Canada | Twitter Trending Hashtag And Tweets Now

Updated: October 26th, 2021 12:45 PM IST
S.No.Hashtag/Topic CanadaTweet Volume
1.Halloween 846K+
2.Pakistan 715K+
3.Yuta 675K+
4.Fauci 304K+
5.Liverpool 225K+
6.Dune 198K+
7.Sudan 183K+
8.Manchester United 165K+
9.Conte 139K+
10.#ArrestFauci 131K+
11.#InsecureHBO 115K+
12.James Michael Tyler 113K+
13.Gunther 109K+
14.Rolling Stone 108K+
15.Tesla 107K+
16.Precious 97K+
17.Baldwin 97K+
18.#MondayMotivation 96K+
19.Old Trafford 75K+
20.Saints 72K+
21.#originalcharacter 67K+
22.Issa 66K+
23.Chicago 66K+
24.#MUNLIV 59K+
25.Good Monday 53K+
26.49ers 50K+
27.Colts 50K+
28.Carolina 47K+
29.Seth 45K+
30.Zidane 44K+
31.chenle 44K+
32.Pogba 41K+
33.Chiefs 41K+
34.Wilson 40K+
35.Hertz 39K+
36.Bengals 39K+
37.ja morant 37K+
38.Wentz 34K+
39.Man U 33K+
40.Succession 32K+
41.Robin 31K+
42.Freddie 26K+
43.Mahomes 25K+
44.Marshawn 23K+
45.#WWERaw 23K+
46.Bulls 22K+
47.Lamelo 20K+
48.Cavs 18K+
49.Rogers 18K+
50.Winston 15K+
51.Seahawks 15K+
52.Eminem 14K+
53.The G.O.A.T. 14K+
54.#NOvsSEA 14K+
55.Sabrina 13K+
56.Freddy 13K+
57.Chomsky 13K+
58.Campbell 13K+
59.Jaylen Brown 12K+
60.Geno 12K+
61.Alexandra 12K+
62.Canes 11K+
63.#DVPit 11K+
64.Flynn 11K+
65.Peyton 10K+
66.Matthews 10K+
67.Nick Nurse <10K
68.Zaitsev <10K
69.Holden <10K
70.Hannah Gadsby <10K
71.Marner <10K
72.Brannstrom <10K
73.iOS 15.1 <10K
74.Fraser Health <10K
75.Batherson <10K
76.Malachi <10K
77.Pete Carroll <10K
78.Eichel <10K
79.Keefe <10K
80.Leafs <10K
81.Engvall <10K
82.Backlund <10K
83.Sandin <10K
84.Simmonds <10K
85.Mayor Gondek <10K
86.Forsberg <10K
87.Tavares <10K
88.Valérie Plante <10K
89.Mangiapane <10K
90.Jean Chrétien <10K
91.Pesce <10K
92.Lavine <10K
93.VanVleet <10K
94.Kamara <10K
95.Andersen <10K
96.#MurdochMysteries <10K
97.#Phasmophobia <10K
98.Nutrien <10K
99.DeMar <10K
100.Coleman <10K
101.Holl <10K
102.#NHL22 <10K
103.Monahan <10K
104.#ALLCAPS <10K
105.Masai <10K
106.#LeafsForever <10K
107.Pascal <10K
108.JonTron <10K
109.Lonzo <10K
110.Geno Smith <10K
111.Congratulations Tank <10K
112.Dermott <10K
113.Brendan Fraser <10K
114.Dubas <10K
115.Jameis <10K
116.Congrats Kristen <10K
117.DeRozan <10K
118.Lucas Raymond <10K
119.Chabot <10K
120.Dragic <10K
121.Goran <10K
122.Marcel Desjardins <10K
123.Siakam <10K
124.Flacco <10K
125.Rielly <10K
126.Margaret Trudeau <10K
127.Josh Brown <10K
128.Muzzin <10K
129.Ovie <10K
130.state of the province <10K
131.Banton <10K
132.#Flames1stGoal <10K
133.David Ayres <10K
134.#BCStorm <10K
135.Oshie <10K
136.#DWTS <10K
137.#TORvsCAR <10K
138.Ayres <10K
139.Nibs <10K
140.Marilou <10K
141.The Leafs <10K
142.#WhoDat <10K
143.Premier Scott Moe <10K
144.Ritchie <10K
145.Ovechkin <10K
Canada Popular Tweets Now

The last time the Maple Leafs played the @Canes? The legendary @Davidayres901 night. 🤩 #NHLonSN

Masai Ujiri brought a NBA championship to Toronto, while the other guy brought overpriced data plans.

RCMP officers opposed to vaccination mandates have created @mounties4free. They published a very eloquent open letter to their boss Brenda Lucki. These people are not the ‘covidiots’ the media want you to believe. *Must read.*

Brenda - Twitter trends in Canada now

#StarExclusive: Edward Rogers fought plans to keep Raptors’ Masai Ujiri, but was thwarted by MLSE head, sources say. Story by @christinedobby and @SmithRaps.


Auston Matthews scores career goal #200 on his good friend Freddy Andersen! 🚨

Freddy - Twitter trends in Canada now

Artem Zub felt confident enough to face the media without a translator. It was a great example of how his confidence has grown off the ice — as much as it has on it. A look at his partnership with Chabot, his new PP role — and the fans chanting his name.

Sources said Rogers called Ujiri after a meeting and told him he wasn’t worth the money being paid. An NBA source said the call left Ujiri feeling so angry and disrespected by Rogers that he considered taking a year off as president of the Raptors.

Insulate Britain protestors glue their hands to the road to stop themselves from being removed Video by: @damiengayle


Drake Batherson (@drrakebatherson) came out to play with an @Enterprise hat trick tonight!


The @REDBLACKS have relieved GM, Marcel Desjardins of duties: #CFL

It’s funny how some people are quick to say that they don’t want Eichel because they don’t think that he will be the same after surgery. Yet this team still employs Sean Monahan who hasn’t been the same for the past three years. Lol. #Flames

When you watch those guys, I think you get a pretty good idea of how much they care and what they put into their craft. Morgan Rielly on how Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner are handling the pressure early on this season: