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Results of Alberta vote could drive last nail in coffin of Trudeau’s national climate-change framework #cdnpoli #abpoli.

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So a while back I registered a domain for a non-partisan, fact-based website to explain in simple terms how equalization works. I let it lapse. I have re-registered b/c it obviously is still really needed. Anyone interested in volunteering to help with it? #abpoli.

@IvisonJ What Jason Kenney’s election in Alberta means for Justin Trudeau #cdnpoli #abpoli.

@paulisci It all demonstrates what a fluke the 2015 result real historical anomaly. Last night’s result was baked-in the day the PCs and Wild Rose merged. #abpoli.

“Quebec not impressed with Alberta Premier-designate Jason Kenney’s pipeline plea” They never will be. What reasons are there left to remain in confederation? #abpoli #AlbertaSeparation.

Canadians will see through his fear and smear. RETWEET this message and spread the word! #cdnpoli #abpoli.

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Going to be condescending and cringe regarding the election to my coworkers for the foreseeable future as my party did not win #abpoli #ABelection.

Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party wins majority government #abpoli.

@DavidStaplesYEG @edmontonjournal Well he never bother to get any built when he had the power to do so in Ottawa #ABPoli.

@BobRae48 Apparently, there are now Five Horsemen: War, Pestilence, Famine, ; Stupidity. And the last is the most dangerous. #abpoli #onpoli.

Sarcasm engaged: I, for one, welcome our new conservative overlord! Sarcasm disengaged. #abpoli.

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Feeling for folks in AB. I see you. This next 4 years might be difficult, but you are strong, & you are valued. Friends in AB & Canada, we cannot let Kenney & his ‘Hurtin Albertan’s’ threaten the momentum or safety of queer, poc, & other progressive spaces. #ABpoli #AbVotes2019.

Dear #onpoli & #abpoli, you need to hit rock bottom before you can truly transform, right?.

Great job Redmonton you will be the nations largest city without a provincial cabinet minister #abpoli #abvote.

The new @Alberta_UCP promises to make the economy a priority. #energyefficiency is Alberta’s lowest cost fuel source, at just $ to save a kilowatt-hour of electricity. Energy efficiency programs make sense (bad pun: millions of cents!). #ABpoli.

Get a kick out of people acting surprised #abpoli went back to their roots. More surprising though is the idea that this somehow affects the Federal Election in October. Same as it has always been. #cdnpoli.

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@oliviachow @RachelNotley Unfortunately, now it is too late. In #Alberta there is no longer a Sanity Clause. #abpoli.

But what about those late polls that had the NDP leading?🤣#abpoli #cdnpoli.

Kenney’s threat to ‘turn off the taps’ to ‘doesn’t make any business sense:’ experts #abpoli #cdnpoli.

Looks like @MerriamWebster caught the Alberta elections result: #abpoli.

We will continue to have post-election coverage all morning on @CTVMorningYYC. Tune in, we kick off at 5:30 AM MT. #abpoli.

@CBCEdmonton Only the CBC could position the annihilation of the NDP this way #abpoli.

So disappointing. Alberta will regret this choice later down the line just as Ontario is now with Ford #abvote2019 #abpoli.

I was one of them. Asthma since age 3. When I moved to BC, my allergies and asthma almost left completely. #abvote #abpoli.

@safedr4 @calgaryherald Yeah whatever, effing losers. Happy Birthday Rach you nutjob. Nice pissed speech by the way. WE WUZ GONA GETH R PITHELINEZZZZE To HIDEWATER.. What? I SAID HIDEWATER.. Yeah okay, jus #abpoli.

Results of Alberta vote could drive last nail in coffin of Trudeau’s national climate-change framework #cdnpoli #abpoli.

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