs rookie Nick Robertson will be sidelined roughly four weeks with a knee injury, coach Sheldon Keefe told reporters Monday.

Amir Attaran
Amir Attaran ()

Great! So when is caucus ejecting anti-immigrant, anti-vaccine Derek Sloan?

Deonandan ()

This is so frustrating. Many epidemiologists have been advocating for the strategic use of rapid testing for months now. Yes, the tests are flawed, but there are clever ways to work around those flaws and still have an impact.

Virginie Lali
Virginie Lali ()

Effectivement, une leçon de bonheur. Plein d’amour pour la famille Verreault-Gagné. 🙏🏻 #tlmep #lacourestpleine

City of Kitchener
City of Kitchener ()

NEWS: #DTKitchener will look festive this week when a Canadian film crew arrives to film a TV movie. Filming will be taking place on the corner of King and Queen Streets. Read our news release for more details