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TONIGHT the participants confront each other for the first time since being in jail. @danabrams hosts the explosive 60 Days In reunion at 9PM. @sherifflamb1 #60DaysIn.

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Every 60 Days In reunion should always be two hours! #60DaysIn But there needed to be more attention paid to why that woman in the pod got away with steeling everything and had no Repercussion.

Yah we all remember this bitch ugh 🙄 another snitch I wonder is she still alive 😡🙄😡🔫#60DaysIn just saying the snitch club👈👏👏✌️👊.

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David & Steve r bitch azz 😡👋🏻ugh people u know the drill if u c them on the streets 😡🔫👊#60DaysIn loserss✌️.

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Ugh that cop 🙄alright alright alright #60DaysIn everyone say awww Brookeeee😘🤪👏✌️👍🏼.

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I guess I’m the only one who feels that David did a great job. I mean he’s one of the first participants who basically took over the entire pod #60DaysIn.

David going all R Kelly on 60 days in. This is my life! You played yourself, it was your actions. #60DaysIn.

Steve wanted to be kept separate from everybody else because he thought he was going to be a but he turned out to be a dud. #60DaysIn.

Steve also thought it was some game show. The first to get info from the jail, wins? 😂 #60DaysIn.

That Stephanie girl gets on my nerves! I still get irritated when I see her. #60DaysIn.

#60DaysIn was so good. So sad that the season is over. I’m glad David owned up to his role on AB’s safety. So glad Mark survived. The trio of females were cool. I pretty much liked them all. Good show!.

@therealmark60 Steve definitely lives on a ranch with some guns and is a wannabe that believes he is a somebody. However, his actions are nothing but that of a scumbag. He needs to take several seats and never speak poorly of Mark again 👏 #YoureNotChuckNorrisBro #60DaysIn.

sorry david was wrong. he placed the other inmates lives in jeopardy. I love Abner! #60daysin.

Keep up the good work Sheriff Lamb! Thank you for your service. #60DaysIn #BlueLivesMatter 🚨.

If I had to guess, I would say Abner could have given the Sheriff a lot of info about jail politics without ever stepping back into their jail. #60DaysIn.

Okay, I was not prepared for that nasty 🤢toe Doc scene so quickly after #60DaysIn.

Seasons of #60DaysIn always bring wild and shocking moments. Which moment of the top 10 moments was your favorite? #TBT Thanks for watching!.

Does this conclude the reunion?!?!?! What a I expected way more footage and answers from participants. #60daysin.

shoulda known this bullshit was gonna be #1. 1st one who snitched on the whole program. #60DaysIn.

I’m irked all over again why they put Angele in my face 😩😩😩😩😩 #60DaysIn this is David tho lmaoooo.

Who else isn’t surprised that Angele hooking up with Gabby wasn’t the most shocking moment? #60DaysIn.

stephanie was the most annoying participant ever. like girl bye. deserved to get ya ass whooped. #60DaysIn.

There was another guy who pulled a Steve on another season except he didn’t even make it in the jail. #60DaysIn.

david really get on my nerves ... sit ur ugly, funny shaped body ass #60DaysIn.

TONIGHT the participants confront each other for the first time since being in jail. @danabrams hosts the explosive 60 Days In reunion at 9PM. @sherifflamb1 #60DaysIn.

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TONIGHT at 9PM is the reunion we have all been waiting for! @danabrams hosts the participants in an explosive #60DaysIn reunion..

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