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Words of wisdom to women and girls “never stop believing in yourself ... anything is possible” — Rachel Notley #ABElection2019 #abvote.

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As someone who works in healthcare, I’m not pleased at all that @Alberta_UCP won the election. I hope Alberta likes being fisted in the rear end! #ABElection2019.

It turns out, catering to mentally unstable, green-haired, 8 facial piercings, overweight social justice warriors doesn’t win elections. The NDP should perhaps return to their roots of advocating for working people. Blue collar, not blue hair. #ableg #ABElection2019.

Democracy is a beautiful thing. YOU have the right to vote however you please. Now stop bashing people for voting in what they believe in. #Salty #ABElection2019.

To everyone who voted NDP and lost, I am sorry and feel your loss. Many will continue to fight for the rights of everyone. Name calling does not help anyone. It only makes you look pathetic. #ABElection2019.

At the end of the day, Canada is still one of the best countries in the world. You live your life with, -healthcare for everyone -food in your grocery stores -insurance and gas for your house/cars -being able to leave your house worry free -everyone is equal 🇨🇦 #ABElection2019.

Biting my tongue so I don’t add to the negativity and despair that we face after the #ABElection2019. So instead I’m posting this duck in a sea of sunflowers because it’s the only thing that made me smile today..

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Come on Alberta, you had free reign to mock Ontario, leave us alone to bask in insanities glow, but now you had to join the This country is lost. #ABElection2019 #onpoli.

To each and every person that ran for office in the 2019 Alberta Election, Thank You! It takes courage, passion, and hard work to serve the people of Alberta. I applaud each one of you for wanting to make a difference for Albertans! #ABElection2019 #ABLeg.

PRESS RELEASE: The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) would like to congratulate Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party on its victory in the 2019 Alberta election. You can read the full presser here: #ABElection2019 #Albertavotes.

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Reading tweets this morning about the outcome of last nights 🤣🤣 NDP supporters calling all UPC voters bigot, racist blah blah blah nazi blah blah blah. Talk about pot calling the kettle black 😂😂😂 #ABElection2019 #ABVote.

I liked it better when we all hated each other because of the sports teams we liked. #ABElection2019.

Shits about to go down on my Facebook page 😂😂 #ABElection2019.

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So relieved that the sun came up today. After watching Twitter last night during the #ABElection2019 I was worried the world was literally about to end..

Alberta: An actual joke of a province because we can’t stop getting high on oil fumes, which are slowly killing us. #ABElection2019 #abelection.

Wow, @jkenney played We Are the Champions after winning the election. He stopped queer men from seeing their partners while they were dying of AIDS and now he’s playing a song from a queer man who died due to AIDS. Rest in power Freddie Mercury. #ABElection2019.

Electing a Republican or a Conservative is like handing over your debit card and PIN number to a known felon. #abvote2019 #ABElection2019.

I feel just as sad and terrified as when the US elected Trump. In my heart, I thought that would never happen in my Alberta. It just did. We need to be more vigilant now and act against bigotry and fascism. #ABElection2019 #abvote.

One step forward, two steps back. Too bad this isn’t a line dance, Alberta. #ABElection2019 #AbVotes2019.

This was undeniably the toughest ballot I have ever cast in my time as a voter in Alberta. #abelection2019 May Allah protect us all. 💔.

Meh, the embarrassing cousin thing is hardly new. Now they have the doughy, whiter than white, bible thumper to along with all the boots and cowboy hats. It’s the complete Texas-wannabe starter kit—Congrats Alberta!! Now even the Newfies have someone to laugh at! #ABElection2019.

“The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening” - Rosa Luxemburg. We have a tough road ahead, but we will persevere #ABElection2019.

@Alberta_UCP election party booing at any mention of Rachel Notley is a really classy look #ABElection2019.

Words of wisdom to women and girls “never stop believing in yourself ... anything is possible” — Rachel Notley #ABElection2019 #abvote.

Wish @SMandel_AB had won his seat. Was a great mayor & amazing advocate for our city. Class act. Hard worker. It’s always good to have a healthy opposition but do hope Edmonton has some UCP representation. #ABElection2019.

Damn it. We’ve lost @GregClark4AB too. This is a very disappointing day. I thought Albertans valued hardwork and pragmatism. #ABelection2019.

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