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Wow. @CNN got caught cold manipulating the words and meaning of my 4th of July Speech. They were brazen, desperate. Watch what happens!

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Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

Wow. @CNN got caught cold manipulating the words and meaning of my 4th of July Speech. They were brazen, desperate. Watch what happens!

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump ()

Big 4th of July Air Show soon coming down the East Coast. Get ready to look up to the sky. Check local listings!

Bolaji T Lawal
Bolaji T Lawal ()

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 ! A day that commemorates the struggle for independence and self rule, 244 years, it was worth the struggle for the Americans. The present administration should put the checks of the electorate in place irrespective of color, tribe or religion.

Elpoderiotokyo ()

@SrLeones hoy es mi dia de descanso pero a la mejor trabajo el sabado, no estoy seguro. a mi realmente no me importa que sea el 4th of july. podria trabajar todos los dias menos navidad.

Jim Hoft
Jim Hoft ()

Gavin Newsom Keeps His Winery Open For Tastings Over 4th of July Weekend as He Orders Beaches, Restaurants Closed and Targets Family Gatherings via @gatewaypundit @CristinaLaila1

Christina Pascucci
Christina Pascucci ()

LAPD just posted this photo of people protesting tonight. People are messaging me, asking how this is allowed, with no social distancing, when hours ago Governor @GavinNewsom said we shouldn’t even see our family for a July 4th gathering this weekend, unless we live with them.

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Justin Pulitzer Ťг𝓐ⒹEᔕ
Justin Pulitzer Ťг𝓐ⒹEᔕ ()

$SPY BIG jump in sentiment from last week. #SentimentGauge #JobsNumber Thursday at 8:30AM. 1 day early due to July 4th Holiday. *Caveat of a much smaller response rate due to a shorter polling cycle.

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Niya🦋 Na’sha 🦋
Niya🦋 Na’sha 🦋 ()

Every 4th of July my uncle have a big ass cookout 😂 every yearrr!! I can’t remember a year that i didn’t go since i been born 😂

SJ ()

Literally nothing to celebrate for the 4th of country is embarrassing and pathetic

Subaru Report
Subaru Report ()

What are the best Subaru deals on the 4th of July weekend? If you are shopping for a Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, or Ascent SUV, you likely won’t find the model you want. @torquenewsauto

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Corky ()

It’s July with @samanthahoopes. It’s officially summer, and the 4th of July is here. Samantha is a firecracker. #kaboom

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Devin McGroot
Devin McGroot ()

@nenaashaki 4th of july celebrates american people of all races. To be against it is crazy.


@EvanEdinger I’m sad because I wanted to do a 4th of July party this year 😔 but oh well, next year might try to go to America and do a camping 4th of July + road trip

Damianknightt ()

Hi Kim 😌!! My name’s Damianknightt I was wondering on your Skims website if the cozy knit set in stock I wanted to buy it for my grandma for her birthday on the 4th of July & I can’t find it 😩. Where can I get ? It would mean sm to me and her she wears a lot of pants . & I want

Bloodmoon ()

@leach_deanna I have black friends and neighbors that love 4th of July and they use a lot of fireworks

Knoxnews ()

What to know about the Fourth of July in 2020: Where to watch fireworks, how to party at home

Patrick Hammer
Patrick Hammer ()

Saturday, in the park I think it was the 4th of July (Chicago)...the song actually works this year. @wgrz #stormteam2

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Chris Fukuda | Photographer | DMV Wx
Chris Fukuda | Photographer | DMV Wx ()

@ABC7EileenW @ABC7News A much needed rain indeed. Thanks for delivering! Happy 😃 4th of July weekend! I’m finally off the next few days.

amSiNE サーイ。
AmSiNE サーイ。 ()

New video just uploaded to YouTube! [Dragon City] JULY 4th ISLAND! เส้นทางภารกิจ เริ่มต้นเจอเพชร 50 เม็ด !!! |Fourth of July| amSiNE

ash ⟭⟬\ is seeing BTS♡ᴰ² #BLACKLIVESMATTER
Ash ⟭⟬\ is seeing BTS♡ᴰ² #BLACKLIVESMATTER ()

@Loveyourselfbi6 awh im sorry to hear that :( maybe tell your mom how you actually feel about your uncle and how much you hate him. or maybe go to a friends house for 4th of July :((

Recognition PR
Recognition PR ()

@BlackSheepBeer is to reopen its Visitor Centre and restaurant in Masham from Saturday 4th July following the recent government announcement on the relaxation of lockdown restrictions.

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MandaG ()

@BAW_APPG Barbers and Hairdresser open on the 4th A large number of leading stylist are in fact men so I wouldn’t agree that’s it’s a female lead industry - gender is irrelevant!

Deborah. Chapman🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇮🇱
Deborah. Chapman🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇮🇱 ()

@Bollocks_Dogz I think it’s gonna be awesome 😎 4th of July 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Rustic Cup
Rustic Cup ()

Rustic Cup, a vibrant CAFE BY DAY, and a relaxed BAR BY EVENING. We will reopen for public to sit in with restricted capacity and with safety measures from Saturday 4th of July. Fri,Sat 7:30-22:00 Sun 7:30-15:00 M,T,W,T 7:30-17:00

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NoLogos. ()

Oh so the planets align on one side of the Sun on July 4th. Pretty sure its going to open a portal to another dimension and there will be a alien invasion. Best 2020 ever!! 😅🤣😂

Caden ()

I don’t even WANNA see ur 4th of July posts unless that shit was bought in Mexico

Isaac Six
Isaac Six ()

@JarrelOliveira @edstetzer But used mightily by God to reach the world with the gospel like no nation ever before. This is tone deaf. Slamming American Christians on July 4th in the middle of a pandemic and protests for loving their country too much.

Anna Scout Wise
Anna Scout Wise ()

Maybe the 4th of July being on a Saturday during a full moon is exactly what we need to turn this country around.

Lucy Holt
Lucy Holt ()

The bar and restaurant at my hotel is still going to be shut regardless on the 4th of July. Please don’t give me abuse Saturday night explaining how ‘pubs and restaurants are to open’, because it won’t be🙄

Scott Dworkin
Scott Dworkin ()

BREAKING: Masks and social distancing will not be required at Trump’s July 4th event at Mt Rushmore. Thousands of people from across the country are expected to attend. It’s clear Trump is actually TRYING to spread coronavirus. This event is an abomination. It must be canceled.

☚ Hagia Sophia #FridayFeeling ☛
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