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Thank you #Alberta! We Albertans are proud Canadians and tonight we have elected a government that will stand up for our fair deal in confederation. #abvote.

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My son knows we did our best. He also knows @SPhillipsAB is going to fight for him every damn day. And he will continue to fight for her. #abvote.

The problem with provincial politics is the notion of right & left parties. I think a lot of uneducated people just toe the party line. That and there is no meaningful centrist party. #abvote #UCP.

#ABVote. An awful lot of fear mongering by left after the majority of voters decided that the NDP Gov’t had it’s day by voting in the UCP. The sun came up this morning and will again tomorrow. I have read a lot of intolerance from the left this morning. A little worrisome..

Some local (provincial) political stuff happened last night. Americans, how do you deal with the atrocities that your leader commits every day? This is going to be my new normal. #ABvote.

Thank you to @Allison_yyc & the @CanadianGreens for re-using the wood for these signs not once, not twice but five times & counting. #abvote.

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When you can’t control what’s happening CHALLENGE YOURSELF to control the way you respond. #abvote Beautiful lettering by my beautiful friend @cblinx @wishbonecalligraphy.

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I left America for Alberta to get married. And while I have no regrets, it seems I dragged US politics up with me. Alberta Election: Jason Kenney’s UCP wins majority government #abvote.

Alberta is on the road to ruin. Shortsighted leadership was elected. Why are we still glorifying oil, anticipating a comeback instead of diversifying and investing in innovation that will truly scale this province’s growth. #abvote #decisionab.

✨🐎 thanks, @vidabrodie for creating the most beautiful election night (my favourite part!) #abvote #abstrongandfree.

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It is hard to have hope, when the UCP win in #abvote, MPs are watching pro-life movies in Ottawa, none of the provincial premiers are I would like to see progress in my lifetime, but it seems like we keep slipping back into the patriarchy and it really fucking blows..

A great morning in Alberta. Congratulations to @jkenney and the new @Alberta_UCP Majority government #abvote #ableg.

@davidakin @GlobalEdmonton Lots of tired people in YEG today- which is good, it means they were engaged in #abvote - and what a turn out! Still room for improvement, but progress on participation!.

To all of the comments of ‘quit whining’ that I see on here or other platforms. For four years you people fought tooth and nail against a government that was cleaning up a shitty mess left from the previous 40+ years. You were whining the whole time. Now it’s our turn. #abvote.

*Nah* - Randy would actually *care* about hardworking citizens. Good *luck,* #Alberta! #abvote.

Lol enjoy your next 4 years Alberta. For a second there, we thought you were cool. From, the rest of Canada #ableg #abvote @jkenney.

Your husband started Rebel Media. Take your bullshit elsewhere, you hypocrite. #abvote #cdnpoli.

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@MaggieRicker 🙄 sheesh - the sun will come up this morning, life will go on. #abvote.

Make no mistake with Doug Ford in Ontario and Jason Kenney just elected premier in Alberta; Canada has a serious problem on its hand with a politics of intolerance and indifference to the environment. #abvote.

Is the new Alberta premier-elect Jason Kenney the same one who has pissed off so many people in the past with homophobic comments? 🏳️‍🌈 #abvote.

one more thing before bed: @jkenney (and his voters), just know this. when a teacher is forced to tell an awful parent their child joined a GSA, and they either beat or kick out their kid, and that youth commits suicide, their blood is on your hands. forever. #ableg #abvote.

Rural ridings of note in Southern Alberta #ABVote #ABLeg.

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#abvote #cndpoli Say it ain’t so,Alberta. Too bad you didn’t watch Ontario politics more closely. We are all regressing at an alarming rate, like our neighbours to the south..

My province voted in a fraudulent criminal who supports racists, and homophobic and misogynist people. Truly embarrassed. #AbVote #abpoli.

Thank you #Alberta! We Albertans are proud Canadians and tonight we have elected a government that will stand up for our fair deal in confederation. #abvote.

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Alberta elects its first assistant trailer park supervisor as Premier #ableg #abvote.

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