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Tweet247 | Updated: Sun, 20 May 2018, 20:01 PM IST

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  • Pictures keep secrets. Just like people do..

  • A temporada 2 de #13ReasonsWhy chegou..

  • You are not alone. If you or someone you know needs help, please visit.

  • La verdad tiene muchas versiones. La segunda temporada de #13ReasonsWhy ya está disponible..

  • Pre-order the @13ReasonsWhy Soundtrack feat. @billieeilish & more now.

  • Get a behind-the-scenes tour with the cast of #13ReasonsWhy. Head over to @netflix’s Instagram now..

  • Viernes, sola en casa, hay dos masas de pizza para añadirle todo lo que pille por la nevera y ha salido la segunda temporada de #13ReasonsWhy. Por lo que mi plan de esta noche será meterle el dobladillo a las cortinas..

  • My love for the @13ReasonsWhy cast and their friendship is truly out of this world. ❤️.

  • Llevo todo el día con un nudo en el estómago viendo capítulo tras capítulo de la segunda temporada de # BRAYS🤬.

  • A segunda temporada da série #13ReasonsWhy já está disponível no streaming Netflix. Siga @13ReasonsWhyBRA, a sua maior e melhor fonte de notícias sobre a série e elenco..

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  • « la cosa che ci fa più paura è perdere gli amici » #tredici #13reasonswhy #13reasonswhy2.

  • I hope this mess gets cancelled.

  • Алекс - это единственная причина почему я смотрю #13ReasonsWhy.

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  • Taylor, i swear to god if you kill Clay #13ReasonsWhy.

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  • Not ready to be in my feels @13ReasonsWhy 🤦🏽‍♂️😪.

  • Season 📼 We are ready 🍿 #13ReasonsWhy.

  • 13 reasons why or Riverdale #Riverdale #13ReasonsWhySeason2 #13ReasonsWhy #13RW.

  • QUEM AÍ TA ESPERANDO A SEGUNDA TEMPORADA DE #13ReasonsWhy ??? #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • Go pleurer comme une conasse devant #13ReasonsWhy.

  • Mr Porter is finally doing things right #13ReasonsWhy.

  • Am I the only one who thinks or at least hopes that Hanna really didn’t kill herself and that she comes back into the show in season 2 alive? #13ReasonsWhy.

  • لا تنسون ان الموسم الثاني من المسلسل المخصي #13ReasonsWhy توفر اليوم على نيتفلكس 👍🏻.

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  • *before Race 3 trailer 13 Reasons why *After Race 3 trailer 14 Reasons why #race3 #13reasonswhy #Race3Trailer #Salman #killme #fucklogic #SalmanKhanRace3.

  • Can I just say how much I HATE #Marcus on @13ReasonsWhy! #13ReasonsWhySeason2.

  • @JavadBahoosh بدترین چیز #13ReasonsWhy تمرین فرافکنیه. اصل ایده این بوده که چطور باید انسان (اون سیزده نفر) مسئولیت کوچکترین رفتارش در قبال سرنوشت دیگران رو بپذیریه، ولی از اون طرف بوم افتاده. از قربانی سلب مسئولیت شده و به مخاطب نوجوانش نمیگه چطور در هر شرایطی مسئول اصلی سرنوشت هر کس خودشه..


  • Can I ship them? 😍 #13ReasonsWhy.

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  • The scene in episode 13 with all the women in the courtroom. Damn. So powerful. Thank you, @13ReasonsWhy.

  • awful lotta F bombs in #13reasonswhy s 2.

  • @tobon1898 @13ReasonsWhy Apenas termine de verla vuelvo a la normalidad..

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