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If Julianna is 21 and immigration asked her if she’s been working as a prostitute for 10 wouldn’t that make her an 11 yr old prostitot? wtf TLC! #90DayFiance #90DF.

If you do not watch #90DayFiance , what the hell are you doing with your life?!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

@TLC please 🙏🏻 don’t force us to watch childbirth while we are on a happy high drinking our red wine! 🤮 #90DayFiance.

Literally me watchin this cray show😳🥴😂#90DayFiance.

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The family Murcel is reeaallly hiding 🙊🙈🤣 #90DayFiance.

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Her story about collecting bottles and cans to buy meat really makes you appreciative of what you have. #90DayFiance.

Anna should NOT of brought Mursel to USA knowing he is trying to hide that she has kids. If that’s not a red flag what the Hell is? I don’t fault the kids for bringing this to the forefront. Shame on Anna for allowing her kids to be Muriel’s dirty little secret #90DayFiance.

Yeah Sinjin is the one who’s codependent. He wants to spend time with the woman he literally flew to the ends of the earth for… he doesn’t even bring along 2 giant superfluous third wheels on a date. So weird. 🙄 #90DayFiance.

I KNEW IT! Anny fell for this trap set by Robert. #90DayFiance.

Emily’s birth scene was traumatic enough just watching it I couldn’t imagine actually living it #90DayFiance.

#90DayFiance Syngyn is like a kindergartener: I wanna be a fireman, an astronaut, a farmer, a zookeeper, a policeman, a train conductor, a--.

Is it me or is this the whole world after a #Tania laugh? #90dayfiance.

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Omg, this new Ukrainian bride really tries to secure her position by getting pregnant right away. Mike will be father before he can blink. #PillowTalk #90DayFiance @TLC.

This show is filled with lots of desperate and broke ass men #Pillowtalk #90DayFiance.

Pao, I hope you enjoy next weeks episode, just not on pillow talk, thank you very much @tlc #90DayFiance.

@TLC Thank you for letting us see Axel. Now please put Loren and Alexi back on. 😁 #90dayfiance #90DayFiancePillowTalk.

Annie ass on #Pillowtalk cutting up when she saw Uncle Beau with no teeth #90DayFiance.

#90dayfiance Robert, you are a joke you brought this woman into a nightmare so you vould have live in ass to take care of your kid and you know it-.

Way to try to trick us into watching this #Unpolished nonsense, @TLC. Nice try. #90DayFiance.

I’m hating myself because I think I want to watch #unpolished after #90DayFiance.

#90DayFiance #Unpolished looks like a shitty kiss cover band.

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I really miss want to give Tania a Valium just so she stops talking. #90DayFiance.

Syngin is a free spirit. Tania is like, we need a vision board, a timeline, budgets, lists, an escrow account, and back-up vision boards. #90DayFiance.

Tania and Sinjin have less than zero chemistry. I’m starting to think they are fake for television #90DayFiance.

“It’s used?” 😐 Don’t miss a new #90DayFiance tomorrow at 8/7c!.

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