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Why yes, Ruin is the romantic interest, why do you even need to ask? #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

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Instant Karma ()

Alien a love story Alien and Ripley Shoot steamy shower scene !! #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

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Jeffrey Kohlman ()

Die Hard 5: McClane misses the 4 hour window #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

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Thomdane ()

They did it themselves, no alteration needed on my #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

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♥CureLovelyWarrior♥ All evil must go to sleep!☂️💤 ()

#AddRomanceRuinAFilm Cure Ace transforming into her adult form for more than just fighting bad guys. But also when she goes on when she goes to the beach, etc. And wearing a bikini rather than default clothes. For the sake of being hotter and making chemistry more spicy

Perforated_bovine 🐮 ()

The Phantom Romance Romance of the Clones Romance of the Sith A New Romance The Romance Strikes Back Romance of the Jedi The Force Awakens Romance The Last Jedi Romance The Romance of Skywalker #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

Makers Mark defines her. Pathetic Hag. ()

#AddRomanceRuinAFilm should be, add climate change and identity politics ruin netflix. Thanks obama.

Suzy Bennett ()

‘The Lord of the Engagement Rings’ ‘The Sext Three Days ’ ‘Free Willy (pics)’ The Date of The Jackal’ ‘Strangers (banging) on a Train’ ‘Terminator 2 - Wedding Day’ ‘Swinging in The Rain’( ???) 🤷🏼‍♀️ #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

Scared and Confused ()

#AddRomanceRuinAFilm Happy Valentines Mr Lawrence, The Big La-bow-wow-ski Holey Motors 69 City The Grand Budafist Hotel Horney for Mr Vengeance

SilentChaos ()

I love that this is trending #AddRomanceRuinAFilm seems appropriate with my line of thinking.

Jay 🌈🌸 ()

okay so #AddRomanceRuinAFilm is a pun game on twitter rather than a 20 year old leaked strategic memo from various Hollywood studios 🤷‍♀️

Who Trended it ? ()

How about that? @TrivWorks and @bigmacher made #AddRomanceRuinAFilm a trending topic in the US. I have spoken.


* The Godfather of the Bride * The Fast Fondle and the Furious * Crushmore * Star Peck * The Hunt for Miss October * The Smooch Tank Redemption * Bend Her * Emma Date-Us * The Pianis * Raiders of the Past Dark * The Dear Hunter * Pattin

Walter ()

In Charlie and the chocolate factory Violet falls in love with an Oompa Loompa #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

Neekko 🏳️‍⚧️ ()

Why yes, Ruin is the romantic interest, why do you even need to ask? #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

Mars ()

I thought this hashtag was for all the films that were already ruined because of romance. #AddRomanceRuinAFilm

(((WayneSchneider))) ()

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Horny #AddRomanceRuinAFilm @efoxband @KaceyecaK

♕ F r a n c k P e d r e t t i ()

TOP ⭐️ GUN’N ROSES 🌹 #AddRomanceRuinAFilm Cc @TomCruise VS @gunsnroses

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☚ #emergencygoalie Deontay ☛
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