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  • The Government of Canada 🇨🇦 announces its support-in-principle for the #United2026 bid to co-host the 2026 FIFA World Cup™ in Canada, Mexico & USA @United2026 🍁

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  • Breaking news: Chicago has pulled out of the bidding for the 2026 World Cup.

  • Chicago will NOT be among the cities in the 2026 World Cup bid, a spokesman for Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed to the @Suntimes tonight

  • Not really mad at Chicago and Vancouver pulling out as host cities for the 2026 World Cup. Actually, more cities around the world need to be saying nope to these things.

  • Чикаго и Ванкувер вышли из заявки на ЧМ 2026: местные власти напрягло, что ФИФА не хочет договариваться и объяснять, как отобьются расходы. Наивные. Сдавали бы жилплощадь по знаменитому саранскому бизнес-плану — еще бы и заработали!

  • A decision to open BC Place for the 2026 World Cup should have been an easy one. The [email protected] ended up missing a wide open goal. This will have consequences, as the BC soccer community organizes to defeat them at the earliest possible opportunity. #bcpoli #Vancouver.

  • Sunil out. Now Vancouver and Chicago both out. Strange developments in the World Cup 2026 saga. via @suntimes.

  • Chicago has pulled out of the bidding for the 2026 World Cup, as @dmihalopoulos and I reported last night. See why the city said no to FIFA.

  • ICYMI - @DavidNormanSr was #OnPoint with @psolkowski and @DanRiccio650. In his opinion, the city of Vancouver has missed out on an incredible opportunity to host an event that would have had a high return on investment.

  • Citing “potentially huge and unpredictable costs,” the BC government has pulled out of the joint bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

  • @courtneyszto @_shireenahmed_ @Politicultura You are a lot of things Dr. Szto - athlete, activist, academic...and now we should add psychic to the list

  • To make matters worse, the [email protected] have now shown they are hostile to the event itself. Why would the World Cup 2026 want to deal with this government any further when there are many cities to choose from? #Vancouver #bcpoli.

  • Vancouverites react to the decision to pull out of 2026 FIFA World Cup

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  • Vancouver dropped from United 2026 World Cup bid after city baulks at ‘unpredictable’ costs

  • With Chicago out of 2026 World Cup bidding, at least Detroit won’t be alone in not getting more soccer..

  • World Cup 2026 bid: Vancouver out as host city @pkedit

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  • @mazartang @bcndp @theconfabdiary Everyone needs to calm down. The bid itself is flawed. The headline should be 2026 World Cup will not be coming to Canada. Lol. People always looking to blame the wrong people..

  • #Vancouver misses deadline, out of the running as 2026 #WorldCup host #FIFAWorldCup2026

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  • The reactions to the withdrawal of #YVR from the 2026 World Cup bid have been interesting to say the least. I’ve my biases, but don’t feel comfortable weighing in more substantially without more information..

  • ARTICLE/AUDIO: Politicians, stakeholders, Bob Lenarduzzi weigh in as #Vancouver misses the deadline to be in the running to help host the 2026 #WorldCup

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  • FIFA demands 2026 World Cup bidders guarantee a tax holiday, copyright protection and exemption from labour laws. By @bobmackin via @TheBreakerNews

  • Two major North American cities have pulled out of 2026 World Cup bid: Chicago and Vancouver. "FIFA could not provide a basic level of certainty on some major unknowns that put our city and taxpayers at risk,” says Chicago.

  • First Vancouver, now Chicago. This is a really worrying sign for the 2026 World Cup bid.

  • Paradigm shift...

  • @mattsekeres @SUBWAYCanada No, this is huge. North America will win the world cup soon. Like 2026 would be perfect. Edmonton! Will see you in 2026!.

  • What the hell are the @bcndp doing pulling out of the World Cup 2026 bid??? A complete missed opportunity and one I sense will cost them in the polls #stupidstupiddecision.

  • So shortsighted.

  • Football News: #FIFAWorldCup 🏆 #World_cup ♻️ Retweet to let your friends know!

  • Vancouver dropped from North American bid for 2026 World Cup @Sportsnet

  • Extremely disappointing @bcndp @jjhorgan No 2026 World Cup in #Vancouver.

  • The Canada - Mexico - United States bid for the 2026 World Cup is falling apart.

  • [email protected]_ joins @DonnieandTheMoj to talk 2026 World Cup bid

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  • See below statement regarding Vancouver’s bid to be a FIFA 2026 World Cup Host City.

  • Can’t wait for World Cup to be in Vancouver in 2026.. oh wait, our Premier is an idiot .. way to ruin all the fun John, you douche!!.