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Adele se despide de los escenarios por todo lo alto. La cantante británica ha concluido esta noche su exitosa residencia en Las Vegas después de 34 shows sold out (5 mil entradas por noche) con una demanda de 4 millones de personas según reportes de Ticketmaster. Tristemente,….

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Adele announces she is extending her Vegas residency, returning in June..

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👑 Adèle Haenel Avec les grévistes de raffinerie Total Normandie, unis, on peut gagner !.

BRASILEIRA DE SANGUE! Billie Eilish ultrapassa Adele e se torna a artista internacional mais vendida na HISTÓRIA do país por unidades certificadas, com mais de 7,9 milhões. 🇧🇷.

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FEELING ALL THE EMOTIONS 🥹🥹 #WeekendsWithAdele @AdeleAccess @Adele.

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Im so glad Adele has found her love for performing live again.

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I can’t thank you enough for the months full of joy you gave us @Adele. #WeekendsWithAdele connected me with amazing people that I can call friends. Daydreamers, let’s be the loudest crowd tonight for the final show! @AdeleAccess.

@Adele explica la razón por la que no hace una gira mundial, y en cambio, prefiere hacer la residencia en Las Vegas, #WeekendsWithAdele..

This man was trying to show Adele a picture of his wife who passed she saw ❤️.



¡El video de “I Drink Wine” ya está disponible! 🍷 @Adele.

I still can believe I was be able to see her and her power! That weekend was life changing, you are life changing Adele! So so proud of you babe, you deserved the world and that isn’t enough for how much you changed us! I love you forever! @adele @AdeleAccess #WeekendsWithAdele.

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yo viendo que Adele va a extender su residencia justo cuando yo había dicho que ojalá no lo hiciera por envidiosilla.

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this drink is hitting, anyways Adele I fucking love you, congrats on smashing leg 1 of your residency I’m so fucking happy and proud of you.

@bchartsnet Aí BC essa sabe servir vocais e performance impecáveis viu. Adele devia ensinar o amigo Drake dela a ser artista.

10 artistas musicales para conocerme: 1. Shakira 2. Taylor Swift 3. Adele 4. Miley Cyrus 5. Lady Gaga 6. Katy Perry 7. Dua Lipa 8. Selena Gomez 9. Lana del Rey 10. Rihanna.

Adele acaba de anunciar que en realidad no se retirará de los escenarios y extenderá su residencia en Las Vegas desde Junio a Noviembre, también planea lanzar una película - concierto de uno de sus shows..

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I signed up for presale for Adele’s new residency in Vegas…I have never wanted to go to Vegas but I will for her 😭.

@isissw1ft Nem a Olivia é considerada A-list para a mídia americana (e ela já é muito maior qye a Anitta). A-list é uma lista muito restrita de artistas consagrados de alguma categoria. No caso da música, Madonna, Britney, Taylor, Bey, Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, Ariana, por aí vai..

Ojalá y Adele diga su frase iconic cuando se despida Count your blessings 😭😭.

Where do I begin? I remember the first show like it was yesterday and now here we are with the final show tonight. I hope you have had a BLAST doing these shows. Shine bright tonight and enjoy your show. Enjoy your break… you’ll be missed. We love you! @Adele @AdeleAccess ❤️🪐🤞.

And with that the weekends with adele season comes to an end🥺 @Adele this room is gonna be filled with so much love tonight🥰 we love you and we’re gonna miss you so so much thank you for being an absolute joy🥹❤️ good luck tonight babes go soak it all in🤞 #WeekendsWithAdele.

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It was just like a movie, it was just like a song 🤍✨ @Adele @AdeleAccess.

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Ok this is a lot… 😭 if you want in into our daydreamer gc and make new friends please tweet your user name so we can add you faster 😭.

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@tmkz53139881 Kzマン天衣脱退ですか さらに高みを目指すのかな?とりあえずお疲れ様でした🙇‍♂️.

Car trouble on/off all January, fungus on my face, car trouble in March, drama w/car repairs & getting new car in a timely manner, which is costing a small fortune, & now someone keeps trying to use my credit card. 🙃 Is it my turn to curl up in a ball?.

Let’s pick Adele Exarchopoulos 🇫🇷 🔥.

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Pan 2023: Mayssa Bastos derrotou Rose El Sharouni por 3 a 2 nas vantagens, após o empate por 4 a 4 nos pontos, e boletou o ouro no peso-pluma. Ao longo da campanha no torneio, a campeã da Unity Jiu-Jitu também bateu Adele Fornarino e Amanda Alequin. 📸: @tyywithrow.

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When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said, no final kiss to seal any sins - Adele.

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