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Got an F on paper I worked very hard on. My teacher said even though he couldn’t prove it was plagiarism he knew I had not written it because he had never seen a deaf person write in English like that. #AbledsAreWeird.

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ICYMI #abledsareweird is a really informative tag being used for people with various disabilities (visible & invisible) to share their stories of how people have misunderstood, misinterpreted, and mistreated them. Please read some. We can all learn from this..

reading through #AbledsAreWeird literally has me near tears while also gasping with disbelief at some just reading how people are in general while also knowing it first hand (not too much, ive been very lucky), hurts? tho luckily not in the usual pain way lol.

Ableds: You can’t expect doctors to be familiar with your medical conditions. Also ableds: You shouldn’t Google that. Also ableds: If your doctor said that, they must have their reasons. They went to medical school and you didn’t. How are we supposed to get care? #AbledsAreWeird.

Grandma: Oh. Ingrid. I made some toys for the crippled children at church. Family: /finds the mashed potatoes suddenly fascinating/ 7 year-old me: ...ok? #abledsareweird.

After reading the #AbledsAreWeird #AbledsAreIdiots hashtags, I felt compelled to send out a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has ever been kind to me, love me & look past my disability & at ME as a person. There are MANY of you 🙏💖.

Apparently ableists/behaviorists are itching to get blocked by me. I mean, really #AbledsAreWeird.

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Me: I have multiple mental illnesses Other people: that doesn’t make you ’re just lazy and looking for an Me:...Do you know the definition of disabled!?! #AbledsAreWeird.

If i had a dollar every time i try to explain my joints dislocate just for fun and get called lazy, then watch their eyes almost pop out of their head when i stumble and they see my knee pop out of socket, i would have enough money for proper medical treatment #AbledsAreWeird.

Can’t tell u how many times I’ve been called “inspirational” or been given praise for doing things like walking, shopping, swimming, driving, adulting, existing. #AbledsAreWeird #AmputeeProblems.

In a restaurant with friends and I’m stimming— jiggling my leg because it’s loud and crowded. Friend grabs my leg and shouts, “That’s so annoying! What’s wrong with your LEG?!” Nothing, what’s wrong with you?! Maybe don’t humiliate your friends in public #AbledsAreWeird.

Mainstream culture frames disabled people as either compliant heroes safely contained on inaccessible pedestals, or else as villains whose presence is somehow a crime against everyone else. It would be nice if everyone would just treat us as human. #AbledsAreWeird.

#AbledsAreWeird My parents not realizing that me hiding the symptoms of autism for 20 years is in fact not a sign of them being great parents but them abusing me for being autistic..

I was recently talking about how THC/CBD edibles have made my horrible PTSD night terrors vanish (they’re so bad I scratch myself in my sleep) & someone said “that’s just treating the symptom not the cause”. OKAY SUSAN JUST LET ME GO BACK IN TIME & AVOID MY TRAUMA #AbledsAreWeird.

A woman recently told me to DRINK MILK for my cripplingly painful endometriosis cramps. #AbledsAreWeird.

I used to work in a gov’t bldg. Leaving for lunch one day, I was surprised to see ADAPT protesting. Dozens of wheelers shouted chants & blocked the exits. A state trooper told me to leave or I’d get arrested with my comrades. Guess all us wheelers look alike. #AbledsAreWeird.

Another one: I’m generally pretty quiet. So when people find out I’m autistic they’relile, “oh you’re so good! Nice and quiet good job!” #AbledsAreWeird and condescending.

Seeing the #AbledsAreWeird has reminded me how glad I am that I have taught my children not to harass working dogs. We always coo over them at a distance or ask permission and always accept No. as an answer. We love dogs but know they have important jobs..

So I heard this one today from a manager of a major NSW events arena : I didn’t realize you guys go out together in groups. When explaining pwd don’t just go to concerts or events with just one carer. #AbledsAreWeird.

@AdhdLondon Something “You’re not bad enough for medication though. Are you?” Me: “I take meds, yes. You know what meds are for, right?” .........silence. #Abledsareweird.

The fact that ableds are so freaked out by #AbledsAreWeird that they had to create #disabledsareweird just proves ableds are weird..

we do not owe you our medical history and what is going on with us when you find out or see that we have a disability for you to treat us like another human being. #AbledsAreWeird.

I shit you not, the very first thing in the post is Have you tried Yoga? #AbledsAreWeird.

Got an F on paper I worked very hard on. My teacher said even though he couldn’t prove it was plagiarism he knew I had not written it because he had never seen a deaf person write in English like that. #AbledsAreWeird.

Parents who overshare about their child’s disability - naked photos, graphic descriptions of symptoms etc (yet who are mindful of their own privacy and that of their non disabled children). #AbledsAreWeird.

If you need a reality check as able-bodied person, educate yourself with #AbledsAreWeird. This hashtag isn’t a joke, it’s about harassment and bullying. World, do better..

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